Aug 302012

UPDATE 2/4/12:

Michael’s out of the hospital and on the mend. Praying he gets a good stretch of healing and rest.


Unfortunately, I found out this morning via Facebook that our friend Michael Newnham has gone to the ER with a collapsed lung.

My prayers are with him today…hope yours are too. He’s not perfect, some of you don’t like him, etc and you’re entitled to your opinions. I like him, he tried to help me and helps many others…and he’s not an abusive or corrupt pastor by any stretch of the imagination.

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Aug 282012

The Voices are at it again. One's saying "I need my coffee" I've gotta run 🙂

Much goin’ on right now, so the Voices are hollering and competing for attention 🙂

1. My friend Michael Newnham has relaunched with a super-moderated site which is a good direction and evolution for him and the Community there. It’s very difficult to have it be the “old” PhoenixPreacher with a “new” PhoenixPreacher. The Calvary Chapel Pastors and the dynamic of the PhoenixPreacher 2.0 (the new version is really a totally new OS or a 3.0) was one Trigger after another after another….for some. Bob Grenier pretty much made the decision easier for Michael by his recent intimidation. It has worked in silencing Michael and others regarding Bob’s issues…a tactic that has served ‘ol Bob well over the years. Bob, you don’t have to sue Michael, Grendal, Reuben and the others now…your tough-guy act worked on them. They’re scared to get sued. Unfortunately for you, I’m not the least bit intimidated and welcome the fight and the opportunity to take the issue to the National Stage, etc. If you want a fight…bring it my way and quit picking on weaker folks you coward.

Michael’s new blog is here:

I’ve asked to stay banned and I won’t try to participate. Michael and I have amicably parted ways on that front, but remain friends. His vision for an online Community is his path and I wish him and the others well and there’s no sense in trying to make a square peg fit through a round hole.

2. Harvest Crusade woohoo! Greg Laurie seems to be a decent guy…no scandals or abuses dogging him, etc. While I think the massive amount of time, money and energy could be better used than to entertain the large crowds of Already Christians or Christians who will “rededicate” could be better used to target folks who really have never heard the Gospel and/or to feed folks, clothe folks etc in this terrible economy…it’s still a net positive I guess. Good for morale and while the vast majority who attend/watch are probably already saved…I’m sure God uses the effort as a means to save some. One soul is worth it I guess…though I think it’s taken on a Status thing and become an Idol-maker in that Laurie is jockeying to be the next Billy Graham and is becoming quite the Celebrity Pastor.

I don’t think real Revival will happen at a televised well-coordinated Event at a Stadium…I think it’ll happen outside the planned/orchestrated contrived clutches of men. But, who knows…maybe we can force it if we just perform well enough…

3. Remember “Hope and Change!” and “Change We Can Believe In!” and “We will be the most Transparent Administration in History!” and “We will set a new tone of Bipartisanship in Washington DC!” etc? Yah, seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? Buy the Steak, not the Sizzle. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing we can do to avoid the pain that must come from a Debt-driven Crisis. If Romney/Ryan win…they’ll be faced with the decision to kick the can down the road and let Ben Bernanke and the League of Extraordinary Banksters print more and more money and Debt us into oblivion…avoiding maximum pain for another few years…or they’ll have to make real Cuts in Spending and real increases in Revenue…and Romney will be a One-Termer. To my Fiscally Conservative friends out there…be careful what you wish for…Austerity and Fiscal Responsibility means we’ve actually got to go through a Deflationary Depression of some form and either destroy the Debt and/or pay it off. Too bad we can’t just print more and more fake money and take on more and more Debt to infinity…that would be a great option…in Financial Fairy Tale Land. But, maybe the Laws of Economics no longer apply and it’s a New Paradigm…ya, right. Debt doesn’t matter…until it does.

4. I’ve had haunting memories lately of Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia walking around our house naked in front of me and my brother, a habit he repeated often…that and of him making us shower naked with him in a small one-man shower. While I don’t recall being touched in a sexual manner…the memories are quite disturbing in that Paul, Bob’s blood son and 10 years younger than me, accuses him of molestation…that and the fact Jerry Sandusky had a habit of showering with young boys. Dads, Step-Dads, Pastors…don’t walk around exposing your genitals to your kids on a regular basis…and don’t shower naked with them in close quarters…it’s weird and it’s creepy…and if you are accused by your blood son of molestation…it provides a whole new level of creepy and is now another scar on me and infuriates me that Bob continues to get away with this stuff and is still a Pastor and Police Chaplain and in a Position of Trust in our Society. But, hey, it’s all “in the past” and “nothing can be done now” and “leave it to the Lord!” and “Get a life!” etc. Thanks Chuck, thanks Greg and Sue Dowds, thanks Calvary Chapel! Praise the Lord! I feel so blessed…not.

