Sep 272016

Raul Ries, Calvary Chapel mega-star and pastor, is a Multi-Millionaire from selling the Gospel of Jesus for greedy gain. Don’t take part in this Corruption or you are partly responsible.

“We are Christians!”

Um, what does that mean?

“We follow Jesus!”

OK, you mean his teachings and his examples, correct?


OK, did Jesus have a church building? Did he get a salary? Benefits? What did Jesus say about calling each other “rabbi, teacher!”…he said don’t do it. What did Jesus say about having positions of “Authority” in his Kingdom? He said don’t do it like the World does, flip it upside down. You are all brothers, all equals, but the Greatest should be the least and the “servant of all” and not put up on a stage and not to be worshipped etc.

Did Jesus collect money for himself and his lifestyle? No.

What did Jesus do? He taught, and then he fed the masses and healed the masses. He gave them food and health care.

What do the pastors and churches do? They collect a bunch of money and according to Studies they spend 97% of the money they collect on buildings, their own salaries and perks, on sound systems, promotions etc, aka everything but actually helping people in need.

Article sourcing multiple studies here:

Don’t call yourselves “Jesus followers!” when you don’t do anything he actually said and did.

Calvary Chapel “Pastors” like Raul Ries are MILLIONAIRES from selling the Gospel of Jesus for greedy gain. IRS Form 990’s document the fact that Raul and Sharon Ries rake in over $550,000 per year “for Jesus” and that is just the one entity we can track down.

Raul and Sharon Ries IRS Form 990 here:

Raul and Sharon are Multi-Millionaires and their only product is Jesus. They aren’t alone, Skip Heitzig, Greg Laurie, Franklin Graham, many other big name Calvary Chapel and so-called “Christian” celebrities are Multi-Millionaires and getting rich from selling Jesus as their product.

It’s disgusting. Is that what it’s all about? Why do you follow these corrupt idiots and give them money? If you support these jerks, you share in their sin and part of the Idolatry and evil of it is on you.

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Sep 152016
Chuck Smith had an affair in 1977 with a woman in Hawaii, according to sources.

Chuck Smith, the Founder and Leader of Calvary Chapel, had an affair in 1977 with a woman in Hawaii, according to sources.

Chuck Smith had an affair in 1977. He was going to leave his wife and kids for a woman in Hawaii. Many of the Old Guard Calvary Chapel Pastors know this to be true, which is why there is so much “grace” for adulterous pastors in Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel Non-Denomination System of Churches….that according to multiple sources.

The rest of the story goes that he was talked out of it by his cousin Chuck Fromm, came to his senses and didn’t follow through with his resignation to the board.

I’ve heard it for years from several Calvary Chapel insiders. Some with slightly differing versions…yet one consistent theme: Chuck Smith had an affair and nearly left his family and the ministry for another woman. I even confronted Chuck Smith about the issue before he died. He was furious…partly why he hated me so much and blasted me from his mega-church Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pulpit and called down a sort of curse on me…only to die of cancer a year-to-the-day later.

Hear Chuck Smith’s diatribe here:

Hear me confront Chuck Smith live on air about the Bob Grenier controversy here:

The story is recently confirmed again by yet another source.

It’s the big Calvary Chapel non-secret secret, swept under the rug by a Calvary Chapel “Association” pastorate that excels at waving their judgmental moral finger at the heathen outside the Calvary Chapel walls….yet, maximum grace and covering of sins and no accountability for those inside their own pastorate…aka the direct opposite of 1 Corinthians 5:12.

Chuck Smith is the headliner of a long list of Calvary Chapel Pastor adulterers. The list is long. I have it.

Im-Moral of the story: Don’t put Chuck Smith or any “pastor” on a pedestal. They are men. Sinful, ordinary men. The biggest lie being propagated by the Chuck Smith Cult is Chuck Smith’s Doctrine of Special Anointing. The Calvary Chapel Pastors are not “specially anointed” and they are not any more special before God than you are. They do not hear special from the Holy Spirit any more than you do. They do not hold some magical hierarchical position over you. Do not buy into the Idolatry that Calvary Chapel sells as part of the Old Guard Chuck Smith false doctrine.

Jesus said, “Do not be called Rabbi/Teacher, you are all brothers (equals). Do not lord over people as the World does. Do not exercise leadership and authority as the World does, if you want to be great in my Kingdom…be the Servant of all. The greatest is to be the least.”

Chuck Smith had some good qualities, his kids report he was a good dad. Chuck Smith was also a sinner and imperfect, deeply flawed like all of us. He rebelled against the Foursquare Church and said, “I want to do church my way”….and he did. Some good, some bad, some ugly.

Idolatry takes two to tango….a Guru who is revered too much…and followers who esteem the man more than he is and more than he should be. Don’t do that. It’s immoral. The bible calls it “Idolatry” and God “hates it, it is an abomination to him”.

I lived this false doctrine being perpetuated at my Calvary Chapel Pastor Step-dad’s franchise. I have observed the dynamic in many other CC franchises. It’s an unfortunate part of Chuck Smith’s legacy.

