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Saeed Abedini's arrest record for Domestic Assault and guilty plea in 2007.

Saeed Abedini’s arrest record for Domestic Assault and guilty plea in 2007.

“Save Saeed!”

How about save his wife and kids. Attached is Saeed Abedini’s arrest for Domestic Assault and his guilty plea in 2007. Naghmeh Abedini has gone public with abuse allegations….and already Calvary Chapel is circling the wagons and standing by their man….just like with their beloved Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia who is accused of molestation and physical child abuse by his sons/step-sons.

Link to readable Arrest Record:


Calvary Chapel’s lax stance and enabling of Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse has to stop.

The Calvary Chapel church sect and Non-Denomination Denomination rails at the outsiders….the homosexuals, the heathens outside their walls…and finds all manner of excuse to wag its collective fingers at everyone else….except themselves. That is the OPPOSITE of what their bible teaches and they claim they teach “simply”.

1 Corinthians 5:12 It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning.

Nope, not Calvary Chapel. They can hold mega-conferences, raise millions of dollars, band together for all sorts of Christian-entertainment and idiotic “Prophecy Conferences”….which is a real Profit-cy endeavor. My prophecy? They are always wrong…but collect a lot of money from the suckers.

Hey, Calvary Chapel….deal with your own garbage. You guys suck. Your pastors are no different than any other walk of life…in fact, many times are much worse. I know where a lot of the bodies are buried, I know many of your scandals. You promote yourselves as “Specially Anointed by God!” and sell a false “Transformation Gospel!” You put on appearances, you put yourselves on a stage and at a podium to be worshipped. You promote yourselves as something you are not. You are liars.

Then when the scandal fires get too hot and you can’t weasel out of your bullshit….you then claim, “Well, we’re all just sinners! Don’t put any of us on a pedestal! Grace covers a multitude of sins!” Ya, how about lead with that and get your asses off the pedestals that YOU erect for yourselves…and stop wagging YOUR fingers at all the other sinners.

Matthew 23. You guys are a bunch of jerks. I’m a jerk, too….but you’ll know it up front because I’ll tell you….and I won’t be a lying hypocrite making money from selling your false Calvary Chapel “transformation” bullshit gospel for greedy gain and following and building your CC franchise “ministry”.

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Feb 012016
Naghmeh Abedini has gone public with Domestic Violence allegations against her Calvary Chapel pastor husband, Saeed Abedini.

Naghmeh Abedini has gone public with Domestic Violence allegations against her Calvary Chapel pastor husband, Saeed Abedini.

Naghmeh Abedini is my hero.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are issues near and dear to my heart….especially as a Child Abuse survivor and witness to much abuse at the hands of Bob Grenier, our Calvary Chapel pastor and step-dad.

It takes a lot of guts and courage to publicly confront these issues. I know, I’ve been ravaged online over and over, been maligned, sold-out, betrayed, even sued by Pastor Bob Grenier and my own mother for speaking publicly about his Abusiveness and Paul Grenier’s molestation allegations that he made under oath and to an Eagle, Idaho police detective, a prominent Child Abuse advocate, Chuck Smith, Dave Rolph, myself, many media outlets and bloggers and many others.

Paul Grenier made a suicide attempt after the Appellate Court rejected the Anti-Slapp motion and was visited a few months later (if memory serves). Soon after those visits….after over a decade of shunning from Camp Bob Grenier….Paul suddenly agreed to some sort of recanting of his molestation story. Paul’s recant is posted on this blog for your consideration…though it is not a recantation under oath. Many are suspicious about the sudden contact from Camp Bob and the subsequent rather abrupt recant after so many years of telling a consistent story to many.

Robert Grenier Jr. called me and several others a few years back and accused Paul Grenier of “molesting” him. I was floored. I didn’t want to believe it initially. The details, according to Robert Grenier Jr., went like this….he and Paul were engaged in “sodomy” and “oral sex” for several years in Pastor Bob’s home. Robert Jr. is a year younger than Paul and has always been physically larger. A “molestation” didn’t add up to me….but an ongoing incestuous relationship did….and where did this sort of perversion come from?