5. It’s funny how Calvary Chapel Pastors often claim and example special Moses/Prophet/Apostle status on one hand when it comes to their sheep questioning finances, sharing authority and being humble, approachable and correctable…yet claim “no responsibility” and “no control” etc etc when it comes to dealing with other “Apostles” in the Camp who go off the rails. Very selective “Apostle” status. “Apostle” when it works for you…not an Apostle when it comes to Church Discipline…then “no speaka English!” and “we’re all independent!” etc etc.

6. The “new” Calvary Chapel Association sure is looking a lot like the old iteration so far. Same Stone Wall as before. I left a message with Damian Kyle and with Don McClure…the “new” Regional Guy and the head of the Calvary Chapel “Association”…no return phone calls. Not even a “Silence, I keel you!”…just a giant CC Stone Wall, which is the “old” M.O. So far, nothing “new” about it…just a more fancy Appearance of Accountability.

7. The Dodgers are the Yankees of the National League. What Recession/Depression? Yikes. At the current trajectory…hot dogs at Dodger Stadium will be $500 a piece by 2050, and single-game tickets for a family of four will be $10,000.

8. Too bad the USADA wasn’t in charge of Church Discipline in Calvary Chapel. Unfortunately for Lance Armstrong…he’s not an “affiliated” Calvary Chapel Pastor…or he’d be in the clear, no problemo. Accountability is for suckers!

9. Apple’s stock is approaching $700 a share. Apple has more money hoarded up than any Corporation in the history of business. Tell me why they need to employ 400,000 Chinese workers at slave wages to build iPhones and iPads and then ship them back to the US and sell them to us at Wal-Mart? Why can’t they build the iPhone/iPad factory here in the US and pay living wages? It can’t be that they can’t afford it…

10. Fathers: If your kids beg you to spend time with them and play with them longer…if they practically jump out of the house and sprint to you when you come home…if they feel the freedom to express themselves to you honestly (even if it is sometimes rebellious or naughty, but is honest and frank)…and if they look forward to the time you spend together…you’re doing something right. If your kids are happier when you’re off on a “ministry” vacation err, trip or off at a church meeting etc because they can’t stand you and live in fear of you…you’ve got a problem. My suggestion is repent early and often…or you’ll reap what you sow….though the hard-core jerks out there could care less (until they face judgment). For me, my relationship with my kids is life itself. What an empty lie to sacrifice one’s children at the altar of Faux Ministry. Our number one priority, our number one “ministry” as Fathers…is our own children. Don’t be fooled into believing otherwise.

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Aug 272012

Our friends over at BGBC Survivors have posted a very informative article regarding the specifics of how much the good-givers at Beaverton Grace Bible Church will have to fork out on behalf of their idiot Pastor, Chuck O’Neal. Those good folks at BGBC will pay out somewhere in the neighborhood of $60,000 in addition to the fees and expenses they incurred by “Pastor” O’Neal bringing the suit. Doubtful “Pastor” O’Neal will pony up for it out of his own personal finances….not when you’re “doing the work of the Lord and fending off the devil!” and such.

Word has it, Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia might be suing a group of folks…including his son Paul who alleges Bob molested him…in a similar defamation suit.

We’ll see if my step-dad is really that desperate and stupid. My guess is, from what I know of him…

1. His sins are finding him out and the walls are closing in on him from a direction I can’t comment publicly on and he’s freaking out due to the serious consequences of that process and anything to change the subject, go on the offensive to draw attention away from those issues is now desperately necessary in his mind

2. The truth about his abusiveness and wrongdoing and the fact that people are being warned has been effective and is taking its toll on his ability to fool folks into giving him money for his “ministry” (of which a big portion of the money goes to support his $100,000 a year pay and benefits package, his extensive travel, many of his personal expenses etc) and that people are rightly steering clear due to the concerns expressed on here and elsewhere which as a result is making it harder for him to fund his con. The former “drug dealer” and “drug smuggler” according to his own words in “A Common Miracle”…must be feeling the heat as folks find out he’s not what he publicly presents himself to be.