Calvary Chapel has changed a lot in the last 10 years thanks to the blogging and exposing of the bad stuff the CC Leadership hides from you and the public. In 10 more years the Old Guard will die off and Calvary Chapel will continue to disband and fragment into a much less homogeneous and much more diverse non-Chuck Cult. This is good and healthy. It is good to see.

May the Idolatry, Un-Accountability, Lying and Pride die off with Chuck and the Old Guard and may the New Wine Skins learn from the mistakes of their forebears.

History will not be nearly as kind as the Calvary Chapel Pastors and Kool-aid drinkers are about themselves. Remember, Chuck Smith said he’s not your pastor. That’s what the man said to avoid legal liability. Remember, Chuck Smith was both liar and adulterer and not “transformed” in some magical way via the Calvary Chapel “special anointing”. This is why you need rules, shared power in your church by-laws, built-in accountability measures at your CC franchise or any Church System for that matter. Think about that. Let it sink in. Your Emperor, in fact, had no clothes. Follow Jesus. Don’t worship “Pastors” and “Ministries”.

Lastly, as you Chuck Smith apologists start shooting the messenger….open your bible to this passage, it’s a promise from God: “Your sin will find you out”.

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Jul 062016
James Flanders, Calvary Chapel Pastor in Florida, admits to murdering his mistress in plea deal.

James Flanders, Calvary Chapel Pastor in Florida, admits to murdering his mistress in plea deal.

James Flanders, the Calvary Chapel Pastor from Florida who was suspected of murdering his mistress who he considered his “second wife” has now plead guilty to manslaughter charges as part of a negotiation for reduced sentencing and a plea deal to lessen his time in prison.

Flanders has informed the police where he buried the body. previously reported the arrest here:

Another terrible Calvary Chapel story that illustrates the dynamic that Calvary Chapel Pastors are not “specially anointed” and are human beings capable of great evil, which is why the Moses Model System of Church Government created and promoted and perpetuated by Chuck Smith (now deceased) and his 1500-2000 franchise-church denomination is so dangerous.

See the full article about the Calvary Chapel Pastor murder of his mistress story here:

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Jul 062016

Sharon Ries of Raul Ries marital fame chimed in recently on Bob Grenier’s Facebook wall. A consistent dynamic in the Calvary Chapel System of churches is the different sub-tribes and cliques under the Tent.

One such clique is dubbed (by fellow Calvary Chapel pastors and insiders) as the “Mexican Mafia”. This particular sub-tribe is headed up by their godfather, the very rich and very infamous Raul Ries of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. Bob Grenier is an underboss (I’ve heard them use those terms jokingly, even they tacitly admit the dynamic in jest).

Raul is quite an interesting mix. Part of me LOVES the guy, part of me cringes. He’s a Marine. A rough-around-the-edges man’s man. On the surface, Raul is a no b.s. guy. He shoots from the hip, he talks tough….but he really doesn’t, not where it counts. He talks tough to the OUTSIDERS of 1 Corinthians 5:12, but not to his fellow CC Pastors and cohorts.

Raul and Sharon (his wife who he has reportedly violated their marriage vows over the years, I can understand that one, we’re all human, but he’s a pastor and remains a pastor and that whole pesky “qualifications of pastors/elders” thing in that bible they profess to teach “simply”….) have gotten ridiculously wealthy from selling the Gospel of Jesus for greedy gain. They are millionaires. They live better than 99.9999% of human beings in the whole of Human History. Their product? Jesus. Raul has been mired in scandal after scandal over the years, reportedly IRS audits that had to be cleaned up, sexual issues, a former Calvary Chapel Pastor and one-time close confidant Jay Wright who says he and Raul Jr. smuggled cash for Raul to South America wearing “money belts” to dodge customs, to all sorts of other nefarious things. All reported by former staff, fellow CC pastors, big name CC insiders, and from tangible records we can find like Form 990’s that document a $500,000 per year salary “for Jesus” (and that’s just the one Form 990 we can find, Raul has all sorts of entities, it’s quite a shell-game).

Link to Form 990 documenting “some” of Raul’s total income from Jesus:

Another source, a man who’s dad was in the Los Angeles Narco-Drug scene in the 1980’s (and he’s writing a book about that era and experience), claims Raul Ries may have been involved in covert ops with the US Government….making frequent trips with my step-dad to Colombia during the Pablo Escobar years (I remember my step-dad and Raul taking trips together there right during that time period)…and this same source in first-person heard Raul Ries bragging about being behind enemy lines to speak to the Contras during the peak of the Iran-Contra operations. Raul had shared this during a bible study and was very proud of it. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix Church and State in that manner, but it happens….more than most realize or want to know. I’m sure Raul has rationalized it as righteous and “for God!” etc, maybe he’s right on that one, dunno. I know he’s wrong about the rest of the garbage reported above with regards to money, women and abuse of his power and his hypocrisy…as well as his enabling of my step-dad CC pastor and his lying and abuse….because Raul knows Bob was at minimum physically abusive to us boys.

For your reading pleasure, the Facebook thread of me confronting Sharon Ries on Bob Grenier’s wall:sharon ries 1

sharon ries 2

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