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Christopher Joseph Guardado, a Calvary Chapel sunday school teacher, was arrested on July 12, 2012 for suspicion of molesting two young girls he met through his Calvary Chapel position and connection.

According to Josh Dulaney at the OC Weekly:

“Christopher Joseph Guardado, a 48-year-old Garden Grove man and volunteer Bible teacher at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast in Westminster, is sitting in Theo Lacy Jail on suspicion of molesting two girls under the age of 14.

He was arrested on July 12 and is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

The girls told their families last week they had been molested by a family friend, according to Police Lt. Jeff Nightengale of the Garden Grove Police Department. Guardado is a volunteer teacher of 1st and 2nd-grade Bible study classes at the church, authorities said.

According to police, Guardado and the alleged victims, as well as their families, socialized together through the church. The girls told detectives they had been victimized numerous times over the past two years, but most of the abuse happened at Guardado’s home in Garden Grove, police said.”

Child Molestation does not seem to be a priority within the Calvary Chapel System. Sources estimate that over 80% of Calvary Chapels have no mandatory Background Checks of Volunteers, Pastors and Employs in place…which leaves the Calvary Chapel doors WIDE OPEN for Pedophiles to cozy up to our children through their Positions of Trust in the Church.

Are your kids safe at Calvary Chapel? How do you know you aren’t introducing your little boy or little girl to the man who will molest them?

I call on Calvary Chapel ONCE AGAIN to institute System-wide Reforms including Mandatory Background Checks of all personnel including Pastors, Employs and Volunteers and to Mandate a Zero Tolerance Child Abuse Policy. If you are known to abuse a child or have been convicted or suspected of abusing a child, you can sit in the pews and get Jesus, but you don’t get to be with kids in a Position of Trust.

A Calvary Chapel Child Molestation Lawsuit still pending in the Idaho Courts alleges that a CC youth leader/volunteer molested four boys through his CC connections with them and that another CC (Calvary Chapel Golden Springs) was aware that Iglesias had a problem with pedophilia, removed him from ministry for a period of six months and then “restored” him…only to molest again. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen with Guardado above…or he could simply volunteer at the next CC that doesn’t vet sunday school teachers and molest again.

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  1. I’m not sure I’m reading you right Alex. Are you saying that CC may need to exercise biblical church discipline rather than covering everything with a soft-shelled ‘Grace’ veneer? That may take them down a road they are not comfortable with…obeying the whole counsel of God.

  2. Bryan, LOL. Yep.

  3. “Some people object because they feel that I gloss over certain passages of Scripture, and they’re correct…” -Chuck Smith

  4. Andrew, at least he’s honest that time.

  5. Yep, right from the horses mouth but he appears to have two mouths saying the exact opposite thing depending on the timing and his audience.

  6. Andrew, I’ve noticed that about Chuck…and have caught him in several lies.

  7. Let’s face it…Smith is an Infallible Pope. He has made some pretty poor choices. Doesn’t mean God doesn’t use flawed men. Tight networks without proper accountability leads to potential abuses.

  8. These aren’t potential abuses. They are real abuses with real victims.

  9. I love one sided hate-filled blogs like this. You guys are so self righteous its funny! But to bring us back on track & if you would have done your research instead of just throwing crap, you would have found out that CC Pacific Coast has full Mandatory Background Checks of all personnel including Pastors, Employs and Volunteers and has Mandated, as well as followed through on, a Zero Tolerance Child Abuse Policy. This unfortunate tragedy happened because this guys is a pervert & was completely under the radar. Everything the CC Pacific Coast Leadership could do to protect its children was performed. And when they found out about the abuse, they kicked this guy out & then informed the police. The man is in Jail. But, I guess that’s not good enough for you “holy” people. LOL.

  10. Ryan, how do you know that all the other 2,000 Calvary Chapels? (according to Chuck Smith, hear his radio interview with me you can find it on Youtube “Phone call to Chuck Smith”)

    Are you aware that Anthony Iglesias molested 4 young boys through his CC connections as a youth leader and that CCGS, allegedly, knew he had an issue with pedophilia, removed him from kids, then “restored” him…and he went on to molest more kids in CC who may or may not have background checked him?

