Jul 192012

Is Calvary Chapel becoming an "official" Denomination with a separate Board (separate from CC Costa Mesa) made up of "4 to 5" CC Senior Pastor Big wigs?

Is Calvary Chapel going to become an “official” Denomination and ditch the “we’re a non-denomination” ruse?

Sources are telling me that CCOF (Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship or Calvary Chapel Office of Fellowship) the publicly perceived “accountability arm” and CC License and Dove doler outer that has Chuck Smith as President and close ties to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa…is no more. “Dissolved” is the word they used.

I’ve sent correspondence to Brian Brodersen, Greg Laurie and some others to get confirmation. I might even call Chuck Smith at his home, but I think he’s screening his calls now 🙂

This story is getting very interesting. It seems the power struggle is intensifying, right when we get the news that Chuck’s Magic Jesus Powers have defeated the cancer within his body. The devil doesn’t stand a chance! I think Chuck might just have to be assimilated/taken up to heaven or whatever much like Elijah or Enoch…because he sure won’t die fast enough for some in CC Land who want to take over.

The word from sources is this: A Board, separate from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, has formed…and “it” will become the Official Calvary Chapel Denomination. The Board includes Greg Laurie, Skip Heitzig and a total of “4 to 5” CC Big Wigs.

According to sources, CCCM will be a separate CC with no power over the new Denom. It will be just another Calvary Chapel…and sources say Brian and Cheryl Brodersen get Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa…but not until Chuck croaks (or is assimilated/taken up to heaven in a chariot…though nowadays, it will probably be a nice cadillac like the one he was given by a non-member member…oh wait, it was a member, CCCM has membership…it’s all the other CC’s that don’t. Sorry, I get confused sometimes).

Brian Brodersen, however, is a little chippy about all this (according to the same sources)…and has already launched the Calvary Church Planting Network which seems to be doling out Doves left and right, but under the authority of CCOF and CCCM according to its website.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out…and how soon the “official” word from Costa Mecca comes down from on high.

Chuck Smith, Brian Brodersen, Greg Laurie, Skip “I Skip My Fiduciary Responsibility and Telling the Truth” Heitzig…what say you gentle souls? What the heck is going on in Camp Calvary Chapel?

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Jul 192012

Christopher Joseph Guardado, a Calvary Chapel sunday school teacher, was arrested on July 12, 2012 for suspicion of molesting two young girls he met through his Calvary Chapel position and connection.

According to Josh Dulaney at the OC Weekly:

“Christopher Joseph Guardado, a 48-year-old Garden Grove man and volunteer Bible teacher at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast in Westminster, is sitting in Theo Lacy Jail on suspicion of molesting two girls under the age of 14.

He was arrested on July 12 and is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

The girls told their families last week they had been molested by a family friend, according to Police Lt. Jeff Nightengale of the Garden Grove Police Department. Guardado is a volunteer teacher of 1st and 2nd-grade Bible study classes at the church, authorities said.

According to police, Guardado and the alleged victims, as well as their families, socialized together through the church. The girls told detectives they had been victimized numerous times over the past two years, but most of the abuse happened at Guardado’s home in Garden Grove, police said.”

Child Molestation does not seem to be a priority within the Calvary Chapel System. Sources estimate that over 80% of Calvary Chapels have no mandatory Background Checks of Volunteers, Pastors and Employs in place…which leaves the Calvary Chapel doors WIDE OPEN for Pedophiles to cozy up to our children through their Positions of Trust in the Church.

Are your kids safe at Calvary Chapel? How do you know you aren’t introducing your little boy or little girl to the man who will molest them?

I call on Calvary Chapel ONCE AGAIN to institute System-wide Reforms including Mandatory Background Checks of all personnel including Pastors, Employs and Volunteers and to Mandate a Zero Tolerance Child Abuse Policy. If you are known to abuse a child or have been convicted or suspected of abusing a child, you can sit in the pews and get Jesus, but you don’t get to be with kids in a Position of Trust.

A Calvary Chapel Child Molestation Lawsuit still pending in the Idaho Courts alleges that a CC youth leader/volunteer molested four boys through his CC connections with them and that another CC (Calvary Chapel Golden Springs) was aware that Iglesias had a problem with pedophilia, removed him from ministry for a period of six months and then “restored” him…only to molest again. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen with Guardado above…or he could simply volunteer at the next CC that doesn’t vet sunday school teachers and molest again.

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Jul 132012

Are your children safe at Calvary Chapel? The answer, surprisingly, in many cases is no, not necessarily. Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF state they "do not have responsibility or control" and they don't want any with any of the 2,000 CC's. It results in no System-wide Standards to help protect children...and pedophiles and child molesters are slipping through the big cracks.

Graphic details from the ongoing Calvary Chapel Molestation lawsuit (one is still pending) in the Idaho court system have emerged in an article in the OC Weekly here:


According to the article:

According to the lawsuit, in Idaho, Iglesias “dared” one victim to “touch his penis” and forced him to “perform oral sex” on him. The abuse also included “masturbation, fondling, anal penetration and other deviant sexual acts.” Iglesias allegedly told one victim that this behavior was “normal” and explained that “kids in Thailand do this all the time,” adding in reference to masturbation, “One kid pretended it was like driving a stick shift.”