I know Bob Grenier exposed himself to me and Geoff often….walking around us naked as a common practice…genitals fully exposed to us. I remember Bob making me shower with him when I was 10 years old. It was very weird. Creepy in fact. Those are the only details of the showering I will disclose in this article. The whole memory of abuse is very upsetting….to this very day.

Naghmeh Abedini’s story is harrowing. I know what she is going through. She is already facing massive public scrutiny for speaking up about Domestic Abuse by her Calvary Chapel husband. “Private family matter” is the narrative from Calvary Chapel and Camp Bob Grenier with regards to his abuse….I’m hearing similar leveled at Naghmeh. Saeed has come out publicly denying the abuse. Where does Calvary Chapel stand? Is this a “private family matter”? Is Calvary Chapel going to side with Saeed as they have done with Bob Grenier, their “affiliated” Pastor?

The issues of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are NOT “private family matters”….they are serious issues of Public Interest and very bad evils to confront…publicly…especially when the Abuser is a Pastor in a Position of Trust in our Society.

Naghmeh is a brave woman. She is doing the right thing. My own mother sold me out for my Abuser and their “ministry”…I am proud of Naghmeh for doing the hard thing and the right thing. She is to be admired and supported….and I applaud her for speaking out publicly as a way to inform the Public that these issues DO HAPPEN in “church” and Calvary Chapel…and they are wrong. They are not “private family matters” no matter how many times Calvary Chapel and Camp Bob Grenier repeat that mantra and sue and stomp their feet and hiss.

The Macro-Calvary Chapel Dynamic encourages spouses and women to “submit” to their Calvary Chapel Pastor husbands….and to keep things a “private family matter”. To speak out is to violate the Calvary Chapel “No Talk” rule. It is looked down upon and punished. It is wrong. It needs to change.

I am re-engaged in the Fight. I am going to redouble my efforts. I support Naghmeh and I will fight to the end with everything I’ve got.

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Dec 032015

As I’m perusing my Facebook news feed this morning…something I am addicted…err, prone to do…this catchy, snappy post caught my attention: “Ha ha! I’m still alive! So I’ll go ahead and share the Gospel. Thanks Lord.” Turns out it was Pete J. Courson…son of the Courson Tribe…Celebrity Guru Status in the Calvary Chapel “Non” Denomination with tentacles all over the planet.

First off, I have no personal beef with Peter J. or his pops, John. While they seem to be typical Celebrity Gurus in Evangelicalism and still under the general Tent of Calvary Chapel…they don’t seem to be particularly dooshy like others of their “associated” or non-associated brethren. In fact, Pete seems a good guy in general…my one criticism being that he seems to like the adulation of being a mini-Celebrity quite a bit. I have followed him for awhile online…and while he tries to say he doesn’t like celebrity or promote celebrity…he engages in the same Dynamic that perpetuates it and doesn’t instruct others otherwise.

What I witnessed this morning is very typical….and I’m only singling out Pete because it is a fresh example and prompted the “holy spirit” in me to speak up…or maybe it’s the devil or the demons since my enemies say I’m the Anti-Christ…who knows. It’s probably just me being me, which is a critical thinker who has a very acute bullshit meter…especially when it comes to “religion” and “church” in today’s Evangelical Sub-culture.

Celebrity pastor-kid has some health issues, legit stuff, not funny…we all do or will someday…none of us are getting off this rock alive. Celebrity pastor-kid takes some sort of leave to deal with the health issues….folks in droves express their blessings and prayers and kiss his ass in a fashion only seen on par when it is a sports hero or movie star or a Kardashian. Celebrity pastor-kid has some sort of “miraculous” comeback and makes a simple post on Facebook….and then the Ass-kiss-pocalypse ensues.

It was truly amazing to watch…and I’m sure it will go on all day.

