Apr 302011

Hi guys, thank you for all the kind comments and support.

I care about each one of you, those I know and those I don’t…your stories resonate with me and I wish it was within my power to correct your particular situation.

God has been ministering some things to me. I will turn the site back on soon, but I (me) can’t focus so much on the abuses. I can’t conduct myself properly. I’m too weak in the area of Self-Control to give consistently God-honoring responses. That’s just reality.

“I” need to focus on positive things that encourage others (myself included) to being the opposite of what I, you and many others have experienced. I need to put the abuses aside and focus on the Word and what God has provided in the form of His Revelation to mankind and share from my heart the positive exhortations God has for each of us. In so doing, the contrast that God provides in Scripture will shine a light on the Bad Guys and their sinful actions…as the Truths will expose for all their unGodly practices.

Share your stories, it’s part of the Healing Process, I’m sure. We’re all on a Journey and I trust that God will lead you in His Way, through His means, in His timing.

For me, I have to confess and repent and accept my inability to deal with my anger properly. What happened to me, my brothers, my mother and many others is wrong. It’s unjust, and the guy gets away with it, and keeps hurting people. All true.

However, my responses are often sinful and destructive. That’s not right either.

As the “hammer” I am also the “nail”.

I am powerless to be the “hammer”…in doing so, I’m only becoming that which I detest and reject. I don’t like the “me” that responded in frustration the other day. I don’t like the “me” of many years ago. I want the “me” that is submitted to God’s Will, the “me” that continually goes to the foot of the Cross, confesses, repents and begs Jesus Christ for Mercy on me a sinner.

There will probably never be confession, repentance or reconciliation with regards to each of our Abusers. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that.

What I can do, is point you to Jesus Christ our Messiah who will wipe away every tear.

I’m sorry to those I’ve stumbled in my anger. I ask for your forgiveness.

Michael is right, we need to bless those who hurt us and love our neighbors AND our enemies. It’s one of the hardest things to do, but it is what Scripture commands.

He who loses His life, will save it. We must be the Servant of all, even the Bad Guys. Doesn’t mean we don’t report abuse and call sin, sin, but I believe the Words of our Messiah…and often, my heart has not been right, my anger has not been righteous.


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Apr 262011

I’ll make it short and sweet.

Have you been hurt by a Calvary Chapel Pastor? Too bad.

God cares, but no one else does…not really. Chuck Smith, Brian Brodersen, Roger Wing? Bwuhahahaha!

Fellow “affiliated” Calvary Chapel Pastors? Well, enough for a pat on the back and “atta boy!”

Local Board/Elders? Read the Distinktives. Good luck.

Reality is, you got screwed, hosed, short-shrift, you name it. What happened was unjust. The responses, unjust. The smearing, the shunning, the manipulation, the lies, etc. All wrong. All unjust.

Calvary Chapel Pastor is a Position of Trust in our Society…and it shouldn’t be. There is no accountability. Children are in danger, gullible lay-people are in danger.

God, in fact, can be mocked. Qualifications for Bishops/Pastors/Elders…all a sham. Just suggestions, easily parsed away.

Church “discipline”? Easily parsed away.

The reality is, in today’s Evangelical Church and especially Calvary Chapel, there is no Standard, other than what Chuck Smith decides to articulate and act on. One of “his” standards? The Calvary Chapel Pastor at your Church has all the power and you have none. His board is hand-picked and there “to protect the Pastor” etc. Again, read the Distinktives (borrowed that from Doug Gilliland, hope you don’t mind :smile: )

At the end of the day, you’re on your own…mostly. There are those who have been hurt, too, but they are as powerless and impotent as you are.

You’re only real recourse, if you’ve been a victim of Spiritual Abuse and Calvary Chapel Pastors being depraved jerks is to complain on a blog, leave the CC, lose a bunch of friends and/or family and take it.

If you’ve been physically or sexually abused, report it to authorities, get a good lawyer (google Kelly Clark Child Abuse attorney) and sue the hell out of Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith, anyone connected in a board and/or elder position to your particular circumstance and pray for some justice.

Calvary Chapel is an Agency and there is much Assumed Authority and Agency. Calvary Chapel Pastors are Positions of Trust who get their Assumed Authority / Assumed Agency from Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Chuck and CCCM are worth north of $200 Million dollars. Have at it.

