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From Bob Grenier’s “Daily Devotional” today: Proverbs 11:8 “The righteous is delivered from trouble, And it comes to the wicked instead.”

The following is a verbatim direct personal testimony of a long-time Calvary Chapel Visalia mother and volunteer.

She alleges Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia told her not to report Child Molestation to the District Attorney. This was one of many testimonies of Calvary Chapel Visalia church-goers that I presented directly to Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (with Chuck’s attorney Janet Carter and Pastor Dave Rolph and my brother Geoff at the meeting). This was part of an effort to deal with Bob’s abuses and corruption within the church after attempts at the local Calvary Chapel Visalia were shut down by Bob and his Elders and Board.

This testimony is shocking and sobering. I don’t understand why nothing has been done about this and many other things connected to Bob Grenier.

“In 2000 my daughter came forward with her story of years of sexual abuse by my husband.  The shock and sorrow that followed was not out of the ordinary, but the behavior of the Senior pastor of CC Visalia, Bob Grenier, was.  I went to him for help and it was as though I had done something wrong, NOT my husband.  

I was told that the important thing was to keep my marriage in tact, that it was wrong to report him to the District Attorney’s office and I could no longer teach sunday school or keep maintaining the grounds (as we had done for years).  As time went on the pastors made it uncomfortable and virtually impossible for myself and my family to keep attending CC (my son-in-law who kept trying to attend the longest was finally told point blank, not to come back).  We had been very involved, very connected to the church (attending for close to 20 years) even closely connected to Bob’s own family through our children’s friendships; but the change after my going against Bob’s wishes and reporting the child abuse to the authorities was so extreme we felt forced to leave.  

Could Bob’s strong negative reaction to the reporting of child abuse (even though as a pastor he is a mandated reporter) be explained by the sad fact that he also has sinned against his family in the same way and is living in denial??”

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Mar 132015


Attached is the police report that I made to the Visalia Police Department back in February of 2010 (click red link above to view Police_Report pdf).

While the report intentionally (my opinion) omitted some of the worst abuses we reported…it did document enough of the abuse that a source tells me that the District Attorney would have “arrested Bob personally” (according to the source) had the Statute of Limitations not expired.

I followed up my in-person testimony with emails to the detective because I was concerned about the presence of Sgt. McIntosh as a key figure in the process. Sgt. McIntosh’s mother, Judy McIntosh, is a longtime close personal friend, confidante and part of Bob Grenier’s inner-circle at Calvary Chapel Visalia. Judy is a good woman, but good people can be fooled by a good liar like Bob.

The report left out some of these abuses that were reported and corroborated by my brothers: Bob imprisoning Geoff in a small closet, Bob kicking Geoff, Bob hitting me with paddles causing open wounds where my underwear would stick to my buttocks from the oozing/bleeding.

The other glaring and BIG omission: The police report tries to frame an incident of abuse where Bob punched Geoff in the face and kicked him out of the home as “Geoff stood up to Bob”…and they did not even mention that Bob had beaten Geoff and then punched him in the face. Glen Cardaronella, a 20-plus-year Calvary Chapel Visalia Board Member states in his sworn Declaration that is already in the Court’s evidence that Bob confessed to the Board that he punched Geoff in the face during that incident.

Bob’s cop buddies (Bob has some close ties in the Visalia Law Enforcement Community…but many see through his lies) came to bat for him, in my opinion, and did their best to mute the report and sanitize it to a degree…even listing the crime as “corporal punishment” which is not true. Hitting kids with objects causing them injuries, imprisoning kids in closets, punching them in the face, kicking them….is not “corporal punishment”…it is Felony Child Abuse according to the statutes I read of the California Penal Code.

What the police report does include is an aunt and uncle who witnessed Bob abusing Geoff and it also includes Geoff’s recounting of being sent to the principle’s office in high school after a coach noticed injuries on him when Geoff was showering.

We will be covering the many allegations of abuse and corruption against Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia in much detail and specificity leading up to a jury trial. We will hold some things back, but Bob is already aware of a large chunk of these things as we tried to get resolution to these matters privately at the local level with Calvary Chapel Visalia’s Board…but were rebuffed…and we took it to the top of Calvary Chapel with Chuck Smith in Costa Mesa…and the door was slammed in our face there as well. Bob has had plenty of opportunities to handle what he lies and calls “private family matters”…Bob has stone-walled and denied every attempt at handling the abuses through private channels…and now wants to play the victim once it went public because there is no other recourse.

This is the Calvary Chapel Model of how they teach and deal with major grievances. They give the impression there is some sort of Church mechanism that holds pastors accountable and that there is some venue for beefs…you then send all (or most) of your beefs and evidence to them…they then stone-wall you and pass that evidence on to the pastor and offender so he can prepare a defense against you later. Very evil and sinister of Calvary Chapel.

