Jul 062016
James Flanders, Calvary Chapel Pastor in Florida, admits to murdering his mistress in plea deal.

James Flanders, Calvary Chapel Pastor in Florida, admits to murdering his mistress in plea deal.

James Flanders, the Calvary Chapel Pastor from Florida who was suspected of murdering his mistress who he considered his “second wife” has now plead guilty to manslaughter charges as part of a negotiation for reduced sentencing and a plea deal to lessen his time in prison.

Flanders has informed the police where he buried the body. previously reported the arrest here:

Another terrible Calvary Chapel story that illustrates the dynamic that Calvary Chapel Pastors are not “specially anointed” and are human beings capable of great evil, which is why the Moses Model System of Church Government created and promoted and perpetuated by Chuck Smith (now deceased) and his 1500-2000 franchise-church denomination is so dangerous.

See the full article about the Calvary Chapel Pastor murder of his mistress story here:

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Jul 062016

Sharon Ries of Raul Ries marital fame chimed in recently on Bob Grenier’s Facebook wall. A consistent dynamic in the Calvary Chapel System of churches is the different sub-tribes and cliques under the Tent.

One such clique is dubbed (by fellow Calvary Chapel pastors and insiders) as the “Mexican Mafia”. This particular sub-tribe is headed up by their godfather, the very rich and very infamous Raul Ries of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. Bob Grenier is an underboss (I’ve heard them use those terms jokingly, even they tacitly admit the dynamic in jest).

Raul is quite an interesting mix. Part of me LOVES the guy, part of me cringes. He’s a Marine. A rough-around-the-edges man’s man. On the surface, Raul is a no b.s. guy. He shoots from the hip, he talks tough….but he really doesn’t, not where it counts. He talks tough to the OUTSIDERS of 1 Corinthians 5:12, but not to his fellow CC Pastors and cohorts.

Raul and Sharon (his wife who he has reportedly violated their marriage vows over the years, I can understand that one, we’re all human, but he’s a pastor and remains a pastor and that whole pesky “qualifications of pastors/elders” thing in that bible they profess to teach “simply”….) have gotten ridiculously wealthy from selling the Gospel of Jesus for greedy gain. They are millionaires. They live better than 99.9999% of human beings in the whole of Human History. Their product? Jesus. Raul has been mired in scandal after scandal over the years, reportedly IRS audits that had to be cleaned up, sexual issues, a former Calvary Chapel Pastor and one-time close confidant Jay Wright who says he and Raul Jr. smuggled cash for Raul to South America wearing “money belts” to dodge customs, to all sorts of other nefarious things. All reported by former staff, fellow CC pastors, big name CC insiders, and from tangible records we can find like Form 990’s that document a $500,000 per year salary “for Jesus” (and that’s just the one Form 990 we can find, Raul has all sorts of entities, it’s quite a shell-game).

Link to Form 990 documenting “some” of Raul’s total income from Jesus:

Another source, a man who’s dad was in the Los Angeles Narco-Drug scene in the 1980’s (and he’s writing a book about that era and experience), claims Raul Ries may have been involved in covert ops with the US Government….making frequent trips with my step-dad to Colombia during the Pablo Escobar years (I remember my step-dad and Raul taking trips together there right during that time period)…and this same source in first-person heard Raul Ries bragging about being behind enemy lines to speak to the Contras during the peak of the Iran-Contra operations. Raul had shared this during a bible study and was very proud of it. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix Church and State in that manner, but it happens….more than most realize or want to know. I’m sure Raul has rationalized it as righteous and “for God!” etc, maybe he’s right on that one, dunno. I know he’s wrong about the rest of the garbage reported above with regards to money, women and abuse of his power and his hypocrisy…as well as his enabling of my step-dad CC pastor and his lying and abuse….because Raul knows Bob was at minimum physically abusive to us boys.

For your reading pleasure, the Facebook thread of me confronting Sharon Ries on Bob Grenier’s wall:sharon ries 1

sharon ries 2

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Jul 022016
Justice is supposed to be blind. We want a fair shake in this lawsuit.

