Aug 262015

Sources report that Paul Grenier, son of Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, has issued a statement to Calvary Chapel members and others in which he recants the testimony he gave under oath in a court declaration in a defamation lawsuit brought by his parents Bob and Gayle Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia against Tim Taylor and Alex Joye-Grenier (their step-son). The lawsuit is currently before the Tulare County Superior Court.

The case is still ongoing and there is a trial date set for September 13, 2016. Commentary and Opinion: From day one I have sought the truth in these matters and reported things that are in the Public’s Interest. Paul Grenier was a trusted named source with a compelling story until this very recent statement.

Here is the text that was sent to me by a source and confirmed by other sources. Paul Grenier and Calvary Chapel authorities were contacted for comment, and at the time of publication have not responded.


   I wanted to take a moment of your time to update you on some positive news regarding my family. As you may know, there has been a divide within our family for a number of years. I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify statements made by me regarding my father, Bob Grenier. Additionally, I would like to provide some insight into circumstances surrounding those statements. My goal with this letter is to apologize, rebuild trust and to take back my prior statements.   On February 8, 2013, I executed a Declaration in support of my brother’s defense in the lawsuit between he and my parents. In that declaration, I accused Bob Grenier of molesting me. That did not happen.   At the time I executed the Declaration I was suffering from long term drug and alcohol addiction. This struggle has been something I have had tried to overcome since I was 16 years old. Throughout my early and mid-20’s I was in-volved in unhealthy forms of mental therapy. Specifically, repressed memory counseling and various forms of going “clear” through the Church of Scientology. In addition to these forms of counseling, there are large portions of the last 12 years that I do no remember due to the sheer number of prescription drugs racing through my body.   In March of 2015, I suffered a drug overdose as a result of my long term drug addiction and desire to commit suicide. Fortunately, I survived.   I feel tremendously blessed to have the support of my parents through what has been a very trying time for all of us. After struggling with mental health and addiction issues for the better half of my life, I have now been able to retain my sobriety and discontinue any drug use whatsoever. I am working with a counselor toward a better life and strengthening my mental and physical health while at the same time attempting to better understand some of the regretful and hurtful actions I have taken.   I regret executing the Declaration wherein I accused Bob Grenier of molesting me. This was done at a time where I was suffering so deeply with memory loss, drug addiction and a true inability to decipher fact from fiction. Many days I was in a catatonic state.   Further, I was unable to accurately recall details of my past. With that said, I would like you to know that I recant in its entirety the Declaration that was executed by me on February 8, 2013. Specifically, the statements that Bob Grenier was a child molester or molested me. 
   My goal today is to move forward with my life and re-build a healthy and loving relationship with my parents. I feel very blessed to have such supportive, forgiving people in my life to help guide me in making healthy choices. While there is much I cannot disclose about my past life, I hope I have been able to share enough with you to help provide some insight into my thoughts and mental state at the time these accusations were made by me.   Many of you I have known since I was a child and I would continue to ask for your prayers for my entire family. No family is perfect. In fact, many families suffer from a myriad of problems. I am quickly learning that being kind to-ward people might make all the difference in their day. You truly do not know what a stranger may be struggling with in that very moment.   In closing, I would like to thank you for supporting Bob and Gayle through this painful ordeal. I would also like to humbly ask that you continue to stand by them as your support means the world to them. Although I cannot go back and make a brand new start, I can start from today and make a brand new ending. 
Paul Grenier”

Here is a link to Paul Grenier’s original Declaration given under oath that he is now recanting (click the red link below):

May 142015
Calvary Chapel Pastor James Flanders arrested for murder.

Calvary Chapel Pastor James Flanders arrested for murder.

Calvary Chapel Pastor, James Flanders, was arrested today on suspicion of murdering his mistress, Marie Carlson, who gave birth to his child in 2011.

The unsolved murder case was recently featured on the cable t.v. show “Cold Justice” which documented the strange disappearance of Carlson as well as the Flanders’ connection.

