Mar 272014
Former Calvary Chapel youth pastor, Nicholas Henshaw, commits suicide after arrest for child molestation.

Former Calvary Chapel youth pastor, Nicholas Henshaw, commits suicide after arrest for child molestation.

Article appears in Dana Pointe Times

By Andrea Papagianis

A former Dana Point youth minister who was arrested in Colorado last month and charged with the sexual assault of a child committed suicide Monday, according to authorities.

Nicholas Henshaw, 35, of Fort Collins, Colo. was found dead in a Loveland, Colo. hotel Monday morning, confirmed Stephen Hanks, a deputy coroner investigator with the Larimer County coroner’s office, who worked the case. His death has been ruled a suicide.

Henshaw’s body was discovered in a Holiday Inn Express south of Fort Collins. Authorities have determined the cause of death was suffocation by way of asphyxiation with helium, Hanks said.

In February, the former youth minister at Capo Beach Calvary Church, now Capo Beach Church, was charged with one count of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, Larimer County court records show. Henshaw was accused of molesting an 8-year-old neighbor. The state of Colorado classifies the crime as a felony.

The accused was out of jail on bail. His next court appearance was set for April 4.

Over the last 18 months, Henshaw was the subject of multiple investigations in Larimer County, said criminal investigator Don Vagge with the Fort Collins Police Department. The most recent led to Henshaw’s arrest.

Henshaw was also the subject of an Orange County Sheriff’s Department investigation in the early 2000s.

Officials looked into suspicions that Henshaw committed lewd and lascivious acts with a child, according to OCSD spokesman Lt. Jeff Hallock. The case was presented to the District Attorney’s Office but no charges were filed due to a lack of evidence, Hallock said. No further details were provided.

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Sad story. So many kids’ lives affected. I’m torn about the suicide. Part of me is glad Henshaw is dead and will no longer be able to hurt kids…and part of me wishes he’d have gone to prison and got some Prison Justice before he died.

What this story should illustrate is that pedophiles and child molesters seek out positions that put them with kids. Not all youth leaders and youth pastors and youth volunteers and youth helpers are molesters…but all molesters tend to seek out positions as youth workers.

It looks like Henshaw was a Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel Capo Beach for a couple of years around 2000-2002. I am told by a friend familiar with that church and that situation that once that Calvary Chapel learned that he presented a danger to kids, they canned him….good for them.

Unfortunately, the guy simply moves to another area and molests more kids. There has to be a better way to mark these predators and give the communities they prey on a heads up in the Church System.

At minimum, Churches need to do a better job background checking their youth workers and leaders and not just checking their criminal records…sometimes these guys dodge the law for a long time…but actually calling their previous churches or organizations and asking if there have been any allegations or any investigations regarding child abuse…even if there has yet to be an arrest.


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  1. Apparently this guy worked for Chuck Smith Jr. at Capo Calvary Chapel.

    I’ve sent some questions to Junior to get his take on this. I was told Jr.’s CC did the right thing when they were made aware of problems, I hope that is the case.

    It sucks that this guy got away with it in the OC and then went on to victimize many others. That’s how it usually goes.

    That’s what happened with Iglesias and those Calvary Chapel molestations. He went from one CC to another and there was nothing to stop him from working with more kids.

  2. I am glad the guy did the right thing and killed himself

  3. “but actually calling their previous churches or organizations and asking if there have been any allegations or any investigations regarding child abuse…even if there has yet to be an arrest.”

    There is a legal time bomb. I don’t know if asking the question is legal, but I am sure than answering is illegal.

  4. MLD, if that’s the case, that should be fixed. A lot of these guys dodge the police for a long time, then go on to hurt a ton more kids until they are finally busted. Sometimes the guys get away with it for good, as we see now in Calvary Chapel at this moment.

  5. When it has to do with kids, we need to err on the side of caution. Don’t let those dudes around kids if they’ve been accused or alleged to have abused. Why do they have to still be allowed around kids?

  6. Parents have the right to know if a youth worker or pastor has been accused or alleged to have committed abuse…even if there’s no arrest and conviction.

    Lots of guys simply get away with crimes.

    My step-dad is living proof of this…in his book “A Common Miracle” he self-describes how he was able to fool law enforcement and customs while smuggling drugs and dealing drugs and using illicit drugs.