Justice is supposed to be blind. We want a fair shake in Bob Grenier’s (Calvary Chapel Visalia) lawsuit in Tulare County.

Bob Grenier Calvary Chapel Visalia pastor’s lawsuit is in the late innings. Here’s an update:

We (Team Alex Grenier, Alex Joye, Alex Joye Grenier) have fulfilled our Discovery requests from the Plaintiff (Bob Grenier, Calvary Chapel Visalia pastor and Visalia Police chaplain and Tulare County Sheriff’s chaplain in official capacities to our knowledge/belief at the time of this writing).

Depositions are under way with key witnesses being deposed under oath including Bryan Prosser (long time CC Visalia attendee), Jim Souza (20 year CC Visalia assistant pastor), Tina Jenkins (former CC Visalia Sunday School admin), Greg Dowds (career CC Visalia board member, elder and right hand man to Bob Grenier), Sue Dowds (CC Visalia women’s ministry, cafe helper, Greg’s wife), Alex Joye Grenier (yours truly), Didi Dehaan Grenier (Robert Jr.’s now ex-wife and former CC Visalia bookkeeper and assistant), Mike Buford Sr. (long time CC Visalia assistant pastor).

On the docket to be deposed: Alice Bryant (former CC Visalia bookkeeper), Gayle Grenier, Bob Grenier, Amy Tefft and Janet Tefft.

Witnesses likely to be called at Trial: Rose Rye, Suzette Dehaan, Gary Ruff, David Rosales, Raul Ries, Brian Brodersen, Roger Wing, Patricia Boesch, Jeff Pierce, Geoff Grenier, Greg Silva and possibly some others.

We have requested Discovery of Bob Grenier and we have yet to get cooperation on the whereabouts of Paul Grenier, a very key witness who alleges molestation, child abuse and financial abuse in his sworn Declarations already in the Court record. Bob Grenier and Bob Grenier’s attorney, Nick Pritchett, know of Paul Grenier’s whereabouts, Pritchett told me Paul had been in his office in Visalia recently. Bob Grenier sues, claims he wants to prove his innocence at a Trial…but has yet to cooperate in helping us get one of the most key witnesses served for deposition. Very suspicious and telling in my opinion.

We are having the same problem with getting Robert Grenier Jr. served for deposition. Robert Grenier Jr. alleges (in phone calls to myself and other witnesses) that Paul Grenier “molested” him…but went on to describe what was a several-year incestuous homosexual relationship with his brother, Paul. We know the Plaintiffs know his whereabouts and it is reported he is being harbored by a close fellow Calvary Chapel pastor who is involved over the years in other scandals in Calvary Chapel including allegations of gross misuse of funds and other issues (charges made by a former Calvary Chapel Pastor and board member of Lance Cook, Calvary Chapel La Habra). Birds of a feather flock together and help each other out in my opinion. Stinks to high heaven. If Chuck Smith is there…he can smell it.

Paul Grenier and Robert Grenier Jr.’s testimony under oath is extremely important in this case….a lawsuit brought by their biological father, Pastor Bob Grenier. Paul alleges molestation by Bob Grenier. Paul later, allegedly (we cannot confirm it is in fact Paul’s own writing and it was not made under oath), recanted his molestation allegations. The timing of the release of the not-under-oath statement attributed to Paul Grenier came at at time another brother reports he was visited by Gayle Grenier (after an 11 year hiatus and shunning) and that they purchased Paul “gifts” and they helped Paul get a new apartment (one he cannot afford from what we know of Paul’s financial struggles). All very suspicious. Now the Plaintiffs are not cooperating in providing Paul Grenier’s whereabouts so he can be served and be cross-examined under oath. Very very suspicious. Very wrong in my opinion. It is affecting my ability to get a fair shake in the court system in my opinion.

We are trying to serve Kevin Mizner (long time assistant at CC Visalia and former Tulare County Sheriff brass). We attempted to serve Mr. Mizner and cannot locate him, which is suspicious. Mr. Mizner should not be hard to find, yet like with Paul Grenier and Robert Grenier Jr., there seems to be some sort of agenda to hide them in my opinion. Why?