    Do you think it is “godly” of you to stone the messengers…or to ask some questions of CC Leadership about why they don’t require Calvary Chapel Affiliates to have mandatory Background Checks and a Zero Tolerance policy in place for Child Abuse?

  11. Ryan, I’m in the Camp that believes man is essentially depraved and none are holy, myself included, so I don’t know where you’re getting the “holy” stuff from, other than your own imagination.

    What policies are in place in the Affiliation Agreement System-wide that will help prevent Guardado from simply showing up at another Calvary Chapel that doesn’t check him out as a Youth Volunteer?

    Or you so naive as to believe that “every” Calvary Chapel…All 2,000, have Child Protections in place? CC Insiders estimate over 80% don’t.

  12. Sorry for the delay, I was laying in shock on the ground from the Righteous aura proceeding from your profile picture. 🙂 I’m just speaking about CC Pac Coast, you didn’t do your research…. You just throw crap! Its ok… there are TONS of Crap Blogs like yours online towards countless other Churches & organizations, but be responsible, do your research. That’s all… its called “Good Journalism” buddy. CC Pac Coast did everything it could… and when they found out about the abuse, they removed the guy at that moment & they informed the cops. BUT you didn’t write about the things that were done that were correct… you just like throwing crap. Sad stuff….

  13. Ryan, you can certainly be dismissive and close your eyes and ears to the Problem in CC.

    The ‘crap’ blog has over 2 million hits in 2 years from all over the world and authorities are looking into some of the financial allegations of abuse in CC etc.

    CC Pac Coast may or may not have protections in place. You say they do, but there is no way to verify that through Calvary Chapel. The facts are Guardado was a sunday school teacher there and was arrested on suspicion of molesting 2 young girls. In a similar case, Anthony Iglesias was a sunday school volunteer who bounced around several CC’s and allegedly CC knew (or should have known) that he had a record of pedophilia and he molested 4 more boys after being “restored” by Calvary Chapel to ministry with kids.

    “CC Pac Coast did everything it could”…says Ryan. I don’t know whether they did or didn’t…I do know that the Parent Organization that makes Calvary Chapel Pac Coast an “official” Calvary Chapel…doesn’t have System-wide protections in place as part of the Affiliation Agreement with CCSP’s…and it invites pedophiles into Calvary Chapel youth groups.

  14. As for other CC that don’t have those checks in place for their Sunday school workers, then they need to change & stop being so stupid & trusting. All people should get checked for abuse & criminal records that work in a Church. But when this does happen, which it is I think, are you going to be a man & admit it or just keep throwing crap via this blog? I don’t think you will…. this is your hobby!!! Crap throwing that is.. 🙂
    It seems after reading MANY “articles” (if you can call them that) on this blog that you just want to smear instead of reform. No worries… smearing is the best thing to do with crap. 🙂

  15. Ryan, it would be great to see Calvary Chapel take responsibility and authority as a Denomination and make the Affiliate CC’s do mandatory background checks on not only employees and pastors but also Youth volunteers. It’s in their best interest…as the Lawyers are going to keep testing them since they don’t have proper protections in place System-wide…and from a Moral Standpoint…it’s a Stewardship issue and goes to Priorities. The freak if a CC guy doesn’t teach “verse by verse” or goes Calvinist…not so much if he lets a pedophile be with kids.

    Ryan said, “It seems after reading MANY “articles” (if you can call them that) on this blog that you just want to smear instead of reform”

    No, I disagree. Thanks for reading the articles though. Maybe you can spread the word and help to bring about reforms in CC that are much needed.

  16. CC’s are not a Denomination & I hope it never will be…. but EACH CC needs to put these reforms in place or suffer the problems that come along with it.

    But to attack CC Pacific Coast for this Horrible Tragedy is unfair and a LOAD!!! They did EVERYTHING right… but you don’t report that. Hence, the Crap Throwing to prove your own pet project/hobby.

