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Calvary Chapel Pastor Rob McCoy of Thousand Oaks California is set to run for a State Assembly seat as a Republican.

Calvary Chapel Pastor Rob McCoy of Thousand Oaks California is set to run for a State Assembly seat as a Republican.

Reprinted in part from The Acorn

By Kyle Jorrey

A Thousand Oaks pastor with close ties to the Republican Party says he plans to file the paperwork necessary to seek office in California’s 44th Assembly District.

Rob McCoy, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks, told The Acorn that he will run as a Republican for the seat currently held by Jeff Gorell. Gorell is stepping down to run for U.S. Congress against U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley.

The 44th District includes most of Ventura County and Westlake Village in L.A. County.

A virtual unknown to many voters, McCoy leads a congregation of approximately 700, more than seven times the size of the parish he came to in 2001. But he’s a political neophyte.

“I want to prove to Sacramento and to the rest of the state that you can have a regular citizen go and operate the government the way it was intended to be, by the citizenry and not by professional politicians,” McCoy said.

“I want to change the paradigm and the dynamic of the California Assembly, and I’m going to do it one person at a time.”

Full article from The Acorn here: http://www.theacorn.com/news/2014-01-02/Community/Pastor_turns_political_in_44th_District.html

COMMENTARY FROM CALVARYCHAPELABUSE.COM: Calvary Chapel Abuse would like to know where Calvary Chapel Pastor Rob McCoy, soon to be California State Assembly Republican Candidate McCoy stands on the issues of Child Protection Policies, Child Abuse, Financial Transparency and how to deal with accused Child Molesters in his Calvary Chapel Association?

Currently Calvary Chapel Association does not require Child Protection Policies, many Calvary Chapels teach what the State of California legally defines as Child Abuse (see Calvary Chapel Jonesboro’s teachings here):


Calvary Chapel does not require Open Finances. Calvary Chapel pastors often collect hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions of dollars “in the name of Jesus” and most of the money is spent on Pastor’s salaries, perks, benefits, buildings, travel, staff, overhead etc. with very little to zero of the monies going to actually help local folks in a charitable way. Closed finances and financial opacity are the norm in the Calvary Chapel Association.

The CalvaryChapelAssociation.com website documents the facts about “Affiliation/Association” and the agreement/contract required to be an official Calvary Chapel franchise. It also articulates an overall Leadership Council as well as Regional Leadership/Oversight teams.

Link here: http://calvarychapelassociation.com/national-international-regional-leadership/

Currently, Calvary Chapel Pastor and Candidate Rob McCoy has a fellow official “Calvary Chapel Affiliate/Associate” in California, in the form of Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, who is currently accused of not only physical Child Abuse but also Sexual Abuse by his blood son, Paul Grenier, also of California. See Paul Grenier’s graphic testimony in court documents here:


We think Candidate Rob McCoy needs to weigh in on these issues. Can he be trusted to be a State Government official? What are his stances on Child Abuse in the Church? What are his stances on Financial Accountability?

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  1. Having several ultra orthodox religious parties in Israel and seeing the damage they can do I am a firm believer that politics and religion do not mix and religion should stay out of government.
    What is more dangerous is should this McCoy fellow get elected he would probably have the full weight of ALL Calvary behind him-not a very reassuring thing-would you suddenly have local government with no accountability????????

  2. That’s a good question Nadav.

    If Pastor Rob McCoy is OK with Calvary Chapel the way it is with its zero requirement for Child Protection Policies to be an official Calvary Chapel Associate/Affiliate and zero requirement for Open Finances/Financial Transparency which leads to many abuses and corruption, then what will Candidate Rob McCoy be OK with?

  3. What is hilarious is McCoy states “I want to prove to Sacremento and the rest of the state that you can have a regular citizen go and operate the government the way it was intended to be by the citizenry and not by professional politicians”

    Now let some ordinary member of Calvary try and tell the pastor that Calvary should be run like a regular church and see how far that goes.

  4. Nadav said, “Now let some ordinary member of Calvary try and tell the pastor that Calvary should be run like a regular church and see how far that goes.”

    LOL, yes, that would certainly get the Calvary Chapelite in hot water. Just ask to see the books and then “there’s the door! how dare you question God’s anointed!”

  5. Hi. Alex, can you please help me understand in your use of the word accused child molesters. I know you have stated that your step father is an accused child molester, but, has he ever been “charged” by a law enforcement agency with a crime of this nature?. There seems to be some confusion about this matter.

    I’m certain it would be helpful to be careful in using the word “accused” if there is not a charge filed by an LEA.

    In keeping with journalistic ethics, would it not be more appropriate to use the word “alleged” instead?.

    Can you let us know is your step-father “accused”, “charged by a LEA” or is it an “allegation” Thank you in advance for your response. .

  6. He’s accused by his blood son Paul Grenier in a court declaration here: http://thewartburgwatch.com/tww2/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/P.-Grenier-Declaration-iso-SMTS-text.pdf

    Paul accused Bob in our meeting with child abuse advocate Kelly Clark. I believe Paul for many reasons. I think victims of sexual abuse are often marginalized by the abusers and those seeking to defend the abuser. Use whatever word you like.

  7. Some of the many reasons I believe Paul and not Bob are as follows (and I believed Paul at the time I published Paul’s testimony on this blog for which I’m being sued for):

    Bob engaged in what I learned later by psychology/therapists is defined as “exhibitionism”. He would walk around us kids buck naked with his dick and balls exposed. He exposed his dick so many times to us over the years, I could pick it out of a line up. That’s not normal or good.

    Bob had me and Geoff come into the front bathroom of our home on howard street in Visalia to show us his swollen testicles that had swelled up to the size of a punching bag after he had his vasectomy. It made us very uncomfortable and was our normal, but later in life I view it as not normal.

    Bob is lying about the physical child abuse in our home so it establishes that he can easily lie. I was a victim and first-hand witness and I know what I saw and what I experienced so I can’t be snowed into disbelieving what I know and having it redefined and reframed as something it wasn’t.

    Bob’s own book documents his sexual experience with an older boy while he was in boarding school. Bob’s book also documents Bob’s time as a Drug Smuggler and Drug Dealer and elicit drug user, all felonies if he had been caught. He was able to fool many people and not get caught. That’s a remarkable skill. He was flying the Lt. Gov. of Florida and smuggling drugs from Jamaica to Florida according to Bob’s own words. Quite gifted.

    Paul is gay. I don’t know if he was born that way or was made gay. There is evidence that seems to point to a person being born gay or becoming gay. Many gay men were “turned” gay through being molested, many were born gay it appears.

  8. Bob also had me shower with him when we were at the Howard Street Visalia home. I don’t recall being touched, but I recall feeling uncomfortable about it, it’s a small one person shower. I was entering 4th grade when moved to that home.

  9. Hi Alex, Thank you for the clarification. It’s appreciated.

    I know you like to deal in facts, and are very specific when it comes to posting information, and that you also are a very logical thinking person.

    It just seemed that there is a danger of presenting the actual facts as being accurate, when not making the distinction between ”accused” “charged” and “alleged”

    Using the word accused can give an impression to some that Bob has been charged, but, now I see that it’s in the realm of accusation only. Thank you for making that clear.

    Can you also let us know the status of the law suit filed against you by Bob and your mother? What happened to the motion that you filed to have the case dismissed?
    I’m under the impression that the motion to dismiss was denied. Is that correct?

    And, if so, do you have the judges ruling to dismiss available to post here?

    What will happen from here, is the denial to dismiss, if that’s what happened, will you appeal it the denial, or has that already happened?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Paul expressed that he is afraid to press charges against Bob, though I found out last year that due to a loophole in California Law, Paul can still bring charges for sexual abuse, but Paul won’t bring those charges in Tulare County California b/c Bob is BFF’s with the former Sheriff, the Police Chief, the former DA and is very politically connected. Bob also pioneered the Visalia Police Chaplain program and was “on the force” in his mind for many years and cozied up to law enforcement there. One of the higher ups on the Tulare County Sheriff’s department, a man named Kevin Mizner, was on staff at Bob’s Calvary Chapel, the former Sheriff Bill Wittman attended and gave to Bob’s Calvary Chapel Franchise, etc etc. The former DA Phil Cline spoke at Bob’s Calvary Chapel and endorsed Bob’s book “A Common Miracle” in the foreword, so did a former Visalia Police Chief, so did the Sheriff.

    I filed child abuse charges for my personal abuse in Visalia several years ago and the VPD watered down the report and didn’t include key testimony, though the interview was recorded and would tell the complete story along with the emails I sent to Detective Diltz as a follow up, but I’m sure that interview is lost or something by now. The report that did make it to the DA was kicked back and I was told by Detective Bill Diltz due to “statute of limitations”

  11. Paul, however, can still press charges in California in another jurisdiction, but he has said he doesn’t have the strength and resolve at this time to do so (but he hasn’t closed the door on it). He is afraid of Bob and afraid of the vicious vindictive nature of Bob and what he will be put through if he comes forward. Paul sees that Bob and his Calvary Chapel Camp have sued me and Paul sees the vicious attacks they’ve made against me and my family online, in the courts, from the pulpit and elsewhere.

    That, I believe, is why Bob and defacto Calvary Chapel (the money comes from money given to Calvary Chapel in the name of Jesus to fund the lawsuits) sued me and not Paul. Paul made the accusation, I simply believe him and spoke up but Bob sued me and not Paul.

    Why? B/c I believe Bob is trying to scare and intimidate Paul into not pressing charges with threat of lawsuit behind it and i think that Bob is trying to scare and intimidate me and the many others from coming forward with regards to his abuses (financial, spiritual and child abuse).

