May 222012

Pastor John Miller spent 39 years as the Moses of CC San Bernardino. He recently announced he's stepping down to pastor another fellowship.

by Highland Community News

After 39 years at the pulpit, Senior Pastor John Miller of Calvary Chapel of San Bernardino (The Red Barn) announced to his church that he will be stepping down as Pastor to move on to a new chapter in his life.

Miller has been praying over this decision for the past year, he said, after another church offered him a position; long before he suffered a stroke a few months ago. He is still recovering from his stroke, as he still continues to pastor the church, though painful, and difficult at times.

The announcement was made last Sunday morning, which took the entire congregation by surprise. Tears from both the pulpit and the pews gave way as Miller tried to explain the reasons for his transition.

“You’re not losing a pastor, but you’re sending one out as a missionary,” he said. “I thank God for the fellowship that we have, but I want to be obedient to what God wants us to do … This Church is part of my DNA!”

Both Miller and his wife Christy, will be moving to Menifee, to serve as pastor at the Revival Church Fellowship. Miller’s last day will be not be till mid July, and he will be making a gradual transition.

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  1. Stepping down after 39 years but not retiring? How much does “god” pay at Revival Church Fellowship?

  2. Steve B, I think there’s something going on with what used to be Calvary Chapel Menifee (it’s listed that way on CCOF’s website) which is now linked to Revival Christian Fellowship (the newspaper article has the name slightly wrong).

    CCOF lists it as an “interim pastor”…and it looks like Miller is going there.

    I have some info, but too early to print. The issue appears to be with something that went on at Menifee and that CCOF might have had to step in with a situation there…even though Chuck Smith publicly states that he doesn’t do that sort of thing in the Calvary Chapel system (and Chuck is listed as President of CCOF on IRS documents).

  3. I don’t think “man’s church” has been “Christ’s church” for quite some time now. Lawyers, bylaws, and ‘sinless until caught by law enforcement’ seem to prevail now.

    I am thankful to God daily that I can fellowship with believers without flying a church INC. flag. Not that I no longer attend, I do from time to time…but anytime I attend a modern church nowadays its almost like a sit down restaurant where the host is impatient because they have people waiting for your table.

    Get ’em in, (pass the tithe plate), get ’em out, rawhide

  4. John Miller is a misogynistic jerk. I went to the Red Barn for years and was so spiritually damaged by the time I left, I didn’t attend church for 12 years. I feel sorry for the folks in Menifee.

  5. WRC, sorry to hear that. I didn’t know that about him. We’re going to aggregate CC news here and still do opinion pieces and original content. Any specifics or your experience in general led you to that conclusion?

  6. Alex,
    I sent you an email awhile ago about my experience at the Red Barn. If you want, I can re-send it.

  7. Regarding all of the accusations of a pastor which most of you have never met: I do not know what went on in Menifee. All I can speak of is my 11+ years of experience of having John as my pastor.

    John did not want to leave his church of 39 years. He does, in fact, believe that there is a need and that God has opened the doors for this gap to be filled with John’s ministry. Has he had personality quirks which may have rubbed people the wrong way in the past? Perhaps, yes. Here’s the twist folks . . . THIS IS NOT WHAT MATTERS.

    Here is what does: Is he a man of God that delivers God’s word accurately and without compromise? YES. Have John’s teachings ever been questioned? Never.

    He will be greatly missed.

  8. I attended ccom ((Revival Christian Fellowship) for over 10 years where I believe we had the greatest pastor to ever grace a church. He committed adultery and got caught, thrown out, and spent one year exactly making amends to God. He is now speaking part time at a church one of his pastor friends started in murrieta. His name is Gary Galbraith.. I’m not sure anymore where his heart truly is because he us such a great liar. Several other pastors left when he left. I didn’t attend church for the last year because of the betrayal and trust issues I have with pastors now. I have some hope in this john Miller.. I’ve yet to see him speak.

  9. I attended Revival today for the first time and spoke with Pastor John Miller after the service. My friend and I, who are deeply rooted in God’s word, were quickly dismissed by John when he realized that we are fully aware of and concerned about the hypocrisy going on in these mega churches today. What we see today in these churches are teachers of the law and not doers. The sermon was Biblical and accurate but shrouded by the overall agenda of the church. The Lord has warned us of this time when the church would fall away, the apostate or church of Laodicea. What Steve B said is right on the money, their focus is on the numbers and getting those pews filled to increase the image of ‘their’ church. It was like being at a rock concert with well over hundreds of thousands spent on video and music equipment alone. Our Lord was not happy when they turned his temple into a market place and that is what is happening today. I will continue to pray for all those who have fallen away and those who are truly seeking to know God, that they not be lead astray by the hypocrisy that plagues the church today.

  10. I do not have a critique for him. If he has done something wrong and is repositioning himself somewhere that is better for his family, then that is good. If he has done nothing wrong and he is just going where God leads him, then that is good also. Pastors are not all perfect, and I’ve come across some dasterly ones, so I would not be surprised, but I’m also not surprised when any Christian falls. It’s part of our existance as sinners; pastor or not, but pastors are held to a higher standard, and sometimes they believe that they are exempt from that higher standard. Which is worse? The sin that they commit, or the cover up that follows? I’d say the cover up that follows. It harms many, where as if they just sinned against their own body through sexual immorality, it just harms themself, but it’s when they go the extra mile to hurt potential whistle blowers, that’s what is so damaging to the church. To the innocent by stander who just so happened to stumble across thier sin by accident; don’t bother to look back; just run, because it won’t get any better. Better to send in the news cameras purhaps, but whatever you do, if you confront them yourselves, you will be slandered and harrassed to no end.

  11. Oh, and also if you do not participate in the sin with them, they will make your life hell.

  12. Our family has attended Revival for over 8 years. Our hearts were broken when we learned of Pastor Gary’s lies and deceit. No one is perfect, all sin, we get that, but he should have stepped down a lot sooner, he caused a lot of damage. And, if he still feels the need to preach, he should move out of the area and start a church elsewhere.
    We are thrilled to have Pastor John as our new senior pastor. We have learned much from him already, there is no fluff in him messages. He had to give up a lot to take the position. His old church was very sad when he made the decision to leave (we know some people who attend his old church). I know that is impossible to please everyone. And if people are unhappy, they need to go elsewhere, there are plenty of other churches in the valley. Our family fully supports Pastor John and feel truly blessed that God has led him to our church!

  13. One more thought. A church is not simply a pastor. It is a whole congregation of believers. A family of believers if you are truly blessed. The true believers at Revival never left our church and this what helped get us through the tough times. We knew God a plan for our church, it wasn’t always easy, but He never left us. Praise God!

  14. GIgi, truly spoken,
    I have been grounded at Revival for some time and have been right there during all this. I really feel blessed with Pastor John Miller, a TRUE teacher of the bible and not about his life’s experience. When he is teaching it is TEACHING! We were fooled before because people made it about the man and left to follow the man. The also left because they weren’t being fed… if that was the case they would have returned when Pastor John was announced. It over with anyways and and I’m there for to see just how awesome God will work through all of us!

  15. Re: Madrican @ 14 said,

    “The also left because they weren’t being fed… if that was the case they would have returned when Pastor John was announced.”

    Just be careful not to judge based on this. People often can’t say why they really leave because of many factors. But even if they really meant they were not being fed, then the angst it takes to leave a church and start all over somewhere else is not something that one might easily uproot and do again just because you got a new pastor. So easy now on your fellow Christians ….if you don’t mind my suggesting.

  16. Gigi and Madrican you have said it so well! I have enjoyed and have learned so much from pastor John Miller, and I know that Revival will a much stronger and mature church now that Jesus has come to clease His temple and His true followers have faithfully remained.

  17. I too, was blessed to have been taught by Pastor Miller at CCSB/rb for over 14 years. The couple that introduced us to the church planted us as new believers in this church because it was a place where we would simply receive the Word of God, not watered down, not candy coated, but straight up; precept upon precept, and we were never disappointed. John Miller is the best teacher of God’s word that I have ever heard, and there are many who share this view. Revival is blessed to have him, and CCSB is blessed to have sent him, as Pastor Lee will serve them well.

  18. Respeted pastor
    Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    After visiting your website we are much inspired and led by Holy Spirit to introduce ourselves and invite you to visit us in India.

    I am an ordained Pastor, worked for more than 10 years as a parish pastor for Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh State in India.

    Now I came out from the church by God”s calling and started working individually where the Gospel is un-reached and the people never heard the name of Jesus Christ. Many people here in India worship idols of several Gods and Goddesses for their health and wealth. They offer different types of sacrifices to please their deities.

    Now we are visiting such horrible places to redeem the people from their vain practices and bring them into the fold of Jesus Christ.

    We prayerfully decided to invite you with the power of Holy Spirit to visit us and to preach the Gospel to emancipate from sin, sickness and sorrow.

    We believe that your visit may help us to bring all these people from the darkness to light and make them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.
    Now we r planning to condacting crusades and pastors conferences Children camps and youth we are inviting you heart-fully

    Please let us know your prayerful consent to our request and keep us in your prayers to move forward to win the souls for His Glory.

