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Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel fame appearing on buddy Paul Crouch’s TBN. However, Smith’s Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship (of which Smith is President on IRS Documents) launched an “investigation” and published a scathing report on TBN-backed Phil Aguilar and Set Free. Smith says in an interview (lined in this article) that he is not in the public rebuke or accountability business…at least not with his own official Affiliated Calvary Chapel Pastors like Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia. Can you say: Liar and Hypocrite?

[UPDATE 12/21/12]:

I received some new information from Bill Alnor’s (now deceased) wife Jackie Alnor. Bill was a part of the Calvary Chapel-Phil Aguilar situation with close knowledge of how that situation went down.

According to Jackie Alnor, the Phil Aguilar Investigation and Report was funded and led by Lanette and Jesse Irwin. Alnor continued in a message, “They then gave the huge packet to a few people such as Oden Fong, the then CCOF leader, and to me and my husband, and to author Ron Enroth.”

In Alnor’s opinion, while Oden Fong was the main guy at CCOF at the time and while Chuck Smith is the President of CCOF on IRS documents, Alnor believes that Chuck Smith was not happy with Oden Fong for taking the Aguilar Investigation/Report and leading a Campaign to warn the Southern California public about Aguilar and Set Free.

Alnor said she believes that Oden Fong was fired from his position at CCOF due to this incident.

Alnor did confirm, however, that Chuck Smith had full knowledge that Oden Fong of CCOF (Chuck’s entity) did lead a Campaign against Phil Aguilar for similar allegations of abuse and corruption as Chuck Smith approved CC Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia.

The fact remains, Chuck Smith knew that CCOF had led a Campaign against Phil Aguilar for the same and similar allegations as the Bob Grenier situation and Chuck Smith lied to my face stating CC, CCCM, CCOF had never done that sort of thing and doesn’t do that sort of thing, when clearly they did.

In my opinion, from my dealings with Chuck Smith, he probably hid behind Plausible Deniability in the Phil Aguilar situation when it blew up in his face and TBN (his buddies) freaked out. Kind of a Good Cop / Bad Cop routine, in my opinion. Oden Fong was probably made the Scapegoat and Chuck flashed the patented Papa Chuck® Smile and denied having anything to do with the Campaign (even though Chuck is the President of CCOF and knew what was happening at the time and didn’t stop it, until after it happened and he got massive pressure from Aguilar and the Crouches and TBN).

The information I had at the time I reported it was that CCOF had conducted an “investigation” and published a report on Phil Aguilar. Alnor’s testimony says CCOF took an existing investigation and report on Aguilar and led a Campaign in Southern California against Aguilar (Oden Fong as the lead and the main guy at CCOF).

According to the information I have, Calvary Chapel was sued over this Aguilar Campaign, indicating it was a Calvary Chapel action and not just Oden Fong acting as a Lone Wolf individual separate from his office of CCOF administrator/employ.

Chuck Smith has gotten directly involved, according to several CCCM insiders, with many other Calvary Chapel Affiliate situations including Disaffiliating CC pastors and threatening so-called “independent” Church Boards with not Affiliating their new Pastor if a Severance Package was not to his liking for the old CC pastor (through Chuck’s agents).

To this day, Chuck Smith has not sought me out to reconcile and repent of his lying to my face in our “meeting” at the Logos Building Board Room with Dave Rolph and Chuck’s Attorney Janet Carter.


I had to buy a new Irony and Hypocrisy Meter. The one I had blew the heck up. It literally evaporated, not even pieces I can gorilla glue back together.

Another “Report” has emerged about Phil Aguilar and Set Free Ministries. Guess who conducted this “investigation”? Couldn’t be Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel…because Chuck Smith told me (listen to the radio interview in his own words) that he’s not in the business of holding folks accountable and calling them publicly to repentance…at least not his own official Calvary Chapel Affiliates like Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia.

Well, turns out Chuck Smith is still a liar. He “is” in that business (or has been many times) as yet another piece of evidence emerges: A 318 page reports as the result of an “investigation” by Oden Fong, head of Chuck Smith’s (Chuck is listed as “president” on IRS Documents, see this site for the actual docs) CCOF.

The report indicts Phil Aguilar and Set Free Ministries/Fellowship for all sorts of pastoral and ministry “abuses” and is largely based in the testimony of “28” former Set Free members.