    Paul will press charges if he’s sued for speaking up. I am encouraging him (and have from the moment I found out) to press charges regardless, but I can’t force him or anyone to do anything I just know what I would do, but I’m a lot tougher than most and even so, Bob’s and Calvary Chapel’s tactical lawsuit did take a toll.

  12. I’m much more prepared now than ever, though and even more resolved. I’m frankly ready for World War 10 and will fight Bob and CC to the end. My brief moments of fear and weakness are gone. I’ll fight it the way I choose to fight it and have a number of good options at my disposal no matter the outcome.

  13. Bob Grenier is simply a microcosm and Symptom of the larger Problem in the Calvary Chapel Association, something I’ve been saying for years.

    The core of the Problem is the bad cult-like doctrine and indoctrination of “Calvary Chapel Pastors are Specially Anointed by God!” and the Moses Model of church leadership that is taught and practiced that gives the senior CC pastor all the power, all the ownership/control of the assets, and total authority in their franchise. This promotes dangerous cult-like tendencies like abuse and corruption, opacity, etc.

  14. Hi again Alex.

    Thank you for the details you just posted.

    Can you if you have the time, respond to my questions about the law suit, and do you have the judges ruling that you can post, if indeed the motion to dismiss was denied.

    And, you have mentioned before the financial toll this has taken on you and your family. I can only imagine.

    Financial transparency is important to you and to others, and it might be helpful to your fund if you could post what this has cost you and the other defendant.

    Again, thanks in advance

  15. The case in the California Appellate Court in Fresno. Bob’s Camp, to my knowledge, tried to get the case dismissed from Appellate Court, but the Court of Appeals agreed to take up the Case.

    The opening briefs were filed in December in that Court. We are hopeful the 3 judge panel will over-rule the lower court’s decision that we believe was “shocking” as our attorneys put it with regards to the bizarre interpretation of the facts regarding Anti-SLAPP laws and Free Speech and not seeing Bob’s/CC’s attempt is clearly an act of intimidation and silencing victims through the use of the Courts.

    Bob/CC has deep pockets and an unfair advantage over me. They can sue me and others into silence and use the Court as a weapon to dodge accountability.

    If the Appellate Court upholds the lower courts decision, then child abuse and church abuse victims in California will be running scared. All the abusive public figure has to do is sue them or threaten to sue them to keep them quiet. These public figures have a giving base and a church system behind them, they are in a very powerful position and the individual victim who speaks up is in a very weak position. Bob and CC know this and are attempting to exploit this.

    If public figures like say a Jerry Sandusky are able to sue their victims for coming forward with abuse testimony, then you’ll see a lot more victims staying silent for fear of retaliation in the courts. It would be a huge Chilling Effect on Free Speech which is often the only recourse victims of abuse have left since statute of limitations laws are in effect and it is proven norm that many victims aren’t able to come to terms with the abuse until much later in life.

  16. I tried to deal with the issue through the church, but Calvary Chapel (though they’ve gotten involved in many other local CC situations that are documented) stone walled and defended and then went on offense.

    The door to the courts was closed to me for me to get an attorney on contingency to fight the battle.

    The door to the criminal justice system was closed to me as well due to statute of limitations.

    My only recourse is Free Speech and to speak out about my experiences and the experiences of others at the hands of this Public Figure in a position of trust who has great influence over vulnerable people.

    Take my Free Speech away and you create a very destructive System with no legal recourse for a victim other than to just take it and keep silent even though they know others should be warned.

  17. Back victims into corners with no legal recourse, then re-abuse the victims by suing them and trying to bankrupt them and ruin them on top of the abuse you already perpetrated…and you have a massive injustice and are asking for huge trouble.

  18. Alex, it sounds like it’s cost you a lot of money to defend yourself. Can you disclose both how much it’s cost you, and what you will do if you lose on appeal?

    I know you had a defense fund set up, has that helped at all?

    Thank you.

  19. Information about the lawsuit is available on the side in the sidebar or you can review the numerous articles. The current suit in the Appellate Court can be accessed via the California Court of Appeals website. Do a search and you should be able to find the details you seek.

    As to my personal finances, f off, I’m not a church collecting money under the guise of “it’s for Jesus!” and I am not actively soliciting money from people to fund my “ministry/business” in the name of Jesus under the guise it will be used to help people (other than myself).

    The little bit of money we’ve collected from our donate button on here has gone directly to court costs, but we have been out-of-pocket as well. Fortunately our attorneys are doing much of the work on contingent basis.

    The toll on my family is also quantified in other ways.

    I will publish, however, the money that was collected from the donate button and used toward court costs. Now Calvary Chapel’s turn: Go.

  20. Your Not Alone, some questions for you:

    Do you think the Calvary Chapel Association should have a mandatory Child Protection Policy in place in the by-laws of a Calvary Chapel proposing Affiliate? Why or why not?

    Do you think the Calvary Chapel Association should have a mandatory by-law to publish finances at least yearly that shows what Jesus-money was collected and where it went? Why or why not?

    How do you think the Calvary Chapel Association as a System should respond to a sitting CC pastor that is accused by his blood son of sexual abuse?

    How should CC handle child abuse accusations against a sitting pastor?

    How should CC handle a Jonesboro CC teaching child abuse?

    Your responses are appreciated.

  21. “Your Not Alone
    Submitted on 2013/05/10 at 12:07 am
    Is there anyone who knows if Bob and Gayle Grenier, through the law suit that they are now allowed to move forward on, will be issuing a court order to the various web providers who will be mandated by the court to reveal the true names and identities of the different people who have posted under fake names?.

    Not everyone, but only those people who have supported Alex and Tim by saying things about Bob and Gayle that may be considered to be defamatory and also libel.

    I’m concerned that those true identities will prove to be very embarrassing.

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance”

    Hello Camp Bob! LOL

  22. More scare tactics. Nice try.

  23. How ’bout I subpoena your ip address and then your service provider and out who you are…as you’ve suggested Camp BG should do above…may that prove embarrassing?

  24. It would be interesting to know how deep Bob’s pockets are now that his Pastor/Papa has passed. Will the new leadership provide funding? Will the men who were stopped by Chuck from confronting BG resume that effort? Will BB see his responsibility to clean house (which should be added to the list of reform demands, as suggested on the other thread).

    And My Not Alone, the ruling you asked about is somewhere in the Lawsuit Archive at the top right of this page. 4/9/13 I believe.

  25. Comcast, Visalia, 93277 zip code.

    Your Not Alone, question, do you go to Calvary Chapel Visalia? Do you know Bob?

    Again, thanks in advance.

  26. I’ve been told that Bob hit up his rich brother, my Uncle Bill (who is Paul’s blood Uncle) recently.

    Bill is a great guy, not at all like his little half brother.

    I’ve been told that Bill told Bob to lose his number unless or until Bob dropped the lawsuit. Bill has read the blog and speaks with Paul.

    I’ve been told that Bob tried to contact Bill, Bill won’t respond but that Bob’s reason was he needs money.

  27. Your Not Alone asks questions but doesn’t answer any, I wonder why? LOL

  28. Alex, in the interest of transparency and accountability please tell us what you had for lunch. Thanks in advance.

  29. Alex
    Talking about not answering questions we heard calvary oceanside originally sent the Apples (pastor and wife team) to Israel so we contacted Mike Reed senior pastor of oceanside to comment on why the Apples were not officially registered in Israel and why they don’t have the appropriate visas etc etc – and guess what????No reply!!!

  30. Hey nadev. Are you Shelly Berman’s son? The Sheck may have something in common with you.

    I don’t know if the word “sent” is accurate, but the Apples came from CC Vista. Their son-in-law might be a pastor there.

    Can’t we get back on topic? This Rob fellow seems like the Real McCoy?

  31. nadav,
    I’ll ask again – since you have direct information about law breakers, as a good Christian, why have you not reported them to the authorities?

    If you don’t then you are just gossiping. If you love Jesus you will do the right thing.

  32. The candidate sounds like a typical Tea party thug.

  33. Hay not alone!.. I am not afraid to use my name…unlike you… I found this web page because I was looking into CC on the web after Chuck Smith’s death ( I went to college with Chuck’s daughter). I continue to be DISGUSTED by the “Moses model” i.e… Lack of accountability and all of the abuse at CC. We are all fallen, and ALL need true accountability .. Even ” God’s annointed” ( I consider the use of that phrase by CC to be blasphemy!) It is time the New Teastament model of getting a group together to approach the accused wrong doers… That is what is being done here… Your questions are blowing smoke… Diverting from the real issues…Not addressing the core lack of accountability of CC!! And, you are adding to the bad press that CC is getting, and will continue to generate…is that your intent??

  34. Hay “Your not alone”… After rereading your posts… You sound like a lawyer? Are you? If so, what is your intent in your questions? You make it sound like care about Alex… But then, the questions sound legal? If so, are you not being deceptive… If so, not very Christian like? But, if you are part of the CC leadership, you can do that because you are part of “Gods anointed”??

  35. FYI everyone who might remember me. This “Your Not Alone” ahole is not me. Thanks for exposing this person quickly Alex.

  36. Super Motel 6:

    Possibly but the Apples state on their website that they have a training center at Oceanside.However we received an email from Pastor Mike Reed that he has passed the info on and requested the Apples get their house in order -so hats off to Mike Reed in that case.


    You are absolutely right so we have reported the Apples.We understand they will be refused entry or held for questioning and fined either way (since we no longer have the death penalty in Israel) is fine with us.

  37. Your Not Alone:

    What ever you are being paid I hope its worth it.How do you sleep at night?????

  38. Nadav: FYI


    Updated information on Saving Grace World Mission FB that mentions the Apples, I believe.