    Yours in His service,
    Rev. T. Santha Rao,

  19. Gary, a resounding Amen concerning your accalades concerning John Miller. My family and I attended the Red Barn for quite a few years before moving to Banning. John is a wonderful man of God and I grew as a Christian from his many sermons. He incorporates humor in his messages and antidotes which some stick in the
    muds might find offensive…but he is always on point and doctrinally sound. I can’t imagine people saying rude things about him. The people at the Barn must be heart broken that he left. But Lee Coe is a good man of God too. But John Miller is up there at the top as a teacher of the Word and this new church well love him dearly in time. God Bless you Pastor John and all of you there at Revival Christian Fellowship.

  20. I was born of Christ, a Christian all my life. I have come and gone from so many churches for various reasons but always make my way back, only to be lied to and deceived by a pastor. I have been to John Millers “the red barn” in the 80’s and attended calvery chapel in Lake Arrowhead where the pastor, tim, pulled the same crap that gary galbraith pulled. It was sickening to watch the people at Revival down front with their hero worship of galbraith in full bloom. I have been a “paying member” at all the CC’s in the Murrietta / Temecula valley at some time and they are all the same, they are for the hip-slick cool surfer dude, or sheep if you will, that need a humorous delivery of Gods word, to “keep it real” for them. Please don’t get me wrong there are some really good robodic types that can spew forth the memorized word, and mean well, but are sheep being led to the slaughter. Pray for yourselves to have the heart of Jesus and the protecting guidence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you God, I love you, thank you for showing me “the way”. My wife is not saved, I took her to Revival about 3 years ago, she went a few times with me, was getting closer to accepting the Lord into her life when all of this started to slowy unfold. My wife could sense something was a miss at Revival, I too felt it, galbraith “calling his wife out” in Sunday service for adultry how weird. I pulled away and then this happened, galbraith and his hipocrisy ruined 11 years of me slowly leading my wife to the Lord, what a jerk he truely is, give me 3 minutes alone with him. My wife lost her mother when she was six, her dad when she was 12 and was orphaned. At age 12 she was homeless on the streets of LA and raised herself, she is retired now having worked and traveled the world for Hilton in management. We have a beautiful marriage and I want her to be in heaven with all of us but this has done much damage, sealing the fate of those that were close to accepting the Lord, but now think what a farce. “One year exactly making amends to God” for the hundreds or thousands damned to hell behind his behavior, please spare me if you think that is so hard on him, I think a little Middle East style punishment is more in order here, something lets say that takes place in the public square and makes world news.

  21. Matt, I read your comments and I will try to spare harping on you concerning your rather negative feelings toward preachers and churches…especially the ones that don’t measure up to your standards. However, having a pastor betray a congregation as this Gary Galbraith did, probably caused some to stumble, which is heart breaking. Your wife has had a most difficult childhood and she may be leary of trusting anyone…including God. But you being a born again child of God may help her to put her trust in the hands of the Savior. I don’t think one should put any person too high on a pedisal (be it a pastor or your mate…or anyone)) because we are all flawed…and will disappoint from time to time. But getting grounded in God’s word and sound doctrine, will help one to keep their eyes on Jesus…who is Perfect and Holy and never lets us down. Never! I can’t see where humor is a detriment though, as long as it’s making a spiritual point…and not as simply intertainment to tickle the funny bone to keep you awake in the pew. I like good music too, but I don’t go to church to simply get entertained. I feel when you make it a prayer…it helps to encourage and lift up our hearts. So laughing and singing in church is A-OK to me…as long as it’s directed toward heaven and edifing our Lord…amen! I have heard Pastor John live and on tape. And being a Berean type…I check his sermons with scripture…and his doctrine has always been right on. So, does it matter if one likes a Pastor’s personality or not? Because, if they speaking the Bible, than you will be blessed! May God Bless Revival church…and may God Bless you and too Matt.

  22. Dear Matt,

    I am so very sorry that you and your wife have been constantly discouraged as a result of the leaven that is withing the leadership of CC. They owe you and your wife an apology, not the typical answer that is provided in #21. It is comes across as being trite and without adequate depth of understanding towards the harm you and your wife has suffered. Please know that there pastors that would have address this and provided better intervention to those harmed. I can’t say that you find these within CC but I do know in other churches they do.

    Telling someone to not to follow the man but to trust in the Lord is like pouring oil upon a wound. Pastor are to be held to an account and they to live their lives as an example to the flock placed in their care. And when they do not, they need to repent and humbly apologize, rather than to be just removed or transfer to another location. Beyond that, at no time should anyone ever under the circumstances that you describe say to you that you come across as being unreasonbly negative, angry, and discouraged. Not when there has been so many times that you have witnessed such filth, and degradation to the body of Christ and towards God’s Word. Are you being harsh in wanting to take this guy out behind the barn. I don’t think so. I think that is exactly what God is going to do with him regardless of how CC may minimize or discournt, or invalidate the harm that has been done, not just to you and your wife, but so many more. These things should not even be named among you, is what Paul told the church. He wasn’t being mamby pamby about it either.

    So, please tell you wife, that this was wrong and that God is not pleased at all with CC for permitting or excusing or minimizing or failing to minister to His flock as a result of being traumatized and exposed to such behaviors. Then to say allude to your wife’s earlier childhood experience as way to explain away why her trust in pastors have been affected such as they are now. Urrrgh!!!!! To say that we are all flawed is just another way of saying that, “hey, get over it, we all make mistakes.” No, we don’t. We choose to sin and we choose to love. This pastor did not think about anyone else but himself. That was not a flaw. That was a deliberate choice to deceive and practice sexual immorality, probably counting on he could “just repent, then call it a day, if and when he got caught.

    This is a huge problem with CC churches and this part of the reason why Alex has set this site up. To warn and to bring justice to hold such as these types of pastor and the overall leadership to an account to hopefully bring about repentance and reconciliation. So when I hear this type of response given to one like you and your wife, my heart goes out to you and I pray again that God would turn CC right side because they really do lack the empathy, the understanding, and the insight that is needed to tend to the flock that places their trust in leading them as a shepherd as Christ Jesus has instructed.

    I do hope you come back to this site and know that I for one being a part of CC since 1978 do not cosign, nor go along with these types of platitudes and worthless justifications. I do hope and encourage you to interview other pastors and respective churches to enable you and your wife to feel safe, heard, and able to grow and to be an active part of the entire body of Christ. Please pass on my sincere apologies and sentiments to your wife. Let her know that I too have been hurt as a result of CC failing to hold such a one to an account. There is no excuse for this, so please do not accept it when it is offered. It is empty and has no value or worth, so don’t buy into it.

    Take care and don’t neglect getting into God’s Word. It will sustain you and help you to understand what to look for in a good church. You might read I and II Timothy regarding the character of those in leadership that are qualifed to be leaders.

  23. I was drawn to this site because I recently heard that John Miller from CCSB was stepping down, which sort of shocked me. I went to that church before I moved to Banning 7 years ago, and I really loved that church. It’s a poor church in a bad part of town, but a very rich church in its love for Christ and each other.

    The Thanksgiving service was so special and there was never a dry eye in the house. People came to speak of how the Lord and the church body had been such a blessing to them. Some of them had tragic things happen to them during the year yet they were there praising the Lord, and thanking the saints of the church for loving them through so much heartache. John set on a stool on stage and orchestrated those waiting to speak in the long lines to mikes set up in the aisles. So many of the people directed there gratitude directly to John for all he had done for them, but he didn’t glot one bit. In fact, he looked embarrassed; and by his facial expression, it seemed he was trying to deflect the praises away from him to Jesus alolne…who deserves all our praises.

    Pastor John is truly a humble man and a tireless worker. He did three services every Sunday and classes during the week; along with funerals and free consults to any one with a spiritual problem; or really, any thing that was bothering them. My brother in law had a very bad life before I lead him to the Lord and he often felt unsure if he was really saved…even though he said the sinners prayer and accepted Jesus years beforet. I took him to John after the service and he spend at least a half hour after the service to show him scripture upon scripture for assurance. And than he prayed a wonderful prayer for him, and it gave him so much peace. Dan would have more episodes of doubt…but he now had many scriptures to reafirm him “that once saved always saved”

    So, it’s no wonder John had a stroke with the schedule he kept. But in the real world, there are charlatans aplenty who claim to be men of God, but whose hearts are not right. It seems there are still those who are doing lip service from a non-repentant prideful heart, and relishing in the accolades and admiration of men, much like the Pharisees in the Bible. But John Miller is not one of them. And the saints in Menifee at the Revival Fellowship Church will soon find out, what a blessing God has sent them in this meek, humble, Man-of-God…John Miller.

  24. To Matt,
    I will be keeping you and your wife in prayer. What a lousy situation for you to endure. Please don’t give up hope about your wife’s salvation. Make sure that you pray about where to be in fellowship yourself, whether you stay at Revival or go elsewhere. I will be praying for God’s leading for you. Perhaps you have done so, but make sure to stay in the Word and to take your hurt to the Lord about what happened at Revival. He will listen and will heal your heart. His love for you and for your wife is never ending. Remember that because of His great mercy, He continues to tarry so that more people will turn to Him. I am praying that your wife will answer His knock at the door of her heart. God bless you both.

