Feb 222015
Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier, suing son for a "hate campaign" and "cyberbullying" led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Fellowship/Ministries in 1993 claiming it was the duty of the "church" to police it's own and citing the many serious allegations surrounding Aguilar. Why is Bob Grenier getting special treatment in this case? Is it his close ties with the law enforcement community? Why is a Campaign exposing Phil Aguilar righteous whereas speaking out about Bob Grenier is wrong?

Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier, suing son for a “hate campaign” and “cyberbullying” led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Fellowship/Ministries in 1993 claiming it was the duty of the “church” to police its own and citing the many serious allegations surrounding Aguilar. Why is Bob Grenier treated differently in this case? Why is a Campaign exposing Phil Aguilar righteous whereas speaking out about Bob Grenier is wrong?

I don’t understand how a big State can get something so wrong. My faith in our System is at an all-time low.

From Courthouse News Article: “In order to make that reach, Pastor Bob would have had to actively inject himself into a public controversy over the things Alex and Taylor accuse him of – child abuse and molestation, tax evasion and theft – something he has apparently never done, the panel found.”

Yes, Bob Grenier has done that, Bob led a Public Campaign against Phil Aguilar of Set Free Ministries in 1993 in the greater Tulare County and even Fresno area in which Bob actively circulated press releases and a letter to area churches warning them about what Bob called Phil Aguilar’s “SEXUAL MISCONDUCT” and financial abuses among many other accusations.

Here is the document that has been on THIS BLOG for many years now. I have emails documenting that I sent this document and information to our Attorneys and I believe our Attorneys entered this into the Court record. How does this get missed?

“They told us of arranged marriages, drug use, SEXUAL MISCONDUCT, financial mismanagement, lies and exaggerations from the pulpit, dividing church members from their families and creating an atmosphere of total dependence on Phil Aguilar.”–Bob Grenier, Immanuel Christian Fellowship (He had left Calvary Chapel briefly and changed the name of his church at that time).

“This is made all the more urgent by the access Set Free Fellowship has been given to CHILDREN in this community and throughout the valley by way of their anti-drug assemblies in public schools and their involvement in community center activities. WE REALIZE THIS CORRESPONDENCE IS AN EXTREME ACT and it is taken only after intense prayer and with the overwhelming conviction that it is the church’s responsibility to CLEAN UP ITS OWN LAUNDRY.”–Bob Grenier, 1993.

“We write because we are concerned for the welfare of our community AND THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN.”–Bob Grenier, 1993.

The whole Campaign, of which Bob was their most vocal leader, accused Aguilar of very similar things as what Bob is accused of. Aguilar wouldn’t meet with Bob and his posse to confront the issues…and Bob and his Calvary Chapel Visalia Board and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa wouldn’t meet with all the people who had accusations against Bob.

Why is Bob Grenier treated so differently by the State of California? Why is he so special? This is upsetting to me and very confusing. Am I crazy or is this not the same thing!? When Bob does his “Campaign” against Phil Aguilar and ran Aguilar out of town…Bob was praised as a “hero” looking out for the Church. When we do it, we’re evil villains to be sued.

First the Court includes an online comment in their published opinion that WE DIDN’T MAKE…and then they either miss or ignore the fact that Bob Grenier led this public Campaign against Phil Aguilar. I don’t understand. It is very upsetting and disappointing.

Click on the link below to view the Press Release/Letter that Bob Grenier sent out broadly in his Public Campaign against Phil Aguilar:


You know what though? Maybe, oddly, it’s God’s way of saying we need to do the painful ugly and expensive work of dragging this thing all the way through the lower court process and exposing the truth and finishing this thing once and for all. If so, so be it. We’ll need you out there in cyber-land to do more than comment on a blog. We’ll need your financial support and volunteer efforts to take this the distance.

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Feb 202015
Rejected! Bob Grenier swats down Anti-SLAPP, declared a private, not public, figure.

Rejected! Bob Grenier swats down Anti-SLAPP, declared a private, not public, figure.

We had a major set-back in our defense against my step-dad pastor’s (Bob Grenier) defamation lawsuit.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled him “not a public figure” despite his multi-state radio program, book, speaking at conferences around the nation and world, etc…and they denied our Anti-SLAPP motion to strike (which would have ended the suit) and he can continue his lawsuit in the lower court.

It is perceived as a big victory by him and his attorney and is certainly a legal set-back for us…but is not a final ruling on the matter in terms of winning or losing the defamation suit. The Court did not rule whether the statements (those we actually made) were untrue beyond a “preponderance of evidence” (previous version said “reasonable doubt”).

We can try to Petition the California Supreme Court (very much a long-shot, slim odds, but not impossible) to review whether or not clergy/pastors are limited purpose public figures. We can fight an old-fashioned defamation suit in the lower court (that will cost a lot of time and money and we don’t have a church and followers behind us to fund us). The most distasteful option for me personally, but an option, is to choke it down and try to settle with something both sides can live with (but I think this option is slim, Bob is very vindictive and despite what he preaches from the pulpit, he’s about as hateful and vengeful a person as you’ll ever meet and he wants blood and money).

