Feb 292016
Mark Driscoll, former leader of Mars Hill Church, now named in RICO lawsuit.

Mark Driscoll, former leader of Mars Hill Church, now named in RICO lawsuit.

A bombshell RICO Lawsuit was filed recently against former leaders of Mars Hill Church of Mark Driscoll fame.

The lawsuit alleges that the church and leaders often solicited money under the guise of one thing….then diverted the funds to other things. It is alleged that Calvary Chapel churches have done similar…soliciting money under the guise of a particular separate charity…and then the money ending up in the general fund for the pastor to use it to fund his lifestyle and pay his bills.

Churches have long been ignoring attempts by grass-roots bloggers and former church-goers to clean up their act. This blog has called on the Calvary Chapel sect of churches and some others to change their ways. Those calls have been largely ignored and the messengers have been vilified and attacked in many cases. Unfortunately, I am personally aware of many specific Calvary Chapel instances of what looks like a bait-and-switch with fundraising for a specific non-profit only to have very large amounts of money end up in the general fund of the pastor to spend however he wants as former employees and board members confirm. That’s the dynamic. It’s wrong. It’s corrupt. Mars Hill is being held accountable for it. Others will as well.

Here is an excerpt from the report: “a continuing pattern of racketeering activity by soliciting, through the internet and the mail, contributions for designated purposes, and then fraudulently used significant portions of those designated contributions for other, unauthorized purposes. It was a pattern of racketeering activity that extended through a myriad of MHC projects, including the Global Fund, the Campus Fund, the Jesus Festival, and the promotion of Driscoll’s book Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together (“Real Marriage”).”

You can find a full report by the Church Abuse Journalist Stud, Warren Throckmorton, here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/warrenthrockmorton/2016/02/29/rico-lawsuit-filed-against-former-leaders-of-mars-hill-church/

The RICO Lawsuit can be found here: http://wp.production.patheos.com/blogs/warrenthrockmorton/files/2016/02/Filed-Complaint.pdf

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Feb 272016
Dr. David Jeremiah: Getting rich from selling Jesus and the Gospel for greedy gain.

Dr. David Jeremiah: Getting rich from selling Jesus and the Gospel for greedy gain.

Another day, another Evangelical Guru is busted for corruption and stealing from God. This time a biggie, Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point.

Tenacious investigative journalist, Warren Throckmorton, has the goods once again. His report details the account of a former Chief Financial Officer at Jeremiah’s Turning Point that alleges Jeremiah directed non-profit funds in an artificial campaign to get his books on best-seller lists….specifically in a manner that caused book sales that directly benefited Dr. David Jeremiah in the form of royalties.

Using the non-profit “For Jesus!” mechanism for personal royalties. Very typical. These big name pastors and gurus are very rich men. Most are multi-millionaires and their only product is selling Jesus and the Gospel for greedy gain.

Dr. David Jeremiah reportedly takes over $115,000 per year in salary from Turning Point in addition to his lucrative book royalties and speaking fees.

Would any of these pastors and gurus actually “serve” Jesus for free instead of charging a ton of money? Nope.

Full story here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/warrenthrockmorton/2015/01/14/former-chief-financial-officer-at-turning-point-claims-david-jeremiah-used-questionable-methods-to-secure-a-spot-on-best-seller-lists/



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Feb 162016

Peyton Manning made the news again….but not for his second Super Bowl victory.

This time around, it was an article by the fake-black-guy and race-baiter extraordinaire, Shaun King….who outted the details of a long-quiet little know sex assault allegation and subsequent defamation lawsuit between Peyton Manning and his victim, a female trainer now doctor.

Sport Illustrated picked up the story here: Peyton Manning sex assault story

In commenting publicly on the scandal, I was reminded how similar the dynamic is when reporting on the abuses and wrongdoings of Calvary Chapel pastors.

The first reaction of many was, “Shaun King is a jerk! You can’t trust anything that guy says! His MOTIVE is to tarnish Peyton Manning who is white!”

Well, that is completely fallacious and a non-issue. I operate from a paradigm and matrix of Logic and Reason and facts. I don’t care if it is Satan himself presenting evidence, is the stuff likely true or likely not true?

Peyton Manning accused of sexual assault. The dynamic rings very similar to Calvary Chapel Pastor scandals.

Peyton Manning accused of sexual assault. The dynamic rings very similar to Calvary Chapel Pastor scandals.