I’m done blogging and having “conversations”. They accomplish me getting carpal tunnel and tired of reading my own words.

I am not “anointed” and I am lucky if I am even “saved”. I am the Publican and I beg God for mercy on me a sinner. If I’ve let you down, get used to it. Man always will.

I’m going to use my time differently now. It’s not that I don’t care about many of you and I very much care about my brothers and mother. Unfortunately, all I’ve shared is the Truth as I know it. I wish it weren’t so.

I have just come to realize that God doesn’t “need” me for anything…and nothing I do is going to effect any real change or make any real difference. Nothing you do will either (other than the lawsuits).

There is no Standard within the Calvary Chapel and much of the Evangelical Church any longer. A sobering reality. It’s all what a particular Group makes it…and that is a rather fluid proposition.

…ok, it wasn’t that short ;-)

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Apr 172011

By Kevin Graman

The Spokesman-Review

The Calvary Chapel Cesspool is starting to stink pretty bad. Chuck Smith's legacy is that of one who turns his back on children and protects abusers like Bob Grenier (accused of sexually molesting his own son) and others.

Two North Idaho churches are accused of concealing and protecting a known child predator who sexually assaulted boys in both congregations, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Kootenai County District Court.

Anthony L. Iglesias is in the Idaho State Correctional Institution after being convicted of sexually abusing two Kootenai County brothers in 2003.

The two churches are part of an international fellowship of nondenominational churches based in Santa Ana, Calif. Calls to both churches were not returned Friday.

Iglesias worked for the Calvary Chapel in Rathdrum and the North Country Chapel in Post Falls, according to the lawsuit filed on behalf of two men who say they also were abused by Iglesias when they were under 16.

Alex McIntosh, 22, says he was abused by Iglesias while he attended North Country Chapel. Nicholas Rutler, 22, says in the lawsuit that he was abused by Iglesias while he attended both North Country and Calvary Chapel.

Their lawsuit alleges the churches knew or should have known Iglesias was a child predator because years before, a Calvary Chapel in California denied him access to children because he had been convicted as a minor of improper sexual conduct with a younger boy.

In addition, Iglesias had been recalled from a religious mission for North Country Chapel at an orphanage in Thailand.

The plaintiffs allege the churches acted in concert with Iglesias to hide his history of pedophilia.

Link to article here:


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Apr 112011

I have contacted Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa addressing a correspondence to Chuck Smith and Brian Brodersen, notifying them of Paul’s Public Statement and the allegations of Child Molestation against Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, a fully endorsed, supported and affiliated dove-toting Chuck Smith approved CC Pastor in good standing. I informed them that Children are in danger and that the message they are sending by endorsing a man like Grenier is one that the future Grenier’s and Cardelli’s of the Calvary Chapel world are watching.

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Apr 072011

Pastors, Fathers: Deal with your sin, before it leads to a Train Wreck. Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, pull your heads out of your collective asses and do something.

This is very difficult to sort out and very emotional, but it is what it is.

Here’s what I’ve had to face, I’ve got a brother alleging another brother sexually molested him inside the Context of a physically abusive upbringing that has been lied about by Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, my mom and Robert (or, giving Robert the benefit of the doubt, he possibly was too young to remember, doubtful, but possible). Robert is 11 years younger than I am, 10 years younger than Geoff.

The facts: Bob physically abused me and my other brothers. He also was abusive to my mother. Geoff, Paul and I are on record with details of the abuse. A police report has been filed (but Criminal Statute of Limitations has run out). An aunt is on record (interviewed by the Detective) corroborating an incident of abuse she witnessed, my uncle is on the record as having been told about the abuse and abuses in real time, there is a coach of Geoff’s who witnessed bruises in the showers, there are neighbors on the record who heard violent screaming and crying from our home, there are former employees on the record who saw things and heard things that may have been abuse behind closed doors, there is a Calvary Chapel Pastor (who is buddies with Bob) who is on record with Geoff as having witnessed physical abuse on a mission’s trip, recounted what he saw with Geoff, but stays silent now (as he is a Board Member of Bob’s and is providing him cover).