We’re in talks with attorneys and planning our next moves. I’ll keep you posted as to significant developments.

Bob is currently doing a victory lap posting bible verses about how God will smite all his enemies and God upholds the righteous etc, typical Bob.

Bob’s attorney, Nick Pritchett, trolled me on a mutual friend’s Facebook page…I’m sure he’d love to see a broken family continue to fight so he can bill his client some fresh Jesus money and put food on his rich table.

Our attorneys are filing some sort of motion in an attempt to correct a factual error in the published Appellate opinion…something I cannot fathom happens very often in a prestigious State like California. The court must’ve missed something as they attributed a quote in their ruling to either me or Tim and concluded their opinion with that online statement…again, something that wasn’t my comment or Tim’s….something we pointed out in the case…something I have emails to back up calling this to the attention of my attorneys, etc…yet there the mistake is in a published opinion. I’ve got no problem standing behind the words I stated (and will)…but how can comments we didn’t make end up in a published opinion in such a credible and big State like California?

Obviously, we’re disappointed with the ruling and disagree…however, the Court is an authority and they saw it Bob’s way (despite the factual error in the opinion of the statement that someone else made online). We accept the decision, minus that error, and we will regroup and figure out what options are available and which of those options is the best from here.

This published opinion is significant because we believe it now defines pretty much all clergy (unless they are national figures like a  Billy Graham) as “not” limited purpose public figures…so anyone making comments online that a pastor doesn’t like can be sued with the low bar of Prima Facia…meaning the pastor can simply claim the comment defamed him and sue you without the threat of a high bar of Actual Malice and without the ability to Anti-SLAPP the suit. That’s scary, but that’s what it looks like. That will create quite a chill in the Church Abuse blogging community. My advice is be very careful, you can be easily sued for speaking out publicly about a pastor now…even if that pastor is very public.

Here is an article covering the Appellate Court Decision:


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Feb 112015
Ergun Caner is a regular at Calvary Chapel and a professor at CC's Veritas Seminary. He is under fire for racist comments he alleged made to a staff member in Georgia.

Ergun Caner is a regular at Calvary Chapel and a professor at CC’s Veritas Seminary. He is under fire for racist comments he allegedly made to a staff member in Georgia.

Ergun Caner is under fire again for controversial racist language he reportedly used in a dialogue with the director of plant operations at Brewton-Parker College in Georgia.

According to Thomas Dewayne Bynum in an article appearing in Raw Story, “At this time Dr. Caner said that he was misinformed by the board of trustees about the magnitude of the problems at Brewton Parker,” Bynum recalled. “Dr. Caner then stated that he believed that they were aware and then said ‘they n*gger dicked me is what they did’, I could not believe my ears and asked him ‘what did you say’ and he then said ‘they n*gger f*cked me’.”

The college later fired their Vice President, Dr. C.B. Scott, after he refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement and resign after he took the matter to the Board and pushed the issue.

A link to the full article is here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/02/southern-baptist-college-fires-vp-who-reported-presidents-racist-words-they-n-fcked-me/

Caner is a regular at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and is an Adjunct Professor at Calvary Chapel’s Veritas Seminary. Caner came under fire for pulling a Brian Williams with his resume after being caught lying about many details of his life and personal biography for which he was strongly challenged publicly by Christian leaders like Dr. James White and others.

Feb 092015
The Voices are coming in loud and clear....again!

The Voices are coming in loud and clear….again!

ISIS/ISIL, or “Daesh” as my buddy Niels calls them, is doing their best to single-handedly unite the World against Islam. Even Muslims like King Abdullah have had about enough of these m’fer’s….and unlike our bike-riding, basketball brick laying, effeminate POTUS Obama…Abdullah strapped on a Fighter Jet and is getting some cold hard justice for burning one of his guys alive in a cage.

President Obama seems uncomfortable calling a spade a spade. It must be his liberal white half because many Black Christians I know are very clear and concise about their opinion of both ISIS and Islam in general…i.e. they call them evil.

One mythology I think needs to be addressed…and here is my Thesis that addresses it:

Christianity has evolved tremendously and is not akin to today’s barbaric Islam: Obama has to reach back to the Dark Ages for his prime example of barbarity by a majority of Christians (in response to Islam’s aggression). I only have to reach back to….TODAY for examples of the barbarity in the Majority of Islam.

“But the MAJORITY of Islam is not ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah! That’s a small minority!”

In recent polls, there is double-digit support among Muslims around the World for those Terrorist Organizations and what they do.

Terrorism isn’t the only Barbaric act and practice of Muslims and Today’s Islam.