We are adding to the list of witnesses as depositions reveal and uncover more information. There is much we did not know about in addition to the massive amount of wrongdoings we’ve already uncovered through the blogs and reporting investigations. We look forward to Trial and we want all key witnesses to be deposed and/or take the stand at Trial and establish the truth. The Plaintiff seems reluctant to cooperate in that regard for some reason. Why?

Trial is still set for the end of September 2016.

I am stronger and more resolute than ever. I look forward to proving that I did not “defame” the Plaintiff. I am reporting, I am holding the Plaintiff to account as a Pastor/Police Chaplain regarding matters the Appellate Court ruled are “in the public’s interest”. Seeking Justice is virtuous, not an “attack from the devil” and not “defamation”.

I hope the Plaintiffs will cooperate in Discovery and lets get all the witnesses under oath, lets get all the info in the Court record and lets have a Jury decide who is telling the truth in these matters. That is what the Plaintiffs say they want, correct?

Mar 092016

From the Phoenix Preacher Blog:

“I was on the phone with Saeed 6-8 hours a day. Saeed admitted to having a phone in prison. I knew exactly how he was doing every single day. I was told by the ACLJ that I could not share about Saeed having a smuggled (smart phone) as it might cost his life. He admitted to congressman Pittinger that he had a phone and was on social media and websites and on skype and phone hours and hours each day and knew exactly what was happening…”

On her prior claims that she went weeks without communicating with Saeed;

“I was told by ACLJ to say that. That if there was ANY indication that I had communication with Saeed outside of the weekly visits of the family, Saeed’s life would be in danger. I admit that I obeyed man other than God and idolatry and lie are sins I have to owe up to. It was freeing to not lie any more in October and to be free of having to keep secrets. It was displeasing to God and I have repented of that.”

Saeed Abedini is under Matt 18 church discipline;

“There is not a pastor that Saeed had worked with that approves his character or that he has submitted to. He had ignored every discipline and and authority. He got his pastoral certificate not by the way God ordained it, but by paying money to an organization and having them send him his pastoral certificate. He was never ordained.”

“He caught pastor Bob off guard when he came to church and pastor Bob said there would be more commotion if he did not have him come up and thank people for praying. That’s it. There will be no more done with Saeed at the church. And no. Saeed is not ordained in any denomination (Calvary Chapel or Assemblies of God). HE received his pastoral card by paying an organization and receiving it in the mail.”

On Saeed being abusive in prison and why she cut off communication;

“Because most of it was very abusive and controlling. This is why in end of October 2015 I told Saeed no more. I felt bad and could not cut off the abuse. Who does that to someone in prison? So I kept answering his phone calls and trying to encourage using scripture and worship. I was either being on the phone with Saeed or traveling or doing media. All the while the phone calls and the continued emotional and verbal abuse and the control was destroying me. I said no more because I could no longer take it and could not understand why the abuse while I was fighting for him so hard. I took so much for my eyes to be opened. It took 3 years of Saeed’s imprisonment and much prayer and fasting for the veil to be lifted and for me to find my strength in the Lord to say no more to the abuse. It was truly God’s Grace.”

On her marriage;

“No one wants reconciliation more than me. For the sake of the kids I have wanted it more than anything. But God showed me that for the sake of Saeed I had to stop enabling and if there was a chance for repentance I had to say no more. God also showed me that absolute obedience to my husband was not right. That God is the one with absolute authority. That if I did not stand in truth and light and if I continued in the way that I was, I would be judged as ananias and sapphira. Sapphira followed her husbands deception and lies and God judged her the same. This is the hardest thing I have ever done and the most loving thing I can do for Saeed. God is more concerned about the spiritual chains than the physical. The battle has changed from traveling to my knees and praying. By His Grace I am standing and for the love of my husband. Every fiber of my being wants this to work out.”

Link to blog article here:

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