    To Calvary Chapel Critics and Naysayers:

    Calvary Chapel’s handling of the situation should not be the issue here. Sin is the issue. Gary Galbraith sinned against God, his wife and family, his own body and his congregation when he chose to follow his flesh. HE then dragged the name of his own church and that of the CC Movement into the mud by association. Godly, biblical handling of church discipline is vital of course. Every Christian need simply read the New Testament to find out how these issues should be properly handled. Each individual on the church board should be ensuring that God’s Word is the authority on these matters and ought to be sure to obey it or risk further damage. It is to God that we will all make an account for our actions. We could choose to make Calvary Chapel the bad guy but is that helpful to the body of Christ? Let’s not forget where the offense began (the pastor) and the responsibility of those on Revival’s church board. I’d certainly hope that people aren’t simply asking “What Would Chuck Do?” in lieu of seeking God’s Word and adhering to it! But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, because
    not all Calvary Chapel fellowships are hopelessly flawed. I know of an excellent area church whose pastor loves God and makes the Bible his priority. CC Lake Elsinore off of Main Street. Great, sound teaching, Spirit-led, and a place where God gets the glory. And we trust that because our pastor and church board members are led by the Spirit, they will properly handle the situations that arise. Another great church is New Song, also in Lake Elsinore. That being said, the name of Calvary Chapel is not of great import. It began as a unique work of the Lord which cannot be denied. There have been problems over the years too. And if someday churches decide to lose the “Calvary Chapel” affiliation, so be it. But I think we need to be careful not to be a cause of division within the body because of our criticism of Calvary Chapel. Let’s pray for the church, it’s pastors, teachers, worship leaders, youth workers and everyone who attends instead. Question decisions, certainly. Hold accountable, of course! But let’s remember that there are still works of God that are going on in churches that bear the CC name.

  25. Joy, your devotion to CC is normal for those who come here and read very little. I think if you read the many examples of how CC is corrupt from the top down, you hopefully would change your tune. Any sane person would.

  26. Not Alone,

    Why do you say,

    “I think if you read the many examples of how CC is corrupt from the top down, you hopefully would change your tune. Any sane person would.” ?

    I am very thankful for my home church and our pastor. He doesn’t preach Calvary Chapel, he preaches God’s Word. I seek the Lord about where He would have me to attend church and He led me there.

    I am not a devotee of CC. I have been very hurt over the years by hypocrisy in the body of Christ, both at Calvary’s and in “sane”-people’s churches (non-CC’s). It’s by God’s grace that I stay in fellowship at all. But I go there because the Lord has placed me there. I go there to learn God’s Word and to encourage and build up fellow believers among other things.

    I’m aware of many of the issues that have arisen in CC. So I guess in your estimation, I’d be considered insane for not lumping all CC’s into the same category. So be it. There may be some on here that are called to be “watchmen” specifically for the purpose of informing and warning churchgoers. I won’t argue with that. But for some of us, the comments of many on here only increase feelings of bitterness and anger about past wrongs, and tempt us to stay away from the body of Christ altogether, as Satan would have us do. Who would want to be around people who malign others for their opinions? You’d have to know me a little longer before I’d feel comfortable with you calling me insane. You got me. I’ll stay away.

  27. I attended Calvary Chapel in San Bernardino (the Red Barn) and sat under Pastor John Miller for 4 years. He is a TRUE man of God and integrity. Lets not lump all pastors together. We should all be praying for healing and guidance for Pastor John as he was VERY LOVED and respected at Calvary S.B. He is a true Shepherd. It can’t be easy stepping into the mess left behind by Gary Galbraiths sin. God bless us all and I for one Praise the Lord for bringing such a man of God as John Miller to the valley!

  28. I attended regularly Calvary Chapel SB before the Red Barn started. After I married and had children (about 8 years total), we moved to Yucaipa and attended a church there. What a great foundation in the word I received at the Red Barn. I remember John Miller as one of the most dedicated bible teachers ever! Sorry to hear about his stroke, but happy he’s still with us. I live in Carlsbad now and wished he would have been called to preach here. The people of Medifee are blessed to have him aboard. Take good care of him, so you don’t lose him!

  29. this site is not christian based!!

  30. I went to Calvery Chapel for 3 yrs then when you left I went a few more times . I didn’t get what I needed there anymore so I left and now attend The Way World Outreach . I truly loved the way you preached . I had to find a church where I could get fed the word of God and feel it . Thank you very much for the time I was able to hear you . The church was very clicky . I saw to many foney ppl there . I was never invited to anyone’s home for bible study or those dinners . I felt like I was not wanted there . I praise God that he gave me another church to attend . My love for the Lord has grown so so much . I am closer than I have ever been to him . My faith in him is so true . He is so amazing . He has blessed me so many times and continues to . Thank you for your guidence and I pray you get beter and better . If you were back in San Bernardino I’d go wherever ou were . May God continue to bless you and your family . November 9th 2012

  31. Calvary preaches the gospel of convenience, self-gratification, seeker-friendly, and toleration of sin. That’s the crux of the matter. Hello! Wake up Luke Warm church, or HE will vomit you out of HIS mouth!!! Preach and Live the whole Gospel of the Lord JESUS Christ from Mathew to Revelation. Repentance, Devotion, 100 % Commitment, Holiness, Obedience, No Compromise, Selfless Love for God and others, Victory and power over sin, New Creations in Christ with pure hearts from being Born-Again spiritually, Becoming more like Christ, Doing the works of Christ, Picking up your cross and dying to self Daily, and more! Wake Up!!!

  32. To many of you speaking about issues in which you may not be informed. Gary Galbraith wanted to step down 9 months before Gerry (now the CEO of revival) would allow him to. As soon as he had made his mistake he told Gerry he couldn’t lie to the church and needed to step down but Gerry said it would hurt the numbers. Gary was heartbroken but continued to teach because he wanted to work it out between him and the Lord but over the months God’s Spirit finally told Gary that he needed to step down regardless of what Gerry would do. Gary has tried countless times to confess to Revival personally and express his sorrow. Gerry won’t allow him to do so. You may question my facts however I attended Revival for 10 years and was very involved in ministry there and am personal friends with many of the pastors there, some still working there and some not. Gary did everything Gerry ‘required’ for his year of reconciliation to the Lord yet Gerry has never seen it as enough. Gary thinks John Miller is a great teacher of the word and Gary loves those people at that church with all his heart. That church was practically his child. I watched him teach week in and week out and he was never one to hide his flaws. Weekly he would confess his mistakes to the entire congregation. I find it funny that half of all pastors look at porn weekly and yet no one gives a rip yet this man makes a mistake once and does all required to be let back into fellowship only to have the door slammed in His face. I seem to remember David screwed up in the same area as Gary and he confessed and repented as did Gary and David is the only man in the whole of scripture to have it said that he was a man after God’s own heart. It hurts to see so much bitter talk amongst the body of Christ. Yes what Gary did was wrong, however to act as if he is a liar and deceiver because he screwed up is malarky. He has confessed it to hundreds of pastors and thousands of congregants. Next time any one of you points the finger remember to first get up on stage in front of thousands of people who respect you and go ahead and confess your deepest darkest sins and then point the finger. In the words of Christ, the one of you without sin can cast the first stone. Otherwise pray for him that God would use him for God’s glory once again.

  33. I don’t know any of the people that you spoke about, so I cannot speak personally about this situation, but what I can say is this. If what you say is true regarding the process that Gary surrender to repent and to bear fruits of that repentance, including making a public confession, then I would say that everyone needs to rejoice that such a one was willing to do this.

    Within CC, I know personally that adultery is readily accepted within the congregation, as well, as among its leadership, while the innocent spouse is octracized, alienated, and isolated as if she is the one that has done wrong. So, if Gary repented and turned away from that which caused his wife much harm and did those things that earned her trust back while vindicating her of any lies he told (because adultery does bear a false witness against one’s spouse) to justify or to cover up his adulteress activities, then I would agree with you that he should be restored to fellowship, but not restore to any leadership position.

    As for casting stones, we are to expose evil and hold to an account that person (s) who are or have committed such wrongs that have led or leads to the abuse and betrayal of another—particularly when it concerns that leaven that ought not be named among us. Please rest assure that God will use him again as that is what God does with those who have truely repented. Regardless of what others decide to do.

    It would be my prayer that more men (and women) would step up to the plate and follow after this example as you have shared. I believe if they would, a great revival would break out and so much more could and would be achieved by the Power of the Holy Spirit would take place. For as it stands right now, a great apostasy is taking place as people sit in the pews being led into believing that one can just keep on keeping on without having repented, and attempting to cover these things up, just as David initially did, until God used Nathan to speak truth into his life by using a parable that David in turn convicted and condemned himself in judging such offenses.

    David was not walking in the Lord when he decided to lust after and to bed with Bathsheba. It took alot for David to be convicted of his adultery, lying, stealing, exploiting, murder, and deceptive arrogant scheming, but when confronted, he didn’t raise a hand against Nathan, either. He fell to his knees and face the consequences that was set upon him, and in that he was a man after God’s own heart.

