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DHS head honcho Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano visited a local Calvary Chapel franchise recently to thank non-member members for "loving your neighbor". Pastor Frank Griffin of Calvary Chapel Bay St. Louis in Mississippi led the CC attendees there in an effort to provide emotional/spiritual support during the recent storm Isaac.

A Calvary Chapel Affiliate in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi got quite a surprise recently…a visit from the Governor of the State…and from “Big Sis” Janet Napolitano herself.

According to a report by local tv station WLOX, Napolitano and Bryant made an appearance at a shelter hosted by Calvary Chapel Bay St. Louis and interim CC pastor Frank Griffin. This isn’t Griffin’s first Storm Rodeo…he helped rebuild CCBSL after Hurricane Katrina wiped it out in 2005.

This time around, Calvary Chapel hosted more of a Help Center for those affected by Isaac.

In a local tv interview, Pastor Griffin explains the role his CC played in helping area residents:

“People that you don’t know and they come walk alongside life with you, it brings hope to them,” Griffin said. “People aren’t as concerned about material possessions as they want someone to listen to, to talk to, to hear their hurts and pains and healing always comes when a brother or sister comes and puts their arm around each other.”

Link to article and tv interviews here:

Ironically, accused child molester and child abuser Bob Grenier, Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor in good standing with the Calvary Chapel Association and Chuck Smith, reportedly has Department of Homeland Security (DHS) clearances. PR visits and photo-ops for Isaac…check. Vetting, investigating and holding accountable those who represent the church and the government….not so much.

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  4 Responses to “DHS Head Janet Napolitano, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant visit Calvary Chapel, say thanks for help during Isaac storm”

  1. I’m glad this CC hosted a shelter in Mississippi for those in need.

    One of my CC’s was big on taking groups to Louisiana after Katrina. Kudos to them.

    One of my CC’s took trips to Haiti after the big earthquake.

    I believe each of them sent their own leadership to NYC after 911.

    All of these outreaches are commendable. But the excitement about funding the ventures was cooled because the local regular attenders often found themselves ignored when they were in crisis. There was not a culture of caring for one another UNLESS you were in the “leadership” or should I say “upper leadership.”

    As a result, these outreaches sometimes smelled like curiosity trips and resume building more than actually caring for others … since it wasn’t their natural way of living back home with their own flocks.

    Hopefully, CC Bay St. Louis is doing in Mississippi, what they naturally do at home. If so, then it’s a shame that other CC’s nurture a culture that give a bad name to CC in general. Unfortunately, this culture does appear to be pervasive.

  2. Grateful, yes, I’m glad too. Good for them…despite the bad stuff that goes on and is tolerated in the CC System.

  3. Grateful,

    “Hopefully, CC Bay St. Louis is doing in Mississippi, what they naturally do at home. If so, then it’s a shame that other CC’s nurture a culture that give a bad name to CC in general. Unfortunately, this culture does appear to be pervasive.”

    My thoughts as well. I think it is difficult for us to give them the benefit of the doubt. Simply because we have all witnessed to one degree or another that these efforts are used more for Public Relation opportunities or to counter any criticism. For example:

    When I was forced out of my home into the streets, in order counter any criticism my husband made it out to be something else, then before you could wink an eye he was out in the streets with some group feeding and ministering to the homeless. Yet, never once made mentioned that his own wife was homeless. When he asked me to sign the pink slip to a vehicle we owned (months before, he told a signature was needed), but no longer had possession of it, he exploded in a shopping lot screaming at me because I had signed it and gave my address as homeless. One of the remarks he made was, “What are you trying to do to me/” “What will people think of me?” My response: “Honey, I don’t how to tell you this, but the truth is: I’m homeless and to say anything is would be lying and providing false information on a legal document.”

    So, yeah this is what some people do in order to counter or to cover up the truth, and people buy into it, until it directly affects them.

  4. correction: “(months before, he told a signature was needed), ”

    Should read: (months before, he told me a signature was not any longer needed).

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