Here’s the article that appears on Calvary Chapel Wiki Page:

“Authority Abuses Alleged at the Set Free Christian Center

Some pastors and cult watchers have expressed growing concern over alleged Scripture twisting and authority abuses at the Set Free Christian Center based in Anaheim, California.

Officials at Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships of Costa Mesa, California — which is the ministry that oversees the more than 380 Calvary Chapels (affiliated with Pastor Chuck Smith) worldwide — have transcribed testimonies from former Set Free members. They intended to call Set Free Pastor Phil Aguilar to account for the alleged abuses at the church — if this action proved to be warranted. Calvary’s office, led by Pastor Oden Fong, has produced a 318-page report containing the testimonies of 28 people — most of them former Set Free members — that allege serious behavior problems at the church and near-dictatorial rule by Aguilar.

Read the full article here:

Here is an article appearing on Spiritual Abuse Watcher website that first appeared in the Christian Sentinel:

“TBN Supports Abusive Leader’s Attack Against Christians

The Christian Sentinel, 1995

By Bill and Jackie Alnor

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) founder Paul Crouch had some strange advice for the leader of a cult-like group he had as a guest on his show in October 1994. “Sue the bastards!” Crouch instructed on his prime time Praise the Lord show.

Crouch was giving his blessing to what pastor Phil Aguilar eventually did. Aguilar, leader of the notorious and scandalized Set Free Christian Fellowship, filed a frivolous lawsuit against Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Calvary Chapel of Lake Elsinore and others for libel and defamation on February 8, 1995 in the Superior Court of Orange County, California . The attorney filing the suit? The nephew of Jan Crouch, Paul Crouch’s wife.

According to the Praise the Lord show (which marked the first time Crouch had Aguilar on the telecast after a long absence), Crouch and Aguilar were upset over community opposition to Aguilar’s recent bid to establish a headquarters in the Lake Elsinore section of California. They were reading from flyers passed out to the community, one of which said in part:

We, the undersigned ministers of the community, feel it is our responsibility to express our concern to the public regarding what we believe to be a potentially dangerous threat to all of those in the area, and especially the youth….we believe it is necessary to make the public aware of some of the accusations…against Phil Aguilar and “Set Free.” These allegations include sexual misconduct and adultery within the leadership, financial improprieties, and a form of control over the members that is very abusive, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

But Paul Crouch said that anyone putting out such materials were obviously not Christian, so therefore Aguilar had the right to sue them all. Those signing the flyer, and/or follow up ones, Crouch declared them all unchristian (although he never contacted any of them). These people were the previously mentioned churches, along with the pastors of the following churches in the Lake Elsinore area: the First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Lakeland Christian Fellowship, Lake Elsinore Church of the Nazarene, Elsinore Christian Center, New Song Community Church, Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Grace Church, Calvary Chapel of Canyon Lake, Calvary Chapel of Murietta, Calvary Chapel of Temecula, and Free Indeed Christian Fellowship in Perris, Calif.

“I have been disturbed by a bunch of , oh, I’m just gonna say it,” Crouch said, reviewing the flyers passed out to the community, “a bunch of crap.” Later he barked, “Go ahead and tape it. Put it on your slime-ball radio broadcast. You’ll have to pray it through Pastor Phil, but this old German, I’d say sue the bastards!”

It is a mystery at this point why TBN continues to protect Aguilar. Not only have there been scathing stories against Set Free in the Orange County Register, Christianity Today and Newsweek magazines (not to mention several exposes written by Eastern Christian Outreach president Bill Alnor for the Religious News Service), but a large portion of Dr. Ron Enroth’s book “Churches that Abuse” is devoted to Set Free. And there have been television exposes as well in such shows as “Inside Edition,” not to mention dozens of transcribed testimonies from former Set-Free members that have been distributed to church leaders nation wide.

In fact, Aguilar and TBN themselves were sued in February 1992 by the parents of an 18-year-old man who alleged that Mario Ruiz, a Set Free overseer appointed by Aguilar, made their son perform sex acts in exchange for crack cocaine while they were living on TBN-owned property in Coleyville, Texas (which is also the site of the Crouch’s country estate). That suit accused Set free and TBN of fraud, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

At the time Crouch declared TBN’s innocence, called it extortion and announced that the plaintiffs would not receive a dime. But in fact, TBN’s attorneys reached a secret out-of-court settlement with the plaintiffs. While the Christian Sentinel has learned that the amount paid out by TBN was a half million dollars, TBN and the plaintiff’s attorney would not confirm that.

