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Chuck Joseph Smith? Papa Chuck says many Mormons are Christians....what say you?

Are Mormons Christians, in the context of being “saved” as defined by the Evangelical Church? You know, “real” Christians…like “born again” Christians, “saved” from the eternal weenie roast in the bowels of hell?

Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, says some Mormons are Christians on his radio program, “Pastor’s Perspective” (see link and transcript below).

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  1. Brotrer Chuck your completely wrong, they are not christians because they do not fallow
    Jesus as God he is only a prophet to them, and their organisation is totally secret on the
    top and the only thing that count to them is how much money you can give to the church,
    here in Chile is horrendous.

  2. I know people who seemed to make sincere professions of faith, but before they could get acquainted with the Bible, the Mormons won them over with their very organized social life and help of all sorts. I suspect these people are Christians, but ensnared by the all encompassing Mormon church culture.

    I know people who’ve come out of the Mormon church because they became Christians and realized the jesus of the Mormons is NOT the same JESUS, THE Son of God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, the only name through whom we receive salvation.

    My former Mormon friends (whether Christian or not now,) say they did not know what Mormonism actually believed. It wasn’t made clear to them, though they were very involved.

    I do have some current Mormon acquaintances who are Bishops and steeped in their religion. To speak of Jesus as THE Son of God, the ONLY way of salvation, makes them shake and froth.

  3. Chuck could be thinking of how some people come to salvation in Christ no matter where they are and that could include while they are involved in Mormonism.

    What we know is that Mormonism does not teach salvation in Jesus Christ alone.

    We know that in order for one to become a believer in Jesus Christ they have to actively go against Mormon teachings.

    Seems the way Chuck presented his thoughts may have been a bit too unclear and a bit too buddy buddy with the Mormons, leaving an impression I do hope he did not want to leave. He might want to put he mic down at this age.

  4. sorry alex, i think he’s ‘smoking crack’ (your line, not mine).
    anyone with a specific knowledge and understanding of Mormon/LDS Theology and experience sharing the Gospel with adherents of so-called “christian’ cults knows that though the terms are the same (ie Jesus, God, salvation, atonement, redemption…) but the ‘meanings’ poured into these jars can be very different. LDS Theology reads more like an episode of 1978 Battle Star Galactica than Biblical Christianity. The only way to reconcile the two would be to forget that words have ‘real’ meanings and just take the words of everyone who says they ‘just love jesus’ and not ask ‘which’ Jesus and what they mean by ‘love’.

  5. Well it’s obvious that mormonism is not Christian. Mormon rejects the fact that Jesus is God, rejects the Trinity, rejects salvation by faith in Jesus apart from works, presents the book of mormon as a book from God, rejects that the lake of fire is eternal torment, teaches interplanetary godhood rulership for its believers. On and on and on. Mormon doctrine, if believed, leads to hell.

    I grew up in an area of AZ that was mainly mormon, and please believe me, none of them were born again. None of them were saved but “accidentally” in the mormon church. None that I ever met. And I met tons of mormons during all those years.

    Chuck got caught in a “fear of man” moment. There was a little girl on the phone asking if a relative would go to hell if she rejected the book of mormon. Chuck didn’t want to tell her the truth, since he didn’t want to appear to be doctrinally correcting a little girl, so he ignored the truth altogether, and gave her a lie, a false gospel, and a false “jesus”, and gave her the impression that someone might be saved in any system (mormon included) so long as they believe in Jesus and are good. But the mormon “jesus” is not God, and isn’t able to save you unless you do lots of works. So clearly, mormonism has “another jesus” (2 Corinthians 11:4), that leads a person to hell.

    This should have been a slam dunk question. The answer to the little girl was to be: 1) The book of mormon isn’t from the Lord. 2) Jesus is God, and a person must believe that to be saved. 3) Salvation is not by working hard (which mormonism teaches), but by trusting in Jesus alone to save you.

    If a person is a pastor (the word means shepherd over sheep, and this was a lost sheep on the phone), then they tell the truth, even when the truth hurts. Doesn’t matter if it is a little girl.

    But Chuck Smith has always been ecumenical. So joining up with mormonism, not surprising. Take note that Don Stewart did nothing to correct the horrifying lies from hell which Chuck told.

