Jan 182013

Hi Guys!

Sorry I’ve been a bit silent lately. Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Dates have been pushed back a bit in the lawsuit, February 19th looks to be the big day now.

My take is that things are going well and I’m confident we’ll get a good and just outcome. Our attorneys are awesome, we’re on the right side of the issues and we have the truth on our side.

Prayers are appreciated. Thanks for all the private emails of encouragement and the public comments of such as well.

I’m not at liberty to discuss details at this time, but when I am, I’ll share more.

I will be posting some new articles soon. There is a lot going in CC and in the Evangelical World as a whole and even our Society as a whole with regards to the same issues we deal with on here. We’re a part of a much larger Movement in the areas of whistleblowing and calling Institutions to crack down on abuse and corruption. It’s very encouraging to see the progress.

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