Aug 242011

Chuck Smith mugs for the cameras at Calvary Chapel Visalia with accused Child Molester and Child Abuser Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, after Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa was notified of the abuse allegations made by three of Bob Grenier's sons and corroborated by an Aunt in an interview with a police detective for a report filed in 2009. Unfortunately the statute of limitations had run out and no arrest was made. However, Calvary Chapel is well aware of many allegations over 30 years of abuse and corruption by Grenier and still endorses him fully...which is indicative of how Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel shuns accountability and protects Calvary Chapel Pastors, while ignoring Victims and whistle-blowers.

​Gustavo Arellano/OC Weekly

Everyone knows about the Catholic Diocese of Orange and its pedophile-protecting ways (got another bombshell in the cannon–I’m warning you, Brownie), but Orange County’s other Christian yahoo network has had its kiddie-diddling scandals as well–except Calvary Chapel does a much-better job hiding its tracks, signing settlements that remain under seal. I should get to exposing those, and will after I finish a couple of projects, but nice to see others aren’t waiting.

In a blockbuster case filed August 9 in Idaho’s First Judicial District Court, four men allege various Calvary Chapel pastors knew they had a pedophile on their hands when they allowed Anthony Iglesias to continue working for the ministry at their North Country Chapel branch in Idaho, where he abused the men when they were boys. The lawsuit claims that not only did Iglesias get collared for molesting a boy while serving as a youth minister atCalvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, but that his bosses allowed him to go off to Idaho and allowed him to return to Idaho after molesting boys on a Thailand missionary trip. 

Paging Bishop Brownie…

The lawsuit, filed by an Idaho law firm but featuring the muscle of Washington lawyer Tim Kosnoff (whose tenacity in going against pedo-protectors of all denominations was just told in a book by my publishing company, Scribner–just found that out while Googling!) combines two separate lawsuits filed against Calvary Chapel accusing them of harboring Iglesias. This one names the Big Calvary in the suit: Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, which is actually in SanTana, and accuses them and North Country Calvary pastor Robert Davis of “negligently, recklessly and/or fraudulently conceal[ing] from the general public, law enforcement, its parishioners, plaintiffs and their parents its knowledge that Iglesias was and is a pedophile, child predator, and child molester.” Kosnoff isn’t asking for much–$10,000 per client, because that’s all that Idaho allows in such cases (a direct byproduct of Brownie’s Idaho days, no doubt) but will try to ask for punitive damages at a later date and is asking for a jury trial.

Iglesias is currently in jail for molesting two other boys in 2003. What did Calvary Chapel founder-head Chuck Smith know about child molesters within his flock, and when?

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Aug 242011

Dino Cardelli of Calvary Chapel Arcata gets 18 years for molesting a little girl in his care. Had the girl (and Dino's wife who committed suicide over this issue) alleged child molestation and abuse and statute had run out, Dino would still be a Calvary Chapel Pastor in good standing this very moment (similar to Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia).

Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard

Despite a former Arcata pastor’s pleas for probation, a Humboldt County Superior Court judge sentenced Dino Cardelli to the maximum prison sentence allowable Monday, charging that he essentially seduced his adopted daughter with Bible passages in order to molest her.

Arrested last September, Cardelli, 50, pleaded guilty June 22 to charges of the continual sexual abuse of a minor, child molestation, attempting to dissuade a witness and 25 counts of violating a court order not to contact his victim.

During an emotional two-hour court hearing, the court heard from one of two victims in the case — identified as Jane Doe 1 — and from Cardelli, and attorneys debated an appropriate sentence for Cardelli, who — until his arrest — had served as the pastor of Arcata’s Calvary Chapel. He and his late wife opened the church in January 1995.

Judge Bruce Watson sentenced Cardelli to serve 18 years in prison, the maximum allowable under a plea agreement Cardelli reached with prosecutors the day his trial was slated to begin. Watson said he weighed both mitigating and aggravating factors in reaching an appropriate sentence for Cardelli but said the scale tilted heavily toward handing down the maximum sentence.

Watson said Cardelli took advantage of a vulnerable victim, a girl he’d adopted at the age of 5 and who was 13 when the acts of molestation began. The judge said Cardelli then repeatedly attempted to dissuade Jane Doe 1 from cooperating in the case. Watson said the former pastor also betrayed the trust and confidence of his daughter, his community and his congregation.

”He violated the trust of countless people,” Watson said.

The full story is here:


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