  39. Hello Alex, I know this is off topic and you can move it to a more appropriate if you are inclined. This is something that is bothered me for years and I would appreciate some insight.
    Every time I am in church and I hear some form of the word “corporately”, as in “Lord we come before you corporately…”, or “we shall take communion corporately”, I want to scream. It seems to have become popular in the mid ’90’s and has never passed. It bothers me to the point that I lose some respect for the user. Any insights among this “corporation of bloggers” as to why I might feel this way? Thank you for your input.

  40. Thanks Jlo.

    “This series will focus on the direction of the Calvary Chapel movement at large, as well as the distinctives that make Calvary Chapel unique, said Pastor Daniel Vasquez of the Fontana church.”

    But…err, Chuck Smith said they’re all independent blah, blah, blah…but they’re a “movement at large” and share “distinctives” that unite them together etc.

  41. Jeff said, ” It is time the New Teastament model of getting a group together to approach the accused wrong doers… That is what is being done here… Your questions are blowing smoke… Diverting from the real issues…Not addressing the core lack of accountability of CC!! And, you are adding to the bad press that CC is getting,”

    Amen in zillion font size.

  42. Max said, “…. as to why I might feel this way? ”

    B/c you detest Christianeze like I (and probably a lot of folks on here) do? 🙂

  43. Super Motel 6 said, “Can’t we get back on topic? This Rob fellow seems like the Real McCoy?”


  44. I might add to all of this that I think I know why CC is so against Calvinism… At the least the brand of Calvinism that I am aware of believes in very strong balance of powers in churches/church governance, with pastor held to account on what they preach and do… In fact, there are those that believe/suggest that balance of power in government, while not directly related to Calvin’s teaching, was effected by his teachings… So, CC, and good old Chuck Smith would have hated Calvinism… goes directly AGAINST his “Moses Model”…

  45. Not your best, SupMo, but we’ll leave the light on for you. And your Tailor.

  46. Hey “Your not alone”
    Thanks for having Alex post the court proceedings, including the first hand, court testimony of allocations of Bob Greniers alleged DISGUSTING behavior!! I would not have read about it if you had not pressed the issue!!! I am now even more convinced about the DEPRAVITY of CC “non-demonination-demonination” and CCV!, and for that matter, the Police Department of Visalia!! I can not, for the live of me, understand why the Board of Elders of CCV has not had its own hearings on this matter!! But then again, I guess BG is “Moses” and can do no wrong?? In my church, we would have had a hearing, and gotten to the bottom of it..and something would have been DONE.. someone (or a group of people) is clearly lying.. either the stuff happened or it didn’t, and NO church should support this kind of stuff, or any COVER UP. But then again, the Moses model, and “God’s anointed” can do no wrong?? As has been posted before, how do all of you CCiers sleep at night??? Abuse of kids, especially Sexual abuse, is the lowest form of DEPRAVITY I can think of..

    All of you CC iers that are supporting the CC system on this web page are contributing to the message getting out more and more about how DEPRAVED CC is.. GREAT JOB!! I am in Ohio and now have learned allot.. and telling my friends about it!! Even if you succeed in squelching Alex, the cat is out of the bag now!!

    Again, “Your not alone”, I have the guts to post my name!! unlike you….

  47. P.S.
    Hey “Your not alone”
    I had a further thought…. The NT states Christian should not sue each other… but, BG and CCV is suing Alex… Interesting, since CC believes in the “Moses model” and that all of the leaders of CC are “God’s Annointed”, does that mean this is a new revalation from G&D and it is OK to sue each other now?? Could you answer that question for me?

  48. Jeff

    I get your being upset with the ” moses model,” but there are other perspectives on this.

    I was raised Jewish and was a big hobbyist as a child. I loved making model tanks, airplanes and particuarly arcraft carriers. My uncle knew this of me and as such gave me the best present I ever received…from a Jewish store on Fairfax Blvd. It was the most intricate and well-crafted model out there…a Moses Model with staff, robes, sandals and all except it looked more like Mel Brooks in face than Charlton Heston.

    So would ‘ya lighten up on the Moses model thing?

  49. “Your not alone” I wish this daily. A personal weakness I admit but it is what it is.

  50. Supper Model 6…… Good one!

  51. Jeff Chalmers, since you boasted of your courage in posting your name in contrast to your not alone not doing so, let me ask if you have enough courage to admit that since Alex is not a Christian (he has denied completely the historic faith), that it must be OK to sue him in a court of law? I am amazed that so many continue to side with an unbeliever in this thread.

  52. How do you know I’m “not a Christian”?

    Chuck Smith denied major tenets of the “historical orthodox Faith”…Chuck Smith denied the literal physical bodily resurrection of saints in lieu of some sort of spirit-body.

    You can find this articulated by Chuck on the Calvary Chapel Wiki here:


    Chuck Smith also had a “not-orthodox” view of the Trinity here:


    Chuck also had some “not-orthodox” views on several other issues as well:




    Was Chuck Smith “not a Christian” b/c he disagreed with a major historically orthodox Faith position?

    Are you saying that Chuck Smith is in hell? Chuck Smith expressed many many views and gave many teachings that are not considered “historical orthodox Faith”

    What say you?

  53. I am what I (and many others) would call a Christian Agnostic or a Christian in the liberal end of the theological tent.

    I believe that is is more likely that God “is” than God isn’t.

    I believe (on Faith, I can’t prove it) that Jesus is the Messiah and I hope in Jesus for my salvation (whatever that is).

    I believe if God is truly “good” and truly merciful and truly that when Jesus said, “I give you a new law, love your enemies” “as your father in heaven is perfect” that God will redeem the whole of his creation in the end…despite your wish that most of humanity will be tortured in hell forever with no end.

    Why are ‘you’ a Christian? Why am I not a Christian? Surely you can defend your statements is you are so sure? My guess is you can’t and won’t, which is telling.

  54. Hey “Just thininkg”

    Being a “believer” or not is irrelavent with respect to wheather abuse happened, and whether the system should look into it… I am “boasting” because I am willing to put my name to what I said??? It is more that I am willing to take some heat if I have to, for what I am saying. I think not putting your name to things like this being a coward. Abuse should not be tolerated, espeically on children.

    If I were a member of that Church, I would demand a open hearing after, in a court of law, such charges were made. Churches need to hold standards higher than a court of Law and “Statues of limitations”… What has been discussed on this Blog is as bad as what has happened in the Catholic Church and at Penn State… and if we do not blow the whistle this stuff will just continue. Also, if it can be shown that all of these acqusations against BG are lies, then something should be done agaisnt the liers.. either the stuff happened or didn’t, and any hint that the Church is covering it up is terrible…

  55. Hey “Just thinking”
    I am a Unviersity Professor at a “Secular” University. If $%^& like what has been listed on this blog took place, at the University, and I knew about it, and the system tried to cover it up, I would blow the whistle as well.. (That is exaclty happened at Penn State and it has been a disaster for them) IT HAS NOTHING to do with my faith statement. This is NOT BOASTING.. this is duing what I consider the “right thing”… and willing to take heat for it.
    Christiainty is constantly under attack, to a large extent, due to people claiming to be “Christians” and behaving in manners that are inconsistent with that title. That is why the New Testiment directs us to get a group together and confront the person.. That is what this blog is partially doing (I realize it goes off this goal most of the time).

    Did you read the sworn court testimony??? People have been put in jail for along time for being conficted of those types of crimes…..

  56. Hey “Just thinking”
    As I continue to read your post, I think of more points to make!! I have not made my posts by just “believing” the person you claim to be a “non-believer”. I have read the document links provided, including court documents, and well as the various reports/discussion of the “Moses model”, and the leaders of CC to be “Gods annointed” . I then went to some old testiment scolars, some of which speak over 15 acient and modern middle eastern languages, including acient Hebrew, to attempt to understand what “God’s annointed” means. Lets just say, it is not a good idea to claim that!! So, I am not really “siding with Alex”, I made my own decisions. Plus, as I pointed out above, I am really tired of people bashing Christianity as a result of people claiming to Christians and behaving poorly…

  57. so Alex where you able to ask around the calvary chapels about Johanna Michaelsen?

  58. Hey “just thinking” and Alex
    I continue to think about “just thinking”‘s comment further. If one truly/deeply believes in the “touch not the anointed” and the “Moses model”, “Just thinking” might be correct. The CC leadership can determine who is a “Christian” and then, if they decide so-and-so is not a Christian, then suing someone is OK. Kind of reminds me of the Mormons… they basically say they are the only true, “restored” Christians.. and the their “prophet” speaks from G%d to them directly.. for example, African-American could not have leadership in their church prior to 1978, but now, based on a message from G$d, it is OK. (Their prophet, starting with Joseph Smith, was their “Moses”)
    So, if the min-Moses, BG says Alex is not a “Christian”, or CS, for that matter, then it is OK to sue him.. Alex’s above links showing that CS is making doctoral statements that are not consistent with Christian Orthodoxy further supports this line of thinking..

  59. I live in Ventura County and just read about his run for office in our local paper the Ventura County Star. I was stunned and had mixed feelings about it.

    I used to listen to his radio show, now and then, on KDAR Christian radio. It started to be his show was on many times a day and I would have to turn it off. Why? Because he is repulsive. He pulpit bullies his congregants (and once even his own wife) at nausiam. I would be afraid to attend the congregation he pastors because it is so obvious he turns people against anyone who disagrees with him or he disagrees with.

    He also bullied some congregants of his because they would rather homeschool their kids than have more money. How is putting your kids’ education above material possessions supposed to be some kind of sin?

    I was so relieved to find out his radio program wasn’t airing any longer on the station with the new year schedule changes.

    But then I found out he’s running for office, ugh!

    If that is how he pastors his flock, and presents the gospel over the radio…. imagine what he would do as a “public servant.”