  17. Ryan,
    I assume this guy had some kind of background check? Koodos for CC Pacific coast in mandating this. Are you able to provide us the results of his background check for all of us to see?
    Who was the one who finally vetted this individual to be safe? The background agency, I would imagine only provides facts such as arrests of crimes large or small or other legal matters. I doubt the agency that performed the check makes a determination of someones fitness for ministry. I can only assume it would be the Moses Model CC pastor of that church that finally vets any individual for ministry. Just saying…

  18. Hey Andrew, what if an individual is vetted, Checked out, records run.. the whole kitten-kaboodle by a CC!!!! And what if, this individual then at a later date abuses kids. Are you still going to blame Calvary Chapel’s??? I bet you do. You see, with all of you guys… CC are damned if they do, & damned if they don’t. You got it out for the movement because you seem to be VERY bitter people that rather dance on the ashes of part of the Body of Christ rather than seeing real reform or reporting what CC does right in these areas.

  19. As I read it, this article is not condemning your church, Ryan. It is calling attention to the fact that molestations take place in CC’s (like all churches;) therefore, CC’s need to have a system-wide requirement of background checks and due diligence in vetting their workers as one precaution that they can take in attempting to prevent the abuse for happening in the first place.

    I applaud your chrch for having background checks in place!

    Now, let’s save the anger for what the victims have had to go through, as well as the leadership of Calvary Chapels for not requiring mandatory checks and good vetting processes, as well as for the estimated 80% of CC’s pastors who have not instituted such common sense policies out of love for others … children.

    Shooting the messenger for calling attention to the need for change in the 80% of the CC’s not protecting children is misdirected.

  20. Ryan, the way I see it is that if someone wants to claim ultimate authority with the Moses model structure, shouldn’t they also claim ultimate responsibility? To me you can’t have it both ways but this appears to be the legacy that Chuck Smith left us. I don’t want to point fingers but rather point to the obvious.

  21. Ryan, do you realize that you are talking to former CC pastors, assistant pastors, teachers, leaders of all sorts, plus attenders, on this blog? Many of us saw a first hand view from the inside.

    We don’t have it out for CC. We desire to see change that none of us were able to implement, but were opposed strongly, instead. Many on here have been discouraged about the systemic nature of the problems and the lack of leadership with a will to make the necessary changes. We grieve.

    Please don’t shoot the wounded on here. We know of what we speak … documented, legal, damaging known stuff. Since you KNOW first hand what can happen and why it’s so important to at least try and keep the perps at bay, please join us in our call for change within the leaders of the Calvary Chapel movement/denom to require these much needed protections for children.

    We will welcome you aboard, Ryan!

  22. Grateful: I don’t know about you, but I LOOOOVE Fairness & I also LOOOOVE accurate reporting. Which this “article” doesn’t do. It just throws crap at CC Pacific Coast (which isn’t my church) and on CC’s in General without stating ALL the facts! You see, this blog only picks those things that suits itself, to fulfill it desire to throw crud at Calvary Chapels.
    I’m all for every Calvary Chapel to have back ground checks performed on EVERY worker on staff or volunteer, that’s just smart! But this rag of a blog has unfairly gone after a Church (CC Pac Coast)… who did ALL those things correctly.
    This just proves that you can have all the accountability in the world, and all the safeguards in place and there still can be some Pervert or some Jerk that does bad things in a Church.

  23. If you guys want real reform in Calvary Chapels you don’t do it the way you guys are on this blog. LOL… this blog is like a self righteous blend of the Weekly World News, TMZ & Yellow Journalism. HA… sometimes I just have to laugh when I read it because its so one sided.
    If you care soooo much for Calvary Chapel & care soooo much for the “brain washed” people that attend there are better ways that you need to figure out on your own like responsible adults & journalists.

  24. Ryan, I agree with your attitude about passing blame but isn’t the timing of this storie frankly eerie? Is it possible that this blog may have been instrumental in catching this predator and getting him off the street so he couldn’t do more damage?

  25. I don’t think this blog had ANYTHING to do with what happened at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast…. shoot, I don’t think this blog does much of anything. LOL. 🙂

  26. If this blog isn’t doing anything why are you so angry at it?

  27. Andrew, I’m ticked because you drug a Church (CC Pac Coast) through the mud without printing or recieving all the facts! Pay attention please.

  28. Ryan, I appreciate your honesty. I think any church with the name “Calvary Chapel” in it needs to recognize that the brand name has been brought through the mud by the mothership’s recent lawsuits. Don’t blame this on Alex. Just saying…

  29. Of course I am going to blame the lack of all the facts on Alex… he wrote this junky article!! LOL… Andrew, you defend Alex just as much as a CC Church go’er defends Chuck…. next Andrew is going to be calling Alex “Pappa Alex”. Such Hypocrites. SO FUNNY!!!