I read King’s story….it rang true. Lots of testimonies, lots of credible witnesses, even Peyton initially denying any sort of incident…then later he acknowledged something “out of line” and “inappropriate” and similar….and changed it from “nothing happened” to a “prank gone wrong”. Very telling.

I read the articles, read the lawsuit, read everything I could that was available with regards to this little-known matter. It doesn’t look good for Peyton. He likely did what the woman said he did. It’s wrong. He should have been charged and paid the price for his bad action…but he’s Football Royalty….and so is his family. He has gone virtually untouched in this matter.

Part of his success in deflecting the issue? Tarnishing the “accuser”….running her through the mud, turning the tables on her, poisoning the well privately and publicly, using his power, money and influence to silence her and spin the situation in his favor. Very similar dynamic to Calvary Chapel Pastors and their many scandals and wrongdoings.

The fans of Peyton Manning don’t want to believe their hero is capable of such wrong. They defend him to the death, attack the “accuser”, challenge the “sources” and find all manner of reason to deflect the facts from tarnishing their Idol and hero. Again, same dynamic with Calvary Chapel Pastors….I’ve seen it many times, witnessed it first hand…still see it to this moment.

If Manning isn’t able to make this go away again…it will transition to, “Well we’re all sinners! Grace covers a multitude of sins! You need to forgive and forget! Pray for Peyton! Don’t judge!”

Meanwhile he hurt a woman, he maligned her, lied about her, made her life hell for many years….instead of initially coming clean and telling the truth and paying the price for his bad action.

Shame on Peyton Manning, shame on Calvary Chapel and Calvary Chapel Pastors who do the same thing. You don’t have “faith”, you aren’t “good”….”God” supposedly “hates” liars, they are an “abomination” to him.

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Feb 092016

what-is-the-truthThanks to my friends for putting up with me and my incurable curiosity and search for the Truth.

If you are so inclined, the following is a pretty good example of how pretty much all the discussions I’ve had with Evangelical believers, pastors even theologians goes. It presents the basics of my particular unresolved issues with regards to the typical “Christian” Apologetic….and some food (not bread 😉 ) for thought.

Click the link below to read the thread.

Christianity discussion

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Feb 022016
Saeed Abedini's arrest record for Domestic Assault and guilty plea in 2007.

Saeed Abedini’s arrest record for Domestic Assault and guilty plea in 2007.

“Save Saeed!”

How about save his wife and kids. Attached is Saeed Abedini’s arrest for Domestic Assault and his guilty plea in 2007. Naghmeh Abedini has gone public with abuse allegations….and already Calvary Chapel is circling the wagons and standing by their man….just like with their beloved Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia who is accused of molestation and physical child abuse by his sons/step-sons.

Link to readable Arrest Record:


Calvary Chapel’s lax stance and enabling of Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse has to stop.

The Calvary Chapel church sect and Non-Denomination Denomination rails at the outsiders….the homosexuals, the heathens outside their walls…and finds all manner of excuse to wag its collective fingers at everyone else….except themselves. That is the OPPOSITE of what their bible teaches and they claim they teach “simply”.

1 Corinthians 5:12 It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning.

Nope, not Calvary Chapel. They can hold mega-conferences, raise millions of dollars, band together for all sorts of Christian-entertainment and idiotic “Prophecy Conferences”….which is a real Profit-cy endeavor. My prophecy? They are always wrong…but collect a lot of money from the suckers.

Hey, Calvary Chapel….deal with your own garbage. You guys suck. Your pastors are no different than any other walk of life…in fact, many times are much worse. I know where a lot of the bodies are buried, I know many of your scandals. You promote yourselves as “Specially Anointed by God!” and sell a false “Transformation Gospel!” You put on appearances, you put yourselves on a stage and at a podium to be worshipped. You promote yourselves as something you are not. You are liars.

Then when the scandal fires get too hot and you can’t weasel out of your bullshit….you then claim, “Well, we’re all just sinners! Don’t put any of us on a pedestal! Grace covers a multitude of sins!” Ya, how about lead with that and get your asses off the pedestals that YOU erect for yourselves…and stop wagging YOUR fingers at all the other sinners.

Matthew 23. You guys are a bunch of jerks. I’m a jerk, too….but you’ll know it up front because I’ll tell you….and I won’t be a lying hypocrite making money from selling your false Calvary Chapel “transformation” bullshit gospel for greedy gain and following and building your CC franchise “ministry”.

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