    The woman running against him isn’t much better. So who knows who I could plug my nose and bring myself to vote for, or maybe not vote at all for.

  60. A Four Square Church pastor ran for City Council here in Ventura County, where I used to live. All the believers in town were gung ho about voting him in cause he was a believer.

    The man attacked me, a fellow believer on the front page of the newspaper I was journalist for (because I covered City Council meetings) and was unbiased when he wanted me to be biased.) Then he spent the next two years dismantling the city budget and bankrupting the town.

    The town breathed a sigh of relief when he finally got voted out and went back to just “pastoring” and thankfully doing good works in the community.

  61. Regarding this post, I am a member of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks (GCCTO) where Rob McCoy has been Sr. Pastor for 12 years.

    It would be greatly appreciated and morally appropriate if the author of the article and post would check facts with people in the community before writing inflammatory assumptions that only cast fear, uncertainty and doubt among readers.

    The comments in the article above indicate that there is a child abuse problem in the Calvary Chapel Association. IF there has been any child abuse at other Calvary Chapels across the country it does not place guilt by association on Pastor Rob’s church. There is NO evidence of child abuse at GCCTO and Pastor Rob and church staff have ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of immoral and illegal behavior.

    Regarding the transparency of financial conditions, the author of the article above is COMPLETELY in error. In October 2013 there was a complete disclosure of church finances to the congregation at GCCTO. Salaries accounted for only 26% of tithing and donations. This is considerably less than the benchmark of churches of similar size where they average 42% of funds to pay salaries. Total operational expenses of GCCTO were less than 60% of receipts. The balance of approximately 40% of funds were used for community outreach, community ministries, and missionary support.

    The author of the article above should check facts and not make unsubstantiated assumptions in an attempt to slander and defame Pastor Rob McCoy.

  62. Jeffrey W, the article is does nothing of the sort, it accurately states that Rob McCoy is a Calvary Chapel affiliate/associate and a member of the Calvary Chapel Association that authorizes the use of the licensed and copyrighted Calvary Chapel name and logo and connection to Chuck Smith.

    Currently, the Calvary Chapel Association DOES NOT require any mandatory child protection policies and DOES NOT require any sort of by-laws for open and transparent finances to be an officially licensed “Calvary Chapel”

    It’s the wild west by agreement/affiliation contract between the individual franchisee Calvary Chapel senior pastor, in this case McCoy, and the Calvary Chapel Association (formerly CCOF).

    I hope what you are stating publicly about McCoy’s franchise is accurate, if so, good.

    Maybe McCoy, as an official Calvary Chapel Affiliate/Associate can ask his Calvary Chapel Association to clean up the rest of the 1,500 Calvary Chapels by requiring a mandatory set of by-laws and best practices to help protect children and to create an environment of OPEN finances.

    Seems those are noble and good goals, no?

    Are you against protecting children and having open finances in Calvary Chapel?

  63. Jeffrey W said, “There is NO evidence of child abuse at GCCTO and Pastor Rob and church staff have ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of immoral and illegal behavior.

    Regarding the transparency of financial conditions, the author of the article above is COMPLETELY in error. In October 2013 there was a complete disclosure of church finances to the congregation at GCCTO. Salaries accounted for only 26% of tithing and donations. This is considerably less than the benchmark of churches of similar size where they average 42% of funds to pay salaries. Total operational expenses of GCCTO were less than 60% of receipts. The balance of approximately 40% of funds were used for community outreach, community ministries, and missionary support.”

    Good, I hope it’s true of McCoy’s franchise, but McCoy’s Calvary Chapel Association that he is a part of does not require these sorts of checks-and-balances as requisite conditions and mandatory for getting the officially license use of the Calvary Chapel name and logo and permission by Affiliation/Association agreement/contract between the prospecting (and if approved official) Calvary Chapel pastor.

    McCoy’s example of ZERO TOLERANCE on child abuse policy at his franchise and McCoy’s example of disclosing finances to the church body (at minimum annually) should be REQUIRED by McCoy’s Calvary Chapel Association as a precondition in the by-laws of the prospective Calvary Chapel franchisee in order to become an official Calvary Chapel.

    Right now, that is not the case. It’s the wild west. There are many Calvary Chapels that McCoy is Associated with that bear the same Calvary Chapel name and logo and claim to Chuck Smith that DO NOT have mandatory Zero Tolerance child protections for abuse (physical and sexual) nor do they have transparent and open finances and basically do whatever they want…and there are many documented examples of abuse and corruption that go unchecked in the Calvary Chapel Association b/c of these lax requirements to become an official Calvary Chapel.

  64. Here’s your proof, Rob McCoy is an official member of the Calvary Chapel Association:


    The Calvary Chapel Association says it is divided up into Regions with “oversight” teams that oversee the senior pastor members of the Association that get to use the Calvary Chapel name and logo that are licensed and they get to be official Calvary Chapel franchises after being given approval after they’ve applied through an application process and agreed by an affiliation/association agreement/contract to some terms and conditions. NONE of the terms and conditions to date require Child Protection policies or open/transparent finances, which leaves the door WIDE OPEN for abuses and corruption in the Calvary Chapel Association.

    Jeffery W., if you want to channel some of that anger in your comment toward actually doing something good rather than shooting the messenger, then tell McCoy to get off his ass and tell his Calvary Chapel Association to make some much needed changes to help protect children in their church system nationwide and to set the right way of open/transparent finances so folks aren’t getting ripped off by giving their Jesus money and not knowing that some of these idiots spend the bulk of it on their lifestyles and friends and family.

  65. I would think that Mr.McCoy would do as Alex stated to show the good people of California that he doesn’t tolerate corruption and abuse in the very organization that he represents worldwide.

    Why wouldn’t any church have these policies included in their bylaws. Otherwise, whenever these types of corruption and abuses came to the surface, there is nothing to hold anyone to an account nor give direction in whether it is even addressed appropriately. Instead, it’s back to the good ole boy club and can be used to blackmail another into staying in line by keeping things secret, while washing (watching) each other backside. Church discipline permits transparency, accountability, protection, and safety for all. IMO that’s integrity.

    Seems to me if a pastor wanted the vote, he would start with his own tribe and show us all just what is and what is not important to him. If he cannot even be one spokesman to affect this type of change within CCA, hmmmm.

  66. Maybe cc pastors are perfect for politics-at least IMO some of them appear to fit the following famous quotes:

    “Politicians are generally people who aren’t quite up to the task but are convinced they are”.

    “I often think about a life of crime but alas politics is not for me”.

    “There are pockets of wealth in this country but mostly these pockets are in politicians pants”.

    “Politicians are judged by what they say and they don’t do”.

    What politicians (and pastors) know or don’t know is that G-d is party to all our deals and decisions,has more votes,a longer memory,and a sterner since of justice than we do.

  67. I was an extremely active member of Rob McCoy’s church from 2003-2005. During that time, I was molested by a member of his staff and know first hand of two other situations where teenagers were molested/sexually assaulted around said time. Rob McCoy knew about the situation involving me and did nothing. He paid for one of the other victim’s parent’s vacation to Hawaii so they wouldn’t press charges and I am not sure if he was aware of the third victim. Interestingly, each situation involved a different perpetrator. I am extremely disturbed by the fact that 1) as mandated by law, Rob McCoy had a legal obligation to report these abuses and did nothing about it and 2) he hires these types of people as part of his staff. About a year ago, I approached the police department to report the abuse that happened to me when I was a teenager. I explained that I was filing a report in an attempt to make sure this wasn’t still happening to other vulnerable teenage girls. At first, they were extremely responsive however once personal information about the suspect was disclosed, I never heard back. I sent approximately 12 e-mails to the investigating officer and nothing. I find it interesting that Rob is a Chaplain with the Police department and up until personal information was shared, they were extremely responsive.

    I know where he stands on child abuse/child protection policies…he doesn’t. If you’re in, you’re protected and if not watch out. bI know this because I lived it. Additionally, I remember him preaching about Miranda’s Law specifically and advocating against it. His stance was that once a man has served his time and is “forgiven”, he should be reinstated back into the community with a clean sheet. Really, Rob? Ideally this would be the case and people would suddenly be healed of their perversions however temptation is a real thing and I bet most people would agree that they would be uncomfortable leaving their children alone with a convicted child molester.

    Posting this is extremely difficult for me…hopefully this sheds some light on a very dark situation.

  68. Concerned, those are very very serious allegations. I am compelled to look into this. Email me at agrenier7 at gmail dot com. I would like to speak with you and will keep your name anonymous unless you choose to go public.

  69. Concerned,
    I am curious what the police said when you filed your complaint?

  70. Left a message for McCoy at his Calvary Chapel franchise.

  71. So, if he says that nothing ever happened – does he stand a chance of being believed by you – or is the call to just prove a coverup?

  72. Dunno, I’d like to hear his side of the story. Was there ever a person who was molested during that time frame that went to his church? That would be a start. Does he know anything about these allegations?

    If the person comes forward, will he or others at his CC Franchise verify this person attended his CC? etc etc.

  73. McCoy has set himself up as a beacon for accountability, so this would be a good opportunity for him to demonstrate that and let us know what this is all about and what he’s doing to help protect kids at his CC franchise.

  74. “If the person comes forward, will he or others at his CC Franchise verify this person attended his CC? etc etc.”

    Ask concerned for cancelled checks to show that she attended this CC – I’m trying to help you along.

    Police report and cancelled checks. I will let you know if I think of more.

  75. Good ideas.

    And, copies of the emails, 12 supposedly, and who they were sent to.

