May 222012

Calvary Chapel Memphis hit twice by copper thieves.

by WREG Memphis

It’s a problem that costs people thousands of dollars, and usually the most innocent fall victim.

Some churches and business are being wiped out by metal thieves who trash thousands of dollars in mechanics for a few hundred dollars in scrap metal.

Calvary Chapel doesn’t have insurance and fell victim to the crime for the second time in two weeks.

First, their church was ransacked then thieves came back and stole their air conditioning units for the metal inside.

“You realize that even a church is not sacred anymore. That someone would want to come steal from us. Even two times within the last couple of weeks,” said Pastor Phillip Ferrell.

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  14 Responses to “Calvary Chapel Memphis gets hit by copper thieves, says no insurance to cover loss”

  1. Cutting corners, such as not having normal insurance coverage, is yet another way that CC’s keep it simple. Yet, they pay the price in the end.

    Keeping the staff at a minimum, also costs much more in the end.

    Not investing in true discipleship, knowing and being known by one another in a real life way, also costs more in the end.

    But cutting corners can be so lucrative over time with low over head and high yield $$$ as long as the place is “cool.” Too bad the cost of doing so is far more valuable than all that jesus cash the pastor amasses.

  2. Alex, are you sitting on info about this place, as well?

  3. So if you don’t have insurance, and thieves vandalize your church, does that mean God “doesn’t have your back”? An interesting theological debate.

  4. No insurance on the church building. Too bad.

    The pastor should open the books a leave it out for everyone to see, so the people can see were their hard earned money is going. That may explain why they don’t have insurance. The pastor is probably spending the money to pay the insurance on his own house and vehicle.

    John Higgins the head thug pastor of Calvary Chapel Tri City has had some stuff stolen from his compound I mean church. Then he will go in front of the pulpit and say that he needs money to pay the insurance company deductable.

    But you don’t see John opening the books to show why they don’t have the funds to pay the deductable.

    I have suspicion that the thefts at his church are an insurance scam anyway.

  5. My Question is: Why does CCM have all those crescents in its logo?

    Look around and you’ll see them EVERYWHERE… but ESPECIALLY on the signs and logos of Free Mason owned businesses.
    Do a little self directed study of symbology of the occult and your eyes will perk up at a lot of things you see around you.

    Most of the Emerging Churches have some sort of occult symbols which I HOPE show how utterly ignorant the pastor is.
    SOME are NOT doing this out of ignorance… some are not hirelings… they are wolves.
    They KNOW.

    We all know I hope that the diving dove has been used by the Jesuits for many hundreds of years.
    The dove has represented the SHEKINAH for, I think, thousands of years.
    Research Shekinah yourself and you’ll find it is Satanic and represents the female in the UNHOLY TRINITY… and like pretty much everything in the occult…. is sexual in nature.

    Sorry Alex… this is about copper thieves not UNHOLY TRINITY symbols…. but I can’t help but ask…. does CCM have one of those big ole steeples?
    Ah, forget it…. not going down THAT road!!!!!!
    it’s bad enough to be a yapping dog about the SHEKINAH GLORY… no need in having all the rest of Christianity mad at me!

  6. Jack we will have to hook up again real soon. I will show you some symbols CC uses that are clearly and absolutely luciferian if you know what your looking at. You are correct the freemasons use the symbology. What is interesting is how much you find in “christian” broadcasting.

  7. Jack, Jeremy W
    cresent symbols? luciferian? freemason? first i’ve heard of any of these things in CC.

  8. Robert so you think all the thefts could be an insurance scam? Like some sort of shtick that is performed on the congregation to get them to donate more? So you would have a Jonas Nightengale performance to pull on heart strings for donations?

    Could be, but I tend to doubt it. Times have been tough and the crooks out there will thieve whatever they can get their hands on. Especially if the crooks are fiending for drugs.

    Now CCTC was getting hit a lot by thieves. From out back, to the copper everywhere on the property. I remember being at prayer meetings where some individuals cars were targeted and had flat tires over and over again. I don’t think these were shticks for us. Somebody was targeting the ex-leaders from Shiloh 1.0 that currently attend Tri- City Calvary Chapel if my memory serves correct.

    What we have learned is some of these “men” have made more enemies then we could possibly fathom. Take for instance the fellow from Shiloh 1.0 that came to CCTC hunting thee lead sociopath down and blaming him for everything that went wrong in his life. He was wanting lead sociopath to pay for it. If you remember that shook things up a bit. Or it least someones boots were shaking. Now well over 95% of the congregation didn’t know anything about it. Armed security was not present that day but that does not mean there were not guns on the premises.

  9. Michael, I went to my ex-pastor and informed him I was thinking about showing Roger Oakland. I was informed not to and to go straight to Chuck Smith. It was at a crucial time and I have just sat back watching whats taking place in CC. It was becoming obvious back then that the only Chuck would do, would be NOTHING. I would use this site as just one example and proof of it.

    Jeremy in Mesa

  10. Got any pics we could see? Or a link we could pursue?

  11. jeremy,
    wow, i’ve never really seen the connection myself, but i’d be interested in knowing what Roger Oakland said to you.

  12. by the way, the ‘Aimee’ blogtalk was classic

  13. I want to clarify. I went to my pastor first about contacting Roger. However I did not contact Roger nor Chuck. I took some screen shots and held on to them, all the while I was watching the Gen. Jerry Boykin thing closely. Y’all should re-read Roger’s THE FACTS BEHIND MY DEPARTURE of CALVARY CHAPEL, ICHABOD, and ANOTHER HOLE IN THE WALL @

    I am not going to disclose anything right now or even under my real name. I will give some clues however. It has to do with Eliphas Levi’s Baphomat and the fusion of AS ABOVE SO BELOW. I have no doubt someone knows exactly what they are doing. Who is behind it all I can’t say. Would anything of been done had I contacted the high and holy “profit”? Well I would of been shown the door sooner then I had.

  14. Jeremy W. – The modern day watchmen have awakened. Unfortunately, along with having one’s eyes opened, comes the realization that most are either ‘asleep’, or would rather ‘stay asleep’ to the big picture.

    Quite possibly the largest proponent of ‘staying asleep’? Church & pastoral idolatry.

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