Dec 082012

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I received some new information from Bill Alnor’s (now deceased) wife Jackie Alnor. Bill was a part of the Calvary Chapel-Phil Aguilar situation with close knowledge of how that situation went down.

[UPDATE 12/21/12]: According to Jackie Alnor, the Phil Aguilar Investigation and Report was funded and led by Lanette and Jesse Irwin. Alnor continued in a message, “They then gave the huge packet to a few people such as Oden Fong, the then CCOF leader, and to me and my husband, and to author Ron Enroth.”

In Alnor’s opinion, while Oden Fong was the main guy at CCOF at the time and while Chuck Smith is the President of CCOF on IRS documents, Alnor believes that Chuck Smith was not happy with Oden Fong for taking the Aguilar Investigation/Report and leading a Campaign to warn the Southern California public about Aguilar and Set Free.

Alnor said she believes that Oden Fong was fired from his position at CCOF due to this incident.

Alnor did confirm, however, that Chuck Smith had full knowledge that Oden Fong of CCOF (Chuck’s entity) did lead a Campaign against Phil Aguilar for similar allegations of abuse and corruption as Chuck Smith approved CC Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia.

The fact remains, Chuck Smith knew that CCOF had led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar for the same and similar allegations as the Bob Grenier situation and Chuck Smith lied to my face stating CC, CCCM, CCOF had never done that sort of thing and doesn’t do that sort of thing, when clearly they did.

In my opinion, from my dealings with Chuck Smith, he probably hid behind Plausible Deniability in the Phil Aguilar situation when it blew up in his face and TBN (his buddies) freaked out. Kind of a Good Cop / Bad Cop routine, in my opinion. Oden Fong was probably made the Scapegoat and Chuck flashed the patented Papa Chuck® Smile and denied having anything to do with the Campaign (even though Chuck is the President of CCOF and knew what was happening at the time and didn’t stop it, until after it happened and he got massive pressure from Aguilar and the Crouches and TBN).

The information I had at the time I reported it was that CCOF had conducted an “investigation” and published a report on Phil Aguilar. Alnor’s testimony says CCOF took an existing investigation and report on Aguilar and led a Campaign in Southern California against Aguilar (Oden Fong as the lead and the main guy at CCOF).

According to the information I have, Calvary Chapel was sued over this Aguilar Campaign, indicating it was a Calvary Chapel action and not just Oden Fong acting as a Lone Wolf individual separate from his office of CCOF administrator/employ.

Chuck Smith has gotten directly involved, according to several CCCM insiders, with many other Calvary Chapel Affiliate situations including Disaffiliating CC pastors and threatening so-called “independent” Church Boards with not Affiliating their new Pastor if a Severance Package was not to his liking for the old CC pastor (through Chuck’s agents).

To this day, Chuck Smith has not sought me out to reconcile and repent of his lying to my face in our “meeting” at the Logos Building Board Room with Dave Rolph and Chuck’s Attorney Janet Carter.

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Dec 052012

The FBI has charged Calvary Chapel youth bible study instructor Jacob Robert Holguin with distributing child pornography to an undercover officer.

Holguin teaches 4th, 5th and 6th graders at Calvary Chapel San Antonio in Universal City, Texas.

The details are extremely disturbing.

One of the online chats reads, ““i really like… rape. … i like to see them … saying no, it hurts, stop.”

Link to the full article here:

Calvary Chapel apologists will quickly cry, “It’s not Calvary Chapel’s fault! This guy got arrested! The children at Calvary Chapel aren’t in danger! You’re just using it to smear Calvary Chapel!”

Wrong, and here’s the point: In the Anthony Iglesias Calvary Chapel Molestation lawsuit, it alleged that Calvary Chapel Golden Springs (Raul Ries’s Calvary Chapel franchise) was made aware of Iglesias’s pedophilia problems, removed him from ministry with kids for a short period and then restored him to ministry. The lawsuit further alleged that Iglesias left CCGS and went to other Calvary Chapels in the System and molested kids through his youth leader connections.

Here’s more of the point: What mandatory policies and protections does the Calvary Chapel Association have in place as part of their Affiliation Agreements with some 1,500 to 2,000 (Chuck Smith’s number, not sure if there are actually that many CC’s) Calvary Chapel pastors?

From personal experience and the experiences of many others…Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors are GREAT at black-balling “divisive!” people who challenge their authority. They’ll call every CC pastor and warn them to black-list these folks…and it’s very effective. Does Calvary Chapel warn other CC’s when there is a known child predator in their midst?

How easy would it be for Holguin to pop up at the next Calvary Chapel and become a youth instructor? Very easy in many cases. Many Calvary Chapels do not background check and vet those who are with your children. Calvary Chapel has a history of ignoring these issues, including the fact they have a sitting, practicing pastor/affiliate Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier (who is endorsed by Chuck Smith) who has a very public allegation of molestation by his blood son Paul Grenier.

Are your kids safe at your local Calvary Chapel franchise? Ask if they vet youth workers fully. Ask Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Calvary Chapel Association if there are any other pastors or youth leaders in the Calvary Chapel System who they know have child molestation allegations against them, besides Bob Grenier.

From my direct personal experience, it is my opinion that if this Holguin guy somehow beats the rap, or even if he doesn’t, it is very possible he could end up as a Calvary Chapel youth instructor working directly with kids once again.