Then when your only avenue is to go public….they sue you for defamation and claim it’s all a “private family matter”.

Not this time Bob and Calvary Chapel. You aren’t going to get away with it.

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Mar 122015

No, I did not defame Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia…and no, Bob’s abuses as a Pastor and Police Chaplain are not a “private family matter” as is his strategy and narrative.

The issues go well beyond the abuses Bob committed against me and my brothers…though those abuses are legitimate reasons to speak out publicly…especially since all attempts at dealing with the abuses privately at the local church level and even at the Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa level were slammed shut in our faces.

I will fight Bob’s lawsuit. I won’t be bullied and silenced…ever. If Bob wants to shut me up, he can take responsibility for his bad actions and confess and repent and apologize for what he’s done. Until then…and hell would freeze over before that happened…I am not going to shut up.

In the upcoming months we will continue to cover the Bob Grenier story and I will list testimony after testimony of others who have come forward with their stories of bad things that happened to them at Calvary Chapel Visalia by Pastor Bob.

Bob wrote a book about the gory details of his life (it’s titled “A Common Miracle”)…and when Bob is engaging in Self-Promotion…then gory details about his life are not private (and we’ll discuss those details in detail)….but when Bob leaves big parts of his life story out that don’t fit his narrative of Self-Promotion…then suddenly everything is “a private family matter”. Nice try Bob. Liar.

By the way, thanks to Bob’s attorney Nick Pritchett for trolling me on a mutual friend’s Facebook page right after they won the Appellate Court ruling regarding the Anti-SLAPP. Pritchett’s trolling me helped me make the right decision to fight this to a jury trial. He posted a comment connected to an Abe Lincoln thread and something to the effect that men who stand for truth and have character never back down…others just talk trash or something similar. Yup, agreed.

This is a very good development for Pritchett and his law firm as they will be able to bill a ton of new hours to Bob Grenier (and Bob collects all his money from church-goers who give their money “to Jesus” in tithes and offerings). It’s not a good development if Pritchett’s client was hoping to make this go away in mediation. Consider that reckless behavior if you ever are considering employing the legal services of Williams, Brodersen, Pritchett in Visalia. Pritchett’s actions directly affected the decision (in part) to go to a jury trial.

Feb 222015
Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier, suing son for a "hate campaign" and "cyberbullying" led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Fellowship/Ministries in 1993 claiming it was the duty of the "church" to police it's own and citing the many serious allegations surrounding Aguilar. Why is Bob Grenier getting special treatment in this case? Is it his close ties with the law enforcement community? Why is a Campaign exposing Phil Aguilar righteous whereas speaking out about Bob Grenier is wrong?

Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier, suing son for a “hate campaign” and “cyberbullying” led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Fellowship/Ministries in 1993 claiming it was the duty of the “church” to police its own and citing the many serious allegations surrounding Aguilar. Why is Bob Grenier treated differently in this case? Why is a Campaign exposing Phil Aguilar righteous whereas speaking out about Bob Grenier is wrong?

I don’t understand how a big State can get something so wrong. My faith in our System is at an all-time low.

From Courthouse News Article: “In order to make that reach, Pastor Bob would have had to actively inject himself into a public controversy over the things Alex and Taylor accuse him of – child abuse and molestation, tax evasion and theft – something he has apparently never done, the panel found.”

Yes, Bob Grenier has done that, Bob led a Public Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Ministries in 1993 in the greater Tulare County and even Fresno area in which Bob actively circulated press releases and a letter to area churches warning them about what Bob called Phil Aguilar’s “SEXUAL MISCONDUCT” and financial abuses among many other accusations.

Here is the document that has been on THIS BLOG for many years now. I have emails documenting that I sent this document and information to our Attorneys and I believe our Attorneys entered this into the Court record. How does this get missed?

“They told us of arranged marriages, drug use, SEXUAL MISCONDUCT, financial mismanagement, lies and exaggerations from the pulpit, dividing church members from their families and creating an atmosphere of total dependence on Phil Aguilar.”–Bob Grenier, Immanuel Christian Fellowship (He had left Calvary Chapel briefly and changed the name of his church at that time).

“This is made all the more urgent by the access Set Free Fellowship has been given to CHILDREN in this community and throughout the valley by way of their anti-drug assemblies in public schools and their involvement in community center activities. WE REALIZE THIS CORRESPONDENCE IS AN EXTREME ACT and it is taken only after intense prayer and with the overwhelming conviction that it is the church’s responsibility to CLEAN UP ITS OWN LAUNDRY.”–Bob Grenier, 1993.