    Your comment was close to my heart as you might well guess by the name that I use at times on this site. Please tell Gary, that I for one, if what you say is true, because he was willing to repent and to make restitution, respect him so much more than all these that have acted as cowards instead. Perhaps, God will use him to be a voice that will pierce the darkness by the light that he can shine into causing others to repent as well.

  34. The fact that David got to continue as king after his sin & repentance is the rationale used in some movements for restoration/continuation of adulterers in leadership. His example of being called a man after God’s own heart has been used to justify fast track restorations and not touching God’s anointed – though they may have grave sin in their camp.

    I’ve assumed that is the case between CS and BG. Sure, the rationale goes, BG may have well done all that AG has documented. But, according to the David principle, what matters now is whether BG demonstrates that he is a man after god’s heart by loyalty to the mothership distinctives, keeping the pews filled and the $$ coming in.

    In David’s time if his sin had been widely publicized many folk may have wondered why he was not executed as they would be in a similar situation of adultery and murder. I imagine anyone bold enough to dare question Nathan and David’s special exemption might receive the punishment of death instead. CC is just another example in a long line that the rules really are different for kings and kingdoms. The David/Nathan story is a great example of church and state cooperation for the good of their kingdom 😉

  35. Once Upon a Time

    I totally agree with you that King David’s adultery and murder is wrongly used to justify one’s behavior as well as their lack of true repentance. I think this is mostly due to not really having the Holy Spirit who does convict the heart of those who are really walking in the faith.

    For those who refuse to hold such to an account, like Nathan did, I think that 1) they are cowards, 2) possibly guility of sexual immorality themselves, 3) fearful of losing what they probably should not have in the first place, like a leadership position, or 4) fearful that their own wrong doings might be exposed, 4) have a wierd sense of male privilege entitlement.

  36. Once Upon a Time

    Read over your comment again–can see where I missed the point you were making and went off in another direction. Sorry.

    Yes, you are absolutely correct in saying that CC will use this to restore such a one to that of a Pastor if he is repentant and bears the fruit of such. “Dont’ touch His Annointed,” psshah—-that and a cup of coffee still does not quite hit the mark when in the New Testament, it tells us that such is not qualified to be a Pastor. Besides, David was a King, not a Priest. And if he had been a Priest, he would have been stoned. If he had been a Prophet, he would have been a false one at that—the fire is getting hotter, here, don’t you think?

    As for BG—–it is their ignorrance and whatever he has over them that keeps them from removing permanently removing him from any leadership position. At the same time, I was thinking that the congregation can do this just as well as the leadership. Just don’t pay the bills—–lights out!!!

  37. U – Just like Nathan gave David a different dispensation of justice than the one prescribed in the OT Law for his offenses – it appears that CS’s confidence in his anointing and belief he is being led by the holy spirit allows him to make exceptions to New Testament prescriptions for leadership for this generation of Davids.

  38. I can assure you not to believe all what post #32 says as fact. Gary Galbraith had people who so loved him, rather Idolized him, that no matter what he did, and he did a lot more from many sources that I have heard, much more, so they did not care how much he had done they must have him as their pastor. One pastor in they area told me that a women crying to him about gg stepping down said, oh we can’t go on without him, it was sad, such blind idolatry. Thank God some have no patience for so much self serving, sex addicted deceptions. Sorry to say when I heard, and still hear from close associates I was not surprised. I didn’t know David, he wasn’t my friend but I dont think gg is any David.

  39. Olivia, David is King David mentioned in the Bible.

    Sexual Addiction requires alot of accountability, individual therapy, and long term behavioral changes that enables the addict to earn the trust that he violated. I don’t know GG, but I do know that this can be overcome, but by no means is overcome in a short period of time. Depending upon the range and type of acting out done will have much to do with the type/accountability factors employed. By no means should he be permitted to continue in a Pastor position. His first priority is treatment and then do what is necessary to reconcile with his wife, and children if he was married.

    As for those he betrayed they also might benefit from some type of counseling to enable them to understand sexual addiction and to learn appropriate boundaries to prevent further violations with him or anyone else that might come along. Sexual Addicts can be extremely narcissistic and it is no surprise to hear the description that you provided regarding his character and how people tended to gravitate towards him. Narcissism is like that —-while leading a duplicious identity, if you will. It can be treated and a person can overcome this. And if they are sincere, then those in the church needs to educate themselves so they will know what to expect and to draw proper boundaries while working out a plan to be yet another arm of accountability and support.

  40. Uriah,

    I know, sorry I should have said King David…..meant it in the phrase people in politics say when someone is trying to say they are like a popular and respected person……
    i.e., I knew Reagan, Reagan was my friend and your no Reagan. Sorry it was flat.

  41. The sunday that gary made the announcement that he and lisa were going to split up I was there. He made it sound like he was the “victim”, that he had no sin and said that he was going to continue to pastor Revival CF. He trying to fool the congregation that he was good and clean and trying to ‘pull the wool over our eyes’. And even then a few weeks later after his sunday sermon he told the congregation he was battling with a lot of stuff and mentioned a few, then he said he was going to take a indefinite leave of absence as pastor. That made me believe and maybe others that he would come back. But Gerry Brown made known to us that gary had commited adultery and would not return as pastor.
    We are so BLESSED to have John Miller as pastor at Revival!

  42. My wife and I have attended Revival since 2006. WE saw the stages of the fall from grace with Pastor Gary and Lisa. It’s true, we saw his wife thrown under the bus for her sin while Pastor Gary was the victim. In my opinion, Pastor Gary had plenty of Sundays to come clean and repent. I fault the Board for not giving Gary a leave of absence when he first approached the Board, acc to Pastor Gerry, that he and Lisa were having problems. Gary was a rising pastor one of the largest churches in this area and certainly was a target of Satan. I truly believe the Board should of given Gary a sabbatical to work it out with his wife. He earned it. But now, we have this mess. In my opinion, Gary should excuse himself and not be allowed to be called a pastor as he is not above reproach, divorced and was letting his wife take the fall alone. Grace is God’s, responsibility is man’s. For the sake of Christ.

  43. This website is dedicated to emphasize the bad and imperfect things about Calvary Chapel. Gary Galbraith is no longer a pastor of a Calvary Chapel because Calvary Chapel leadership refused to allow him to preach or pastor Revival CF once it was discovered Galbraith committed adultery in Indonesia — a missionary project set up by Revival CF and CC Romoland. Pastor Gerry Brown, CEO of Revival CF, told the Revival congregation he had to fly to Indonesia to confirm the report Galbraith had an adulterous affair while in Indonesia for months to learn the language. It was after that, Galbraith admitted he was guilty — months after he played the victim. Galbraith currently is teaching pastor at a new runoff congregation Venia — not a Calvary Chapel. Galbraith also markets himself though his own non-profit organization Grace Wave Ministries — and continues to solicit donations for Indonesian ministry. HIs website states he needed $1300 in January 2013 to fly to Indonesia missions and according to sources, his Facebook page states he legally married an Indonesian woman. Calvary Chapel rightly ousted this fallen person out of their ranks. Anyone that supports him in ministry is a fool. He needs prayer, not financial support.

  44. The CC structure says the churches are totally independent. Chuck Smith said he can’t and won’t deal with sin issues in these churches. This is what he said to Alex as well as in his last court date concerning peodophile Iglesias, did he not?

    Of course, we know Chuck has in the past, when it suited him, and not when it didn’t. But now that he’s been to court and claimed every CC is totally independent, then I’d think he and whatever they are calling the old CCOF these days, would not dare try to bring discipline to any CC pastor.

    A true Moses Model doesn’t have a board or elders who can actually fire the pastor … Unless the pastor chooses to go, because he has the power to fire the board. I wonder how that worked? Did the pastor say he’d leave so long as the board let him save face, not admit his adultery and go off to work in another ministry?

    The only reason my adulterous, money stealing pastor was forced out was because other CC pastors found out he broke the law and they had him over a barrel. He admitted publicly to a fraction of what he did, but continues to tell others he was just covering for his wife’s adultery with the worship leader. That’s not repentance and that’s not actually protecting his wife (there’s no public evidence that she did this.)

    My point is that a true Moses Model leader can’t be fired, only creatively pressured out. BEWARE of the Moses Model church government style!

  45. #44 Grateful: you’re critical and vengeful over the experience with the situation with your ex-pastor and color the whole the CC movement and Pastor Chuck because of a few flawed people. That’s too bad because there are over 1300 Calvary Chapels worldwide and the experience we survived at Revival CF for two years hasn’t made me or my circle bitter towards Calvary Chapel. I can’t answer you’re question about the dynamics between the Revival Board and ex-pastor Gary Galbraith. I am a just a tithing faithful Sunday attendee. I believe the Board was a governing board and Pastor Gary was not a member, based on the fact Gary approached the Board stating he was having problems with his marriage. The Board then advised marriage counseling but to continue in ministry. This is public information. If you know anything about Calvary Chapels, the focus is not the pastor — it’s the Word of God. The pastor is one person with a gift, and there are many other gifts to share in the body of Christ. Those who stayed on (about 70 percent of 6000) are relieved with the selection of Pastor John Miller’s teaching. I am encouraged by some of the previous comments about his character and teaching. The Calvary Chapel movement is not a denomination, and doesn’t claim to be “the only church” to have God’s smile or ear. God has used a faithful and willing servant named Pastor Chuck Smith to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Period. And Amen. And God bless him.

