Jan 212011

Calvary Chapel Caldwell, led by Pastor Bob Larson, sued by former employee who alleges wrongful termination for reporting sexual abuse of a minor child, against the administration's wishes.

On November 8, 2010, Attorneys representing Ramona Roesler of Nampa, Idaho, filed a lawsuit against Calvary Chapel Caldwell dba Calvary Kids Learning Center in Caldwell, Idaho. Pastor Bob Larson is the Affiliated Lead Pastor of Calvary Chapel Caldwell.

According to the suit, Roesler was hired by Calvary Kids on or about February 23, 2010. The suit alleges that on May 17, 2010, a minor child attending Calvary Kids advised Roesler that she had been touched in her genital area by relatives and that her genital area hurt and had bled.

The suit further alleges that same day, Roesler reported the information to Shannon Barron the acting Director of Calvary Kids and that Roesler informed Barron that the matter needed to be reported to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

According to Roesler, Barron advised that instead of contacting IDHW, it was her intention to contact the minor child’s parents regarding this matter. Roesler reiterated that IDHW must be contacted regarding the matter, according to the suit.

Roesler states that on the same day, May 17, 2010, she completed a Calvary Kids Incident/Accident Report documenting the information provided by the minor child.

At approximately 6:45pm that evening, Roesler left a voicemail for Barron in which she again reiterated the need to report the matter to IDHW. In the same voicemail, Roesler stated that it was her belief that she and Barron were Mandatory Reporters under Idaho state law, according to the suit.

Roesler says the next day, she once again spoke with Barron and told her she believed they were required to report the suspected abuse to IDHW.

According to the suit, Barron then advised Roesler that, per Calvary Kids’ protocol, the administration would have a second meeting with the minor child’s parents. Additionally, Barron told Roesler that Calvary Kids’ administration had instructed them to not contact IDHW. Roesler then insisted that the matter must be reported to IDHW that day and told Barron that if someone from Calvary Kids didn’t report the matter, she would make a report.

That evening, the suit alleges, Roesler was advised by Barron that IDHW informed Calvary Kids to abide by the public school policy regarding the reporting of suspected child abuse.

Roesler alleges that the next day, May 19, 2010, she contacted the Area Director of Elementary Schools for the Caldwell School District and was advised that the individual teacher who observed potential abuse must report the matter to IDHW.

According to Roesler, she reported the potential abuse to the IDHW on May 21, 2010.

On May 24, 2010, the minor child advised Roesler that a relative continued to touch her genital area. Roesler then reported that information to the IDHW that same day, according to the suit.

On May 25, 2010, investigators from the IDHW arrived at Calvary Kids to conduct an investigation regarding the report filed by Roesler. That same day, the suit asserts, Barron asked Robert (Bob) Larson, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Caldwell, if anything should be done about the alleged abuse being reported to the IDHW. Barron also advised Larson that it was her belief that it was Roesler who reported the abuse.

According to Roesler, on May 27, 2010, she informed Barron that she had made two reports to the IDHW regarding the minor child.

On May 28, 2010, Calvary Kids terminated Roesler’s employment, according to the suit.

Chad Nicholson of the Rossman Law Group in Boise, Idaho, says he cannot comment on the suit, but confirms that there has been no settlement to date and that, “we are in communication with opposing counsel.”

Bob Larson, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Caldwell, stated that the lawsuit has no merit and that his Administrator at Calvary Kids followed Calvary Chapel Caldwell’s protocol.

Larson agreed that as the Lead Pastor of Calvary Chapel Caldwell, Inc., he is the person in charge and controls the assets of the Corporation, which includes Calvary Kids.

Responding to a question if he would have handled the situation any differently, Larson said, “Yes, I would. I would have handled the firing of the employee differently. In fact, we have changed some parts of our policies in that area.” He went on to say that he would handle a future child abuse situation the same way as before and that, “we followed the proper protocol.”

Larson further stated that IDHW told him he handled the situation correctly and that IDHW found the minor child’s statements to be false. Larson stated, “She says these things all the time.”

When asked if he would settle the suit, or if he would fight it, since he believed he and Calvary Chapel Caldwell didn’t do anything wrong, Larson stated that Insurance handles these matters and they would decide how to proceed.

According to Nicholson, Roesler’s Attorney, he was not aware if Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa was involved in the suit or had knowledge of it.


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Jan 192011

Calvary Chapel Arcata Pastor Dino Cardelli accused of sexually abusing a minor and physically abusing another child in his care. His wife committed suicide a year earlier.

UPDATE: Question to Dave Rolph and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa / Chuck Smith: Dino Cardelli isn’t SEXUALLY ABUSING CHILDREN this very moment…is he? I mean, it’s “in his past”…we need to move on…correct?

Dave Rolph of Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills who did “an investigation” professes that he “believes” me and my brothers about Bob Grenier and the Child Abuse he committed against us. Yet, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Chuck Smith say Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia is OK as is to continue being a Pastor, despite Scripture on Qualifications of an Elder, etc etc.

The Rationale presented is “there is nothing CRIMINALLY ACTIONABLE right this moment”…and that absolves both Calvary Chapel and Bob Grenier of any responsibility.