“We write because we are concerned for the welfare of our community AND THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN.”–Bob Grenier, 1993.

The whole Campaign, of which Bob was their most vocal leader, accused Aguilar of very similar things as what Bob is accused of. Aguilar wouldn’t meet with Bob and his posse to confront the issues…and Bob and his Calvary Chapel Visalia Board and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa wouldn’t meet with all the people who had accusations against Bob.

Why is Bob Grenier treated so differently by the State of California? Why is he so special? This is upsetting to me and very confusing. Am I crazy or is this not the same thing!? When Bob does his “Campaign” against Phil Aguilar and ran Aguilar out of town…Bob was praised as a “hero” looking out for the Church. When we do it, we’re evil villains to be sued.

First the Court includes an online comment in their published opinion that WE DIDN’T MAKE…and then they either miss or ignore the fact that Bob Grenier led this public Campaign against Phil Aguilar. I don’t understand. It is very upsetting and disappointing.

Click on the link below to view the Press Release/Letter that Bob Grenier sent out broadly in his Public Campaign against Phil Aguilar:

You know what though? Maybe, oddly, it’s God’s way of saying we need to do the painful ugly and expensive work of dragging this thing all the way through the lower court process and exposing the truth and finishing this thing once and for all. If so, so be it. We’ll need you out there in cyber-land to do more than comment on a blog. We’ll need your financial support and volunteer efforts to take this the distance.

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Feb 202015
Rejected! Bob Grenier swats down Anti-SLAPP, declared a private, not public, figure.

Rejected! Bob Grenier swats down Anti-SLAPP, declared a private, not public, figure.

We had a major set-back in our defense against my step-dad pastor’s (Bob Grenier) defamation lawsuit.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled him “not a public figure” despite his multi-state radio program, book, speaking at conferences around the nation and world, etc…and they denied our Anti-SLAPP motion to strike (which would have ended the suit) and he can continue his lawsuit in the lower court.

It is perceived as a big victory by him and his attorney and is certainly a legal set-back for us…but is not a final ruling on the matter in terms of winning or losing the defamation suit. The Court did not rule whether the statements (those we actually made) were untrue beyond a “preponderance of evidence” (previous version said “reasonable doubt”).

We can try to Petition the California Supreme Court (very much a long-shot, slim odds, but not impossible) to review whether or not clergy/pastors are limited purpose public figures. We can fight an old-fashioned defamation suit in the lower court (that will cost a lot of time and money and we don’t have a church and followers behind us to fund us). The most distasteful option for me personally, but an option, is to choke it down and try to settle with something both sides can live with (but I think this option is slim, Bob is very vindictive and despite what he preaches from the pulpit, he’s about as hateful and vengeful a person as you’ll ever meet and he wants blood and money).

We’re in talks with attorneys and planning our next moves. I’ll keep you posted as to significant developments.

Bob is currently doing a victory lap posting bible verses about how God will smite all his enemies and God upholds the righteous etc, typical Bob.

Bob’s attorney, Nick Pritchett, trolled me on a mutual friend’s Facebook page…I’m sure he’d love to see a broken family continue to fight so he can bill his client some fresh Jesus money and put food on his rich table.

Our attorneys are filing some sort of motion in an attempt to correct a factual error in the published Appellate opinion…something I cannot fathom happens very often in a prestigious State like California. The court must’ve missed something as they attributed a quote in their ruling to either me or Tim and concluded their opinion with that online statement…again, something that wasn’t my comment or Tim’s….something we pointed out in the case…something I have emails to back up calling this to the attention of my attorneys, etc…yet there the mistake is in a published opinion. I’ve got no problem standing behind the words I stated (and will)…but how can comments we didn’t make end up in a published opinion in such a credible and big State like California?

Obviously, we’re disappointed with the ruling and disagree…however, the Court is an authority and they saw it Bob’s way (despite the factual error in the opinion of the statement that someone else made online). We accept the decision, minus that error, and we will regroup and figure out what options are available and which of those options is the best from here.

This published opinion is significant because we believe it now defines pretty much all clergy (unless they are national figures like a  Billy Graham) as “not” limited purpose public figures…so anyone making comments online that a pastor doesn’t like can be sued with the low bar of Prima Facia…meaning the pastor can simply claim the comment defamed him and sue you without the threat of a high bar of Actual Malice and without the ability to Anti-SLAPP the suit. That’s scary, but that’s what it looks like. That will create quite a chill in the Church Abuse blogging community. My advice is be very careful, you can be easily sued for speaking out publicly about a pastor now…even if that pastor is very public.

Here is an article covering the Appellate Court Decision:

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