  46. Keith,

    Essentially you are pew warmer with little interest no in applying God’s Word in terms of what Grateful and others have shared. Anyone can preach a good message, smile, and tell you to keep your eyes on Jesus. But what Jesus tells us to do is whatever we do and say, it is to be according to God’s word. To walk in obedience and to hold those to an account for corruption and abuse within the church, including Chuck Smith. Obviously, you little knowledge regarding the Mose’s model, the distinctives, and you inability to actively participate in the community of believers decision making processes. That is your choice to do, but to call Grateful bitter then allude to their experience to somehow establish your argument that Grateful is bitter totally escapes the fact that CC problem is systemic. Study that one, then get back to us.

  47. #46 I am just being honest about my current position in the body of Christ. Sometimes one needs to sit out and listen. I have been active in ministry in communications/journalism and I can tell you do not have enough facts to call Calvary Chapel’s problem with leadership systemic. The percentage of Calvary Chapels that are above board and serving God far outweigh what appears to be certain renegade sins that are regrettable, but certainly not systemic in Calvary Chapel. You don’t even use your real names.

  48. # 46 By not using your real names in your criticism of a particular body of Christians, you negate your arguments. For all we know, you and Grateful could be Jehovah Witnesses.

  49. Keith,

    You cannot say how many CC’s are healthy, at least not in clear Biblical sin, or smelling so bad that they are in need of being investigated. You do not have those facts, ots impossible.

    But what I can say is that the Moses Model has produced so many consistent serious issues due to its unbiblical, unhealthy concentration of power with no meaningful accountability that any church with that leadership style needs to be investigated. I know of two handfuls of CC’s in my state, alone, that have known issues (serious ones.). Of the cases where I have personal experience, or inside info, the problems stem from too much power and no accountability, plus several being put into the ministry as novices.

    We can know by the church government style there’s a high probability of current corruption or future corruption.

  50. My info is not exhaustive, but it is by no means limited to my state, my region of this country, or even this continent.

    You can just read through this blog and keep a record of the places mentioned where Moses Model issues have caused real damage.

  51. To suggest that I need facts on all 1500 CC’s to know if their is a problem or not is a straw man.

    Can you imagine if people in the Catholic Church who were molested by priests were told that they could not know if there was a problem unless they knew the facts on every single priest? They would simply KNOW that you are wrong to suggest that.

    Btw, if you have any sort of journalism background then you would know you don’t ignore the growing number of public complaints of serious corruption, sin and damage. It’s your very strong clue that tells you to investigate.

    Keith, there’s enough on this site alone to track down corroborating witnesses of Alex’s story. Start there and you will naturally ask yourself, “What sort of system allows a man to go unchecked like this? How can he get away without an investigation? With each answer you will find more questions that will lead you to a conclusion, based on verifiable facts, that there is a systemic issue within CC’s in great part due to the Moses Model leadership style.

  52. Keith,

    How do you know, that “The percentage of Calvary Chapels that are above board.”

    You may be making a huge mistake comparing what you currently know regarding the CC attend with the church you were a member in prior to leaving. You know the one where your wife as an administrator and now you prefer a hands off leadership style. That alone can blind you to the systemic problem that opens the gate for abuse and corruption.

    As for anyone using a different name, it is not due to not bringing the various issues to the attention of CC leadership when we did use our real names. It is due to either being at risk of being harmed further, even to the causing great physical harm that we do.

    Across the board by the mere fact of knowing of these things, yet using the common practice silencing and being silence on those things that ought never occur in that which is called Calvary Chapel—-anywhere. God said there is only one Moses and none will follow after him. Moses was given a leadership role for a certain time and purpose.

    We all have the Holy Spirit now so there is no need for anyone to go to the mountain top to hear from God. We are all part of the Royal priesthood and we all can understand the Word of the Lord. It is His church not the private property and donor base that is used to build another man’s kingdom to enable him to say he is not accountable except to God.

    Just think, all you have to do is preach God’s Word, hold no one to an account unless they start to question the way things are done. Then throw them under the bus and act like you’ve been victimized instead. Nice—-works well until you start searching the scriptures and noticing that people are leaving without a word and showing up on this site.

    What is so sad, Keith you would rather make the comments that you have, rather than to investigate what we have shared. I have to wonder, who sent you in the first place.

  53. Keith, as a “journalist” you should know that any name used online is suspect. No one knows- without investigating thoroughly- who is behind using a name. Keith might not be Keith?

    I have a job that requires my not using my name publically. But it doesn’t matter. The people who hear me calling for their repentance know who I am, Alex knows who I am, and I’ve met in person some of the former contributors on the blog. Who knows you? Doesn’t matter… Your voice still has a place.

  54. Keith, you are jumping to conclusions for which you have only a cursory impression and no real evidence when you assume I’m taking one bad CC pastor experience and falsely applying it to the CC pastors at large.

    After 20 years, 3 CC pastors, and exposure through family, friends and colleagues across the USA, Europe, Uganda, Haiti, and 2 other continents (and counting,) I’ve seen or heard about very consistent systemic serious issues in CC’s, tied to the Moses Model.

    Finding sin in a church, having a pastor fall, or running into abuse of any sort is no surprise in any type of church. Paul warned us that wolves would come in from the outside, but also that people would rise up from the inside to destroy sheep. This is not new. What our attention is facing is the unbiblical Moses Model that concentrates power essentially into one person without meaningful accountability. There’s no mechanism for wrongs to be righted, for a hearing of the abused or an investigation even of serious biblical sin issues.

    Keith, you may not see this in your circumstances because someone in your church did investigate your pastor, but that is not required or even encouraged in CC’s as a whole. Take some time and look into how Chuck Smith took a pastor -who admitted to committing adultery- and removed him from his church’s restorative discipline process and within 3 weeks gave him a job teaching Bible at his church (CCCM.) there are many stories of how t

    Anyone with all the power, all the money and no accountability will eventually fall. It’s not always an obvious moral failure. Often we’ve seen creative and sophisticated ways to cover up the wrongs being committed.

  55. Didn’t finish my sentence:

    There have been many stories of how serious corroborated accusations against a pastor are covered over. How the abused are reabused, stone-walled, and often have their reputations destroyed are described by many. The issue is there is no recourse. Some pastors agree to step down, some are forced by other means, but if a CC pastor wants to stay -unrepentant, he can. No one can fire him. If the board disagrees with him, the pastor can fire them.

    The issue is that no recourse for the abused is built into the system.
    That much power without real accountability will cause men to fall.

  56. Keith, you can call me bitter, but I know I’m not. This written medium has communication limitations which is why I preferred working in radio news. (If you are a long time listener to NPR, then you may have heard a contribution from me.). If you could hear my tone, you would understand I’m simply being obedient to call out an unrepentant man who is actively building a following, leaving a wake of destruction in his path. I grieve for him, his family, but especially for those who were damaged and destroyed by him.

    As a journalist I would encourage you to look for facts, even if they are uncomfortable to you. It’s a powerful force to want to protect and defend what is familiar and comfortable to you. I know, I used to do it … Till the evedence was in my face and I had to ashamedly admit I ignored what I should have questioned a long time ago.

  57. “Till the evedence was in my face and I had to ashamedly admit I ignored what I should have questioned a long time ago.”

    Grateful, as you well know, Bob Coy of CCFTL is very skilled at persuading most all the undiluted Kool Aid drinkers to ignore evidence that stares them in the face. In other words, he’s their “local celebrity” and they’re starstruck.

    Troller Keith said: “For all we know, you and Grateful could be Jehovah Witnesses.”

    People who decide to leave CC’s are treated worse than ex-JW’s because I know a few.

    Please click on my moniker to read more about CC’s “Yuppie Don”

  58. I agree with #26 Joy comments — that you malign others who make comments with very little information about them — which is another red flag re your slanderous comments about CC’s. For example, comment #52 stated, “you know, the one where your wife was an administrator,” “prior to leaving.” My wife was never a church administrator and we didn’t leave Revival CF. We feel Jesus and the Holy Spirit called and built the church, not ex-pastor Gary Galbraith. Galbraith lost all credibility to be a pastor when he lied to the church for months leaving his wife hanging in the wind, watching her take the fall by herself, and played the victim until his sin was exposed. But thank God, the Board investigated and took care of business and didn’t allow Galbraith to return to Revival. All this is public information, as told from the pulpit by Pastor Gerry Brown, CC Romoland and then president of Revival Board. But here is an example (cited above) where you draw conclusions about me and my wife without proper interviewing technique. If you don’t use your real names (by lines), this website loses integrity and credibility. I listened to the radio cold call to pastor Chuck Smith, who picked up his home phone and graciously answered the questions live on the radio. He had met with the accused pastor’s son and investigated the charges of physical abuse (hitting). He doesn’t believe the charges merit dismissal from pastoral office. Police have investigated the charges. Chuck Smith’s ‘s bottom line in the interview was move on, “Get a life.” Loose lips sink ships.