  30. Ryan said that he doesnt attend CC Pac but he knows all the facts. We should just take him for his word because he has proven himself to be so knowledgable. Talk about crap slinging. Ryan’s got his crap throwing arm fully warm at this point.

    Where did you get your facts from non attender? Not the OC article. Take your word for it? No, I think I will go with what has shown itself true time and time again. CC cares about its coffers.

    Another cult troll. Welcome. Remember you’re not the first and probably won’t be the last. Bring some facts next time please.

  31. Not Alone… why dont you and Alex cruise down to a local City College and take a journalism course and how about you actually do research, call CC Pac Coast find out what really happened. Are you that stupid?

  32. and also Not Alone… this blog is looking a little “Culty” if you ask me…

  33. Just more proof that this blog seeks not to reform, but to throw crap at a part of the Body of Christ… and also to only publish ONE SIDE of a story…. absolutely unfair. This is a site populated by bitter people that are blinded by hate towards Calvary Chapels. All I’m saying is be smart, be logical, be fair… and do your research before you print. But no… hate & crap is far better than facts. Enjoy your load buddy.

  34. Ryan,
    I appreciate reading through your baseless rant. Unless you are the licensed and authorized background check employee for CC Pac Coast, all of your comments are without proof.
    EAch organization mandates that one ‘Key’ personnel officer act as the custodian of record for background checks. So, if your friend at CC Pac Coast told you they did EVERYTHING right, then you believed him/her. Maybe it happened, maybe it did not.

    Many of us here have countless examples of loose speech from CC Leaders that turned out to be incredible fabrications and clear lies.

    We live in a country that supports a system of innocent until proven guilty, I for one see CC Leaders as guilty, until proven innocent. As a former CC SP, I can support this with too many factual reasons.

    As Not Alone informed you, stop drinking the Kool-aid and grow up…

  35. So how many kids have to be molested at your local CC before the big media runs with this story and actually does some real damage to this redicoulous excuse for church.

    They are racking up #’s over the last few years. So let’s see. Arcadia-2 girls, So Cal-5 girls now, Idaho/So Cal/Philapeens 5 known in US but ? Oversees. Then there’s Bob Grenier. Molested his own son and is still rubbing shoulders with his fellow CCSP’s.

    Ya lets call CC and ask them what really happened. I’m sure they will tell us exactly what the lawyers have written for them.

  36. PJay… then you will continue to spew crap… because thats what you want. You don’t want to do research, check out & verify… you just want to smear CC’s. Have fun, enjoy yourself!!! Doesn’t it make you feel soooo good!?!?! 🙂 don’t you just Looooove throwing crap without telling the whole story or finding out the whole story?? “Calvary Chapel is HORRIBLE” – YES… LETS PRINT IT!!!! ha ha ha…. Educate Yourself!

  37. Not Alone…. I agree… ALL CC’s need to have a Big Time System of Checking ALL Workers & staff… But there is always that chance, that a person gets past a security Check because he has no prior records and then harms a kid. This can happen anywhere… BUT you don’t care, because you are soooo righteous, and soooo holy. LOL!!! I tingle to be on the same thread as you… 🙂

  38. um, did you read my post, Ryan? spewing crap is your term, not mine!
    I don’t want to do research? since when? I’ve got plenty of evidence. apparently, you do not!
    I want to smear CC’s? I’ve never said that!
    Feel good?! Love throwing crap?
    hmmm, leap in generalizations there Ryan.

    So, I will try one leap myself… you are a CC associate pastor sitting in your office at CC Pac Coast right now. You were told EVERYTHING was done, perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn’t (it was what I said earlier, as well), and you are hurting. You are lashing out at Alex for not verifying the story on the other side. That is a fair question for you to ask.

    It’s okay to ask questions here and ask for an answer. Regardless of your presuppositional belief’s, this place is safer than your local CC.