Let’s be clear, the State of California is the Arbiter of what is and isn’t abuse. The State, not Bob Grenier, defines this for us. Leaving bruises on the lower back, backs of legs and buttocks and drawing blood…where open wounds scab up and cause your underwear to stick to your buttocks…is abuse. Striking a child in the face is abuse. Kicking a child is abuse. Locking a child in a small coat closet as a form of punishment is abuse. Hitting a child over his body with a tree branch and leaving multiple bruises is abuse. Punching a child in the face with a closed fist, knocking him to the ground is abuse, etc etc etc.

With regards to the Physical Child Abuse, there are three (3) brothers who have the same testimony regarding the many abuses. There are several outside witnesses to corroborate some form of abuse. It is not a single person, with no other corroboration, making the allegations of Physical Child Abuse. Even Bob Grenier has shared stories from the Pulpit, corroborated by many who were in attendance over the years, about picking a chair up over his head, putting a gash in the ceiling and then breaking the wooden chair on the ground into pieces in a rage. Bob used this to illustrate his “temper problem” and Bob’s “temper problem” was well-known over the years at Calvary Chapel Visalia. However, Bob had framed his “temper problem” as something “normal”, something acceptable and by implication something legal…he gave the impression he was not breaking any Laws of the Land. Paul the Apostle, in Romans, asserts that “all authority is given by God” and that we are to obey the governing authorities God has placed over us…as long as it doesn’t violate God’s Laws. Well, the Bible does not command one to beat their children, post-Old Testament Law…and the Law of our Land is clear about what constitutes Child Abuse.

In Bob’s World, it wasn’t “abuse”, it was “discipline”. In the State of California, it is called Child Abuse and a felony. That is the back-drop to an even more difficult issue.

My brother Paul is homosexual. I’ve known it for years. Within Christianity, there is an ongoing debate about whether someone is “born” homosexual…is there a homosexual gene? Or, is it a learned behavior, a “choice”. Many arguments, not a lot of solid Empirical evidence. The Consensus within the Fundamentalist Circles, of which Bob Grenier and Calvary Chapel is within that Circle, is that homosexuality is a “choice” and is a “learned behavior”…often as the result of being molested as a child by an older adult male. David Rosales of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, who is one of Bob Grenier’s Board Members, is in this camp. He has written extensively about it and in 2008 submitted an Op Ed to the Orange County Register titled, “Debunking the Gay Agenda”. In the Op Ed, Rosales asserts that, essentially, there is no “gay” gene, homosexuality is a “choice” and often a learned behavior.

If Paul wasn’t “born” gay, as I have wrestled with the idea…and if I am wrong and David Rosales is right, then Paul “chooses” to be homosexual and it is probable that he “learned” the behavior at a young age.

Bob, in his published book, “A Common Miracle”, recounts of a homosexual experience he had with another boy his age while in Catholic Boarding School. Bob recounts, first-hand, in his book that another male basically crawled into bed with him and they engaged in some form of homosexual sexual act. Bob’s recounting of the event wasn’t so disturbing, it’s what followed that was. Bob’s response was that this was normal, no big deal and it happens all the time. Odd response, coming from a Fundamentalist Christian Pastor.

Here are Bob Grenier’s exact words about his homosexual experience…it is sandwiched between his accounting of a gun being put to his head years later by a fellow drug dealer. Bob paused to recount this “common” occurrence…and then transitioned back to what he calls an “uncommon miracle”. It’s a rather bizarre read:

“Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you that there was another boy named David who used to sleep next to me in that dormitory;and one night I felt him pulling back the covers of my bed and getting into bed with me. I was not sure what was happening and not sure what to do. I just lay there frozen as David did what he did. No one ever knew about it… not the nuns, the priests, or my parents. Only David and I. Not an uncommon thing to have happen to boys and girls.” Bob Grenier, page 17, “A Common Miracle”.

That comment has never made sense to me, until recently. Approximately a year or so ago (in that range, I’d have to check my notes to be precise)…I received a phone call from my brother Robert (or Bobby as he and his friends call him now). First, I was surprised to get a phone call from him, as our relationship has been estranged due to my confronting the child abuse within our home years prior and as a result, lines were drawn, sides chosen and Robert decided I was the enemy (though the door was open on my end, hence I took his call).

Robert’s purpose for calling was to tell me, in detail, that Paul had molested him when they were teenagers. He gave specifics. I questioned him pretty extensively. It was very upsetting. My initial reaction was to take it at face value. I was furious. Robert told a similar version of events (but not the same version) to my brother Geoff.