  59. RE #57 comment about people who leave CC being treated worse than ex-JW’s, there is hardly an easier church to come and go, come as you are church then Calvary Chapels. They emphasize a heart change, not conformity to rules and rituals. They emphasize reading and studying the Word of God. Their bookstores include works from Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, Bonhoeffer, Bunyan, Eldersheim, C.S. Lewis, Albert Barnes, Stott, Richard Foster, Dan Wooding, Sherwood Wirt, Francis Shaeffer. Also, the numbers cited for alleged fallen CC pastors (less than 10) equals less than 1 percent of pastors in CCs. That means 99 percent of pastors in CC have no biblically-based charges against them. You cite a Moses model as if it is a sin. Where does it say in the Bible the Moses model of church government is a sin?
    You bring charges against Christians, you attack the bride of Christ. As is often said in Calvary Chapels, “there is no perfect church and if there were, it would be spoiled when you (or I) showed up.” To be afraid to use your real names in your charges for fear of physical harm is a laugh comparing CC’s to the Mafia and doesn’t put you in the rank of journalists. Perhaps you are afraid to come to the light because your deeds are evil. If you are true believers, look at Jesus who risked and lost his life for Truth; look at Peter, Paul, Stephen. You dishonor the name of the brave men and women of our Christian heritage by attacking the church at night like roaches.

  60. Pastor John Miller was a wonderful pastor, and my parents learned so much under him, and I did as well for the few years that I went in the sanctuary as a high schooler. He was humble, caring, and kind; but most importantly, he was uncompromising and knowledgeable in his teaching. He loved to study and had an extensive library. He was just such a great leader. We miss him, but I know that Revival needed him more than we did. Pastor Lee is now our pastor, and the same message is still being taught and we are definitely still being fed the Word of God.

  61. “To be afraid to use your real names in your charges for fear of physical harm is a laugh comparing CC’s to the Mafia and doesn’t put you in the rank of journalists. ”

    I have used my own name and been harassed, threatened, stalked and intimidated for doing such. I could name names, but will just select one example where one particular individual found my house then went on to publish the hours I was at work and who was home (wife and small children) in the hours I was not home. That from a CC “fan”

  62. Proverbs Chapter 22:3
    New King James Version (NKJV)

    3 A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself,
    But the simple pass on and are punished.

    John, Chapter 11:53-57 NKJV

    53 Then, from that day on, they plotted to put Him to death. 54 Therefore Jesus no longer walked openly among the Jews, but went from there into the country near the wilderness, to a city called Ephraim, and there remained with His disciples.

    55 And the Passover of the Jews was near, and many went from the country up to Jerusalem before the Passover, to purify themselves. 56 Then they sought Jesus, and spoke among themselves as they stood in the temple, “What do you think—that He will not come to the feast?” 57 Now both the chief priests and the Pharisees had given a command, that if anyone knew where He was, he should report it, that they might seize Him.

  63. Doug, wow some very disturbing stuff, my heart goes out to you and your family.

    as for Keith……. or whatever his name is, and it could be Keith because how many Keith’s go to Revival. Wow he is really putting himself out there.

    Stay right where you are and enjoy all your cc can offer, since you are so right on and we can really learn from you, all of us who have walked through trying to survive after the fruit of cc.

  64. I guess i just dont get it… Yes Gary messed up so what? Should he be removed? Of course….but let me ask all of you… many acts of adultery have you commited today? How may acts of homosexuality? Thefts? How many abortions have you done today? Folks you all talk the talk but do you not understand “when you violate one part of the law, you violate the whole thing” (James 2). True, the consequences are different. But really the jest of true Christianity is recognizing who we are, in the light of who God is. Remember, the Bible says, “…that every inclination of the heart, is to do evil continuously” (Gen.6:5). Yes true pastors are held to a much deeper standard, and as such has caused great damage to his flock. But we all sin…..there is no one who can stand next to Gary or anyone else and say, “im a better christian then you.” We need to recognize our own state of depravity, and realize we all deserve Hell. Romans says, “there is no one good, there is none who seeks after God. NO ONE!! It is and has always been that God chooses us, not the other way around. God is the same today as He is in the Old Tesament. He cjose his people then and still does it now. Our job is to just go out and preach the gospel. And, He will call out His own. Now the question is, however, why do so many in the CC movement see CC pastors like “rock stars” and the majority don’t even question them or their theology. When i went to CC years ago…. I was shocked that after 20 yrs none of the people i spoke to grew in maturity….it was very sad to me. They had no clue who God truely is, or how He works. The Old Testament was totally negated, and ignored. I met Gary years ago…..actually debated him at his so called Bible study. And again, the people all jumped on the Gary bandwagon. It was sickning. Now please understand I am no way saying I’m the be all and answer all to the Bible, but, when a person shows one verse after another after another, there should at least be a big question mark. I can tell you this after years of listening to CC pastors….they all just parrot Pastor Chuck. He is a good preacher (chuck smith that is) but he is no Bible scholor thats for sure…… opinion.

  65. This entire post makes me sad. So many are quick to judge and state their opinions when they do not know the facts. You listen to stories told by others or by higher ups who are going to pick and choose what information they share in order to make their establishment sound better. I speak from experience!!! People do not know the entire story behind what has taken place. If you did I can tell you your opinions would likely change drastically. I am not going to stoop low and give out details. All I am going to say is do you really think you have a full complete story? There was more than one person involved in all of this and many different versions told. I commend pastor Gary for letting things go and not giving out all of the details. He is being a good person by letting things go. Most people would only care about themself and want to clear their name and get even. I also commend the Pastors and people who know the truth and stood by him. I also want you to know I am not a Pastor Gary worshiper like some. In fact I do not like the fact that people would follow around a man, any man. You should attend a church for the right reasons not because of one man. Pastor Gary has even said so himself. I just wanted to post because it gets so frustrating reading all these things that are not true or are only partial truth. Sometimes I wish the entire story would come out so that the veil over people’s eyes would be removed. Many of the people who have done wrong in this situation have not had to deal with repercussion because it has been covered up or kept quiet. God truly knows all the details of what happened. We have all sinned as well. How many people have sinned and never confessed or been caught? How many have sinned and learned from it or became a better person? How many have had something happen and kept it quiet? Maybe picked and chose what t
    Information was shared with others so things would sound better? How many of you know the truth about what happened? If you think you do who did you get your information from? Just think about it. Unfortunately some people share false information that hurts others. I think many people in a certain congregation would feel differently if they knew all the truth. I truly wish the best for all 3 churches involved. You should go where you are fed. The most important thing to do is listen to God. We are all one church.

  66. Sadtoreadthis,

    If you got your information from Gary, then I’d encourage you to not just take his word for it. I do not know Gary, nor any details about him or this blog post; but I do know that you may not know the truth just because Gary told you his version.

    My last CC pastor stood before the congregation and “admitted” to having an “emotional” affair with “one” woman. Later on the facts came out that there were 4 women and some say it was physical, as if that matters all that much, the line was already crossed and disqualified him.

    This pastor, Brian D. Abeyta (currently starting a new church called BFA, Beauty for Ashes in Lone Tree, Colorado,) told others that he is just “protecting” his wife because she had an affair with another on staff. This whisper over the phone led to other whispers that got around and people defending the pastor because he was being so “noble.”

    Abeyta was not being noble. Based on the other women coming forward, and based on the current leadership saying they investigated and found no hint of impropriety with the pastor’s wife or the staff member, it looks like this CC pastor was lying.

    Be careful to not just take a person’s word for the behind the scenes explanations. If you can’t produce facts, witnesses, or real reasons why Gary should not be under suspicion, then you really can’t tell people not to question.

  67. Mark S says….

    Yes Gary messed up so what?

    Ya so what? No big deal, just ask the One who went through Hell to pay for it, and desired he would walk as He walked, too much to ask for I guess,

    Than Mark S says…..

    .how many acts of adultery have you commited today? How may acts of homosexuality? Thefts? How many abortions have you done today? Folks you all talk the talk but do you not understand “when you violate one part of the law, you violate the whole thing”

    Yep, that was my thought this morning when I got started, you see I sow my neighbors new car and I was a little jealous, I guess I coveted it. So I decided well I wasn’t perfect so since I violated the whole thing/law I should just go for it. So I went to my neighbor and decided to seduce her, than I thought I better not leave any evidence so I killed her, so my husband would not find out. Well no ones perfect and after all God forgives me, and I sure do like her car I now put in my garage.

    Mark S also says….

    there is no one who can stand next to Gary or anyone else and say, “im a better christian then you.”

    I really have a hard time believing any christian who is a good example thinks if standing next to a “Gary”, I’m a better christian than you, but I do know they feel the blessing of knowing they are right with God.

    I could go on with what I truly have no witness in my life or experience but I won’t, however there are some things I do agree with..

