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Amway Meeting? I thought "In Fellowship" had a Spiritual Connotation and wasn't just to promote a very lucrative Brand for Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. All of these "In Fellowship" CC Senior Pastors could give a flying Dove about their "Fellow" Pastors/Elders in sin. But, rub shoulders with them at the CC Amway Convention? No problem!

It’s been a rather interesting and enlightening process, this whole Calvary Chapel situation.

The story of Bob Grenier’s abuse and corruption is well-documented. The Child Abuse is confirmed by Chuck Smith himself and even by Bob Grenier’s own words in a confession to the Calvary Chapel Board in 1988 (thanks to “smoking gun” testimony recently by a former CCV Board Member).

It’s no longer a matter of “who do we believe?” Bob’s guilt has been irrefutably confirmed…and even expressed by Chuck Smith himself from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pulpit.

Calvary Chapel Pastors, you profess to “teach the Bible simply”…it’s time for you to exercise your Scriptural Responsibility here:

1 Timothy 5:19-22

19 Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses. 20 But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that the others may take warning. 21 I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism.

 22 Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

The push-back I’ve heard from Anonymous CC pastors (like “Another Voice”) and many other CC pastors over at PhoenixPreacher is “I have nothing to do with Calvary Chapel Visalia”, “I don’t know Bob Grenier from Adam”, “I have no responsibility”, “Not my problem”, etc.

The push-back I hear from Chuck Smith from the “meeting” and from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pulpit is “I’m not Bob’s Pastor”, “Not my responsibility”, “I don’t have control”, “I don’t want control”, etc.

Words have meaning. Creeds have meaning. Agreements have meaning. Public statements, promotions, proclamations have meaning. Scripture has meaning.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has direct ties to a Corporation called CCOF (Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship, formerly Calvary Chapel Office of Fellowship). Chuck Smith is President (per IRS Documents). Roger Wing is Chuck’s Agent and manages the Corporation.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa owns the rights to the Calvary Chapel Name and Dove Logo. CCOF promotes the spread of the Brand and seeks out potential “Affiliates”. These potential “Affiliates” must go through a Process to become “In Fellowship” with Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith and the other Affiliated Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors. Only upon approval and a vetted and agreed to Fellowship (or Affiliation) Agreement (a Contract) can the potential Pastor become a “Calvary Chapel Pastor” with the rights to the CC Name and Logo in tow and the Authority to promote that Name and that Brand of Church (which relies heavily on Chuck Smith’s name, legacy, credibility, success, stated doctrinal positions, support, resources, etc).

Let’s examine the facts of this “Affiliation” or “In Fellowship” situation, in other words, what are these so-called “purely independent” Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors “agreeing” to?


From the CCOF Website:

“Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships (CCOF) exists to encourage and assist Calvary Chapel Pastors and those who desire to become Calvary Chapel pastors. Our heart and focus is to foster an environment of fellowship, encouragement and unity among all Calvary Chapel pastors throughout the world. We also desire to assist pastors who are considering applying to become Calvary Chapels through our Application Process.”

A CC Pastor must “apply” and go through an “Application Process”.

From the CCOF Website:

“First, you as the Senior Pastor of your fellowship, along with your church leadership, need to understand, agree with and embrace the doctrinal positions presented in the Calvary Chapel Statement of Faith and the distinct characteristics of the Calvary Chapel Movement as presented in the book Calvary Chapel Distinctives by Pastor Chuck Smith. Reading this book and the Statement of Faith will hopefully help you discern whether you have a heart and mind connection with, and commitment to, Calvary Chapel.

Second, our general policy is to only enter into the fellowship process with those churches who are meeting on Sundays. We will not generally begin this process with those who are in the home fellowship stage of ministry or who are not meeting on Sunday.

Third, since Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships is a fellowship of churches, fellowship is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We encourage you not to begin this process if you are not willing to make this commitment to fellowship with your other Calvary Chapel pastors and fellowships. This is done through attendance at local Pastors Conferences held throughout the year, our annual Senior Pastor’s Conference in California, and on-going fellowship with the pastors in your area.”

The use of the word “Fellowship” is quite a theme. Even a CCBC grad ( :smile: ) can’t miss its continual use throughout the CCOF Website and throughout the Application.