According to CBS Affiliate WTVY Channel 4, “Marie was reportedly last seen on October 17, 2011 by Flanders, the father of her then newborn child, at the home on Revere Avenue that they shared with Flanders’s wife. Flanders told investigators Marie was there when he left the residence between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on October 17th. She was later reported missing/endangered to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office on October 24, 2011 by her ex-husband, Jeff Carlson. Carlson, who resides in Kentucky with his and Marie’s 8 year old daughter, became concerned after being unable to make contact with Marie.”

Calvary Chapel has become well-known for its many scandals including Pastors who have been arrested for child molestation, murder, prostitution solicitation, financial fraud, domestic violence and a litany of other crimes. Calvary Chapel continues to endorse and protect other “affiliated” Pastors who are currently accused by their children of child molestation as well as physical child abuse.

Flanders’ Calvary Chapel Emerald Coast franchise is located in Florida.

You can view the full CBS Affiliate WTVY Channel 4 story here:

“COLD JUSTICE” EPISODE: Calvary Chapel Pastor James Flanders’ murder of his mistress Marie Carlson:

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Mar 302015

A federal judge ruled recently that Calvary Chapel Godspeak (Thousand Oaks) was within their rights to fire two teachers who worked at a separate Christian school it owned…because the teachers would not comply with requests to provide references from their pastors about their church attendance and their faith.

Lynda Serrano and Marie Ellen Guevara sued the church for “religious discrimination and wrongful termination” after they were fired for not cooperating with the church-owned school’s new policy.

The crux of the ruling focused on the First Amendment and the judge’s opinion that the church-owned school was within its rights to make the requests and then to fire personnel it deemed as non-compliant or not up to the religious standards set by the church-owned school…because the two teachers are akin to “ministers” since they lead the children in prayer and take them to “chapel” which is a form of church.

According to the L.A. Times: “A 2012 Supreme Court ruling gave religious organizations exemption from federal discrimination laws. The court ruled that the matter would be a case between two religious parties where the government cannot intervene.”

Link to full L.A. Times article here:

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Mar 302015

In reference to the broken/sinful condition of humanity:

“Inordinate guilt feelings is pathological…and no guilt feelings is even more pathological”

-Tim Keller

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  • Alex Joye There is no need for guilt when you create your own narrative and justify your bad actions as “protecting the MINISTRY of the Lord!”
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  • Bryan Stupar Alex, thats exactly Keller’s point. He went on to say that when our narrative contains no authority higher than ourselves (God, god/goddess, etc), then we write the rules, omitting the guilt rendering it superfluous.
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  • Bryan Stupar In other words, much of modern western culture.
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  • Alex Joye Unfortunately, the church writes its own rules as well…and creates a hierarchy of ‘sins’ that it makes peace with…while taboo’ing other sins. For instance, Gluttony, Pride, Lying, Divorce…not a big deal, very well tolerated…whereas Homosexuality is a major taboo.
  • Lisa Silveira Good word!
  • Alex Joye I can see no greater sin than Pride and creating a Cult-of-Personalities of church leaders…yet that dynamic is actually encouraged and promoted by the church…whereas other taboo sins raise the ire of those same church-goers. Very troubling.
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  • Alex Joye The church (evangelical) feels no guilt for the sins of making mega-rich mega-stars and building altars to its celebrity leaders and showering them with money and adoration…while largely ignoring those Jesus said we are to spend our time and attention helping (including our own families). The followers are probably more responsible than the leaders they raise up and put on the pedestals. Yet, no guilt…none at all.
  • Alex Joye I doubt any will feel any guilt over this, but I personally refuse to support “ministries” that are pretty much rich/wealthy cult-of-personalities that create their own narrative and create their own morality…while doing the opposite of what I read about Jesus in the Gospels.
  • Alex Joye Unfortunately, the “church” is as much responsible for the “modern western culture” as anything else…the church is a part of that culture and has helped shape that culture both by what it promotes as well as by the hypocrisy it demonstrates to those outside the church. The church can be very instructive by what it says, what it does, what it ignores, what it tolerates, what it rails against. The church lost its “moral authority” a long time ago.
  • Bryan Stupar The reality is we all struggle to submit our wills to God. 