As we began to compare notes, there were several variations in the story regarding ages, specifics of the alleged abuse and locations, etc. This caused me some concern. I soon after confronted Paul. I shared the multiple versions that Robert had reported. Paul was floored. He vehemently and specifically denied the accusations.

One of the critical accusations Robert is making is that he was “forced” to perform homosexual acts. Robert is and has always been physically larger and stronger than Paul…and Paul is only one year older than Robert. In talking with Geoff about the issue, and Geoff is one year younger than me and physically larger and stronger than I am, we discussed any possibility that either of us could have been “forced” by another peer who was essentially our same age and physically smaller and weaker…to engage in “forced” homosexual sex acts. One of Geoff’s questions to Robert was, “What, did Paul put a gun to your head?” I asked Robert similar questions, “Did you try to fight him off? Did you say no?” Etc. Robert’s response was that, in essence, Paul had done some sort of Jedi Mind Trick on him and through some sort of psychological maneuvers “convinced” and “coerced” Robert into incest without the use of physical force. This didn’t make sense to me, my wife or Geoff.

I understand the power an Adult authority figure like a Pastor, Priest or Parent has over a child to coerce them or influence them into sex, but a physically inferior peer?

Another question I had after my conversation with Robert was, why did these allegations not come out when Robert was on suicide watch at Cypress Mental Health in 2004? He had a serious mental health crisis and many other things in his past came to the surface during that crisis, but not these allegations. That seemed odd and unlikely to me that this serious issue would be left out during a low-point and crisis like that.

I am left with two possibilities when I’ve got two brothers as the only potential witnesses in this matter (I was out of the home when they were both teens):

1. Robert is telling the truth and he engaged in homosexual incest with his brother.

2. Robert is lying to provide cover for Bob Sr. and draw attention away from the many other issues we are confronting.

I know I can’t rely on Bob Grenier’s word, because he is bold-faced lying about so many other issues.

It comes down to Robert’s word vs. Paul’s word.

If Robert is telling the truth and the two were having homosexual sex in Pastor Bob’s home while a fully endorsed by Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel Pastor…then where did these two learn the homosexual behavior? If Pastor David Rosales of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley (and a Board Member who endorses Bob) is correct…and homosexuality is a “choice”…then where did these two learn the behavior? Bob Grenier, in his book, says he had homosexual experiences with a peer growing up and that it was “normal” and no big deal. “Happens all the time”…he said. Such a non-chalant handling of his personal experience.

Paul alleges that he was sexually molested by Bob Grenier, his blood father, pre-dating Robert’s allegations. I was not aware of Paul’s allegations until we met with a very high profile Child Abuse attorney who has handled the largest Child Abuse cases in our Nation’s history. I was so angry, I had to get up and leave the Conference Room, take the elevator, walk the pier front and cool off. I didn’t stick around for the details that Paul was recounting, but I heard enough. I later found out from my wife that Paul had told her that Bob was responsible for Paul being homosexual many years prior. They both kept it from me for years, fearing I would not handle it well. They made a good decision.

Assuming Robert’s version of events is true, I blame Bob Grenier and his terribly sinful and illegal leadership for that kind of sin to go on in the home of a fully endorsed full affiliated Calvary Chapel Pastor who is in a Position of Trust over adults and children. How can Bob be qualified?

Bob’s defenders will say, “Oh, well it’s in the past, it isn’t happening this very moment is it?” As if that re-qualifies Bob. Wrong.

After hashing all this out for many months, my position is that Robert is lying to cover for Bob Sr. He is creating a distraction, probably at the suggestion of Bob, to provide him with some sort of cover. Robert’s story just doesn’t add up to me and without the vast amount of corroboration I have for the Physical Child Abuse and the mountain of Character Witnesses (former staff, associate pastors and long-time laypersons from CCV) who have given me testimony regarding many spiritual abuses, many corruption issues…it is difficult to believe Robert’s claims.

However, if the situation did occur, as Robert has stated and publicly posted on a blog forum (or a surrogate of his)…then I am left with the conclusion that he engaged in incest, which is disturbing.

It shows how terrible things are at Bob Grenier’s household. Certainly not what Paul the Apostle had in mind when the Holy Spirit inspired him to write the Qualifications of a Pastor/Bishop.

