Jun 112012

CC Pastors worshipping at CCSPC 2012. A positive shift is occurring in Calvary Chapel Land. Photo from Pastor Pat Sieler's twitter feed.

“This conference also featured seminars on financial accountability and protection for children and abuse reporting requirements…one long time senior pastor told me there was more focus on accountability in this conference than the ten previous ones put together.” –Michael Newnham, PhoenixPreacher.net

AWESOME! (sorry for the turrets outburst 🙂 )

This blog isn’t here without Michael Newnham and PhoenixPreacher.net.

We’ve had our disagreements and he has consistently encouraged me to change my style etc. and drove home the message that we open more ears and get more done toward good changes or reinforcing good things in CC by being more diplomatic and gracious than by being Hulk (Hulk smash!).

In other words, Relationships and Loving Criticism, rather than Hammers and Wrecking Balls.

Michael’s done a good job of exampling the former in recent years, rather than the latter.

What’s the point? People in CC ARE listening. There is a noticeable shift in direction and Leaders in the Movement are stepping up and leading…and the result, IMO, is that a sort of Good Split and Separation is occurring. The Good Guys are following the lead of the Good Guys…while some others who don’t like the New Direction and new responsible and Godly tone, are fighting it tooth and nail.

Great. It draws a distinction between what is good in CC and what is bad in CC…and my hope (our hope) is that the Good in CC will continue…and grow…and that the bad (the cancer…and not meaning CS, just a metaphor) will be cut out and separated and not taint and tarnish the whole Movement.

Let’s encourage the “good” and call out the “bad”. There is much to get behind (in a positive way) in what I’m hearing reported out of Brodersen’s/Laurie’s CC direction.

Link to the article on PhoenixPreacher.net here: http://phoenixpreacher.net/?p=12572

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