    Was he guilty of felonies? Yup, according to him he was. Was he caught, arrested, convicted, served time? Nope. He got away with it. And he’s gotten away with child abuse toward me and my brothers as well.

  7. It’s employment law – you will need to talk to your political hacks.

    Now tell the truth, can’t you tell a perv when you are talking to him? I can.

    I have the same thoughts about male elementary school teachers – what man want’s to hang around, sweaty smelly, snotty nosed kids all day unless they are looking for a jolley time experience.

    I think as a public matter we school ban male elementary school teachers.

  8. MLD, LOL and some truth to that.

    I remember an adult male we knew once who was always volunteering to watch our kids. Big red flag. I thought, “The last thing I’d want to do is watch someone else’s kids, I’d rather sit through an evangelical sermon or have back surgery or something.”

  9. LOL 🙂

  10. Gene, knowing what you know now about the evidence about BB’s alleged abuse would you still tell Brian that he should ignore the critics and not answer them? Or do you now regret what you did?

  11. Doug, you need to read the other thread – I have commented today.

    “about the evidence” – there is no evidence, there is a FB outburst … but it is enough to look into. Read my other comments.

  12. Gene, I didn’t see you repent in the other thread. Nor did I see you say what you would do to undo what you did that day at El Pollo Loco. Did you call Broderson and tell him you have him bad advise? Have you repented yet?

  13. Because I didn’t say that I changed my mind. If you did indeed read the thread you would have seen where I described what I thought was a rage outburst on FB which really the guy sounded more upset at the state for making him pay child support. The kid is damaged goods – so just based on that I wouldn’t address it.

    I will ask you, if one of your nephews made wild charges about you on his FB page would you address it? Would you drag your kids out to deny it – or would you just keep moving.

    I will bet Chuck Jr had his hands full with this one … perhaps he is the reason he felt compelled to divorce and get out. Who knows?

    Now, if Alex has more credible witnesses to a bad act, then perhaps BB should address their claims. But no one seems to want to come forth.

  14. I feel worst for the children, but I also feel bad for the deceased. He never knew (as far as we know) the One True God. All those years, serving “a different jesus”…one who didn’t require remorse, repentance, or reconciliation.

    The sad part is, many cults use sex with children as a form of magik. There is no way to tell if that is what happened here, but satan is often behind such acts.

    We have to remember that satan masquerades as an angel of light, and his ministers of “righteousness” are many. Or we could simply write this man off as mentally disturbed with zero spiritual significance.

    We battle not against flesh and blood, but principalities & powers. Many are called, few are chosen.

  15. It is sad to know someone trusts the church and then their kids are hurt.

    I’ve had some weird things happen with my kids in church.

    For example, we were with a CC that checks backgrounds for youth workers, but the Sunday school teacher told my daughter she had a miscarriage and the baby was a hair ball in her throat. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard of.

    Let me tell you, I’ve had a miscarriage and it was not a hair ball in my throat. I was in labor pain and had to view the remains of my child, and it was very traumatic.

    I also used to teach Sunday school at CCs. And never would I have thought it was appropriate to discuss such a topic in such a way with innocent children.

    Another church we were with, I found out later was purpose driven, we eventually left. But my grown daughter just told me the youth pastor was doing eastern meditation with her youth group and all these years I never knew it had been happening. And this was a congregation I also taught Sunday school with.

    My point is – one just never knows, sadly. Our family has to home church currently becaus the churches in our entire county are apostate.

  16. Your use of the euphemism “Prison Justice” to imply that this asshole should have gone to prison (true, if convicted) and gotten raped there (false, if we want to pretend we live in a civil society without an American gulag) is really odd considering the subject of your blog.

    Have you thought about that? Rape is rape. You condoned rape.

    Then again, seeing the quality of the comments in this thread, eh. It looks pretty insular and ignorant, just on this one post, despite the fact that you’re undeniably trying to fight for the common good. Ban male elementary teachers? Your commenters appear to have similar problems thinking through the logic of what they write – in this case, implying that all men are rapists and child molesters. Unreal.

  17. I can’t believe the fat lady with the moniker of “Martin Luther’s Disciple” claims to be a Christian. n
    She and the self righteous prick Alex both sound “better then thou”
    No love, understanding, or do un to others etc. You two are not the ones responsible for judgement so shut up…..

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