  39. Pjay, I am not connected with CC Pac Coast, I just read the blog, saw this “article” and finally got ticked off because of the lack of the other side. Seriously, this article is junk. My “presuppositional belief’s”…. good grief, look in a flipping mirror!!!! ha ha ha 🙂 and yes, a lot of crap is thrown in the name of holy accountability! 🙂 All Im saying to Pappa Alex, you and any other hate filled person on this blog, find the other side of the story before you print & when you find it out… print it fairly. But no… to do that would mean you dont tickle that pompous self righteous bone in your body.

  40. Ryan,
    Let’s try this…
    Paragraph #’s 1-4 of the above referenced article are directly from the primary source. Those comments would have to be concluded as fact.

    Paragraph #5 is a factual statement with several supporting comments. You may argue with the objectivity of the commentary, but the writer (Alex) shares that inside sources say that 80% is the number.

    Paragraph #6 is a fair ‘call to action.’ Like it or not, this call to action is based on a fact… CC does not have a mandatory program in place.

    Paragraph #7 is a fact. The last two sentences are closing commentary.

    You call this smearing? Crap?

    What part of the above do you disagree with? I did understand your point about no reference to the CC Pac Coast. That is received, understood, and credible, to me.

  41. Not worth arguing with. Same old line over and over. Papa Alex, no. We know he is just as messed up as he rest of us. He makes mistakes and admits them. Unlike the Chuckster.

    You have zero credibility Ryan. Sorry but your word doesn’t mean anything with the way you represent yourself. Much like a 13 year old sneeking onto daddy’s laptop.

    Back to lurking now. So Ryan and his gift of true journalistic fact checking skills can go away. Thanks for the laugh though.

  42. I moderated you Ryan. Almost all of us have been victims of very bad pastors and I will not allow you to spread your unsubstantiated hate any longer. Your last few posts were way outside the limits.

  43. Ryan said, “ALL CC’s need to have a Big Time System of Checking ALL Workers & staff”


    We can agree on that.

  44. Ryan, nah, Apples and Oranges. I think NA and most of the others know I’m a jerk…that and they don’t buy my tapes, they don’t give me money and they don’t wear hawaiian shirts etc.

    I think most of the folks on here have legit beefs with CC and have experienced the bad side of the Moses Model etc. There is a lot of mythology and incorrect information out there in CC Land…and this site helps report stuff that is reality and would be good for CC Leadership to address in a good way. I think the last CCSPC had some good stuff in there. Hopefully it’s not just empty talk/PR.

  45. In the end, CC is no different than any other set of churches. No different.

    Same doctrinal errors, same organizational problems, same losing of attendees when the errors aren’t fixed.

    What a wake-up call to those that assumed CC was immune to these things, and some don’t take the wake-up call very well.

  46. Andy,

    Most “set of churches” do not use a Moses Model church government that has no accountability for the pastor, all control in his hands, and hidden finances.

    Most “set of churches” has some system in place for recourse for sheep who’ve been abused.

  47. Valiant effort, Pjay.

  48. I agree with Grateful. Good effort Pjay. Your breakdown was very nice. No disputing it. Point proven. But it fell on deaf ears. He wasn’t here to have a discussion it seemed.

  49. Yes, echoing the others, PJay thanks for answering that, it’s very clear Ryan just doesn’t like the facts and has simply constructed a Red Herring fallacy to try and draw attention away from the main issues at hand with regards to Calvary Chapel.

  50. Re: @ 44

    ” … and they don’t buy my tapes, …”

    What? You have tapes, Alex?

    Would that be police tape, duct tape, or red tape?

  51. Grateful, LOL! 😆

    I do have some measuring tapes at the store and we do have a lot of red tape in my industry 🙂 …and I do live in Ideeho, and you’d be surprised what you can accomplish with a roll of duct tape 🙂

  52. It’s unfortunate that Ryan could not engage on the plain of truth. I do realize it is a tough place to open up, however, it brings healing. Best to you all!


  53. Thank you also Pjay for the effort. The CC’s i went to were always finding fault with other denominations and groups of believers, and i came to think there that CC was the “annointed” body of Christ, superior to all other groups of believers, where God was outpouring his Holy Spirit, and other “chuches” were the “lukewarm” ones, etc. who were in danger of being “spewed out” or maybe were guilty of not being “saved” in the first place. Those who buy into the mentallity of CC “superiority” have great difficulty in processing the fact that there are big problems in CC. They are too used to looking down on everyone else and feeling superior. How dare anyone point out their gross imperfections! That’s their own self – righteousness speaking. If you bring attention to their problems that exist, which prove they are not “superior” but have problems like any other group of believers, you are dismissed as being vicious, or bitter, etc. because their “annointed holy image” of themselves is threatened.