My challenge, once again, is to Chuck Smith, Brian Brodersen and the 1,200 Calvary Chapel Pastor Affiliates throughout the U.S. and World: Are you going to continue to endorse and be voluntarily affiliated with Bob Grenier? If your answer is “yes”…then you deny that there is a Scriptural Standard for Qualification and you stand in opposition to the Word of God.

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Apr 062011

Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia continues to be endorsed and affiliated by Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, despite multiple allegations of corruption, physical abuse, spiritual abuse and now an allegation of sexual abuse of his male blood son.

My name is Paul Grenier and I am the adult son of Bob and Gayle Grenier.  Over the past few years, Bob Grenier’s private life has become very public.  I believe one can only hide the skeletons in their closet for so long.  Bob has a long history (30+ years) of slandering and maligning anyone who questions his authority or calls him out on his inappropriate behavior.

I have avoided making much public comment regarding the child abuse that took place in our home.  I have spent many years trying to stay as far away from Bob, Gayle, and Robert as possible.  However, the dysfunction and evil that pervades that family always seems to find a victim to attack.  While they profess to be Christians, their actions are so contrary to the teachings of the Bible it is startling to me.

I have struggled with how to respond to the following allegations.  I am a private person and for those of you who know me, you know this is something I do not take lightly.  This will be my one and only public statement regarding this matter.

It has come to my attention that Robert Grenier is blogging on the internet and telling people in the community that I molested him when we were growing up.  I deny this allegation in its entirety.

These are very troubling things to hear that one is saying about you.  I unlike Bob will make a public statement to defend my character and reputation.  I will also not ask anyone to take a side or defend me because I know the truth and that is all that matters.  My point in making this statement is to go on the record and tell my story.  People’s belief of disbelief of my story is of no consequence to me.  Frankly, I don’t really care.  I know what happened and that’s enough for me.

Robert was admitted to a mental health facility in the spring of 2004.  He claimed to be suicidal and that he was hearing voices in his head telling him to hurt himself and others.  I have no doubt he was hearing those voices as I have been a firsthand witness to his violent temper and inability to decipher fact from fiction. Robert is someone I avoided as a child, teenager, and now as an adult.  He truly scares me.

The last time I saw Robert was about 5 years ago.  He followed me in his car to my place of employment and proceeded to verbally assault me and went on to threaten my life.  When Robert took a breath between cursing and screaming, I managed to ask him why he was following me and attacking me in this manner.  He told me that he was angry at me, Alex, and Geoff for talking about Bob being a child abuser.  I told Robert that my issue was not with him so not to make one with me.  Robert told me he had waited outside my house at night on a number of occasions and that he wanted to kill me.  I absolutely believe he would as he is one of the most unstable, violent individuals I have ever encountered.

A couple of years after this incident, Robert contacted one of my brother’s and asked for my cell number.  Robert called me and we spoke on the phone.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but he was friendly and kind of reminisced about our childhood.  He kept telling me what a great childhood we had and how much he missed me, Alex, and Geoff.  He even asked if he could come up to visit me where I was living.  I let him talk and didn’t say much.  I have a standing rule not to engage with unstable people so I kind of just got through the conversation the best I could.

I mention this conversation because it seems very odd to me that you would contact the person who allegedly abused you and reminisce about the good times and propose a visit.  It certainly doesn’t ring true with my experience of avoiding any and all contact with my abuser.

I can only imagine that Robert is now making these allegations about me in an effort to protect Bob and Gayle.  Robert has a history of making outlandish accusations against people and then later changing his story at the last minute.  Since Robert has decided to spread such vitriol about me, I will now take the opportunity to share what I know about his past actions.  I know Robert was at a party with a group of men and engaged in homosexual behavior in front of them.  I witnessed Robert engaging in homosexual behavior with a friend of his while he was in high school.  Robert had an affair with a woman whose husband was off fighting in the Iraq War. Robert lived at the Visalia Rescue Mission for a brief while because of his issues with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity.  Robert threatened bodily harm to a woman at Calvary for talking to his wife because he was concerned she might say something negative about his past actions.  Robert like Bob has a lot to hide.  And I would not be commenting on any of this had my hand not been forced.  I have most recently heard that Robert has an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy that attends Calvary.  Quite often people that are pointing the finger and hurling accusations at people are themselves guilty of the very things they allege.  If Robert’s intention was to humiliate me he has not succeeded.  He has only succeeded in drawing an even bigger spotlight on himself, Bob, and Gayle and all of their wrongdoings.