3. Paul is not backing away from his allegations that Bob molested him and I and others are not backing down from warning the public and continuing to seek justice and accountability from Calvary Chapel (the Church Authority who gives Bob his power as they ordained him to be a Pastor which is a Position of Trust) and from our Governing Authority (the State).

If my sources are correct and if the suit comes…Bob Grenier will be defeated soundly and his Calvary Chapel Franchise will probably have to fund his reckless endeavor and pay out the attorney’s fees and expenses of those he sues.

Bob, I know you and some of your surrogates read here regularly…you’re only throwing gasoline on the fire and you’ll only make things worse for yourself. You haven’t listened to Godly counsel before and I don’t expect you to now…but here goes again: Your best option is confession, repentance and seeking reconciliation with all those folks you’ve hurt over the years. Come clean about your many wrongdoings and ask for mercy. The more you fight it, the worse it’ll get for you.

I’m willing to take an independent polygraph on all the accusations I’ve personally made against you about the physical child abuse I both experienced and witnessed. I know you won’t pass that same polygraph if they are in fact accurate, as I was there and you can’t fool me on those issues.

The spiritual abuses….so many testimonies from so many folks over the years…saying the same things. Doubtful they’re all lying in some grand conspiracy against you.

The financial abuses…same. Too much testimony saying the same and similar things. Doubtful they’re all lying.

The molestation allegations from Paul…well, it’s your word against his…and knowing how easily you’ve lied about the physical abuses and other issues above tells me you are a liar and capable of lying about anything. I believe Paul is telling the truth and that you are capable of that level of evil and that folks should continue to be warned so it is harder for you to hurt someone else. You need a spotlight on you to keep you in check from hurting others since you’ve escaped justice and accountability through other forms thus far.

I can personally testify that Bob Grenier walked around our house buck naked, genitals exposed, in front of me and my brother Geoff many times when we were young children until teen years. Paul is 10 years younger than I am, and I wasn’t in the home for a good portion of his childhood…but I do remember being very uncomfortable with Bob’s weird habit of parading his genitals in front of us kids. Bob also made Geoff and me shower naked with him many times growing up…in a very small one-person shower. I don’t remember being touched in a sexual manner, but I do remember it being very uncomfortable…it felt weird and wrong…but we dare not question Bob due to his abusive temper. Reflecting on it as an adult, I find it very disturbing and borderline to being wrong. I would never do that to my children. It gives me pause to learn that Jerry Sandusky made a regular habit of showering naked with his victims…and to have Paul’s testimony that Bob molested him…it makes me very concerned for the public safety of other children at Calvary Chapel.

Link to BGBC Survivors article showing the costs that O’Neal will have to raise from his givers to pay out here:

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Aug 232012

Calvary Chapel Pastors like David Rosales, Chuck Smith and even Greg Laurie are quite cozy with TBN, despite the swindling of so many naive folks. Birds of a feather?

Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

2 John 1:11 Anyone who welcomes him shares in his wicked work.

1 Timothy 5:22 Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

1 Timothy 5:20 Those who sin are to be rebuked publicly, so that the others may take warning.

Titus 1:13 This testimony is true. Therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith.

1 Corinthians 5:11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.

Pastor David Rosales of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley has a lot of good buddies who claim to be believers. Among them are the folks at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and of course Rosales’s other BFF’s in Calvary Chapel: Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia who is accused by his son Paul of molestation (and others of child abuse, spiritual abuse, financial corruption, etc) and Pastor Raul Ries of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs who is accused of having his son and another man wear money belts to smuggle large sums of cash to South America (among many other tawdry allegations involving finances and personal moral conduct).

Apparently Rosales, who has a reputation for being a pretty strict fundamentalist and literalist when it comes to interpreting Scripture (and he has no use for the homos, Rosales rebukes them with a passion…see his op-ed in the OC Register titled “Debunking the Gay Agenda” on June 22, 2008) can’t seem to see his error in hanging out and endorsing his buds in TBN and CC.

1 Corinthians 5:12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?

Word to Rosales (again), quit publicly rebuking the homosexual non-believers who aren’t professing believers in the church and start rebuking your good friends who are in sin up to their armpits. How about some op-eds about the sin in Camp TBN and Camp Calvary Chapel?

For those familiar with the blog, you know a lot of the scandalous details about Grenier and Ries…and maybe you caught some of these tidbits about TBN (not that most would need any behind-the-scenes looks, what is right in your face should be enough to make a right judgment):

Rosales isn’t the only Calvary Chapel Big Guy who’s cozy with TBN…unfortunately guys like Greg Laurie lend their name and endorsement as well. I expect Raul Ries and Chuck Smith to go on there due to what I’ve learned about them…I’m still disappointed in Laurie. If he went on TBN to be salt and light and challenge them that’d be one thing. Unfortunately, it’s usually pretty fluffy stuff.