The fact is, the Majority of Muslims…80% plus in fact…live in Islamic Nations this day. These Islamic Nations have Laws and Practices and they have Human Rights Records and they have Cultures.

What do the Laws and Practices of Islamic Nations including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Name-Your-Stan, Tunisia, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc have in common?

Nearly all of the Islamic Nations have laws that condone and protect and even compel Female Genital Mutilation, execution or incarceration for being Gay, condoning and even protecting Abuse of women and children and much more.

Today’s Christianity…with the lone festering tumor of Uganda…does not do Religion in that Barbaric manner.

Sure, Christians may not want to bake you a cake or marry you in their church if you’re gay…but they don’t and won’t throw you in jail or cut your head off. The Majority of Islam will.

“Christians lynched blacks and gave us SLAVERY!”

Some did, and it was wrong. It was also Christians that ENDED Slavery and the Slave Trade…Abraham Lincoln was a devout Christian…so was William Wilberforce. A big Group of Christians stood against Slavery in the US…to the point they fought and died to help end its practice.

Who led the Civil Rights Movement in the US? Christians did. Martin Luther King Jr. and his millions of followers are largely Christians…white and black and brown.

Christianity has evolved tremendously. The Enlightenment was a pivotal epoch and Christianity changed and progressed along with it. Science’s greatest heroes and Stalwarts….many of them Christians. It gave me great pleasure (because I am fan of Irony) when Neil DeGrasse Tyson…in an effort to mock Christians…posted Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday instead of Jesus’s birthday of Christmas. Sir Isaac Newton was a devout Anglican Christian and a brilliant Scientist who believed that what he observed in Science proved the existence of an Intelligent Creator God. Thanks for the reminder DeGrasse-hole :-)

Islam needs to change….and it will only change when those within Islam stand up and resist the bad elements within their own Religion. Religion is not a book, it’s not a text on a page…just because the Bible or the Koran says some whacky and barbaric stuff doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Religion is what man decides through his Conscience and Spirit what his World View and his Cultural System and his Morals and his Laws and Practices are going to be.

In the “Who killed the most humans!” Game…let’s remember that Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Che Guevara and many other Atheist/Communists and their Non-Religion World View and System killed more than Islam and Christianity….combined.

One thing I have extreme faith in: Humanity and all Human Philosophical Constructs…are capable of great Good and great Evil. Let’s hope that Islam evolves and repents of its current evil behavior and gets more in the Good category…like Christianity, Judaism, Atheism/Humanism and the other Ideologies have (in general).

Fellow Christians and Non-Christians…let’s continue to use our Critical Thinking Skills and Intellectual Honesty to hold Religions and Non-Religions accountable…that is healthy. Let’s also make correct analogies and give some credit where credit is due. Christianity isn’t perfect (and we discuss that regularly here)….but it is not akin to Islam. Would you rather live among Muslims in one of the many Islamic Nations…or would you rather live among Christians in the U.S. and Europe and big chunks of the rest of the World?

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Feb 052015
CrossInternational.org collects over $92 Million in Jesus Money per year...and very very little of it goes to those who administer the Christian charity.

CrossInternational.org collects over $92 Million in Jesus Money per year…and very very little of it goes to those who administer the Christian charity.

I was perusing through the backend of the blog and noticed an interesting reader…someone from an organization called CrossInternational.org.

To my pleasant surprise…I discovered a Christian charitable organization that does things about as well as I could have ever hoped for. Full transparency, much accountability…and the vast vast majority of the monies collected “for Jesus”…actually goes to helping real people in real need…just like Jesus said we are supposed to do.

CrossInternational.org publishes their 990’s for all to see. You can see how much Jesus Money they collect…and more importantly you can see how much Jesus Money the administrators take…and how much of it goes to practical and real things to help those in need.

Total Jesus Money collected exceeded $92 Million…now take a look at how little of the Jesus Money paid those who administer the work (see portion of 990 above). Compare this to Raul Ries’s 990 (over $500,000 in household compensation per year) and to the reported income/compensation packages of Bob Coy, Greg Laurie, Franklin Graham and other big Evangelical Christian celebrities…heck compare it to a Bob Grenier whose reported household compensation package was in excess of $150,000 per year and sucks a huge chunk of the total Jesus Money collected at that “non-profit”. Now tell me who is “serving” Jesus…and who is serving themselves?

This organization’s focus and pride is not in how much they can promote a particular Guru or Celebrity, not in how much bigger they can build a campus, not in how much they can upgrade their sound system…they take pride in how responsible they can be with the Jesus Money and how many kids and poor people they can help in a real tangible way.

Praise God….it makes this grizzled church-war-torn skeptic believe in “the good”.

Well done CrossInternational.org…my family will be supporting you.

Shame on the Christian Mega-Churches and Christian “charities” that use Jesus to get rich…which takes away from monies that good stewards of Jesus could be using to really do the work of the Lord.

Please visit this worthwhile Christian organization here: http://crossinternational.org

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