What is “the Gospel” of mainstream Evangelicalism in the USA today? It’s a Celebrity-driven, “Ministry” driven Gospel and resembles nothing I see of the example of Jesus in the Newer Testament. Not speaking against this perverse Dynamic is supporting the perpetuation of this perverse Dynamic.

Here’s the very beginning of the avalanche…and the point is this…if it was some guy you never heard of who attended and gave and served at that church his whole life but never got the spotlight and just did his thing quietly for Jesus…you’d never have known he had a health crisis…and you’d never have known if he recovered….and you NEVER would see this sort of adulation and support. THAT is your Celebrity-driven Evangelical “Gospel”…a big part of it.

Ha ha! I’m still alive! So I’ll go ahead and share the Gospel. Thanks Lord.

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Kathy Wilson YAYYYYY!!!

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Patrick Linares so happy you are well

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Jackie Lauer Our God is amazing. He heard us 

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Melissa Ventura Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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Helen Sederquist Eglett You’re chipper this morn! Love it up, PJ!!! Praise God! BTW – Angels let Cowgill go yesterday:(…

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Peter-John Courson Thank you everybody!

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Jan Endicott And we are so happy you are doing well! Praise our Father  smile emoticon

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Vicki Berlin Thank you, Jesus! I am sooooo thrilled with God’s miracle in your life! Welcome back, I missed you!!!

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Hope Rhodes You Rock Peter-John Courson. God is so good!!

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MikenLaurie Swales Praise God!! Still praying for you…

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Peter-John Courson I am amazed at this feedback. Don’t know why you all care so much but am extremely moved….

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Becca Brand Pete – So good to know you’re doing better. Praise God!

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Cheryl Thompson Kron Praise God!

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Larry Petersen Evidence your work is not done. He wants to continue to use you!

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Joy Kilishek Such a blessing to see your post. Sending love to you and the fam.

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Vicki Berlin We care because God made you an awesome person and teacher of his Word

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Alexander Dawit Amen! ….I will not die but live,
and I will proclaim what the Lord has done ..psalm 118

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Shannon Widman Daily Peter-John Courson, you are an answer to many prayers. Praising the Lord for you. So thankful for you

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Sue Leary Saunders All praise and glory to God!

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Angela Vermilion Great news! So happy to read this! God bless you and your family!

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Alex Joye LOL, love that post.

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Keiko Linda Prideaux

Keiko Linda Prideaux Praise and glory to JESUS!!! HE fights for us!!!

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Alex Joye

Alex Joye …but what is “the Gospel” really?

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Dawn Griffiths

Dawn Griffiths Amen!! Xoxo

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Alex Joye

Alex Joye Today’s evangelical “Gospel” seems to be this: “You must believe in a particular set of ‘correct doctrines’…and you must be ‘transformed’ and keep up a particular list of ‘morality’ but some things we’re OK with like Gluttony…other things send you straight to hell like homosexuality”

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Dina Smith
Dina Smith Pastor Pete praying for continued strength & wisdom
Preach it preacher!! Love in Jesus

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Kim Koeth Sisneros Praise the Lord!!!!!

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Alex Joye

Alex Joye …and welcome back smile emoticon You’re still alive and I thought I’d interject some real stuff vs. the massive ass-kissing you are in the middle of receiving.

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Hanne Westcott


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Diana Burnham

Diana Burnham That is soooooooo like our God.

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Steve Pulver SO R A D ! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon < =ODSee Translation

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Alex Joye

Write a reply…
Carolyn Hornbaker-Summers

Carolyn Hornbaker-Summers its just amazing to watch you recover. its absolutley a miracle! i was reading your book thinking about all you have gone thru with chrons, and that was written BEFORE this near death experience! your testimony will continue to help people all the moreSee More

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Alex Joye

Alex Joye What an aphrodisiac being in an evangelical Celebrity family is. Just in awe of it, it is such a strong dynamic and pull. Human Nature is what it is. Not much can be done about it…and that is a truer Gospel.

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John Becker

John Becker The one who created the universe listens when we cry out to Him!