  76. Concerned,

    Just read your comment and the those following yours. Couldn’t move on until I took the time out to say to you, I know (underline) how difficult this must be for you to talk about this, so I am not going to ask you to do so. At the same time, wanted to encourage you in getting Alex involved—-he’s help me and is still there as things progresses or deteriorates—thick and thin. He won’t drop the ball on you as long as you play square with him.

    I know for people who are molested (abused) how important it is to be believed. Just remember, the truth is the truth even if no one believes it. I wish I had more to give you. It’s difficult for me to find the words to express to you to ease your heart a bit. I am so glad you shared—perhaps this is the beginning of being heard for once.

  77. I have a named source who is credible.

    “Concerned” is a real person and I believe her and will pursue this story.

    I have left another detailed message for Rob McCoy at his Calvary Chapel franchise and let him know I plan on doing a story and asked him again for his side of the story.

  78. Alex and Concerned

    May the Lord be with you in all that you do and say to bring truth into the light, so that change will be the byword for all that needs to be done to make things right, honorable, and praiseworthy in His sight.

    Even peacemakers need to raise the banner of the Lord when His people are being trampled under the blood, by that which has been reported, should not be named among them. Blessings to you both.

  79. It just keeps going…and going… the CC model really is corrupt at its core… How many CC pastors are police “chaplin” Is this part of their system? Get involved with the police so you can cover up your internal problems???

  80. I wondered that myself Jeff. So I googled: Police Chaplin Calvary Calvary and far more than I had realized. It is my understanding they are involved with the fire departments too. Not that these are necessarily bad things to do, as I also know a few public servants as well, on the local, state, and federal levels.

    Never used them to cover up any problems, but rather to join with them in protecting the community, to provide intervention, and to report unsavory activities, from time to time. Have never rubbed shoulders with anyone to give me grant me some type of favoritism to do something underhanded or to make me appear more creditable.

    Turns my stomach to know there are some out there that do. Makes it difficult to trust anyone that are in position to protect, uphold that which is right, be it in the community or in the “church.” I cannot imagine what it was like when Alex and his brothers attempted to get help concerning his own situation. This in itself speaks volumes about the courage he has in working towards changing things so other won’t be hurt.

  81. All, there are federal laws, and in our state, state laws against influencing local police departments, commonly called RICO. While orginally targeting organized crime, they can be widely applied. I served on a county grand jury, and it was applied to a drug ring.
    Covering up, stopping investigations of sexual crimes is serious enough alligations to bring in outside law enforcement agencies. I have seen the FBI get involved in several cities when their were allogations of local cover ups. From what i have read on this blog, and independetly read about, there is now at least two indepedent allogations of CC pasters being on local police forces as chaplins, and their influencing police investigations.
    THIS IS VERY, VERY SERIOUS allogations and desirve independent law inforcement investigations. I have seen “Lesser” crimes than sexual violations, and cover-ups results in outside law enforcement investigations leading to convictions.
    I am not a “bitter christain”.. have nothing directly to do with CC, but these types of alligations deserve outside law enforcement investigation. The church should be lilly white on this, not the way CC is handling it!!

  82. Linda

    IMO the “church” gets involved in situations that only qualified professionals ought to assess. In this respect they act as the Vatican. They are their own government. It can be an issue of sin, but the “church” does not always have qualified health experts who have been trained to deal with these situations. I have seen it firsthand. Someone takes a few months of Biblical counseling and then attempts to tackle eating disorders. They don’t do the person service by reading them Bible verses. Same can be said of PTSD as a result of abuse. They don’t know their limitations.

  83. PS..have you seen the church call out gluttony? The Bible has much to say on the issue.

  84. “Jeffrey W says:
    February 21, 2014 at 11:36 am (Edit)
    Regarding this post, I am a member of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks (GCCTO) where Rob McCoy has been Sr. Pastor for 12 years.

    It would be greatly appreciated and morally appropriate if the author of the article and post would check facts with people in the community before writing inflammatory assumptions that only cast fear, uncertainty and doubt among readers.

    The comments in the article above indicate that there is a child abuse problem in the Calvary Chapel Association. IF there has been any child abuse at other Calvary Chapels across the country it does not place guilt by association on Pastor Rob’s church. There is NO evidence of child abuse at GCCTO and Pastor Rob and church staff have ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of immoral and illegal behavior.

    Regarding the transparency of financial conditions, the author of the article above is COMPLETELY in error. In October 2013 there was a complete disclosure of church finances to the congregation at GCCTO. Salaries accounted for only 26% of tithing and donations. This is considerably less than the benchmark of churches of similar size where they average 42% of funds to pay salaries. Total operational expenses of GCCTO were less than 60% of receipts. The balance of approximately 40% of funds were used for community outreach, community ministries, and missionary support.

    The author of the article above should check facts and not make unsubstantiated assumptions in an attempt to slander and defame Pastor Rob McCoy.”

    Jeffery W. I am assuming you are Jeffrey White who does the blog for Rob McCoy’s Campaign.


    I have contacted Rob McCoy’s Calvary Chapel franchise and left two messages for McCoy to respond to allegations by a former female congregant who claims she was molested by a staff member of McCoy’s Calvary Chapel. Is this true? Are you aware of this situation?

    You claimed in your comments that my concerns about lax accountability and lax child protections in the Calvary Chapel Association that McCoy is an official member of through an Affiliation contract/agreement was “slander’ and “defamation”…yet a very credible source has come forward who alleges McCoy’s CC didn’t handle a sexual abuse matter properly and alleges other victims from McCoy’s CC and alleges attempts at covering it up.

    What say you?

    Why won’t your candidate return my phone calls?

  85. Jeffrey White, if you are the Jeffrey W who posted on here and the same Jeffrey White that is part of Rob McCoy’s campaign, your candidate has a lot of explaining to do and I don’t appreciate you coming on my blog and accusing me of “slander” and “defamation” when my concerns about Calvary Chapel Association is well founded and the fact there is now a very credible woman who is coming forward alleging similar situations at your candidate’s Calvary Chapel franchise.

    In fact, you accusing me of slander and defamation might be slander and defamation.

  86. I know McCoy has big money behind him, but hopefully those folks have a sense of right and wrong and have some character and don’t pick a side until they hear this matter and judge the credibility of the person coming forward and the allegations.

    If we are ever going to get past “politics as usual” then you’ve got to do the right thing even if it is ‘your guy’ who may have made some big mistakes and errors.

  87. Hey Jeff W
    Every church I have attended (> 5 churches) have always, EVERY year, fully published its budget. Great that your church does this once, this Should be done by ALL churches Every year! . from what I hear, for most (many) CC do not, and attack anyone that asked. excuse me? The NT is clear about accountability in the Church! In the 12 years tha Mr McCoy has been senior paster has he done this? Or just now since he is running for office?

    Concerned above clearly contradicts your statement that abuse is not tolerated in your church. Further, and even worse, concerned says that McCoy, as a police Chaplin, has stopped a police investigation ?? This is organized crime territory, and indicates incredibly serious crimes. If Mr. McCoy is really interested in representative of all people, he will come clean on this and public!!! This is worse, IMHO than the scandal with Kristie in NJ.

    Finally, considering all of the court testimony in the. Granier case, and the. Lack of accountability in the CC organization, I think that the CC organization, and any one associated with it, has NO credibility.

  88. Hey Jeff W:
    I will tell you what I told Matthew 18 in regard to Pastor Russell of CC Melborne-if your pastor is so darn concerned why doesn’t he come forward and give us his version- if he and his leadership are so into zero tolerance then let’s hear it from the man himself.if he is so sure that nothing is going on then he won’t object to open questioning on this or any either forum.

  89. AND if he is a police chaplain AND if there is any wrong doing AND if the police are ware if a wrong doing and covering for him that to me warrants investigation by federal authority.

  90. nadav, Jeff, CC Abuse regulars…Concerned is going to come forward. She is very credible. She is an officer in our military and is at a stage in her life where she’s ready to confront the issues in order to help other girls and teens from being abused in a similar manner in the future in Calvary Chapel.

  91. Wow

  92. There are no words to describe how I feel for “concerned” and the brave and incredible thing she is doing to come forward not just for herself but for others who have been abused,are being abused and to deter any further “acts” in the future.
    Our prayers and support go out to her.

  93. So what did the cops say about Concerns rape charges?

  94. Did she say anything about rape?

  95. Concerned, I’m sorry for what happened to you and the others. I’m really glad you are speaking up to protect others and call these leaders to account.

  96. I believe at this stage it is extremely tacky to want to know who said what about whatever and to allow Concerned together with Alex to concentrate on the task of bringing the truth before the necessary authorities and that Concerned know she is not alone.
    And like Hannah said who mentioned rape?????????

  97. I have contacted Rob McCoy for his side of the story for a third documented time now (cell phone records will verify this).

    I have phoned and emailed the Simi Valley Police department and the specific officer who reportedly was made aware of the allegations possibly as far back as March 2013.

    I have received more info from my source who is going to come forward. I have verified that she is in fact an officer in the US Air Force and very credible.

    I am building a story. Stay tuned.

  98. MLD I will ban you immediately if you step one millimeter out of line. I’ve learned that from the blog host at PhxP with regard to disagreement. He essentially muzzles those who disagree through passive aggressive techniques…I’ll choose the direct straightforward approach. Troll somewhere else.

  99. Well, just got a call back (finally) from Rob McCoy. What a prick.

    Threats, yelling etc. Nice approach there candidate.

    He does dispute my source’s allegations and called it an “affair”

  100. McCoy also said he’d bury me, I told him to f**k off.

  101. I told him I just want the truth and was glad he finally called to give his side of the story. If he was more reasonable, I’d be able to present more of his side of things, but he’s chosen the path of yelling, threatening, saying he’ll go all the way and that he’ll bury me etc…so be it.