I continue to call on Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Calvary Chapel Association to fully investigate allegations of child molestation and child abuse by their affiliated pastors and youth workers, etc and to remove anyone who has these unresolved serious allegations surrounding them and to put mandatory System-wide policies and protections in place to help protect our children the best they can.

Further, I continue to warn the public that all is not as it seems on the surface in Calvary Chapel. Ask questions, be careful. If you see a youth leader named Jacob Holguin at your Calvary Chapel franchise in the future, I hope you’ll find this article and see if it’s the same guy.

I emailed Pastor Ron Arbaugh of Calvary Chapel San Antonio in Universal City, Texas for comment.

Ironically, Ron Arbaugh was on defending his friend Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia when I went public with my story of child abuse.

Here are questions I posed to Arbaugh in the email (as well as giving him the opportunity to make a statement):

Will you allow Holguin to resume working with kids at your CC if he beats the rap?
Would you “restore” Holguin if he is found guilty and ever let him instruct youth at your church again?
What policies do you have in place to protect children at your CC?
Does the Calvary Chapel Association require you to do anything as part of your Affiliation Agreement to protect kids?
Do you background check and vet all youth leaders, youth workers, pastors, employs?
If there was a sitting Calvary Chapel pastor accused of molestation, would you allow them to continue in ministry at your church without the issue being fully investigated?
If there was a youth worker in Calvary Chapel who was accused of molestation, would you allow them to continue working with kids at your CC without the matter being fully investigated?
Dec 042012

Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel fame appearing on buddy Paul Crouch’s TBN. However, Smith’s Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship (of which Smith is President on IRS Documents) launched an “investigation” and published a scathing report on TBN-backed Phil Aguilar and Set Free. Smith says in an interview (lined in this article) that he is not in the public rebuke or accountability business…at least not with his own official Affiliated Calvary Chapel Pastors like Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia. Can you say: Liar and Hypocrite?

[UPDATE 12/21/12]:

I received some new information from Bill Alnor’s (now deceased) wife Jackie Alnor. Bill was a part of the Calvary Chapel-Phil Aguilar situation with close knowledge of how that situation went down.

According to Jackie Alnor, the Phil Aguilar Investigation and Report was funded and led by Lanette and Jesse Irwin. Alnor continued in a message, “They then gave the huge packet to a few people such as Oden Fong, the then CCOF leader, and to me and my husband, and to author Ron Enroth.” Continue reading »

Dec 032012

Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier, suing son for a “hate campaign” and “cyberbullying” led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Fellowship/Ministries in 1993 claiming it was the duty of the “church” to police it’s own and citing the many serious allegations surrounding Aguilar. Why is Bob Grenier getting special treatment in this case? Is it his close ties with the law enforcement community? Why is a Campaign exposing Phil Aguilar righteous whereas speaking out about Bob Grenier is wrong?

File under Irony and Hypocrisy.

A Document has emerged that proves the very coordinated Campaign (hate campaign?) that Bob Grenier, the Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor mired in his own abuse and corruption controversy, led against Phil Aguilar and Set Free Ministries in 1993.

My brother Paul Grenier personally witnessed this effort behind the scenes. I witnessed it as well in various pieces. I recall Bob having some sort of falling out with Phil Aguilar and then I recall Bob going around the Visalia Community drumming up support from local Pastors (their names are included on the Document) to Publicly Warn and Publicly Rebuke Phil Aguilar and Set Free Ministries about the various serious allegations swirling around as told by former members, employs, assistants of that ministry.

The Press Release dated “October 28, 1993” and titled “An Open Letter to Churches, School Districts, Civic Organizations and People of the Southern San Joaquin Valley” was widely distributed and pushed hard by Grenier over the course of many months.

The result was that Aguilar and Set Free Ministries was effectively barred and shunned from the Visalia Community…and Bob claimed it was what Scripture commands us to do when there are these sorts of issues surrounding a “ministry” and a Pastor.

Read if for yourself. You’ll see Bob Grenier’s name on the Document listed second. Paul and I personally witnessed Bob as the front-runner on this Campaign and I recall Bob wanting to be listed second to give an appearance of humility.

Important question to the general public, to Detectives who are following this stuff, to the legal community, to the Church at large: Is Bob’s Campaign a “hate campaign” and “bullying”? Or was it “righteous” and the right thing to do and the duty of those who did it, especially since as they note in the Document:

“This is made all the more urgent by the access that Set Free Fellowship has been given to children in this community and throughout our valley……. We realize that this correspondence is an extreme act and it is taken only after intense prayer and with the overwhelming conviction that it is the church’s responsibility to clean up it’s own laundry.

We write because we are concerned for the welfare of our community and the safety of our children. We hope to still be part of a process that can either affirm or refute the accusations brought against Phil Aguilar and Set Free Fellowship. We are especially touched by the cry of those whose current or past association with this group has been a source of hurt or exploitation.”

What say you? Why are my calls for a full investigation, my warning, my rebukes, my exposing the wrongdoing, my lobbying the Community, the Church, Calvary Chapel etc. a “hate campaign” and “cyberbullying”…but Bob Grenier’s Campaign was “righteous”? They practically gave Bob a medal in Visalia for leading this charge. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I’m being sued and shunned and smeared and threatened, etc.

Click on the Link below to access the Document that was pushed widely in the Visalia area and South San Joaquin Valley of California by Bob Grenier and the Group of Pastors listed on the document. Bob was, at the time, Immanuel Christian Fellowship, during a brief stint where he left Calvary Chapel:

Bob Grenier Campaign against Phil Aguilar and Set Free Fellowship press release