    Mark S said…

    When i went to CC years ago…. I was shocked that after 20 yrs none of the people i spoke to grew in maturity….it was very sad to me. They had no clue who God truely is, or how He works. The Old Testament was totally negated, and ignored.

    Yes, something is wrong when the sheep in a church, only seem to grow so much and that does seem to happen a lot with cc.

    As for sadtoreadthis….it was sad to read that!!!

  68. Unfortunately, there are stories floating re the Galbraith’s, Indonesia and those who left Revival to follow ex Revival pastor Gary to Venia church. But until those stories are backed by quotes of those in the know, the public acknowledgments from Galbraith preaching at Venia Church and statements from former Revival board president Gerry Brown to the congregation at Revival are sad enough — the facts speak for themselves. Galbraith has acknowledged his transgressions and stated he apologized to just about everybody, however the fruit of true repentance should be to find some other capacity to serve the Lord other than as “pastor.” He lost credibility and continues to keep losing it by those outside Venia (not a Calvary Chapel) by marketing himself as a pastor at large. Financially, the loss of his pastorship at Revival, his wife, his status must be devastating for someone in their mid-40s to find new source of income.

  69. My heart hurts reading all of these comments. We are the church, not these buildings and organizations. Sin dwells in us all. So much judgement and so called reasons for your judgements. God is faithful ! We are not ! Man does not save and man does not condemn. It is a daily struggle for us ALL to not sin AGAINST God and not one of us are fully successful . Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Love to you all.

  70. To Rob: Sorry you don’t get it. A pastor is called to be above reproach — the bar is set higher. There is such a thing as conduct unbecoming an officer in the military. General Petraeus suffered the consequences of his adultery. It is a violation of trust and discipline.

    I don’t see in Scripture where pastors who fall in adultery should be restored back to the ministry as a pastor. They are called to be above reproach. This is where I differ from Calvary Chapel general practice and that of a consensus of Evangelical disciplines. But I believe there is opportunity to serve the Lord in other capacities that may even prove more fruitful than a prior ministry as a pastor of a mega church. For example, Jim Bakker.

  71. I am not a Christian anymore. I am agnostic, but I believe Jesus had a good message. I’m going to your church because a friend of mine is in need of some type of emotional support, and asked me to attend this “Revival.” – The first thing I noticed was Gary is gone, and this new guy is up on the podium. Wow, this guy is incredibly boring! – Here’s a kicker; I attended Calvary chapel before it was called “Revival”, back in the days when Gary was giving sermonds out of a High school Gym.

    It wasn’t as glamorous as this new “Revival” but the multitudes of people came. Gary truley was blessed and had a gift. Unconciously one way or another, I knew he struggled with his inner demons, but don’t we all? I am reading these comments, and I am laughing because this is the reason I left Christianity. Everyone here lampooning Pastor gary for making a mistake. Ha! So much for that “Forgive” stuff Jesus always talked about.

    Oh here’s something else. Gary was the backbone of Revival. That nice Coffee shop, worship hall, and Giant Televisions screens, Huge warehouse and parking lot was not there before Gary. Gary was there when hundreds of people lined up to meet him at the Gym and sometimes football field of the high school. Sure, the divine providence that is God blessed Gary with all that he obtained. And the blessings continue to flow from Gary’s vision. But to sit here and read comments lampooning him for his mistake is hilarious!

    Sure, it was God who gave the blessings that worked through the people and followers, but it was Gary’s vision and effort and passion that kept the people coming. Gary spoke with all of his mind, soul and being. You cannot replace heart and soul when someone speaks on that podium. The rest is just cackling hearts, feeding off the Drama. If there is a love of Christ, it isn’t in the people posting these comments about him, that’s for sure.

    Jesus hung out with sinners and treated them like Children of God, which is what Gary is, he is just a man, don’t forget that.

    God was the source of blessings from the church, but Gary was the visionary and backbone that built to what it is today. Don’t forget that. Signed, an ex-christian and born again “Agnostic.”

    P.s. See you at church.

  72. Gary is simply a man who messed up big time.but last I heard Jesus died for sinners who mess up big time. I never read the part that said pastor were excluded from from this benefit.He admitted his wrong doings and asked for forgiveness. I know first hand much of what happenend at Revival I attended for 16 years, The whole truth from behind the scenes tore me up inside but Jesus is still on the throne. I believe John may be a good teacher but as for the people who hired and most likely lied to him about the whole truth, lets just say that I would not want to be in there shoes on judgment day!
    Gary sinned just as we all do, the differance with him and the others involved is that he confessed and asked forgiveness while the others involved simply continue to live a lie.
    That said Jesus is still on the throne, and life goes on.

  73. I attended Calvary Chapel San Bernardino for five years when John Miller was there. He is a very good bible teacher and I learned a lot; I developed a respect for him. However, that changed when I ended up hurt and disappointed, My fiancee and I asked him to marry us; I was already in my late 30s at the time. John Miller interrogated me regarding a previous marriage I had when I was in my twenties as well as any other relationships I had had before being a Christian and after. My fiancee and I were both Christians but did slip and engaged in sexual behavior once, which John asked us about. Immediately, John stated that he would not marry us and that we needed to just go get married somewhere else. We did not say that we were planning on continuing in this behavior. I left in tears…I felt so invaded by all of his questions and hurt by his rejection. He may be a good bible teacher but he seriously lacks compassion or tact.

  74. John Miller is a great bible teacher and although I don’t attend Revival because of the distance from the church and my home, I listen to his lessons on the Red Barn website. As far as his reasons for leaving Red Barn and going to Revival, I can’t speak to them other than what other Red Barn members have said. I know that his leaving was difficult for him, as well as the congregation. All of my encounters with him and his wife were positive. But I was much closer to the Children’s and Youth Pastors as I worked with them while I was at Red Barn.

  75. If key word If GARY GALBRAITH heart was in right place he would not start a new church within 20 miles of the one he almost destroyed. His heart is not in right place as he is doing this. With Gary its all about himself the iron man etc etc. He let a whole congregation down and He will stand before God and have the souls of many on his hands. He has no business teaching preaching anywhere in the area . He has not repented its like I am going to show that former church I can rebuild it was about numbers to him not about God. HE is mr FAKE and its sad that people like Tim who I really thought was sincere in his walk with God would harbor the likes of Gary. Why DO THEY FEEL the need to start another chuch in the back yard of the one he let down so badly . He continues to hurt people by causing division in the body of believers who are torn.

  76. Gary had been given a gift by GOD and was feeding the flock, remember that Satan kills, steals and destroys. Look at what he achieved! The deception works and is still working in everyone … So sad to read all of these negative thoughts. Love is the answer and if the pastor feeds you then keep being fed! Don’t fall for Satan’s lies, pray for Gary and the like. Try to make your own path and good choices. With LOVE!

  77. John, Lee, and the rest of the Worker Bee’s for Chuck Smith, are nothing more that Calvinist/Catholics who progressed over time into who used to be called Knights Templars, and before that, Knights of Jerusalem. These so called leaders are all in the same Satanic bed, and all do nothing more then suck the human being dry from whatever money they can get out of them. Christ IS the church and the Levitical Priesthood is OVER, therefore there is no need to accept “tithing” from anyone. Unfortunately, this so called “priesthood” [of Satanists] do everything possible to make that money FOR not only the Vatican, but to line their greedy pockets themselves. They take their cut and conveniently forget to tell thier flock that the Bible was ONLY written to the Israelites, aka the ADAMIC RACE.

  78. I do not know this pastor nor anyone who attends this church, but for those of you who think they are so “spiritual” that they can spreed gossip and not be held accountable the world is watching. If you have a problem with a brother TALK IT OUT !!!!!!!!!

  79. While I was stationed at Norton AFB, my wife & I attended Calvary Chapel The Red Barn until we moved back to our home town to attend Calvary Chapel Fellowship.

    We missed John Miller’s sense of humor and were blessed with another great Calvary Chapel Pastor. Burritos & surfing for the Lord. How can anyone be so wrong about Pastor John Miller. Be so cruel hearted. John teaches straight from the Holy Bible, we all are given straight up Bible Study. You have a complaint with Pastor Miller, then take it up with God Almighty. John’s sermon comes straight from The Word of God!

    Only problem we ever had from Pastor Miller’s sermon,,, I left filled with the Holy Spirit, but Hungry for a Chile Verde Burrito.

    Thank you Pastor Miller, God Bless you for taking up a new commission from our Lord.

  80. Word is that Gary G. has moved on to Indonesia with his young wife. Good riddance! ! Now the Menifee community can finally put this sad tale of a pastor who rose to power tried to play god in the rearview mirror!

  81. Hello. I am going to pray for ALL of you. I am but yet by God’s grace a simple saved humble human man. I walk a cobblestone road. I have been a son, husband, father, grandfather, and a widower. If there really are two slippery slopes that all mankind deeply do not understand they are judgement and forgiveness. I am no judge, nor attempt to. I live my life to forgive all and everything. God knows my heart. He sees in the dark. Please, Lucifer has traps EVERYWHERE, and in a humans blindness he loves to feed off any dissention on Earth. Stop judging your fellow human being’s , start forgiving everything. You can’t get into heaven otherwise.