So, what does “Fellowship” mean?

According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary it means: (a) companionship, company, associate (vb.); (b) the community of interest, activity, feeling or experience, i.e., a unified body of people of equal rank sharing in common interests, goals, and characteristics, etc.; (c) partnership, membership.

How does Scripture define “Fellowship”?

From Bible.org:

Greek Words for Fellowship

The Koinwn Words

(1) Koinos (the root word)

The language of the New Testament is called koinh Greek because, through the conquests of Alexander the Great, it was the common language of Christ’s day for Romans, Greeks and Jews alike. Koinh means common. Koinwnia comes from koinos which means “common, mutual, public.” It refers to that which is held in common.

(2) Koinwnia (n) and Koinwneo (vb) (primary words)

There are two main ideas with this word: (a) “to share together, take part together” in the sense of partnership or participation, and (b) “to share with” in the sense of giving to others. As we will see, there are four key ideas that come out of these two meanings according to New Testament usage.

The New Testament usage according to sentence construction refers to: (a) the thing shared in common in some way by all parties involved as relationships, blessings or burdens, privileges, or responsibilities (all believers in Christ share many things in common); (b) the person(s) doing the sharing with others; (c) the person(s) with whom there is sharing; and (d) an abstract quality of the concept of fellowship, with no object, used alone as in Acts 2:42.

(3) Koinwnos, Koinwnikos (secondary words)

Koinwnos means “a partner, associate, companion” (2 Cor. 8:23; Luke 5:10; Phil. 1:7) or “a partaker, sharer” (1 Cor. 10:18-20; 2 Cor. 1:7; 1 Pet. 5:1; 2 Pet. 1:4).

Koinwnikos, is an adjective meaning “characterized by koinwnos, ready to share or partake” (1 Tim. 6:18).

The Metocos Words (metocos, metoch)

These words come from meta, “with,” plus ecw, “to have.” The basic idea is “to have with” or “to have together.”

Metocos means: (a) “a sharing in, a partaking of” (Heb. 3:1, 14; 6:4; 12:8); and (b), “a partner, associate” (Heb. 1:9; Luke 5:7).

Metoch means: (a) “sharing, fellowship”; or (b) “partnership” (cf. 2 Cor. 6:14 where it is used with koinwnia).

Common theme in both the World’s Definition of “Fellowship” and God’s Definition of “Fellowship”.

“Sharing, Partnership, Associate”…like say a “Fellow” Pastor/Elder? You bet.

Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors are either not fulfilling their Scriptural Responsibility here: 1 Timothy 5:19-22 or they are misrepresenting their claims of being “In Fellowship” with each other and should quit giving a false impression to the Public and stop lying.

When push comes to shove, Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors are happy to be “in Fellowship” in name only and for Public Relations and Promotional Purposes. When it comes to fulfilling their Scriptural Responsibility for the benefit of their “Fellow” Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors and the benefit of the families of their “Fellow” Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors and other families affected by their “Fellow” Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors…they dodge, deflect, duck and dive…and fly for cover, like a Dove.

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Oct 262011


Remnant Radio: Our purpose for this show is to edify believers, instruct both believers & non-believers, encourage healthy, Christ-honoring discussions & to engage in apologetics as well as polemics. Our approach to Scripture is to view everything from an exegetical hermeneutic. This means that we do not seek to put our own way of thinking into the Scriptures, rather, we seek to understand the Scriptures through the lens of grammatical-historical or literal interpretation. In other words, we don't add our opinions to the text, we take from the text what is clearly there. This means that there is one correct interpretation to a passage of Scripture, but there may be many applications to a passage.


I will be joined by a very special guest Alex Grenier of the website Calvary Chapel Abuse. We will sit down and discuss the CC movement and the patterns of abuse that are growing at an alarming matter. We will discuss his meeting with Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel laywer Janet Carter. Just a warning, this will not be for the weak of stomach or those who freely drink down the Calvary Chapel Kool-Aid! Please plan to join us as we deal with Devils!