    We all have blind spots where we make our own rules…and when we do you can be certain that suffering isn’t to far behind.
  • Alex Joye “The reality is we all struggle to submit our wills to God. ” Yes, and what is that? I don’t believe “god’s will” is based on the authority of a particular church sect and what its gurus tell you is “god’s will”…as those leaders have no moral authority as exampled by their own immorality and their own injustice.
  • Alex Joye For example, the Calvary Chapel sect says it has no authority with regards to moral matters within its own Group…yet claims it has the moral authority to speak against those outside their church like the evil homosexuals etc.
  • Alex Joye 1 Corinthians 5:12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?
  • Alex Joye “and when we do you can be certain that suffering isn’t to far behind.” Those who create their own narrative will simply spin this as “God promises tough times and persecution for his holy righteous followers!”
  • Alex Joye And, of course, those tough times or consequences to bad actions will simply be spun as “it’s an attack from the devil! Woe is me!” Again, it’s largely a bunch of b.s. Bryan and you’ve seen it first hand in your own church sect among your leaders.
  • Alex Joye A part of the church has lost its moral authority and for good reason. There are still lots of good things that churches do and some church sects have a much better record than others…but the decline in evangelicalism is largely a direct result of the church’s own doing. Sowing and Reaping principal in action.
  • Alex Joye To be crystal clear, none of this is directed to you personally, Bryan. I think you are sincere and doing the best you can while being affiliated with a bad organization.
  • Alex Joye
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Mar 212015


Proverbs 11:16 “A gracious woman retains honor, But ruthless men retain riches.”

Proverbs 11:17 “The merciful man does good for his own soul, But he who is cruel troubles his own flesh.”

2. Ruthless men retain riches.

Proverbs 11:16 “A gracious woman retains honor, But ruthless men retain riches.”

Moving on now to a certain type of man.
He is called ruthless.
Or violent.
The word comes from a word meaning to dread, fear oppress, break to terrify.
And it came to mean terrible, or terrible one, a strong, mighty terror-striking man.
Unfortunately for the world there are these types of men in it.
These types of men, these violent men get rich.

4. But he who is cruel troubles his own flesh.

Proverbs 11:17 “The merciful man does good for his own soul, But he who is cruel troubles his own flesh.”

On the other hand, we are told about another type of man.
The cruel man.
The word cruel comes from a word meaning fierce. Apparently meaning to act harshly.
This type of man is contrasted with the man who is merciful.
And here is what happens to him.
He will trouble his own flesh.
Or he will destroy himself.
His cruel heart will bring about the destruction of his own flesh.
This could even extend to his wife, and his children, who are his own flesh.
His cruel heart can destroy many.

Some Questions and Applications:

1. We see these two types of people everyday, don’t we?

2. We see gracious or merciful women.

3. We see ruthless or violent men.

4. And we see merciful men, and sad to say cruel men.

5. What’s on the outside comes from what is on the inside.

6. The inner heart determines what the outer life will be like.

7. Isn’t it great to know we know the changer of hearts.

8. He is the one who can give a man or a woman a new heart, a heart like His own.

Link to Pastor Bob’s full devotional here:

Amen, Bob. Now go look in the mirror and say this whole devotional to yourself and confess and repent and seek to make amends to all those you have been cruel and unmerciful to over your many years as a tyrant, bully and abuser at your Calvary Chapel franchise. He also states that “these types of men, these violent men get rich”…well, Bob has been living high on the Jesus Money for a long time…$750,000 (reportedly) from a separate non-profit called Reaching Youth (that was supposed to help kids) ended up in Bob’s General Fund…and he uses that General Fund (according to many sources) like it is his own personal piggy-bank.

This is an important lesson for the Church and for pastors…your sin will find you out. Don’t abuse God’s children.

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