I have agonized over what I am about to share.  I was the victim of sexual abuse in our home at the hands of my father. That is all the detail I will give publicly.

I have spoken privately to some about it.  I most recently spoke to a class action child abuse attorney along with my brother, Alex, and sister-in-law, Amy, about what was done to me.  I would prefer not to share such a horrific thing I lived through but I continue to be attacked and maligned by Bob, Gayle, and Robert.  I feel that at every turn I have tried to take the high road and be as gracious as possible.  I have been backed in a corner and have no choice but to make a public statement.

If you attend Calvary Chapel Visalia I would keep your children as far away from Bob and Robert as possible.  They are both evil people who will not give a second thought to hurting you and will actively try to destroy your life.  Bob has ruined multiple family relationships and marriages in his tenure at Calvary.

This last summer there were a number of articles that ran in the Visalia Times-Delta and Fresno Bee.  A handful of people rushed to Bob’s defense and I still remember their quotes about Bob’s strong character and how they did not believe me and my brothers’ account of abuse.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell those people that I find it repulsive that you would rush to the defense so irresponsibly of a person who has committed some serious crimes against children and should be rotting in a jail cell.  I further find it absurd that you would even feign knowledge of what happened in our home when you’ve never even spoken to me about what happened.  It is this reckless group of people that blindly defend the lunatic in the pulpit at Calvary that I find disgusting.  If I sound angry, I am. What an exercise in futility for Bob’s staff and followers to stand by and defend him when they’ve never even spoken to the victims.  Shame on you.

And shame on you Gayle for allowing all this abuse to happen on your watch.  I don’t even know how you live with yourself.  You out of everyone are probably the most abhorrent person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.  I can’t begin to imagine what kind of mother would stand by and let these ongoing episodes of violence and abuse happen to her children.  I hope you live in shame the rest of your life for what you allowed to happen.  To some this may sound harsh, but I have had to live with this shame and these scars for many years as well.  My brothers and I were the victims.  Not Bob and Gayle as they would like you to believe.  We were innocent children that were terrorized in every way imaginable by the monster that is Bob Grenier.  Gayle knows it and chose to defend this monster and I hope when she looks in the mirror she sees the monster she allowed herself to become for defending her husband.

Bob also has a history of encouraging people not to come forward about sexual abuse.  A close friend of mine was kicked out of the church and told by Bob that she instigated the sexual abuse that was committed against her by her step-father.  This was the counseling she received from Bob after coming forward as an adult.  It makes me nauseated when I think about it.  And if you attend Calvary or are on Bob’s staff it should make you sick too.  And if it doesn’t trouble you then I pray for your soul.

I no longer live in Visalia so that I can be as far away from Bob, Gayle, and Robert as possible.  Yet all these years later, they still will pick a fight and character assassinate the victim.  Well that all stops today.

I will say this and say it once.  I was raised by the Bob the monster.  I survived it.  I was raised by a drug addicted, abuse condoning, abhorrent mother.  I survived it.  I grew up with a mentally disturbed younger brother.  I survived it.  I have been slandered and maligned by Bob’s inner circle. I survived it.  I can promise you this: anything Bob, Gayle, and Robert throw my way. I will survive it and be stronger because of it.  Bob could not break my will and spirit when I was a child and he nor anyone else associated with him will be able to do so today.

Bob, Gayle, and Robert want a fight. They’ve got one and a worthy opponent in me.  Dysfunction breeds dysfunction.  If I have to spend the rest of my life defending myself against them and keeping them out of my life I will do it.  And I will survive that too.

In closing, if they continue to come after me publicly they had better bring their best game.  Because I will not lie down and take it.  Rather, I will fight back and shout from the rooftops what Bob did to me so the whole world knows what a monster he is.  I have nothing to lose by telling the truth.  Many of you know that Bob always goes after a person the hardest when they have the worst information on him.  This is what they have done and continue to do me.  I will not start a fight…but I sure as hell will not back down from one when it calls into question my character and integrity.

Paul Grenier

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