Nov 092012

Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel embroiled in abuse controversy: He’s going to help the “victims” of Hurricane Sandy and needs your money. PR stunt? Matthew 6:3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

Julie Anne is my hero. She is a strong Woman who has been through so much, has stood up to a bully, is a good mother to her kids and still finds the time to help so many others (me very much included). She has a very good article up on her blog about the Bob Grenier Calvary Chapel abuse situation here:

Please check out her article. She offers so much valuable insight into these matters. Hers is an important voice in the National discussion on Spiritual Abuse and Church Abuse and bad Pastors etc.

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Nov 062012

Hey, I don’t make any money doing this, I don’t enjoy special tax status like churches…so I can openly endorse candidates all I want! Woohoo! (even though many within Calvary Chapel are currently thumbing their noses at the IRS and endorsing candidates from the pulpit…and endorsing Child Abusers by not calling for Bob Grenier to be Dis-Affiliated / Dis-Associated from Calvary Chapel).

I’ll be open and blunt (as I normally am)…I’m a Libertarian in the Ron Paul / Gary Johnson mold…though I have some political leanings on some issues that can be interpreted as both Conservative and Liberal….l’m Anti-Abortion….I’m not a fan of Wall Street and the Big Banks and Big Corporate Socialism…I’m very much for Government Transparency….I’m very much pro Second Amendment….very much pro First Amendment….very much for tariff’s on Chinese goods imported to America (Chuck Schumer’s Democrat cause)…very much for a strong Military…very much for War as a very last resort and not being World Police. I think our Debt/Deficit is out of control and a National Security issue. I think States Rights should be more prominent and if a State’s Population wants to give Gay’s the right to marry, have at it (we can disagree morally on the homosexual issue without legislating that morality). I’m for Churches losing their Non-Profit Status and back Groups that are seeking to do so (based on my experiences and knowledge of how corrupt churches and pastors can be, they need increased regulation and scrutiny unfortunately, I know that’s not very Libertarian, but sometimes we need rules to protect ourselves from ourselves. Plus, we need more Revenue to pay down our Debt Disaster and many Churches make an awful lot of money for being “non-profit”…and many pastors are filthy rich on Jesus Money.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote. Just vote your Conscience.

Personally, I don’t like Obama. I think he sold out to Wall Street and the Big Banks right off the get-go by hiring Goldman Sachs Tim Geithner as his Treasury Secretary and then employing other big Wall Street guys like Larry Summers, Jeffrey Immelt (GE CEO) and Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan CEO). Obama pretty much took the torch that Bush handed him and doubled down on bailouts, debt, deficit and under Obama, the rich, the Banks, Wall Street all had a FULL RECOVERY…while the Poor got poorer and the Middle Class got crushed.

Obama did get Bin Laden, but that was really our Military prowess and Navy SEALs. Obama has rubber-stamped a ton of Drone Killing / Assassinations…kind of ironic since he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

He did push Obamacare through…and it’s still too early to know if the amount of Debt we’re taking on in the process is worth it. I know my health care insurance has gone way up, not down.

Energy Policy seems to be a bad one for Obama. I think people would rather have a job and be able to eat than have an extreme/radical EPA.

Does Romney have all the answers? Is “he” the Savior? Nope. Not even close. But, he seems to be a pretty business savvy dude and has a track record of Turn-arounds….and boy do we need a Turn-around.

My heart is with writing in Ron Paul or voting Gary Johnson. My brain is a vote against Obama…he had his chance, failed, did most of the stuff he promised that I didn’t like…then didn’t do the stuff he promised that I did like (cut the deficit in half, “We’ll be the MOST transparent Administration in history!”, reform Wall Street, get energy independent, etc etc).

Which party has the Moral Authority? In my opinion, neither, though the Abortion issue is a biggie. Unfortunately, there are many “Christians” who view it as OK and not a moral issue as long as Science tells them it’s not a “person” yet. I strongly disagree…but the Laws of the Land are such that it’s legal. The reality is, an elected Republican won’t be able to reverse Roe v. Wade.

The Homosexual Marriage issue is much ado about nothing, IMO. It’s not legislating Homosexuality as “not sin” or as being moral, it’s providing a legal mechanism for Homosexuals to marry…just like Fornicators, Adulterers etc.

Probably the things that stood out to me the most as being “good” things Romney said in the Campaign was his tough stance on China and his talk about leveraging our own Energy here at home. Those two things will create jobs. Those two things will put a dent in the bad economy.

That’s my take FWIW. Vote your Conscience, vote often, just vote 🙂

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