May 302012

Chuck Joseph Smith? Papa Chuck says many Mormons are Christians....what say you?

Are Mormons Christians, in the context of being “saved” as defined by the Evangelical Church? You know, “real” Christians…like “born again” Christians, “saved” from the eternal weenie roast in the bowels of hell?

Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, says some Mormons are Christians on his radio program, “Pastor’s Perspective” (see link and transcript below).

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May 222012

Pastor John Miller spent 39 years as the Moses of CC San Bernardino. He recently announced he's stepping down to pastor another fellowship.

by Highland Community News

After 39 years at the pulpit, Senior Pastor John Miller of Calvary Chapel of San Bernardino (The Red Barn) announced to his church that he will be stepping down as Pastor to move on to a new chapter in his life.

Miller has been praying over this decision for the past year, he said, after another church offered him a position; long before he suffered a stroke a few months ago. He is still recovering from his stroke, as he still continues to pastor the church, though painful, and difficult at times.

The announcement was made last Sunday morning, which took the entire congregation by surprise. Tears from both the pulpit and the pews gave way as Miller tried to explain the reasons for his transition.

“You’re not losing a pastor, but you’re sending one out as a missionary,” he said. “I thank God for the fellowship that we have, but I want to be obedient to what God wants us to do … This Church is part of my DNA!”

Both Miller and his wife Christy, will be moving to Menifee, to serve as pastor at the Revival Church Fellowship. Miller’s last day will be not be till mid July, and he will be making a gradual transition.

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May 222012

Calvary Chapel Memphis hit twice by copper thieves.

by WREG Memphis

It’s a problem that costs people thousands of dollars, and usually the most innocent fall victim.

Some churches and business are being wiped out by metal thieves who trash thousands of dollars in mechanics for a few hundred dollars in scrap metal.

Calvary Chapel doesn’t have insurance and fell victim to the crime for the second time in two weeks.

First, their church was ransacked then thieves came back and stole their air conditioning units for the metal inside.

“You realize that even a church is not sacred anymore. That someone would want to come steal from us. Even two times within the last couple of weeks,” said Pastor Phillip Ferrell.

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May 042012

Grace* for pretty much every sinner in Calvary Chapel...except the homosexuals? Seems to be a double-standard. Child abusers, liars, adulterers, thieves, etc are tolerated in Calvary Chapel Leadership...but homosexuals? Not so much...

“Burn homos at the stake” is the vibe I get from many Christians in our Evangelical Bubble. And, the more Fundamentalist…the higher the pyre.

Full disclosure (and for clarification): I am not a homo, I love the ladies…probably a little too much at times…but my heterosexual lust is not taboo, heck, it’s kind of ‘wink’ ‘wink’…’nod’ ‘nod’…encouraged or enabled or graced over in my experiences in the Evangelical Church. I do, however, have a brother who is gay…so I have some insight into the situation…having watched (and journeyed) with him navigating life as a PK (Pastor’s Kid) in a very strict (and abusive) Calvary Chapel upbringing.


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