So, if Dino Cardelli somehow beats the Criminal Rap against him…Dino “denies” any wrongdoing…will Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Chuck Smith allow him to be a Calvary Chapel Pastor? The allegations would have been “in his past” and all. I bet Dave Rolph would believe the Victims and accusers of Cardelli, too. That and 5 dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Chuck Smith, Brian Broderesen, Dave Rolph, ALL of you AFFILIATED Calvary Chapel Pastors…I rebuke you for not doing what’s right and following Scripture. You are in sin for your inaction and covering over and not dealing with known abuses in a Just manner and not following 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 5:19-22. Repent.

Another issue, Dave Rolph implies Chuck Smith is on his death bed and that I’m attacking an “old man” who sounds pretty feeble etc. A pretty giant tug on the ‘ol heart strings. How is it that this man, Chuck Smith, who sounds like he’s barely hanging on and all…do a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Radio Transmitter deal to gobble up the LUCRATIVE San Diego Market…if he’s on death’s door and unable to deal with this situation…as Rolph implies in his email. Not buying that part, Dave. You know the Radio Deal I’m talking about.

(01-19) 12:33 PST ArcataCalif. (AP) —

A former Arcata pastor facing a number of felony sex abuse charges has pleaded not guilty to a list of new charges.

The Times-Standard of Eureka reported that Dino Cardelli on Tuesday denied guilt in a new felony charge that he attempted to dissuade a witness.

He also pleaded not guilty to 25 counts of willfully disobeying a court order, all misdemeanors.

The former pastor of Arcata’s Calvary Chapel is accused of recurring sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14 with two separate victims, and has pleaded not guilty to those and other related charges.

Cardelli had been freed on $250,000 bail, but jailed again after prosecutors say he repeatedly contacted one of the alleged victims.

The former pastor’s preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin Feb. 1.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/01/19/state/n123317S68.DTL#ixzz1BXsktdHA

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Jan 112011

Esther DeWitt, Calvary Chapel PK, discusses her painful journey from Legalism to Grace.

There is a cult leader in my kitchen!

The shocking thought only flashed through my mind in the heat of the discussion, three years ago, but it has haunted me since. The realization brought a wellspring of emotions and hurt, because the man across the kitchen arguing his points so passionately was my father.
What do you do when you realize there is a terrible problem in your extended family? What do you do when you can’t escape the fact that your ministry has veered off track and become a mess? How do you respond when you feel a threat to your immediate family, your spouse and children, from your extended family—from your parents?
Probably, the response ought to be quick and sure. For many such a response would be natural and immediate, with no doubts or regrets. For me, however, it was slow in coming, painful, and messy. My husband and I were attempting, awkwardly, to set boundaries and establish a defined and separate space for our family, separate from the family I grew up in and separate from the ministry in which we served. Writing it out, it seems like it should have been automatic, easy, a given. But it wasn’t.
We weren’t newlyweds; we had been married a dozen years. We weren’t new in ministry. And the issues weren’t new either. One way or another, these things had crept in over and over, but we had largely managed to ignore, excuse, or in some cases embrace them. Until now.
That day was different. My dad was arguing with me, defending his case. The more heated he got, the more clearly he stated things. Things that before he had always tried to spin, to cover or to hide, he was speaking clearly. And for everything he said he offered a spiritual justification. He could see no other point of view—and he could tolerate no dissent.
Respect was demanded, whether earned or not. Obedience and submission were required, or consequences would be meted. He was negotiating his position, which is something he does well, using circular logic that can twist even the most experienced debaters and making not-so-veiled threats. Across my kitchen table my dad was passionately demanding a role in our lives that sounded an awful lot like a cult leader. In the heat of the moment I couldn’t grasp all of the implications, but I knew that my whole world, my family, my ministry, and my job, were all being rocked. Either we accept his argument and go along, or … The or was big, bold, and frightening.
I highly empathize with Esther and her experience. I KNOW the dynamic…the hurt, conficted-ness, shock, disbelief…all the stages of grieving and loss. Immovable pride, a soul-less lust for power and prominence through “ministry”…at all costs…especially one’s own family. “There’s a Cult Leader in My Kitchen” resonates with me…to my core. Esther shines a sobering light onto the tragic dynamic…at great emotional and spiritual cost.


Of course the Calvary Chapel answer is “it’s an attack from the devil”. The prideful answer is “she’s getting back at her parents”.

The profound answer…for those with eyes to see and ears to hear…is this: Calvary Chapel Leadership…you have a problem. George and Debbi Bryson, you have a problem. Repent. Turn from your ways. Reconcile. Embrace the Grace.

Jesus said, “I did not come to be served…but to serve”. Being the Servant of All starts at home. You can build “your” man-made kingdom…but when the foundation is made of sand…it will wash away. Rather, build God’s Kingdom…on a Foundation that begins in your very own home and extends out to serving those who serve on staff with you…and extends out to God’s people who He has placed in your Journey.

My prayer is for Repentance and Reconciliation for Esther and her Parents. From personal experience, I don’t give it much of a chance…seeing much of the same pride and stubborn-ness in fellow Shiloh Alum George and Debbi Bryson…as I do in my own parents. To George Bryson personally: You are acting like a fool. Your kingdom isn’t worth it. Repent before it’s too late. You have a wonderful daughter who loves you and misses you. If you want to be truly great in God’s Kingdom…do what Jesus Christ our Messiah commands you…and BE THE SERVANT of your daughter. That is how you will be Judged.

You can download the first three chapters of Esther’s book at the following website and/or make a donation to purchase it online. No one profits from the sale of the book. All the money goes to the cost of the printing. If you or someone you know would like a copy of the book, but cannot afford it, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements to get you a book regardless.
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