  102. McCoy didi confirm that my source did attend his Calvary Chapel franchise and that there was some sort of sexual situation, but McCoy called it an “affair”

  103. McCoy, I know you and yours are reading here…you may think I’m a piss ant and you can squash me like a bug…but you’ll find out in the coming years that I am the most persistent hard SOB you’ve ever encountered and I thrive on David vs. Goliath situations.

  104. Right now I have a US Air Force Captain alleging some very serious things…and then I have a CC Pastor and candidate who yells at me and says it was an “affair” and that he’s going to bury me.

    This story is even more bizarre than this and those details may come out in time, we’ll see how it goes.

  105. Wow, I guess “Moses” can play hardball?? But then, Moses did get mad and break the stone ten commandments! Also, I think Mr McCoy’s opposition in the primaries, and if he makes to the general election would like to hear about all of these issues… especially when the candate plays the “spiritual/holliness/accountability” card…

  106. Jeff, yep, Moses wants to play hardball.

    I forwarded the info to my attorneys in California.

  107. I reached out to McCoy’s billionaire donor and let him know McCoy’s best option is to present me as much fact-based information to refute the allegations as possible and that I will present both sides of the story. Threatening to bury me and running to court will only blow this matter sky high and go poorly for McCoy and make him look guilty in my opinion.

  108. I want to know if church money (i.e. money given as tithes) was used to “buy off” other “victims” ???

  109. McCoy said he had seen emails from the rich donor, so I assume the donor will send him the recent correspondence as well.

  110. Jeff, dunno about that, I know there are allegations by my source that another girl’s family was sent on a paid-for vacation, I don’t know it to be fact, but is is a first-person sourced allegation from someone who I believe to be credible and it is a very serious matter of public interest, the issues of Child Abuse, Rape, and finances or use of church monies.

    Once I have more of the story put together, I will give McCoy yet another opportunity to refute or present information that refutes the several allegations.

  111. Why would you ban me because the other guy banned you? Doesn’t that seem silly? I never asked him to ban you.Everytime you get banned I call for him to let you back – I even told him to let Doug G. back who seems to be on permanent ban.

    Now if you want to ban me because you are slow on the uptake and fall behind in our discussions, well I guess that may be the safest route for you.;-)

  112. MLD, fair enough. Just don’t troll, if you’ve got a legit disagreement, no problem, but I think you know what I mean by trolling.

  113. Back on the Mr McCoy issue, did you tape, and let him know you taped the conversation? I think threating you like that is also a public issue, given he is a pastor, preaching a “distictive” gospel, and he wants to run for office. The idea that he will “bury” you, IMHO, is a relavent public discussion.. Is he going to threaten his political opponents? CA politics can be much more nasty than what is going on here… especially when “Concerned” posted on her own will???

  114. It is a public issue and he was threatening me, but I took it as legal and not physical, though if he’d like to personally follow up on a physical threat, I’d be glad to send him a map to my location and I’m sure the two of us could sort things out if he wanted to go macho.

  115. Got a mea culpa email from Rob McCoy. He apologized for how he approached me this morning. He says he’s not going to sue me no matter how I report the story.

    He’s got a campaign launch tomorrow and then he said we could talk after that.

    My goal is to find out what happened, how it happened, and what can be done within Calvary Chapel Association to better protect kids and to promote financial transparency.

    I want to change the mindset that sincerely believes an underage teen and an adult can be an “affair” that is the same thing I was told by CC pastors regarding the Ayub statutory rape.

    It is not an affair when it is an underage teen and an adult in a position of trust as a church staff, youth pastor or pastor. It’s sexual abuse even if the underage teen seems to have consented.

    The other issue is that folks may repent of past sins, but you don’t put an ex-drunk behind the bar as a bartender. If a staff, youth pastor, youth worker, pastor etc as an adult has sex with an underage person or is charged with some sort of child sex abuse or got into some sort of trouble with that regard, they shouldn’t be put back in a position with underage teens, kids etc. It’s a risk that shouldn’t be taken. Let them serve Jesus in some other capacity.

  116. I agree… Here in Ohio they remove teachers from the schools when they have affairs with under age school kids… There are laws, and things like this happen… Admit it, deal with, remove the person, prevent them from being in such a position again, and move on.
    When will leaders learn that coming clean, dealing with it (not cover it up) and moving on his how you build RESPECT?… It is not the end of the world that this happens, the Church, of all places, that preaches man is sinful, should be able to deal with this?.
    But, this still does not address potential other issues, nor the lack of financial accountability, including alleged payoffs to other parents? Or Police influence?

  117. Jeff, extremely well put.

  118. Jeff, I agree and I would be pleasantly surprised by a response that cops to some error and says, “I was wrong, I should not use the word ‘affair’ to describe a sexual situation between a an underage teen and adult”

    If my memory is correct, McCoy did say he reported Concerned’s issue to police at the time. I will ask him for clarification when we talk next.

    We now know for fact who Concerned is, that she is in fact a Captain in the US Air Force, that she did attend McCoy’s Calvary Chapel franchise during the years she stated above, that there was sex between an adult at McCoy’s CC who befriended Concerned through the church relationship and that Concerned was an underage teen and not a consenting adult.

    Concerned’s concern is not for herself, she is an officer in our military and appears to be mentally tough and mature and her concern, I believe, is for the future kids who will face similar situations in Calvary Chapel.

    It is the pastor’s job to protect the kids first and foremost and to tell his franchise what is right and wrong and to define terms clearly. It is not an “affair” when an adult in a position of trust in a church makes sexual advances to an underage teen and there is sex that occurs. That is a crime, not an affair.

  119. McCoy may have an opportunity to turn this around and exercise some leadership with these issues. He has expressed to me that the issue of sex abuse he takes personally and he was quite upset that he was linked in some way to this issue as he says he’s passionate about it. He does seem to be squared away with the financial transparency already.

    If McCoy is serious, and if he wants to turn this around, I encourage him to get on the right side of this child abuse issue, cop to any past mistakes and then set a strong tone for the future inside the Calvary Chapel Association and use his influence to make clearly defined Child Protection policies mandatory in the Calvary Chapel Association “affiliation” agreements as mandatory by-laws in the CC pastor franchise application to become an official Calvary Chapel with rights to use the name and dove logo and claim Association etc.

    McCoy didn’t commit the abuse. However, he has a responsibility to the victims of abuse at his CC franchise and to the kids at his CC today to do the right thing and make this issue a priority and more clearly defined.

  120. McCoy and the other 1,500 Calvary Chapel Associate franchisees also need to take some responsibility for their Association and tell the CC Association Board that it’s time for some common sense changes to the Affiliation Agreement to include more than just doctrinal “distinctives” and pledging allegiance to the Chuck Smith brand.

    It’s time to include mandatory by-laws with clear Child Protection policies and yearly financial transparency…i.e. agreement to publish the CC franchisees budget annually showing how much Jesus-money was collected and generally where it was spent so the public can make informed decisions.

  121. I agree.. And for “the record” I have no “axe to grind” against CC, nor have I been personally wronged, despite all of the attacks leveled by supposed CC supports to anyone that posts on this blog about issues with CC…
    My agenda is simple. All churches, just like all secular organizations,
    need healthy accountability/checks and balances… Any warm blooded American should believe and support this…. The phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is more true of the church than secular organization… The church holds an “eternal insurance policy” over people’s heads. And, I am personally disgusted by all of the evil that is been done in “the name of Christ” over the last 2,000 years. I taking a little heat for making a stand for open accountability is nothing compared to the evil to others done in the “name of Christ”… And it ultimately comes to the “little people” that gets raw end of this evil…

  122. Jeff, I want to run some stuff by you offline (by email) and get your take. You are tied for the smartest persons I know (my prof. uncle and MIT PhD cousin 🙂 )

    Thank you for taking your time to help publicly address these issues. I really appreciate it. You and many others on here have helped my morale and shown me that there is some flicker of hope in Christianity*. It can feel quite alone where I don’t agree with the Atheists, but I appreciate their proper criticism and concern over church abuses…and I don’t agree with the typical Evangelicals b/c they tend to sweep the abuse issues under the rug or don’t see them as important but would rather scream and yell about gay marriage.

  123. “My agenda is simple. All churches, just like all secular organizations,
    need healthy accountability/checks and balances… Any warm blooded American should believe and support this…. The phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is more true of the church than secular organization… The church holds an “eternal insurance policy” over people’s heads. And, I am personally disgusted by all of the evil that is been done in “the name of Christ” over the last 2,000 years. I taking a little heat for making a stand for open accountability is nothing compared to the evil to others done in the “name of Christ”… And it ultimately comes to the “little people” that gets raw end of this evil…”

    Carve it in stone. Very true words. Thanks for standing up and putting your name to it.

  124. Linda, Nadav, Hannah, Grateful, Tina and all you others (so many I could list)…thank you as well. It’s the right thing.

  125. Sure

  126. Jeff, u got mail

  127. Jeff said, “My agenda is simple. All churches, just like all secular organizations,
    need healthy accountability/checks and balances… Any warm blooded American should believe and support this…. ”

    I stand with you both, Alex & Jeff (along with many others,) with this agenda.

  128. So McCoy yelled and threatened to “bury you,” Alex? Why am I not surprised?

    It’ll take more than him just schmoozing you and making a quick apology to make this right. He will need to follow up with cooperation, compassion, and show patience on his part.

    I do hope, Alex, that you take all precautions necessary, such as taping conversations, keeping impeccable records, and not settling for mere words that are not backed up by actions and attitudes.

    I hope McCoy understands the very public nature of his campaign. That way, even if he’s not a real stand up guy, he can -at least- be influenced to do right to protect his political career. Politics has some accountability built into the job that a Calvary Chapel pastor does not have. If he grasps this … he might be more careful as he proceeds.

