Jun 092012

I have been an ardent critic of Calvary Chapel (for good reasons). The Panel Discussion above is good. This year’s CCSPC 2012 was good (in general). The direction and the emphasis seems to be constructive and more responsible. Leaders lead. This is good leadership in my opinion.

There are still things that can and should be done, but we’ve got to rejoice (and encourage) the good stuff and the good emphasis that does get done. There is a New Generation coming up in Calvary Chapel Land and from what I heard from some of the Lesser Names (from twitter feeds etc.)…plus the fact lesser names and younger guys were given a platform…was very refreshing.

The Big Guys, like the panel above, reinforced what looks to be a positive change in the Movement. I am, personally, cautiously optimistic.

Brian Brodersen may not be Chuck Smith (no one is)…and he may not be “the” guy…but this segment is good leadership personified in a very balanced and humble approach. I hope it’s contagious. It has the effect of putting wet blankets on fires and gives me a bit of hope that things in CC Land will improve so less people are negatively affected.

The other value to these types of discussions made public is that it “is” transparent and speaks directly to some issues and you get to hear it from the horses’ mouths. I would encourage CC Leaders to take this approach in the future. Explain your reasons for doing things. Answer questions and speculations that are out there, etc. Don’t put up Stone Walls…deal with the stuff (like these guys did in the example above).

Now if we can get some sort of Accountability Clause or mechanism (mandatory mediation) in the Affiliation/Fellowship Agreement, Transparency in Finances and a Standard List of Recommendations for a Child Safety Policy CC-wide, I would be a happy camper 🙂 …and Calvary Chapel would be better for it.


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