Don’t hold back Peter-John! Run the race!

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Dallas Delhousaye GO PJ! cant wait

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Alex Joye

Alex Joye How many would fawn over the regular schmuck who attends regularly his whole life at an evangelical mega-church…unknown, not on the stage. Very very very few would even notice if that guy had a health crisis and then came back out of it.

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Alex Joye

Alex Joye This is actually quite disgusting. Shame on you folks. And remarkably you don’t even see it and I’m sure will attack me for pointing out the Truth.

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Nov 122015

Christianity Today reports that Saeed Abedini’s wife, Nagmeh, outs “abuse” in her marriage and halts her public advocacy for his release.

This public disclosure opens up Nagmeh to a defamation lawsuit, very similar to what Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia has been doing for years…and Calvary Chapel Association and Calvary Chapel is likely to remain silent and back Saeed as is their practice over the years.

Read the full story here:


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Sep 082015

Posted Publicly on Pastor Alan Hawkins Facebook page. Alan is a friend and a good dude. I think this is an important issue to discuss….and there are no easy answers:

So this is my professor and he is wanting feedback. Take a close look and reply if you will. Dr. Ruthven is challenging some protestant expositions.


In response to a query from a friend, I am working through what “salvation” means. Certainly, in traditional Christian theology, “salvation” means being forgiven of sins, regenerated and being good, then in a position to go to heaven. I just attended a church service where I heard exactly that.

In the Synoptics, however, “salvation” pretty much always means “healing” or “rescue.” Even in Mt 1:21 and Hb 9:28 Jesus’ “saving” from sins may have had a primary referent to the broken covenant penalties of Dt 28, not simply going to hell, hence, the emphasis on healing in the NT “gospel.”

Since the Synoptic Gospels (Mt, Mk, Lk) were written, mostly later, as summaries and “big picture” correctives to a Christianity that immediately began to drift off course in so many ways, we ought to take these Gospels (and John) as our prime source, and not dismiss them as “historical prologue” to the “real stuff”–“justification by faith” in Paul, as Luther and Calvin taught. (Paul was more amenable to Protestant “demythologizing” of the Gospel than the Gospels themselves).

The Gospels, then, were attempts to reset and recenter Jesus’ original mission and message. Based on the direction church doctrine took after the introduction of the Gospels, it seems that this “reset” didn’t really succeed. Maybe that success would come far in the future, but certainly not from the 2nd century and thereafter, where Christianity increasingly became an exercise in human/demonic speculation and pontificating (creeds and apologetics), not revelation and power. In the NT, demons always “knew” perfect “theology”; they did not “know” God in the way of knowing that God requires.

In my view, we can’t persist in the charismatic tweaking of the Protestant ordo salutis: get “saved,” then filled with the Spirit. The NT seems to promote John the Baptist’s program of “repent and be baptized and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” It seems to me that “repent” means to move from a basic epistemology of the “wrong tree” to the tree of life: moving from the Serpent’s words to the Spirit’s. The immediate goal here is “obedience.” (Paul’s mission was “obedience from the Gentiles”). You can’t “obey” God until you, in some sense, hear his voice telling us what to obey.

There was a man who said he couldn’t become a Christian until he gave up his cigarettes. Normally, I would respond that he needed a “salvation” experience which would then empower him to give up the habit. But I wonder if this man and his cigarettes may have been God’s test to show if he was really going to obey God’s revelation: was he going to hear and obey God in this defining test or not? The cigarettes, by themselves, are trivial, the test of obedience is everything–the first step toward “salvation” that is, life in the revealing, empowering Spirit/presence of God. “Repent” means “turning in the opposite direction”–away from one way of living to another: it involves a basic decision, and action, for total change.

SALVATION IS DEFINED IN THE NT AS ENTERING THE NEW COVENANT defined in Acts 2:39, citing Isa 59:21, and 2 Cor 3, describing Jer 31:33 (also Heb 12:18-25), receiving the New Covenant Spirit of prophecy and power. THIS IS THE MISSION OF JESUS DEFINED IN ALL FOUR GOSPELS: “He will baptize in the Holy Spirit.”

