Aug 192010

Searching for a man of God...and not a lawyer and/or businessman to pick up the other end of the rope and bring resolution to this terrible situation. Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa...are you that man?


I am sending this correspondence to you instead of Chuck Smith and Roger Wing. I’ve been told Chuck is pretty much not active anymore…and/or has reviewed the Bob Grenier situation and given Bob a thumbs up as is. I have contacted Chuck privately…no response. I’ve sent much communication to Roger Wing…and I don’t trust him after learning about much corruption and cover up. What is the deal? Are you guys really men of God…or rather businessmen? Why is the Bob Grenier situation being stone-walled and not dealt with?

Read Read all the testimonies. Bob has a trail of hurt lives and ruined lives in his wake…and more are being hurt right now due to his terrible leadership.

You guys give him power by giving him a Dove. You need to hold him to account and bring some discipline. Bob should not be a pastor…he is disqualified per 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Why have you not taken action? Why does Bob Grenier still get the full endorsement of Calvary Chapel by the fact that he is still affiliated? I’m asking you Brian, in the hopes that I can find one man in a leadership position at CC that is Spiritual and worried more about doing what’s right…than protecting the Business. Please contact me so we can discuss this matter.

Matt DeWitt has given me some counsel…and I’m open to it…if I have a willing partner on the other end of the rope. If you guys simply ignore this and stone-wall and/or endorse the Bob situation…that is not right in my opinion. You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or by the email address I’ve provided.


Alex Grenier

[This communication was sent via email to two separate email addresses at CCCM with a return reply that it was received]

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