  82. I have sat under John Miller for over 11 years. You get God’s Word rightly divided every sermon, teaching, bible study, conference, or conversation. I have served at CCSB for 12 years now. I sit in on meetings, I run the website, I have taught the men for over 6 years, and I have never heard anyone talk about money or attendance growth in a bad way. I have seen people corner John Miller after a service and want to debate him on a number of matters. I can tell you that is not the time or place for that type of discussion. Sunday morning is set aside to preach the Word and Worship the Lord. He spends a lot of time in prep for the sermon and nobody expects him to entertain someone off the street with their gripe. It never fails that someone comes in with “the answer” to running a church, yet they never go and plant one. They just want to come an criticize the work of others. CCSB nor Revival is a mega-church by anyones standard. Revival was hurting with a congregation that was hungry for expositional bible teaching. CCSB has been well fed over the years and we had a great Pastor Lee Coe ready to step in and take over. It is as simple as that. CCSB is not perfect, Revival is not perfect, but the God they serve is. We are all sinners saved by grace trying to spread the good news of God’s gift of salvation through his son. I can tell that a lot of work goes into this website, just as I work real hard on our websites. What I do not see is anything that will bring a sinner to faith. What I do see is a lot of gossip that will lead people away from a good bible teaching church. Why not focus your energy on kingdom building rather than tearing it down brick by brick. I see a boatload of pride in these articles and comments. I think you enjoy the attention you get in these comments. Remember what Jesus said to the women caught in the act of adultery? He who is without sin cast the first stone. Then he asked where are your accusers? Gone? Go and sin no more. (paraphrased)

  83. Reading over these comments I am thinking of the time in my life that I attended Revival when Gary was a Pastor. I would not say I was a true Christian when I encountered that Church, but I feel I became one there. I no longer live in the area, so I found out way after the fact that Gary had an affair, and I was truly saddened. But I remembered something he said, speaking about Peter in a talk. I always remembered the title, “Falling is not Failing”. Peter sinned. In fact, Peter sinned in a way I personally view as way worse than adultery… he denied the Christ (knowing who He was) several times. Can it get much worse than that? I mean, talk about ruining the reputation of Christ to a bunch of witnesses, talk about a terrible testimony, he was denying he even KNEW Jesus to these people!!! Later on, did Jesus tell Peter he was done… no longer worthy of being a preacher because he had failed? No. God didn’t give up on Peter, and I don’t think he has given up on Gary either. If we are trying, we might as well be trying to do what it is HE wants us to do and too bad if people don’t like it, right? I haven’t stopped being a Christian because Gary had an affair. That’s just silly, I mean, COME ON. I remember Gary specifically stating in that same talk, that he hoped the congregation would be merciful with him if he ever fell. He was never in denial of being human even then, way before this incident happened! I went to visit the new Venia Church and I felt that clearly Gary is doing some good work there. If we want to sit around and be cynical we could question his motivations all day long, but I’m pretty sure if it was about money he could make a lot more elsewhere where he doesn’t have this reputation to overcome. Heck he would probably make millions where I am living now, they love to blindly give money to their churches in these parts. If people at Revival are saying it is disrespectful of him to start a church nearby, I think they need to focus more on the people’s lives he might be touching in his new role. Why does it have to be a competition??? Why should we hold Gary to a higher standard than PETER??? It seems very selfish to say things like “Well I wish he would leave I was so personally damaged by what he did woe is me.” That’s just one young woman’s opinion. God bless.

  84. so catholic is about the service not the speaker so its about jesus and the father and the prayers . pretty simple and direct . is the heirarcchy perfect ?NO! but we are not there for THEM are we ? we are there to WORSHIP PERIOD

  85. Wow, I am reading some of these comments and wondering how Christians can so easily attack other Christians. When did every one stop forgiving each other? Sin is sin in God’s eyes!! Doesn’t matter if you murdered someone or told a lie or cheated. It’s all the same in God’s eyes. Jesus died on the cross for all mankind’s sin. If Jesus says to forgive 70 X 7 meaning forever…than how can we not do the same to our fellow man? Jesus used people in the Bible that would be considered the worst of the worst in our world today, and they all went on to do amazing things for the Lord. God never gave up on any of them regardless the sin they committed. It saddens me to read these comments and see how far away from the simple truths of the Bible people have gotten. Every one is so focused on pointing out some one else’s fault instead of worrying about their own!! Remember the story of Jesus standing with a group of pharisees…He told them…he who is without sin throw the first stone…..can we not learn from that example??
    Pastor Gary Galbraith is an amazing man with a heart of Gold. He loves people and he loves preaching God’s word. He isn’t doing it for the money, or to have a mega church with a fancy building and sound equipment, he does it because God has called him to it. If God wants to use Pastor Gary to reach the lost, to be a great example of how men fall down, but the Lord is willing and able to lift them back up if they ask forgiveness. The Lord is always there for all of us, regardless what sin we commit. Pastor Gary is just a man, it’s not about a pastor’s name, where the church is located, how much the church makes….it should always simple be about the Lord. Pastor Gary was always the first to tell you sermon to sermon that he is just a man, that he makes mistakes like EVERYONE else in this world does. I appreciate that and respect him even more because he has always been transparent with his flock. People who do not know Gary personally do not know the real story, as if that even matters. What matters is that Gary sought out the Lord’s forgiveness, and is now trying to rebuild his life, and kept doing the Lord’s work. No one has a right to tell him he can no longer preach in this area, not even the Pastor’s of the churches here. Only God has a right to tell Pastor Gary what he should or shouldn’t do!!! Stop blaming Pastor Gary for making a mistake, and blaming that mistake on ruining thousands of lives. If a Pastor making a mistake ruins your life that bad, I would question your walk with the Lord. God is what is important in all of this, not a single man or his mistakes. Start going back to basics people….God is always there for any man regardless their sin, God always forgives if we ask forgiveness and he commands us to forgive one another!! Stop judging when you do not know the entire story or what took place behind the scenes. Focus on your own life and your walk with the Lord. If your walk is strong enough, no earthly mistake should so easily shake you or take you away from the Lord. Enough excuses, and accusations. Christians need to start being better examples to others, we are called to do the Lord’s work. How can others see Christ through us if all we every do is condemn each other for our sins? That is NOT our job, it is the Lord’s alone.
    Judge not least ye be judged….do unto these as I would do unto you….does anyone remember these verses? We all make mistakes in life…if someone put you or your family under a microscope, would they not find your own demons? How would you feel then to have those demons displayed for the world to see, and hear comments and rumors that are not true about you? Would you not want to be forgiven by others?? Would you not believe that by asking Jesus Christ to forgive you and mean it, that you are forgiven and your sin is made no more???
    Stop hurting each other, stop making the comments about how some churches are only about money, or making you laugh, or don’t care if you grow and learn…each person is responsible for their own spiritual growth. Focus on yourself and your walk with the Lord and nothing else in this world will matter!! When you keep the fuel going, the fire can never burn out. These rumors and hateful words that a lot of people are spewing about Pastor Gary is just making things worse for the church as a whole, for yourself and for others!!
    If Christians would start looking at the speck in another’s eye and worry about the plank in their own eye, the world would be a better place!!
    One day you will be held accountable for all of your sins, not the sins of another man. When that time comes you will no longer be worried about others, because it will be about you and what you did or did not do.
    Time to move on with your own life, and let Pastor Gary move on with his, and remember that no man can stop the will of God. If the Lord wants Pastor Gary preaching in this valley than nothing you do can stop that. No hurtful words, no condemnation from different church flocks, no mean words from fellow Pastor’s….NOTHING can stand in the way of the Lord’s will.
    I personally stand behind Pastor Gary. He made a mistake, he repented of his sin, he tried to seek forgiveness from surrounding church boards and Pastor’s, he let his flock know what happened and why he was taking a break…and now that he is here again every one seems so threatened that they would rather tear him down, than let him live his life the way the Lord is calling him to. The past is the past people…time to move on!!
    If you truly knew Pastor Gary you would know he has a servants heart, and is the most humble person. God Bless you Pastor Gary for following the Lord’s calling through out this entire episode. Keep walking by faith and know there are many people that love you and support you!!!

  86. GG loved people and not cash LOL soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much you do not know!!!!!!!!!!

  87. The wife sinned first, the BOARD knew about it, and hid it from Gary. He did not say it, but I think this angered him and caused him to “rebel” during one of his trips to Indonesia. That was wrong of him, yes. They divorced and he remarried. His new wife is not the same girl everybody thinks he had an affair with. She is a single mom and you can check her Facebook acct if you want. I think he was just a teaching pastor at the new church, not lead pastor. People came to see him while he was there and left when he did too. People at Revival were told a different story to protect the board and his ex wife. I feel sorry for him. He needs prayers. We all need prayers. I do not believe Gerry Brown. He is friends with Gary again after what he did. Revival is taking Gary back in some way or helping him. He might teach again or start a new revival somewhere.

  88. I live in the area. Considering attending revival. Important to know if Gary is back. I don’t have peace attending if he is in leadership.

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