Call in number to speak with the host:

(347) 843-4696

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Oct 212011


[Click blue link above] Thank you to Phil Naessen’s (Philly Flash) for the opportunity to interview via his Podcast. Hopefully it gets much needed information out to the public in another attempt to get some resolve to this terrible situation, to call Calvary Chapel Leadership to repentance and to warn others about the ongoing sin in the Camp Calvary Chapel and the mishandling of it.

Bob Grenier is the Poster Child for everything that is wrong with the Moses Model Construct as articulated and practiced by some Circles in the Calvary Chapel Tent.

Again, I call Chuck Smith, Pastor/Leader of the Calvary Chapel Movement / Denomination to Dis-Affiliate Bob Grenier and hold him to account as Bob’s “Pastor”.

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Oct 192011

"Calvary Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel AFFILIATE"...but, I thought, err, Chuck Smith and Dave Rolph said...um, "Affilliate"? (Dave Rolph emailed stating again, that he denies dodging/denying the "Affiliation" issue in the "meeting", that he only denied ever seeing or signing an "Affiliation" agreement. He now says I "misunderstand" him, rather than that I'm lying. I still disagree with his take. If he is so adamant and crystal clear now, why, in the meeting, didn't he say something like, "Well, you've pressed this point hard, obviously there's Affiliation, it's a real thing and we still do it, BUT, I've never seen or signed an Affiliation Agreement". A great opportunity for him to so strongly clarify his position of acknowledging Affiliation would have been when I accused him and Chuck of playing lawyer games. But, no clarification after that comment, just the dance. This picture was taken last week in North Idaho.

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Oct 182011

Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly

Sorry that I’m late to this, but here’s a blockbuster: last week, from the pulpit of the Calvary Chapel mothership in SanTana (even though they call themselves CC Costa Mesa), head Chuck Smith blasted an abuse survivor of one of his pastors and promised divine retribution upon the victim for daring to criticize him.

Full article here:


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Oct 142011

Chuck Smith, founder and Leader of the Calvary Chapel Movement/Denomination and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, poses for cameras with Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier, who is a confirmed Child Abuser and alleged Child Molester (by Bob's blood son Paul Grenier). Smith has openly rebuked this blog and me for speaking out against what I perceive are wrongdoings and tolerance of Child Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Molestation and Corruption in the Calvary Chapel Camp by Smith, Roger Wing and others.

“You know, just as sort of a postscript, these blogs on Internet are just vicious, so many of them, and there is a young fellow who created a website and a blog in which he has been attacking Calvary Chapel viciously because his stepfather was abusive to him as he was growing up, and he is wanting to bring his stepfather down, and so because I won’t take action against his stepfather, because I really, every Calvary Chapel is independent, I’m not in control of them, nor do I want control of them.

I have a hard enough time just being in control of my own ministry and I just don’t want the responsibility of having to try and control the over fifteen hundred Calvary Chapels we have here in the United States, and so, he is attacking me also on the blog and saying I’m covering up all kinds of horrible things and making a lot of accusations and all, and I called him up and invited him down.”

–Chuck Smith 10/2/11 from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pulpit

Chuck Smith did not initiate the meeting or call me first, I called him. I left a message at his private residence and then reached him at his direct line at CCCM. Chuck didn’t initiate any of our phone conversations, he did return a second call of mine…twice, a call I made to confirm the date of the meeting. The first reply we connected and set the date. The second reply, he had mistakenly returned the same call from a message I left at his other location.

I was the one who asked for the meeting, and the meeting was never discussed in our conversations as Chuck reaching out to me to make some sort of peace, it was I who reached out to Chuck…the meeting was clearly articulated as Chuck Smith hearing testimony from way more than “2 or 3 witnesses” per Scripture about Bob Grenier and his abuses, corruption etc. and for Chuck to Dis-Affiliate Bob and to publicly rebuke him per 1 Timothy 5:19-22 since Chuck Smith is Bob’s “Pastor” as Bob reports many times over and as Chuck Smith agrees to when he is introduced to Bob’s pulpit in Visalia.

I also asked Chuck to consider Reforms to Calvary Chapel to help protect children.

Again, the meeting was not initiated by Chuck, nor was the meeting called for the reasons Chuck stated from the CCCM Pulpit. Lies? Spin? Mis-remembering? Dunno. I do know that Chuck’s version is grossly incorrect.