  6. To properly answer this question you have to define what “christian” is first. If christian means the following:

    -John 3:16
    -Jesus is the only begotten Son of God
    -God is eternal & spirit (was never a human)

    Then Mormons are not christian, because they don’t believe the above. This isn’t a statement to condemn anyone…merely to define what ‘christian’ is. If ‘christian’ means whatever man wants it to mean…then they very well could be christian.

  7. “What say I?”

    I say that I’m looking for a city like Brother Swaggart

  8. Catchy song Motel.

    If you were Swaggart (or someone like him) what city would you be looking for?

  9. Good to hear from you btw.

  10. Thanks blog friends…the new article on the Christian Post is one of the most popular blog articles right now and is featured on the front page of the website.

    Steve Wright of Calvary Chapel Lake Elsinore, what happened buddy? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. PP says he wishes for people to treat each other as they would like to be treated… good sentiments, but they don’t seem too good at application.

  12. Really Grenier? Bury the hatchet already.

    He said “SOME” mormons, just like some catholics and maybe even some “Christians”….

    Smith also added ” It all depends on their relationship with Jesus Christ, and there are a lot of good Mormons who do believe in Jesus and I believe theyโ€™ll be in heaven, uh but uh you know we canโ€™t do it on our own righteousness or our own works, we have to depend on Jesus for our entrance into heaven.โ€

  13. why do some choose to remain ‘anonymous’ when they strike back at who they don’t agree with? if you want to ‘personally’ shoot back at alex, the honest thing would be to ‘own it’ rather that conceal yourself behind an ‘anonymous’ moniker..

  14. Really Anonymous? Lets see what was it Alex said exactly that you have a problem with. Couldn’t be this now, could it?

    “Personally, I hope Chuck is right…and I think he is.”

    Grenier clearly appears to be in agreement with Chuck Smith on this issue at the end of the article. Therefore I surmise YOU should bury the hatchet, maybe work on some comprehension skills, or not jump headfirst into your presupposed conclusions.

  15. Jeremy W.

    I think the anonymous coward dislikes Alex and was just shooting from the hip hoping to hit something.

  16. Michael in Chandler.

    You are absolutely right. I stand convicted. My post, while not under the guise of being “anonymous,” was just the same in effect since I posted under a pseudonym.

    That being said, I vow and covenant that I will use my real name…Hyman Roth.

    Remember Michael, “it was just business.”

  17. And to you Alex…you big weeny.

    So all this was about eyeballs on that website.

    Why don’t you take your mormon hating and joseph smith loving theology and pack it over where it should be on

    A new day is comin spudster.

  18. Super 8, LOL.

    Hey, it sparked a good discussion didn’t it?

    Actually if we’re going to parse, I think Chuck specifically said “a lot of Mormons” which could be “some” or “many” or “Mormons (plural for Mormon)” etc etc etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I think it all centers on what people do with Jesus Christ. “Who do you say that I am?”

  20. Super 8 boldly predicts, “A new day is comin spudster.”

    We’ll see Aztec boy. We’ve got some legit recruits in and I think Peterson might work enough magic to keep us in the top 25 (though I think the days of top 8 are over).

  21. See you in Boise. Bring your kleenex. By the way, both my GPS and Mapquest failed to find Boise, Idaho. So, can you mail me directions?

  22. ROTFLOL ๐Ÿ˜† Nice one.

    I’ll email you. We have computers here ๐Ÿ™‚ with this caveat: you have to stay with us and break bread etc. and go shooting. Those are my requirements. I know you are a tough negotiator, but I won’t back down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Were sitting in the SDSU section by the way. Also would love to stay with you but you should first check your White Aryan Brotherhood Homeowner’s Association C,C,&R’s to see if a kike amd his half kike son can stay in your neiborhood.

  24. We’re Zionists in south Idaho ๐Ÿ˜† We love our Hebrew friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Well, I think mormons are off on theology but some might be actual christians in spite of teaching and I voted for Mitt Rommeny I preferred the Mormon boer the liberal protestant in Theology Barrack Obama. Personality, I think evangelicals are now able to see theology should not always be a factor when you are voting.

  26. How can Mormons be born again when they teach a different gospel?

  27. I love that those who insist our country’s founding Free-Masons and Deists were Christians insist Mormons are not!

  28. Hi Steve,

    One particular Free-Mason man in my family tree was a wicked, evil man. But his public persona was a benevolent, kind pastor.