  129. Alex
    No thanks necessary-thank you for giving myself and others the opportunity to be heard and in many cases to know we are not alone and there is someone who is prepared to stick his neck out to help.
    You are a diamond Alex.

    Unfortunately unlike Jeff I can’t honestly say that I haven’t an axe to grind regarding Cc.
    We Hebrews are a stubborn breed.the bitter taste that calvary tel Aviv has left in our mouths leaves us no alternative but to continue working to finally rid Israel of calvarys presence.
    Not a very christian attitude at all but one less church in a land full of churches ain’t gonna make a difference.

  130. I would like to vouch, in no uncertain terms, that what Concerned has shared with this forum – including her abuse at the hands of Rob McCoy’s direct support staff member; that Rob McCoy was and is absolutely aware of what happened to her and he CHOSE to do nothing (an aside: an ADULT doing anything to a MINOR is not an “AFFAIR,” it is MOLESTATION – that he would DARE he suggest otherwise is, in and of itself, evidence of his character); that many people in our community are aware of “buy offs” in exchange for not going forward with abuse accusations; that Rob McCoy knowingly hires sexual predators as pastors (youth and college); and that Rob McCoy himself is a blackmailer – is truthful. The atrocities that this man is capable of are almost bottomless. A dear friend of mine has accurately described Rob McCoy as “a Saul who pretends to be a David;” in other words, a very debased man who pretends to be honorable. I know few humans who are as ruthless and power-mad as Rob McCoy.

  131. Thanks, In The Know. I hope you can, and will, step up and tell Alex who you are and support Concerned even further.

    It helps to see you post this support, as I wish others had given me. Tragically, though, Calvary Chapels breed a passivity that lulls most people into silence. Glad to see you are not one of them, In The Know.

  132. Some further perspective…. Over my years, I have been attended/been a member of two churches that removed their pastors… In one case, the church had a smaller group leave with the pastor. In both cases, the “issues” were with the pastor, and his interpersonal skill, or lack thereof… But, NONE of the negatives about either pastor comes close to the things I read on this BLOG… NONE! While not pleasant, the two process of confronting, and subsequently removing, of the pastors was open and deliberate. While neither of my churches were “MEGA” churches of CC style, they were functioning churches with active members involved in all sorts of outreach ministries, many helping the needy ( not running coffee shops for the profit of the church) … Both churches are still functioning… I suppose if you apply the CC criteria of Hugh numbers and celebrity status of the pastor as a success criteria, you could my call past churches “failures”…. But I don’t

  133. Thank you so much to those of you who have supported me through this, especially Alex. I hold no resentment or anger towards anyone involved in my allegations – honestly, I just want the truth to be known so people can make educated decisions as they become more informed in addition to bringing awareness to the lack of transparency when it comes to child abuse in Calvary Chapels. People need to take responsibility for their actions instead of turning away and hiding behind fear masked as forgiveness. Yes, we have a gracious and forgiving God but I feel like people too often use that as a blanket and forget that there are consequences to our actions. Leaders in positions of authority need not abuse that responsibility but instead use it to hold people accountable. Alex mentioned I am in the military; I find it sad that from my experience, the military has done a better job of holding people accountable than Calvary Chapel. Again, I harbor no resentment however policy needs to change because people continue to get hurt. How did we get to a place where predators are protected instead of the children? It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you put steak in front of a dog and tell it not to eat it, it’s eventually going to eat it no matter how well trained the dog is.

  134. Concerned:

    “People need to take responsibility for their actions……”

    “We have a forgiving G-d…….but too ftrn people use this as a blanket”

    Two quotes from your above post which I trust that all those who persist in ridiculing the efforts of this web site will read and take heed.

    I commend you for your strength in coming forward and as you say it is indeed a sorry sight when the military does a better job of holding people accountable and we as brothers and sisters in Christ prefer to treat those of us who suffer for whatever reason to be outcast.
    Shame on each and everyone who takes the cowards way out.

    Thousand of years ago when the priests of ancient Israel put themselves above others-also calling themselves “anointed and above the law-even our Lord-having exhausted His patience went to town on the lot of them and overturned the tables in the temple.

    Thank you for sharing with us Concerned and G-d bless you.

  135. “… hiding behind fear masked as forgiveness.”–Concerned

    Soooo true!

    Forgiveness is often used as a manipulative tool to overlook and remain silent on sin; thus enabling the perpetrator to victimize again.

    Heavy consequences for the little people should they speak of a leader’s moral failure, or any disqualifying characteristic or action. Forgiveness is mandatory for failed leader so he can continue, even though he’s not repentant.

  136. Concerned- Praying that God will use your situation to make much needed changes for the sake of others.

  137. Alex and everyone:

    The season is soon upon us when calvary tour groups will decend upon Israel.
    It is our intention to interview these groups to find out their reactions concerning abuse fraud credibility and accountability.it is highly unlikely they will be happy about the tone of questions but we are certain that the answers (or lack of them)will make for entertaining viewing on You Tube..

    We will with relish keep everyone posted.

  138. We are also pleased to play host to the US military who regularly visit Israel-the port of Haifa a regular stop for the american fleet during their tour of duty in the Mediterranean.

    As with the Israeli military when you hurt one of us you deal with all of us.
    We hope to bring to the attention of any members of the US forces we meet that one of their own suffered at the hands of calvary with the hope that when they return home they will bring pressure on calvary to reform and instigate accountability.

  139. Nadav, that is awesome! Very much appreciated. I’d love to post the videos if and when you get them.

  140. Wow, Nadav! That could be effective.

  141. Alex
    Obviously Alex you will get first look and approval – visits usually start from Easter onwards and hit the usual christian sites.we got the idea when one of us who is a tour guide said he was always bumping into calvary groups .
    Also since calvary franchise in Israel is not a legal registered church ministry or charity there is not a lot they can do about it.

  142. Nadav-

    Isn’t it only the last 4 years or so that CC’s are going to Israel? I thought it was when they started doing the cruises. I had found out when our old CC was doing the cruise that all the employees and Pastors and their families got to go for free and we would all pay 30% extra on our cruise for that!

  143. Hannah:
    No-maybe they do the cruises but groups arrive regularly by air.oceanside (according to Mike Reed) will visit as they do everry year.Groups used to bring an extra suitcase with stuff for cc tel Aviv when they had a center.
    Anyone it doesn’t really matter how they get here-theycan walk here for all we care-we want to make them feel that they can’t ignore their responsibilities-and what calvary do in the USA is not acceptable in the land of our Lord.

    Incidently you are right usually the pastor or the leader of the group and his family travel free.
    If I was a calvary member I would make it my business to find out exactly how much of my hard earned money was contributing to my pastors bank account.

    Normally a group always gets a special group rate or so many free places depending on the number in the group.
    Normally this discount is passed on to everyone.
    If calvary franchieses all use the same tour operator considering the size of cc as a whole the kick back would be enormous.

  144. Hello All,

    Doesn’t Chuck Smith’s other daughter’s husband run some kind of travel service going to Israell?

    Where in the world is Doug G?

  145. LOL!!

    Thanks Doug, and they must have done very well using the travel business going to Israel out of the Mother Load.

  146. I can remember way back in the day when Chuck with a smile on his face would say the scripture “It is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven”. I thought he was playing the ‘class card’ to appeal to all the ‘unwealthy’ people coming in. And people smiled and seemed ‘pleased’, as seems to be typical of poorer people when the ‘class card’ is played, due to their jealousy of the rich or whatever. But I heard Chuck was shrewd when the opportunity presented itself like most self made rich men and grabbed up the rights to maranatha music, etc., and was said to be quite the business man making a ‘ton’ of money. So I wonder, what was that all about? Did he think he would go to heaven being rich?

  147. Sue kinda reminds me of …..

    ………….you can fool all of the people some of the time but…………

    He fooled me with his sweet smile and smooth words!

  148. This is off topic but I was wondering if someone can give me biblical direction with a dilemma I am having.
    If you had an employee who you caught in several lies, and when you have approached them about it and they have made excuses and not repented, and they are heavily involved in their church (Sunday school teachers, etc), do you believe there is a biblical mandate to “tell it to the church” aka contact their Pastor? This employee is not working in this place as of recent, but they left a trail of lies behind as well. Thanks for any input. It almost appears as if you are not leaving it with the Lord to deal with them, but I do believe there is a mandate to do this, although Matthew 18 is “within” the church-so not sure if that is the organization (group) vs individual situations.

  149. What exactly is repentence? Is it someone saying “Yes I lied please forgive me” or is a blank stare and emotions (cries) enough without them admitting what they did-all the while they make excuses.

  150. Hannah – my experience with ‘born again’ Christians is that they are a ‘sick’ lot. Jesus came to heal the sick. ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick’. In my experience, ‘born again’ Christians have not been ‘holy’ so I am not surprised. I could tell you story after story about many many people I knew and know, including a few youth pastors and a couple who went on to be well known pastors who were not so ‘holy’ at times. If you called the employee out on it, I think that is a good thing to do and maybe all that you can do. Although they didn’t own up to you, hopefully they will have a conscience and will learn from it. And maybe they won’t, but that will be nothing new to me. I know some horrible acting people who go to ‘church’ every sunday, etc. I doubt the pastor is going to want to confront this employee, unless their ‘sin’ is really ‘bad’ as far as Christians think, but then no one wants to confront BG it sounds like, so there you go – church behavior as usual. My opinion is – if they were your employee, be glad they are gone and be more careful when hiring next time. Consider Christians and non-Christians who have a ‘great’ work history.