Here’s what I believe Chuck got right: my step-dad Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier was abusive to us growing up and would have been arrested for felony child abuse had his Board at CCV reported Bob’s confession of punching my brother Geoff in the face in 1988. That would have saved us from further abuses (and possibly Paul, who is 10 years younger, from physical and alleged sexual abuse).

Chuck was also right (in some sense, but not the entirety of the blog) when he used the word “vicious”. There are times my anger due to my frustration with Bob and others in CC getting away with terrible abuses that have hurt so many people…yet they continue to claim Jesus Christ my Messiah from their pulpits…well, I cop to using strong rhetoric at times and being snarky, etc. It is probably not wise or sinless to give into the temptation to do so…yet Jesus (Matthew 23) and Paul the Apostle (Galatians 5:12) and great men of the Faith like Martin Luther often used strong language and strong rhetoric when rebuking those they believed to be in error. It has not served me, well, however, as it opens the door for Camp Bob (Raul Ries, David Rosales, George Bryson, Roger Wing, Lance Cook, etc) to fixate on my Style…while avoiding the Substance.

Here’s what I know Chuck got wrong: “I won’t take action against his stepfather, because I really, every Calvary Chapel is independent, I’m not in control of them, nor do I want control of them.

I have a hard enough time just being in control of my own ministry and I just don’t want the responsibility of having to try and control the over fifteen hundred Calvary Chapels we have here in the United States…”

Chuck Smith and CCOF directly intervened in helping CC Grass Valley remove CC Senior Pastor (ordained by CCCM) Richard Cimino...despite Chuck Smith's denials to the contrary.

The Story of Richard Cimino and Calvary Chapel Grass Valley

CCOF and Chuck Smith directly intervened with helping the Board of Calvary Chapel Grass Valley remove Affiliated CC Senior Pastor Richard Cimino nearly six years ago, according to sources directly involved in the situation.

Cimino’s ordination is through CCCM and he originally planted CC Grass Valley. The church grew to 800-1,000 adults rather quickly and according to sources, about this time he began teaching a Home Fellowship 20 to 30 minutes away.

Two things happened that prompted attention from Chuck Smith and CCOF, say sources: A CC Senior Pastor complained that his territory was being infringed upon and the CC Grass Valley Board became suspicious that Cimino’s time and loyalties were now split…and they launched an investigation into his activities and uncovered some things in the process that they believed were disqualifying.

The CC Grass Valley Board confronted Cimino about the Home Fellowship and what they believed were disqualifying issues, according to sources, and Cimino wouldn’t respond.

Insiders say the CC Grass Valley Board approached Roger Wing directly (Agent of Chuck Smith, President of CCOF) to intervene.

Sources close to the story say that CCOF’s intervention directly led to Cimino resigning his position as Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor of Grass Valley with the Lender for the Grass Valley Property as part of the process.

Cimino was given the choice of signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement or zero severance, says an insider. Cimino took the money and signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement with little choice to do otherwise (only a small Maranatha Royalty to fall back on) says the same source.

Moral of the story? The CC Grass Valley Board appealed to Chuck Smith and CCOF, “Help us get rid of this guy!” Chuck Smith and CCOF got directly involved and helped make it happen, despite Chuck Smith’s words to me in the “meeting” that he “can’t do that” and “has never done that”…and despite Chuck’s recent words from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pulpit.

Chuck Smith and CCOF intervened in the Ralph Wood CC Oceanside situation demanding the Board at CC Oceanside give Wood what they considered a "fair" Severance Package, under threat of not Affiliating the replacement Senior Pastor.

The Story of Ralph Wood and Calvary Chapel Oceanside

Sources say Chuck Smith and CCOF directly intervened in causing the Board of Calvary Chapel Oceanside to provide a Severance Package they deemed “acceptable” after Ralph Wood agreed to resign for a relapse into a disqualifying sin. The action was approximately four years ago, say sources close to the situation.

The CC Oceanside Board originally provided zero or a “meager” Severance Package, according to sources.

Sources say Mickey Stonier, an agent acting on behalf of Mike McIntosh, considered the Regions “Pastor” (or akin to Cardinal says one source) was directly involved in the process, as well as Paul Smith and Chuck Smith.

