Calvary Chapel Affiliation/Fellowship Application/Agreement


Here is the Calvary Chapel/CCOF Affiliation/Fellowship application/agreement:


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  1. Page 6 of 6 of the Application/Agreement:

    “Do you agree with the Calvary Chapel Distinctives and agree to uphold them?
    a. If in the future you decide you no longer agree with the Calvary Chapel Distinctives, will you show the personal integrity and courage to leave the fellowship gracefully?”

  2. Why can’t they have the Calvary Chapel Applicants “agree” to implement System-wide Common Sense reforms to help protect children?

    Why can’t one of the Distinctives be to REMOVE a CC Pastor from his Position of Trust if there is a pending Molestation allegation against him?

  3. Sure looks like some form of a Contract to me (and others…who happen to be attorneys).

  4. Dave Rolph and Chuck Smith, you never saw this Calvary Chapel Application/Agreement/Contract before? No knowledge it ever existed?

    Ignorance or lying?

    Or, is it one of those, “Ohhhh, that thing! We called it something different than an ‘Affiliation Agreement’…our bad!”

  5. If Chuck Smith is the president of the CCOF on official documents, then ignorance is no excuse.

  6. That is too funny that you found the agreement. If someone is the president of something for many years, I would think that they would have knowledge about something as major as this. And I saw the tax documents where he is listed as president. This is so surreal!

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  9. Today, December 16, 2012 is the 9 year anniversary since I gave BRAIN BRODERSEN the correspondence he requested of me concerning what had happened to our family from a pastor with strong roots with CALVARY CHAPEL, who was desiring to become a CALVARY CHAPEL affiliate, to then be sanctioned by CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA.

    Let me state for the record that I had called in anonymously to CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA prayer line and explained tearfully to the pastor on the other end the task I had before me. This pastor after hearing my experience became immediately alarmed and demanded I tell him what pastor and his family member this was. I was taken aback. I told him I would not tell him anything more. He strongly demanded and stated that CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA had caller id and they had my number, trying to strong arm me into telling him who I was speaking of. I than told him I would not speak to anyone but CHUCK SMITH or BRIAN BRODERSEN, call was soon ended. In less than five minutes my phone rang (records kept) and it was BRIAN BRODERSEN calling back.

    With deep pain I told BRIAN BRODERSEN of our experience with a man who had broke away from a prominent CALVARY CHAPEL, who was at the time our pastor and seeking affiliation with CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA. After hearing my story BRIAN BRODERSEN to my shock, asked me what I wanted him to do? ( Should this have not been obvious?) I held back my tongue from saying, what is wrong with you, don’t you naturally know what would be necessary?
    At that point BRIAN BRODERSEN asked me to write down everything and make three copies one for him, one for CHUCK SMITH, and one for the man in charge of affiliates, I believe it was Don McClure at the time.

    So for the next three months I painstakingly, (GOD knows), went through the very painful memories and wrote the whole horrific experience out with the Holy Spirits guidance. Before God it was a horrible experience and brought me much pain. At the end of the letter, I hand wrote a note asking you to please respond and to please not leave me in silence. After all of this exercise it would break my heart if you did.

    When the letter was completed, I told my husband that I wanted to put the letter directly in BRIAN BRODERSEN‘s hands, and would he go with me? We drove to Costa Mesa. I knew that BRIAN BRODERSEN would be on air at K WAVE at a certain time, and thinking it wise not to call ahead, I planned on putting this letter right in his hands. When we arrived there, I told the young girl / receptionist through the little window that I had to give BRIAN BRODERSEN something he had requested. When BRIAN BRODERSEN came out of the studio, to his surprise there we were, and I handed my large envelope to him.

    Well that was the last I spoke to BRIAN BRODERSEN and he / CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA did break our hearts. The pastor in question was later made an affiliate and proudly flies the dove still today.

    So nine years, my God is a God of Truth, Order and Justice. Interestingly nine is the number of justice and finality. I pray that justice will come to Alex,his brothers and their families, my family and all of the others who have suffered tremendously from CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA’S brand of religion, whatever that type of religion is. BRIAN BRODERSEN and his type bring trememdous sadness to me.How can you name the name of God who sacrificed all that HE could give so this type of thing would not be done?

  10. A few observations from this contract, affiliation and aggreement.

    “Have you established a Church Board?
    If yes, please list the names and occupations of each Board Member:”

    How come the members of the local church cannot even find out who are the board members are but the mothership definately knows?

    “Do you carry liability insurance for your church?”
    Why does the mothership care if they have liability insurance? After all each congregation is supposed to be independent is the mantra I keep hearing over and over again.