  54. I’ve seen what you describe, Sue.

    Alex, speaking of duct tape … I admire Red Green!

  55. Seems to me that both sides of this discussion have valid arguments. As I have attended A Calvary Chapel for20 years, I’m well aware of flaws regarding leadership. My church has had a background check implemented for many years. I can’t be sure of the quality of this check since I’m not involved with this part of that ministry. That being said, my children were or are involved in the children/youth ministry. They have attended the school at my church

  56. Sorry touchscreen cellphone! My children have attended my church’s school and attended the child/youth ministry. My daughters also attended Calvary Chapel CC’s school and have never experienced any bad behavior by the staff. My pastor acknowledged that ANY church is run by humans under the inspiration of the Holy spirit. Unfurtunatel

  57. Ryan2,
    Refer to my #40 prior to hurling accusations. I have entered into a rational dialogue with you.


  58. Ryan2 – In this article Alex has reported the problem with Guardado at your CC, and then he goes on to say 80% of CC aren’t doing background checks. Your CC falls in the 20% that do background checks, which validates what Alex said. He is reporting about the child molester at your CC, not your CC in particular. And doing background checks is a very important thing to do, all would agree, and that’s the point he was emphasizing, even though in your CC it didn’t help which is a tragedy. Sometimes even though the effort is made, problems still come up, but the point here Alex is making is that the effort needs to go system wide because child molesters are out there and doing background checks will cut down on some getting in. Thank you for your input about Guardado getting in even though a background check was done – parents (and all of us) need to not be so “trusting” of people professing to be “believers.”

  59. Pjay, are you Jan?

  60. Who need’s to know? : – )


  61. If CC was on the ball, they would have not allowed any adult male, volunteer or employee, to be alone with children. The girls told police that most of the abuse happened at Guardado’s home many times. Doesn’t CC have a policy of not allowing volunteers or employees to be alone with children? Why would they allow someone to have bible study classes in their home away from the observation of others?

  62. @60: Now, I know…

  63. I’d like to try and nicely address some of the comment happening here.
    One, my family was at one time well aquatinted with the man in question and I even baby sat his children (yes, he has a wife and 5 kids, the oldest 3 are girls) a few times. Nothing would have given me the impression that he would be like this. He always seemed very nice and kind. I was shocked when I found out he acted like in so horrible a manner.
    Two, I attend Calvary Chapel Westgrove, which is less then a mile away from Pacific Coast’s site (no idea why the two are so close). I do personally know some people who attend and work in the children’s ministry and they do finger print. At Westgrove as well. I have personal seen paper work for the volunteers.
    Three, the original article stated that the families knew each other and hung out together. Which is why the article stated that most of the abuse happened at his house. HIS HOUSE, where the girls parents probably brought them to. Calvary really couldn’t have done anything to protect these girls in his house. Even if the he didn’t work in the children’s ministry, all his children are under the age of 14, so the girls could very well have been friends with them. Why he was ever left alone with them, I have no clue, there really is nothing I can think of to leave a girl alone with a man who is in no way family.
    He seemed like a perfectly normal dad and husband (with no priors) that wanted to volunteer in the church, possibly even in his own kids classroom.
    Not saying he is right, but the church really can’t be at fault for this case. I have no clue about Golden Springs, I thought it was a church wide policy to fingerprint. I guess I was wrong, but a church wide mandate for that seems appropriate and necessary. I know my church personally feels that if you have priors with children then they flat out refuse to let you work in the children’s ministry and have said so from the pulpit. Not all Calvary are run the same way.

  64. Shannon, thanks for your input.

    I think you made a good observation: “a church wide mandate for that seems appropriate and necessary”

    Unfortunately, it is estimated by an insider of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa that 80% or more Calvary Chapels don’t do background checks and/or don’t have protections in place for children.