“Chuck was outraged about the severance issue, especially since Wood cooperated and resigned,” said one source close to the situation. “Chuck basically said, give him a reasonable severance or lose the Dove.”

The Board was told their replacement Pastor would not be Affiliated if they didn’t correct the Severance Package situation to Chuck’s liking, say sources.

The Story of Pastor Matt Stokes and CC Ocean City New Jersey

In a letter addressed to “Dear Ocean City Fellowship”…former Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor Matt Stokes articulates what can only be described as CCOF (of which Chuck Smith is President in IRS Documents) intervening and directly removing him from his role as CC Senior Pastor (or directly influencing that outcome) because he taught in some sort of non Verse by Verse style that contradicted the CCOF “Distinctives” Contract.

Sources report that this was in fact a “Dove Yanking” and an example of Chuck Smith and CCOF getting directly involved in a Personnel situation.

You be the judge (Letter attached, click on the link to the right in blue).CC Ocean City Disaffiliation Explanation Letter

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Oct 122011


[Click Link Above] Chuck Smith spoke publicly from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pulpit, Sunday Evening, October 2nd. He rebuked me publicly (and the blog)…but didn’t rebuke Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier (who Bob claims Chuck Smith is his “Pastor” in his book “A Common Miracle” which Chuck wrote the Foreward, on Bob’s Calvary Chapel Website, and Chuck Smith has taken the microphone from Bob at CCV after Bob introduced Chuck as “my Pastor”.

Some details in the “Attack” on me and the blog (Chuck calls the blog an “Attack” so I guess responding to the stuff is an “Attack” as well…yikes! How about we call it “Serious Disagreements and Appeals to Scripture”…nope. It’s gotta be framed as an “Attack!”):

1. Chuck states, basically, that HE called me and reached out to me to set a meeting to try and make peace. FALSE. I called Chuck at his home and then at his direct line at CCCM after getting the numbers from a source.

2. Chuck says the “Meeting” was basically to try and make peace or reconcile between us. Wrong. The purpose of the “Meeting” was for Chuck Smith to hear many testimonies about child abuse, molestation, spiritual abuse, corruption etc by Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, and for Chuck Smith to Dis-Affiliate him, publicly rebuke him as Bob’s “Pastor” etc. and for Chuck to consider institution Reforms within Calvary Chapel to help protect children.

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Oct 082011

Calvary Chapel Pastor Chris Olague arrested for molesting an 8-year-old girl. "Don't touch God's anointed!" says Chuck Smith. How about, don't touch little girls and little boys. I wonder if Olague gets "Dis-Affiliated" or "Dis-Fellowshiped"...Chuck Smith says he "can't" do that. I guess all our CC Pastor Friends will be "in Fellowship" with another Child Molester. Great example guys!

Los Angeles Times

Link to Refuge Southland’s Calvary Chapel affiliation claim: refuge_calvary_chapel

A pastor and youth soccer coach has been arrested on suspicion of molesting an 8-year-old girl, Huntington Beach police said Friday.

Christopher Raymond Olague, 39, of Westminster, pastor of Refuge Southland Church in Buena Park, was arrested Wednesday, according a police report.

Olague is accused of molesting a girl he was driving to his house for a playdate with one of his children, according to the report.

Instead, Olague drove to a Huntington Beach park and molested the girl inside his car, police said.

Before driving her home, he gave her $40 and asked her not to tell her parents, police said.

The girl, however, did tell her parents, who called police, according to the report.

Later that afternoon, Huntington Beach and Garden Grove police located Olague and arrested him.

He was booked into Huntington Beach City Jail on suspicion of committing a lewd act on a child under 14 years of age and dissuading a witness.

He posted $100,000 bail; his initial court date is scheduled Nov. 28.

Police said they also contacted Orange County Child Protective Services to ensure the safety of children in Olague’s house.The Refuge Southland Church website states that Olague, known as Pastor Chris, has five children, and that the church is an affiliate of Refuge Calvary Chapel in Huntington Beach, where Olague and his wife were once on staff.Telephone calls to the church and the Olague residence were not immediately returned.Huntington Beach detectives believe that there may be other victims. Anyone with information is asked to call (714) 960-8834 or (714) 536-5988.
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