I think, therefore, that the defining pattern for becoming a “Christian” is Acts 2:38-39, and its citation of Isa 59:21–a citation that traditional theology has denied: it is a single package of repentance, baptism, to the goal of receiving the Spirit (the charismatic Spirit of prophecy and power).

“THIS is my covenant with them,” says the Lord: “My Spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of your offspring, or out of the mouth of your children’s offspring,” says the Lord, “from this time forth and forevermore.”

So the goal and expression of “salvation” is really the “baptism in the Holy Spirit,” which means, you are immersed in God’s presence, communication, and life. This is the opposite of living “in the flesh”–human weakness without God’s empowering, leading to death. A “man of the Spirit” or a “man of God” in the Bible is one who was a prophet: one who lived in the voice, obedience and power of God to heal and deliver from demonic influence. THIS is “salvation” in the NT. This essentially charismatic experience is flatly denied in traditional Protestantism (e.g., Sect. 1, Westminster Confession).

So, to “repent and be baptized” means to choose the basic way of “hearing” to the Spirit, to be “washed” of that former way of thinking/heeding (the source of all “sins”), and then entering into the realm of God’s Spirit–the power of revelation and power, “cleansed” of demonic input.

One example of how far the Protestant notion of “salvation” drifted is the case of the Philippian jailer: “What must I do to be saved” meant: “How can I have my sins forgiven and go to heaven!” Talk about “demythologizing!” What he was asking was, “The government is going to kill me and enslave my family if these prisoners escape! How do I avoid that?” Paul’s answer was the universal answer to ALL the desperate situations of ALL mankind: “Have faith (hear God’s voice and obey) in the Lord Jesus Christ–all that he taught and modeled about hearing and obeying the Father/Spirit–and you will be rescued from every evil–in God’s own way !”–including the problem of the prisoners escaping.

The basic difference between traditional “salvation” and that of the NT is as follows:

Traditional emphasis: 1) man in sinful state going to hell. 2) ordo salutis, behaves ethically, 3) qualifies for heaven

New Testament emphasis: 1) man denying revelation from God (Rom 1); life in chaos, suffering penalties of Dt 28; 2) hears/heeds revelation, repents (heeds God, not serpent), is “baptized” in Spirit, able to hear and obey and become a charismatic evangelist/disciple as per mandate of Mark 3:14-15 (actually, the mandate for Adam–all mankind), and further spelled out in, e.g., Lk 9&10, Mt 28:19-20; Acts 1:8. The NT emphasis on “salvation,” then, is not on getting “saved” from hell, but to become a Spirit-filled disciple as the NT defines it.

In both cases, of course, hell and heaven are ultimate factors. It’s just that the NT concentrates on the here-and-now and how to be “providers” of God’s “grace/charisms” whereas in the Protestant system you are “saved” to be a permanent, paying “consumer” of ecclesiastical services, including “salvation.” I realize this is an extreme caricature of these positions, but it’s to show the contrast.

Bottom line: I don’t think we should assume the Protestant meaning of “salvation” if we are to get at the NT goals for human existence.
To tradition, “salvation” was getting rid of sins to qualify for heaven. To the NT, “salvation” was deliverance from a demonic way of knowing to a life of revelation in the Spirit of prophecy and power–obedience to God and assuming the mandate of Mark 3:14-15.

Feedback appreciated !