  65. You also need to keep in mind that that percentage may be based off the entirety of the Calvary Chapel Movement. That would include the churches held around the world, some in third world countries that my not even have enough kids for a children’s ministry or have the resources to do so. They may not even have a problem with this type of thing to do so regularly. CCM is huge and world wide. Double check to see if those percentages are based off the world or only a small portion. And even then a lot of CC’s not in southern California combine classrooms and have several teachers at once. Just saying I’ve been to a lot of CC’s, but only really know how PC and WG run things.

  66. Shannon, I don’t know, which is part of the problem…it’s hard to quantify it 100% accurately and I’m relying on best-guesses from a knowledgable source.

    So much better for the New Calvary Chapel Association to simply require the basics and publish whether or not the particular Affiliate CC does background checks or not.

    That is valuable information (and good stewardship) for the prospective (and current) CC attender to have. It also goes a long way to dissuading a pedophile from targeting a CC Youth Group…if they know they have to go through a Background Check (if they have a record).

  67. Then Alex, I would ask you to display it more obviously as the guess work of an insider. More often then not you seem to come back with it as if it it fact. It is sad that we don’t know the really percentage, but to display a false one as truth is damaging as well. Chuck very well have believed that the branches of CC were running background checks as he won’t get to heavily involved in their affairs. This may be a wake up call for him to install a mandate to back ground checks. However, since Chuck is only really in charge of his church and then gives out advice to other churches, he may just highly suggest it.

  68. shannon,
    “However, since Chuck is only really in charge of his church and then gives out advice to other churches, he may just highly suggest it.”

    what? so chuck was only ‘highly suggesting’ the total restructuring of the CC system of authority and control last week? ever hear of the MM which puts ‘Papa Chuck’ at the top of the CC ‘pizza’ franchising system? “…Chuck is only really in charge of his church…”? I don’t know whether to cry or just pass out…


  69. Mike, I’m sorry my comment brought your jerk out. I’ll refrain from using confusing words next time. I believe I have a may in there, do you see it? You kinda quoted it. Now then while Chuck is only in charge personally with his own church on a daily bases. Not saying he doesn’t have authority in CC’s. Read the rest of my comment again and you realize i meant throughly in the affairs. However he does have the right to remove them from using the CC name. When he instills something, it’s either we do this now or we change the name of the church. He cannot however go in and demand they do it his way or go in personally and make the changes. That’s not something people would take to. Now stop being a jerk and grow up next time. I have no idea in hell what the MM you are referring to is and if that makes me stupid, that makes you judgmental to think every one has time to read the same articles as you. I found this page simply because I knew that man. Not to be criticized by some jerk, who would rather belittle then inform.

  70. Calvary Chapel has become cult-like. Pacific Coast is totally lacking in grace. Wilkins beats on the sheep every week with his “I quit drugs overnight” sermons. The sin problem is underground because everyone wears the face they are expected to wear. No room on the surface for the brokenness that is underneath. Pray for the victim. Pray for Chris and his family. Leave the place and find a church that has all the “man-centered” accountability structures that Wilkins bashes.

  71. C. Smith needs to use a little common sense here and urge all CC churches to do background checks. After that, you as parents and church members need to do your own checking on whatever church you attend. Ask them “Do you do background checks on your Sunday School teachers?”. And if they say “No” then move on to a church that does.

  72. What kind of church is this ? One filled with sexual deviants. There’s no wonder people leave the church and become satanists and athiests !!!!

  73. Well, I think Saddeback while a lot of people don’t it is at least a part of the southern bapists which means if anyone has molestation problems they could go to the Southern Bapists Baptists governing body for Southern california. Calvary Chapel movement doesn’t have a neutralbody to look at its case. Besides.Warren is gaining at Chuck’s expense.

  74. Here’s an article on churches doing background checks. People really don’t understadnt that those sexually abuse others do not suddenly change just because they, when being caught then say they are sorry.

    Sure we can forgive them, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend placing any child in their care, nor would I tell a spouse to kiss and makeup and let them back in the front door until a whole lot of things have occurred and been proven over a stretch of time. This is why many sexual offensers wear ankle bracelets and the require law enforcement notify neighbors directly. There is a whole brain thing going on, much like the addictive, narcisstic mindset and it simply does not get fixed overnight or in a few short months. What more participation in leadership ministry—-absolutely not!!!!!