The details are disturbing…and recently an Idaho Judge affirmed as “facts of the case” that the victims were introduced to the pedophile, Iglesias, through Calvary Chapel youth groups. The lawsuit alleges that Calvary Chapel knew there was a problem with Iglesias but allowed him to be “restored” to be with kids.

To date, Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF (the licensing arm and previously reported accountability arm of Calvary Chapel of which Chuck Smith is President) have said they “don’t have any responsibility or control” over what goes on at “individual” Calvary Chapels…some 2,000 of them. Chuck Smith also clearly states, they don’t want any responsibility (read liability) or control either.

This begs the question…who is going to make sure that all 2,000 Calvary Chapels vet Sunday school leaders, youth group volunteers and children’s workers and pastors? Who is going to make sure that a known pedophile is not allowed to be with children at the Calvary Chapel you or a friend or a loved one attend and trust your children to?

The answer is: Not Chuck Smith, CCCM and CCOF.

Are your children safe in Calvary Chapel youth groups and Sunday schools? I don’t know. We know that “some” of the CC’s have standards and place…but many do not…and there is no one at the top of the Calvary Chapel hierarchy who holds this issue as a priority, nor do they want any part of it.

The terrible fact is, kids have been introduced to pedophiles / child molesters in the Calvary Chapel System. Kids have been molested through those relationships (due to trusting the Brand and the person representing the Brand). The parents should not have trusted Calvary Chapel in these instances.

The other terrible fact is, Calvary Chapel Pastor Chris Olague was recently arrested for molesting an 8-year-old girl in Huntington Beach, California, Calvary Chapel Pastor Dino Cardelli is currently serving time for molesting his foster daughter and physically abusing another child in his care, Pastor John Flores of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa was arrested for raping a teenage girl on the CCCM Campus (and insiders allege CCCM’s leadership initially tried to handle the issue in-house until the family got Gloria Allred’s office involved) and Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier is accused by his blood son Paul Grenier of molesting him when he was young.

Spread the word and be warned. Calvary Chapel is the Wild West and the next time you introduce your kids to a CC youth group leader or a Sunday school worker…they might be a Calvary Chapel that doesn’t have protecting children as a priority.

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Jul 052012

Chuck Smith's Anointed Jesus powers overcome the devil in an Idaho Court Room Death Match. The devil and his "greedy Lawyers" (according to a CC Pastor) got what was coming to them. Chuck Smith, CCCM/CCOF have "no responsibility" for what goes on in Calvary Chapels...and they don't want any responsibility and protecting kids System-wide just isn't a priority, but promoting the Brand, books, DVD's, Prophecy Conferences, Chuck Smith Farewell Tours etc are very much a priority. Meanwhile, "Facts" of the ruling confirm four kids were molested after being introduced to a pedophile through Calvary Chapel.

In a huge blow to the devil, an Idaho District Court Judge Benjamin R. Simpson (clearly a righteous man) agreed with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF (God’s Anointed) in a recent ruling in the Calvary Chapel Child Molestation lawsuit that sought to attach CCCM/CCOF and hold them partly responsible. We know this decision to be just and righteous…because judges never get it wrong.

The 21-page ruling references as “Facts” that four youths were introduced to pedophile Anthony Iglesias through Calvary Chapel and were subsequently molested by Iglesias who is now serving time in a Boise, Idaho jail.

According to voices within Calvary Chapel, the molestations are irrelevant as the perpetrator is in jail…the real issue is that Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa/CCOF and Chuck Smith are innocent of having “any responsibility” in the matters that go on at “100% independent Calvary Chapels” and according to one Calvary Chapel Pastor, Ron Arbaugh of CC San Antonio posting as “fyi” on the popular PhoenixPreacher.net blog-site, the lawsuit was a result of “greedy lawyers” wanting to get money from the “deep pockets”, it wasn’t about justice for the molestation victims and their families. It certainly isn’t about bringing common sense reforms to Calvary Chapel (System-wide) to help protect children…that can’t be done according to many “independent” CC pastors who I’ve dialogued with on numerous occasions.

Another Calvary Chapel Pastor, Steve Wright of CC Lake Elsinore, also weighed in numerous times on the same blog-site predicting that there was no legitimate “agency” connection between Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF to other “independent” Calvary Chapels. Wright, who claims to have a long career in the Insurance Industry which he believes gives him insight into Agency Law, spent many posts over the last year defending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s non-responsibility and was proven correct, at least according to this Idaho Judge’s ruling.

In a clear blow to the devil and his surrogates, the ruling vindicates Calvary Chapel’s “We are NOT a Denomination” Policy and shows their emphasis and priority of building the Brand, holding Chuck Smith Farewell Tours, distributing books, DVD’s and promoting Prophecy Conferences is on course and clearly righteous…what’s a handful of kid’s getting molested through meeting a pedophile at Calvary Chapels? No biggie. Doesn’t need to be a priority, according to Smith and others in CC as CCCM and CCOF simply are not responsible and don’t want any responsibility or control in these types of matters.

In a brief statement, the devil expressed disappointment in the Judge’s decision, but expressed a word of caution.

“Frankly, I’m not happy about it,” said the devil. “I was hoping my friends the evil greedy Lawyers would’ve taken millions from Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa so they could fund more attacks against these men of God. It’s a real setback, but maybe I’ll try to tempt them with sex and financial impropriety again…they seem to go for that.”

According to attorneys, the other Molestation Lawsuit which names North County Calvary Chapel and Calvary Chapel Rathdrum is still pending.

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