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  • Alex Joye Happy to answer. But he probably won’t like it smile emoticon
  • Alex Joye I have been asking and answering that question for over 20 years.
  • Alan Hawkins I assure you that your answer would not unhinge the professor.
    • Hide 23 Replies
    • Alex Joye I’m sure it wouldn’t, he has his mind made up.
    • Alex Joye …or at least his apologetic
    • Alex Joye Pride and fear. It’s why the “professor” will never get a glimpse of the real Truth. He’s too proud to humble himself that he doesn’t know…and too fearful to be brutally honest about things. It’s only when you get to that place that I think you get a glimpse at the Truth.
    • Alex Joye Men like him spend their entire lives chasing an Apologetic and finding more sophisticated ways to appear like they know something to gullible folks.
    • Alan Hawkins You are way out of line Alex and you have no idea the price he has paid and by the way he lived in Idaho for a long time. He went there as a refugee and critic of the system and lived in hiddenness and personal self sacrifice for a long time so take care with your analysis of somebody you don’t know.
    • Alex Joye Ask him what he thinks of my comments. Then tell me his response. Then I’ll tell you what the Truth is about him.
    • Alex Joye …but don’t tell him you are going to tell me his response or his defense mechanism will make him answer dishonestly.
    • Alan Hawkins Alex making judgements and assumptions about people you do not know is so far out of line it makes you someone that people cannot interact with.
    • Alex Joye Tell me what he says after reading my comments w/o telling him you’ll tell me…then I’ll know an awful lot about him.
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    • Alex Joye We’ll find out the Truth of what he knows and not the B.S. veneer.
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    • Alan Hawkins No I will not mediate such a thing… go to his page and communicate directly.
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    • Alex Joye No problem. I can already guess how it will go b/c I’ve tested many like him. I don’t need to know…but it sounds like some of your readers would benefit from finding out whether his supposed knowledge actually means anything in real life.
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    • Alex Joye …I can tell you from having tested many a man…the higher the pedestal…the farther the fall….and much of what they toil after means nothing when push comes to shove.
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    • Alex Joye High probability he would respond in a very defensive manner, his pride would be tweaked. He would then go into a rigorous defense of his apologetic or he would simply name-call politely and dismiss me when it got difficult to resolve and defend his position. Very unlikely he would spend the time to have an intellectually honest discussion, and very unlikely he would come to the conclusion based on that discussion that he really doesn’t know very much for sure…as that is too humbling and fearful a position for men like him.
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    • Alex Joye THAT is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. I have a gift for peeling back the veneer. It’s not pleasant for those who it is applied to…but it produces more real-world Truth than the PR and veneer of Religion.
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    • Alex Joye You’re a good dude Alan. I’ve sifted you just a little and you generally come up as a good man. Not intending any of this toward you personally.
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    • Alex Joye I come at things from very different angles. It’s not conventional…but it is very effective.
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    • Alex Joye One thing I know well…humans and human nature.
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    • Alan Hawkins Since you know human nature you know that if you attack someone there are very few who would endure an unprovoked attack with any assumption that you are a benevolent reasonable person.
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    • Alex Joye Hey, I didn’t say the Jesus stuff was easy…just calling b.s. and you’ll find out the real story when push comes to shove. Supposedly you are “transformed” when saved….no? Err, not so much.
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    • Alex Joye He’ll respond just like most everyone does…which is not very much like Jesus.
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    • Alex Joye Easy to preach the stuff, easy to make careers of it, to get degrees in it, to write books about it. Much harder to actually do it.
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    • Alex Joye As you stated, everyone will respond in a similar manner to adversity, to provocation, etc. Jesus taught very clearly how to respond to that…yet very few can do it in real life. Yet, you sell a “Transformation Gospel”…and yet very very very few humans can do what Jesus said you are to do. So who is fooling who? The “professor” can engage in intellectual masturbation all he wants and tell you how smart he is and what “real salvation” is…but it probably isn’t true or contains some truth, but is not the Absolute. Truth is, we don’t really know what “salvation” is. Most humans respond the same way to a variety of things. They may change some of their behaviors like getting off of drugs, kicking a bad alcohol habit, etc…but many do that through non-religious means as well, and Mormons and other Sects report very similar “testimonies” and “transformations”…heck even the Scientologists report “transformations”. But, when push comes to shove, the vast majority of humans respond the same way to adversity, provocation etc either overtly or in their hearts. The Gospel doesn’t “transform” you that much at all. So what is “Salvation”?
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