Harsh words and strong rebukes for the heathens! Endorsement and buddy-buddy with the Corrupt Religious Hypocritical Leaders.

Shame on you Rosales and Calvary Chapel. Shame on you TBN. Money-Changers, all.

TBN “Praise Schedule” featuring David Rosales (on tonight) here:


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Aug 212012

Calvary Chapel's pulling out the big guns against Riverside County and the Wine Vintner's Association by threatening a Federal Lawsuit according to reports.

It looks like Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship (a.k.a. “The Barn”) and Pastor Clark Van Wick are ready to beat back the heathens in Temecula’s Wine Country. According to a Press Release by Advocates for Faith and Freedom,  Calvary Chapel is preparing a Federal Lawsuit to challenge Riverside County’s ban on all churches in the designated Wine Country area.

The dust-up pits Calvary Chapel and area Christians against the local Governments, the Wine Country Vintner’s Association and others in the area who support the current Land Use restrictions for the designated zone. At issue is that CC “The Barn”…while grandfathered in for their existing location…wants to do an expansion and those additions are prohibited under the current statutes. Calvary Chapel, Wick and their supporters appeal to religious freedom and invoke Chick-fil-A in their recent public relations battle…and according to the article:

“Hundreds of area Christians and church members are expected to attend the planning commission hearing. As a sign of thanks, the church will serve Chick-fil-A to all those who attend during the lunchtime break.”

Calvary Chapel, who is being assisted and apparently represented by the Advocates for Faith and Freedom, while invoking Chick-fil-A, seeks to frame the controversy as an attack on religious freedom rather than free speech and views the Riverside County zoning restriction as a violation of the church’s right to assemble.

Supporters of the current restrictions via zoning laws in the designated Wine Country area frame the issue as economic and not religious (excerpt from a local news blog Temecula City Beat):

“The reason the county had proposed disallowing churches and other non-wine-related institutes is plain and simply a matter of a demand on land. It’s way more expensive to start a vineyard, produce wine and sell it than it is it to build a nonprofit, bottom line.”

A hearing is set for Wednesday, August 22, 2012 beginning at 9:00 am at Temecula City Hall.

My thoughts: Calvary Chapel has no problem playing hard-ball when it suits them. This is evidenced by Chuck Smith suing Mike Kessler over millions of dollars in the CSN Radio debacle. Calvary Chapel has no problem suing each other…as evidenced by Jeff Smith suing Chuck Smith. In the recent Calvary Chapel Idaho Molestation Lawsuits, Chuck Smith had no problem lying about having “no control, no responsibility, no authority” in the greater Calvary Chapel Movement so as to avoid liability for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF in those suits (now Calvary Chapel “Association”) only to learn that Chuck Smith made all the changes to the “Movement” recently and knowing the long history of the obvious…Chuck Smith exercises control, responsibility and authority, if it is something he wants done in the Movement/Association/Denomination.

This example of Calvary Chapel “The Barn” putting on the brass knuckles with Riverside County and the Vintners will be framed as Paul the Apostle asserting his rights as a Roman citizen and as a battle for religious freedom etc. Got it. If a family of child molestation victims who were introduced to their pedophile abuser through Calvary Chapel connections files a lawsuit against the holy Calvary Chapel…it’s “an attack from the devil!” and “greedy lawyers and families looking for a payday!” etc.

In this specific instance, I think CC has a legit beef with Riverside County…and ironically the same hard-ball tactics they decry in dealing with abuse in their Association…are the same hard-ball tactics they use when they feel their “rights” are being violated by their Governing Authority (Romans 13:1). I guess Calvary Chapel has a hard time submitting to the Authority over them in this instance since they think an injustice has occurred against them 🙂

Some will see the point I’m making…to those hardened CC’ites…I’m speaking Greek in a Chinese accent again.

Note to those in Riverside County who are supporters of the current zoning restrictions…even though I agree with CC on this one…if they appeal to how “good” of an organization they are…read this blog. Calvary Chapel may be right on this one, but they are very wrong on a number of issues including how they cover up and support child abusers in their Camp and how they tolerate abuse, corruption and injustices from the top (Chuck Smith) on down.

Links to two articles that deal with the Calvary Chapel vs. Riverside County controversy here:


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