    “Are there any issues in your personal background that may disqualify you
    from the ministry? ”

    I assume having allegations of child abuse are not disqualifying at all. How else do you explain what is going on?

    “Please send a copy of your church bylaws and a copy of your Ordination Certificate”.
    Not sure why they would need to to have the bylaws of the local church. After all, these churches are supposely all autonomous. That is the mantra I keep hearing over and over again.

    and finally:

    “Do you agree with the Calvary Chapel Distinctives and agree to uphold them?

    a. If in the future you decide you no longer agree with the Calvary Chapel Distinctives,
    will you show the personal integrity and courage to leave the fellowship gracefully? ”

    This last one sums it all up and actually forces you to become a Moses Model pastor since the distinctives teach it and it is being enforced here.

    Thanks Alex for posting this affiliation agreement for all to see. It sure looks like a legal, affiliation and contract to me.

  11. Calvary Chapel Church Training Program
    Page • 40
    iii. Grace & boundaries: Grace doesn’t mean an absence of boundaries. Reasonable boundaries are essential to the Christian life and a healthy church. For example, if someone was convicted for a sex crime against a minor it is likely reasonable that they can serve in the church but not with children or youth. Furthermore, the greater the person’s influence the greater the need for caution. Thus, a lead pastor who has committed adultery likely needs to be proven while serving under the authority of others for an extended period.

    A Pastor’s Perspective: I’ve had multiple experiences where a person in the church has committed sexual sin involving a minor. For example, a young man age nineteen has sex with a seventeen-year-old girl and her parents call the police. The man ends up with a conviction record and now is part of an Internet registry of “sex-offenders.” He subsequently comes to Christ, repents and has led an exemplary life for the past decade. He now wants to become involved in the ministry of the church. I will welcome him with open arms, although I will set what I believe to be a reasonable boundary in that he will not be allowed to serve in the children’s or youth ministries. Inevitably, some well-meaning person in the church knows that he is a registered sex offender and objects to him being involved in ministry. Although I’m confident that the “objector” will gossip and tend to cause division in an effort to rally people to their position if I do not acquiesce, I won’t back down from the position of grace. Instead, I’ll use the opportunity to teach grace to the offender, the objector and the whole church if necessary. To date, I’ve never regretted a stand for grace.

    This is unacceptable. Why doesn’t the “pastor” use as an example a 45 year old man and a 14 year old boy. Pathetic.

  12. I have been going to Calvary Ftl. since 1990. It has been great but my involvement has been as just a congregant. My wife and I and our 2 sons, and occasional friends and relatives. I was brought up Jewish and careful who I’ve brought and when. I’ve had a few encounters with the leadership…a couple one on one meetings. I didn’t leave with that satisfied feeling that what I was hoping to accomplish I did, but just chalked it up as an “oh well” moment. I was in Israel back in March. Great time with the Calvary people. We were all amazed at the sites, stories and enjoyed Bob Coy’s sermons. Despite his failings G-d did still use him to minister to all of us…G-d’s word never returns void so the good book says. I do have something I want to say, and I am thankful there is this type of venue and forum to share. For me it will is therapeutic.

    Somebody said on this blog that people in the ministry should not be making huge sums of money promoting Jesus. I totally agree. The idea of this is repulsive to me when so many are without. I can’t believe he was paid as much as he was. 500K annually? Hard to believe.

    Someone else said they were repulsed by the ” until the whole world hears” campaign. I was perplexed when they decided not to build a new building but chalked it up as an “oh well” experience again. I don’t know how much was raised by there should’ve been accountability.

    I have much to say. Yes, I am upset inside. I feel I was conned by someone who preyed on people when their defenses were down and their hearts were open and hands lifted to G-d.

    I remember having to sit my youngest son down who so loves The Lord and telling him what had happened, why things like this happen, and good things can/will come from bad things.

    I want to be wrong about Bob Coy. I want to believe this was a genuine very bad series of choices, that he was feeding his bad addictions, and he didn’t know how to get free from it.

    If Bob loves the people he once shepherded, if he wants to be set free from guilt and shame, he needs to do it publicly and in front of everyone, with questionanswer session follow up!

    Leadership, if you read this then make a difference and make this happen. What do you tell a person who is in the congregation to do when they have committed sin and are filled with guilt and shame? You tell them to confess publicly. After the millions millions and millions of dollars hard working people gave to support the ministry anything less is unacceptable, so if you aspire to be something someday for The Lord, leave a legacy and make this happen. Make it happen for all the people who gave all of their trust and put their confidence in Bob.

    Thank you for letting me post my thoughts and feelings. Respectfully I am, Sean

  13. Sean, I agree, one standard for the sheep…another for the shepherd/pastor. Coy should have manned up and dealt with this publicly.

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