  75. No one church is completely blameless and I don’t think that any Christian or church authority should claim to be. We are all humans and we all fail. HOWEVER, in this particular case at CC Pacific Coast, there were many things done wrong which lead to the very sad, heartbreaking and unfortunate event of numerous little girls being victimized by a pervert. More than the original two girls have now come forward and one of them was victimized over 10 years ago. While they do use fingerprinting MOST of the time, it’s not 100% and it’s obviously not always accurate since Chris had no priors on his record. That DOESN’T mean that certain leadership at the church did not know that more than 10 years ago there WAS indeed a problem with him. It may not have been reported to the police, but it doesn’t negate the fact that it happened. Can they really stand completely blameless and say that there was NO indication that he had a problem?? This is a situation where it’s now in the hands of the law, as it should be, and will be taken care of legally. Those Pastors and leadership involved will have to answer for themselves before man and God.
    I think it’s good that this blog seeks to expose the truth, and I believe that needs to happen more often. As long as it IS the truth (which it is) than exposing the sin for what it is can only bring light to the dark situation.

  76. How sad and pathetic to see a sinner get thrown under the bus by CC…again. Last I checked, a person in this country was innocent until PROVEN GUILTY. Shame on all you Calvary “Christians.” I knew Chris and his family. Seemed like a decent guy. Now he will likely lose his liberty, his family and his life as he knew it. So glad we left CCPC. That place is about as close to a cult as it gets. judgmental and legalistic Pastor who spent more time playing golf than shepherding his flock in grace…an woefully absent virtue in that body. Anyone who goes there ought to look in the mirror knowing that under the surface, many people there are hurting, but its way too tough to admit your humanity and failings in a legalistic environment, so the stuff bubbles to the surface. You all ought to be praying for Chris, his family, the accusers, any victims and the body as a whole. Instead, I read a blog and comments that evidence why we walked away from CCPC and are closer than ever to Christ, under leaders who know love is a greater gift than the clanging gong of self-righteousness and judgmental spirit that pervades CCPC.

  77. I attended Calvary chapel south bay for about 7 years. There’s alot of favoritism and bad things going on behind the curtains. Pastors there are trained actors and only care about moving up and giving good report about themselves. They treat your sin like you’re the devil himself, but they can do whatever they want.
    3 good things i got out of that church was sobriety from drugs,my salvation, and my wife.

  78. I’m coming to this blog really late but I wanted to totally agree with what Wretch said about CC South Bay in case others come in late and read this. I was there for 13 years just leaving in April 2013. Everything he said is true and things get worse by the minute. The senior pastor cares about image and money and most of the other pastors follow suit. It’s very sad. Special place is given to those with money and position or can offer the senior pastor a deal on something. If you disagree on anything, you will most likely be escorted out.

    Regarding background checks, they do those and staff and volunteers are finger printed.

  79. I’m stumbling upon this post extremely late but had to comment on this portion of the post.

    “I call on Calvary Chapel ONCE AGAIN to institute System-wide Reforms including Mandatory Background Checks of all personnel including Pastors, Employs and Volunteers and to Mandate a Zero Tolerance Child Abuse Policy. If you are known to abuse a child or have been convicted or suspected of abusing a child, you can sit in the pews and get Jesus, but you don’t get to be with kids in a Position of Trust.”

    I wholeheartedly agree that there is a dire exigency for reform within the CC system and I agree even more that individuals with backgrounds linked to any sort of child abuse or lewd acts should not be permitted to volunteer. However, in this specific case of Chris Guardado, there isn’t much a background check could have done to indicate any of these tendencies. Thats the scary part about many abusers and molesters; they’re often times undetectable initially.

    Inquiry absolutely can’t stop at a one time background check and fingerprints. CC needs to implement something, to the effect of or beyond, yearly reviews and have the students of each volunteer fill out age appropriate, confidential instructor reviews. There has to be consistent accountability for these instructors, employees, pastors, etc.

    I can’t fathom that someone would post an overtly one sided borderline hate blog and throw out a suggestion as feeble and ineffective as a background check to remedy this abhorrent and pervasive issue rampant in CC churches. I realize implementing this would start at the inactive upper echelon of the CC system but if a critique is going to be made and a suggestion results, please please please make it a well considered and researched one and make the plea for change a viable one.

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