    I know a young girl who appeared to become a Christian as a teen. Before she even had a chance to read her Bible, the Mormons swooped in and promised her a community of love. She fell for it, joined, and continued to worship Jesus, from what it looked like. BUT, one cannot do that for long before the Holy Spirit brings conviction. Somewhere along the road, she had to face the facts of the Bible vs. what the Mormons were teaching.

  29. Mormons are sincere, but sincerely wrong in their doctrine. Jesus is just one God and you can be a God as well. Each man who obtains a level of the ladders that enables them to then have their own celestial kingdom with multiple wives, will then be able to have spiritual babies to inhabit the earthly babies that are born of other parents on earth. It’s get more creative, but that’s the basic.

  30. They have two books ?

  31. They have two books

  32. And a bunch of mobbojumbo

  33. Of course Mormons are Christians. The amount of wrong information posted here is massive. Instead of believing what others have told you we believe find out for yourself at

    I challenge you to pray to learn if the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored or not. Trust not then words of professional clegy, trust the Holy Spirit in prayer. Why would you not ask God directly?

  34. I doubt that this is the right forum to discuss the details of the many mistakes that seem to be repeated so often that many Protestants truly think we believe those crazy things. We don’t.

    Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We don’t think that people can become God, there is only one God.

    We certainly don’t think that Jesus was only a prophet, that is a Muslim concept. We are Christians and Jesus will judge who are his followers, not paid clergymen, nor opinionated posters on the Internet.

    In the time if Jesus’s mortal ministry many of the professional religious leaders discouraged their followers from learning about the truth of Christ’s mission for themselves by fasting and prayer.

    Do not be like those Jews of old, believing only what you are told by others. Have the courage to find out for yourself if Christ’s church has been restored in our day through prayer and fasting. May God bless you in your willingness to seek the testimony of His Holy Spirit.

  35. As an ex-Mormon for Jesus, Mr. Perez you are either totally ignorant of Mormon beliefs and teachings or a first class liar. The Mormon church does NOT believe or teach the Trinity, believes that Jesus is the brother of Lucifer, and is the brother of all created, not a holy God of the Trinity, Mormons believe in plural gods and believe and teach that men who complete all the Temple ordinances will become as Jesus and be a god and have their own planet and universe to rule. Mr. Perez your religion believes that Jesus was a man who worked his way to godhood. You are a deceiver and the Bible has warned us that the likes of you will teach a false gospel and a false Jesus in the latter days. Anyone wishing to learn the truth can go to which is the website of Gerald and Sandra Tanner who left the Mormon church because of the false teaching and endured horrendous persecution as they were from a HUGE Mormon family. You believe that Jesus was a ‘prophet’ and Joseph Smith declared he was greater and had done greater works than Jesus. You are evil.

  36. Thank you for cluing me in as to what your are looking for in this site. You are not interested in truth and facts as I gave you in my previous post; nor do I expect this to be accepted but what u to know I know your game and will warn others of this site. You only want to give Mormons a site they can publish their false doctrine and untruths as to what they believe. I gave you names, dates, and places, and sites of the most solid website on Mormonism there is…as an ex-Mormon for Jesus, I KNOW what their beliefs and teachings are and told you where you can find documentation, but you choose to let people like Mr. Perez continue spewing their false doctrine and taking many to hell with him…you are not interested in truth but false doctrine and lies…goodbye and may God judge you justly for your publishing Satan’s lies.

  37. I dont think anyone can condemn someone to hell but Jesus himself and anyone who does condemn one to hell is in risk of hellfire themselves. Pastor Chuck Smith is correct…all it takes is to believe that Jesus came down, that is to say, God as the Son of Man, God in the flesh, came down off his throne to save us. I believe the chruch of latter day saints to be the evil church spoke of in the book of mormon. I believe the book of mormon speaks of the trinity, but this has been perverted by the church. i belive it was mormon and moroni as angels who brought the book of mormon to warn us, not god and jesus. its hard to find a mormon that studies the book of mormon in true faith in jesus. i pray for the protection of all life on this planet from the works of Gadianton.

  38. Soooo, If I am “Christian”, then Jesus is an insane (multiple personality disorder) space alien (not-human-until-he-POSSESSED-one-of-our-bodies, like a demon does)?

    Wow, sounds cool, and yeah, like Battlestar Galaxica !

    What will you have me believe next? I am frothing with excitement….

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