  151. Sue- I remember my megachurch pastor always saying “Do not be unequally yoked”. He carried it over to work situations and said over and over NEVER to be in business with a non-believer. Well, that would probably limit not only who you hire but who you did business with! Could you imagine saying to a prospective client “No-I can’t do business with you because you are not a believer!”–Oh the Kool-aid we all drink! And this one had her Bible opened for many years for all to see on her desk.

    Yes, better to just hire a good worker with good work ethics and as you say “great” work history. Thanks for the feedback. I just believe in my gut that the right thing to do is let her Pastor know but I will just keep praying that her conscience convicts her.

  152. Sue- It makes you wonder when you are really supposed to use Matthew 18.
    And you say some sins are worse than others. God has much to say about liars.

  153. Proverbs6:16-19 ESV

    There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

    How many times are liars mentioned here?

  154. “This is off topic but I was wondering if someone can give me biblical direction with a dilemma I am having.
    If you had an employee who you caught in several lies, and when you have approached them about it and they have made excuses and not repented, and they are heavily involved in their church (Sunday school teachers, etc), do you believe there is a biblical mandate to “tell it to the church” aka contact their Pastor? This employee is not working in this place as of recent, but they left a trail of lies behind as well. Thanks for any input. It almost appears as if you are not leaving it with the Lord to deal with them, but I do believe there is a mandate to do this, although Matthew 18 is “within” the church-so not sure if that is the organization (group) vs individual situations.”

    As someone who has hired abd fired people including “christians” I would say to use wisdom in this as you can put your company at risk when bringing work issues to the outside.

    For example: You fire someone who you go to church with or you know what church they go to. They were an awful employee so you feel compelled to go to the church for some Matthew 18 stuff and then word spreads about what happened at the job so it gets around and makes said former employee unemployable at least to those who are in a position to hire that go to their church. I think you can leave your company in aposition where they can be sued. With that being said, being obedient to God comes first just make sure to count the cost.

  155. Thanks Solomon.
    Good to hear from you.
    Thanks for the wise counsel.

  156. I am in receipt of Rob McCoy’s Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks By-Laws, their Child Protection Policies and their finances.

    Some of the best accountability policies I’ve seen.

    This should be the model for the Calvary Chapel System of churches.

    McCoy has learned a lot from the past and from reading here and elsewhere. His Calvary Chapel franchise currently has some of the best protections and policies in place in the Calvary Chapel system.

    It is right to acknowledge victims of abuse and their pain and not minimize it. It is right to look back a decade or so ago in reflection and say “I could have done better”…it’s also right to acknowledge and applaud and support a pastor and church who has made huge strides in this area and has upped their game and is leading on the issues of protecting Children and being financially transparent.

    I am really happy to see the real things in the packet I received. This is very encouraging. It is b/c of a few things…one is victims speaking up, another is leadership listening and making good changes.

  157. As an aside to the CC pastors and to the Association…the thing that will keep the lawyers at bay more than anything is having these policies in place and then following them and upholding them.

    It is in Calvary Chapel Association’s best interest to make these policies a requirement to get the rights to use the licensed name and logo etc to be an official CC franchise.

    CC pastors, please ask the Association to make this something that is required and mandated through the affiliation agreement and application process.

    Once it’s done in an official capacity in writing and verifiable, I wills shut down CC Abuse.

  158. Alex:
    Oh I wouldn’t jump too fast to close ccabuse- that’s why we have nuclear weapons – its called a deterrent even the best official agreements can go down the toilet – ask anyone at the UN.

  159. This guy’s got more money behind his campaign than Jeff Gorell (R) of Julia Brownley (D) from what I’ve seen of his campaign so far. Thick stock color photo mailers practically every day, a resume on the June sample voter ballot. I know a judge running who told me it was astronomically expensive to put your resume on the sample ballot.

    I’ll have to check where the donations are coming from but it looks kind of suspicious to me because this is not LA or Frisco. Big mullah from on high or way low dough.

  160. Okay folks, my husband just walked in with the mail.

    A PAC called JobsPAC, a bipartisan coalition of CA employers in Sacramento sent out a really pricey looking mailer that says don’t vote for McCoy because he filed a frivilous lawsuit against some teachers at a private school he formed a corporation to purchase and became headmaster of.

    He allegedly filed the suit and it was dismissed after he fired them for refusing to sign a statement of faith. So right there it becomes clear how kinda control freakish this guy might be. The judge said it was “nothing more than an attempt to harass the teachers he fired.”

  161. He was also ordered to pay the defendents $14,520 for attorney fees according to this PAC.

  162. The flier shows a supposed excerpt from the minutes of the lawsuit of the US District Court of CA.

  163. I learned the real scoop about the lawsuit on this AP article (see link below) from January 2013, which nicely details. However this was from before he lost the lawsuit.

    It was stated that McCoy wanted references from the teachers’ pastors. That could be a sticking point for someone between church homes (for example someone previously abused by a CC)


  164. Here’s the link to the website for the JobsPAC I got the flier from. So you be the judge.


  165. An excerpt from an article written by a Ventura County Star reporter on insurance news net says about the candidate….

    McCoy took in $103,152 in contributions over the period, bringing his year-to-date fundraising total to $219,452. He reported $167,264 in expenditures. Because his expenditures include $68,121 in unpaid bills, he was able to end the period with a substantial balance in his account, $93,330.

    Here is the link

  166. Hi Cathryn,

    That mailer is, of course, completely full of crap.

    Here’s the real insider scoop.

    The two teachers originally signed the statement of faith to get their jobs in the first place. They were employed and there were no problems. This policy was to be in line with being a Christian private school. Parents sending their kids to the school want to know that the school faculty are themselves Christians. Every year the faculty was required to sign a new statement of faith and a reference from their pastor, whomever that may be. So most recently, these two, being in cahoots together, decided they did not want to sign their statement, knowing that they would be terminated and give them a lucrative opportunity to sue the school. So the school counter sued for their own rights, to be able to choose their own faculty, for whom they want to be of Christian faith.

    The two teachers were asking for $150,000 each to make this problem go away. Here’s what I think went through their heads, “We could sign the statement of faith and make a measly $50,000 a year… OR we could not sign it, sue and get paid for 3 years of work without working.” Convenient… not very ethical, and not the type of teachers I want teaching my kids, but convenient.

    The judge can make whatever opinion he/she wants, and as some people know, they are just as opinionated as the rest of society, some conservative leaning and some liberal leaning. They can label Mr. McCoy whatever they want, but as a Headmaster of a Christian private school, he was trying to fight for freedom of religion for this small christian preschool. In this case, I believe the statement of faith policy did exactly what it was intended to… separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Just so you know, I send my 2 year old son to that school, so I very much support making sure the teachers are, indeed, Christian, because that’s why I pay for my son to go there. If I sent my son to a public school, I would have a COMPLETELY different view and would side with the two teachers, as there is no reason why they should have to be Christians.

    Peace to you.
    – David

  167. McCoy and I got off to a rough start, but I have since found him to be a guy who has tried to do the right thing and has made many changes over the years at his CC Franchise to get with the emphasis of the times we live in.

    I have reviewed McCoy’s church By-Laws, Child Protection Policies and open Finances…and he’s as good an example as there is for structural accountability apparatus at a Calvary Chapel. That’s from a critic of CC, not a CCool-Aid drinker.

  168. It would appear that his checks and balances are working effectively. There will always be those in the media wanting to put negative spin on anything Christian.

  169. Hi Alex,
    I am impressed with your stance and ability to get to the truth of what is discussed in here. This is the main reason I’m reaching out to you. I’ve met Rob McCoy and actually liked much of what he presented before his campaign took off. I didn’t follow his campaign because I was busy working on something of great importance and stayed out of the political stuff. I was surprised to hear these last two weeks during his campaign was the mass mailings from his competitor. This is a major rumor going around Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and the areas of where his supporters live. I have no means to make any of this public, investigate this any further or take anyone to court, so I ask if you can get involved and find out the following:
    1. The truth. – Did only Rob McCoy’s supporters receive the daily mailers that defamed Rob McCoy as a person?
    2. Who was behind it? – ASSEM. Dist. 44 , Jacqui Irwin [D], Mario De La Piedra [R] are the other two candidates and the scuttle butt around Ventura County is that Mario De La Piedra was behind the mass mailers and not many rumors to confirm or deny that Jacqui Irwin was working with Mario so he would take the fall and Rob McCoy would lose enough support that Jacqui Irwin would become the victor. If I could find evidence that supports her innocence I wouldn’t bring her name into this. Can you find out if she had any involvement or knowledge? I’m asking because this would mean voter office needs to be involved here.
    3. My friend lives in Rob McCoy’s voting district and never received a mass mailer. So this poses a very disturbing question. How did Mario De La Piedra get his hands on the addresses of Rob McCoy’s supporters? Was it only the supporters of Rob McCoy who received the mass mailers? Because no one else I’ve talked to ever received one and they are in the voting district.
    4. Is there enough evidence here for prosecution of defamation of character? I know in politics almost anything goes. However, when lines get crossed like this there has to be accountability. How to make accountability a main issue in political campaign?(Did Mr. De La Piedra steal an address book?) Especially when we’re voting in someone who will only take these behavioral issues into office with them and we lose any hope of real support for our district.
    I know theft is a serious allegation and I also realize defamation of character is as well. But I’m asking these questions because they need to be asked and if no one asks then this just continues to be a running problem in Ventura County and the type of representation all of us here in California get in the Assembly.
    My concern is there doesn’t seem to be much movement on any investigation like its “well its politics” is used as an excuse and “anything goes” in the form of freedom of speech. But when defamation of character is a goal with no real truth behind the allegations then yes, accountability must be upheld. If theft was involved then yes, jail time must be issued. The excuse “well its just politics”, or “well its just business its nothing personal” mantra’s must come to an end if we are to have reliable people in office.

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