And it was Aguilar who helped get TBN into big trouble with the Federal Communications Commission. (See related story).

Also named as individuals in Aguilar’s recent suit are Oden Fong who is a church leader and outreach fellowships director at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, John Duncan, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lake Elsinore, and Set Free ex-members Steve Schinhofen and Eileen Jackson. In the opinion of Eastern Christian Outreach all these individuals courageously fought this dangerous group, and they deserve our support.”

Read the full article here:

Here is the link to my interview with RemnantXRadio. The last half hour of the show is a live phone call where we talk to Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa at his home:

  58 Responses to “UPDATE 12/21/12: Bill Alnor’s widow says Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Outreach Fellowship with Chuck Smith as President used an investigation and scathing 318 page report on Phil Aguilar/Set Free based on 28 testimonies from former Set Free members in a Campaign to warn Southern California. Chuck Smith claims “no responsibility, no control” with regards to Calvary Chapel Affiliate Bob Grenier (live call to Chuck Smith linked)”

  1. I presented 20 something “testimonies” from former members, staff, pastors, bookkeepers, family members etc who testified about abuse and corruption etc by Calvary Chapel Affiliate Bob Grenier and Calvary Chapel Visalia.

    Why no “investigation”? Why no 318 page report? Why no public rebukes?

  2. Wow. Alex as I read this article I don’t think Church or Jesus or Christianity. I think Mafia! It is a picture that makes some of the wealthy, influential parts of what we call the church in America look like one giant network of crime syndicates!!! All that happened between CC and SF and TBN looks like one giant turf war and an attempt to suppress the true character of men under their authority from being revealed to the public. Who are these people????!!!!

  3. Alex, just take the above excerpt warning the public about SetFree Minitries and put on Bob Greniers name.

  4. On = in

  5. Yep, pretty ugly turf war and pretty ugly stuff in general.

    I see now why I never had a chance. My situation is a Righteous Cause and there’s nothing in it for Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel other than bad PR if they deal with their own.

  6. Alex and OC,

    Alex you are a leader in God’s army, one for “such a time as this”, I am so glad God is using your gifting as was His plan all along, no doubt, be encouraged you scare them, it’s a good thing, for those who will not repent. Alex do not think you are in the ministry cause you are. They aint seen nothin yet…….

    OC, so now you have asked the real question.

  7. Meant …do not think you are not in the ministry

  8. “I see now why I never had a chance. My situation is a Righteous Cause and there’s nothing in it for Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel other than bad PR if they deal with their own.”

    It’s never been about doing what is right for CC/CS. It’s about protecting a name and now a legacy. Just read the letters on th Wiki from those who try to get CC to deal with liars/abusers in the past. They get slandered and abused.

    Smith protects his sheep – the pastors, not their sheep. Not his job in his view,

  9. Doug, the Wiki is such a great resource of info. Thanks for keeping that stuff public.

  10. Alex, thank you for stepping up. Until you, I was one of the few out there telling the truth about CC. It is nice to not be alone and to know that others see the same things is really a great feeling for me.

  11. Thanks Doug. I’m compelled. I’ve tried to stop doing it many times, but I have a deep conviction and passion about it.

  12. Overly Concerned: “Who are these people????!!!!”

    In my estimate, they are as the world would call them the greatest con artist since sliced bread. If any one is familier or have studied the mentality of a gang or what takes place in prison population, in order to protect one’s turf or to have control over a unit, or in what is referred to as the “free world” one would see the top shot caller being treated as if he was a benevolent benefactor while his orders are being carried out by those he has recruited or inducted by the process that is psychopathically induced.

    Rule #1 Never disclose or turn your back on the top dog.

    Rule #2 Never permit anyone else to get near the top dog.

    Rule #3 Whatever you do, you do it always to protect the family–nothing else matters. Not your wife, your mother, father, children, uncle or even God—-You are alive and well, because the top dog says that you are.

    Rule #4 Your problems are not my problems–take care of it, but don’t ever cross me in the process of doing so.

    Rule #5 Do Not Ever Admit to anything that might reflect poorly upon the top dog and this organization.

    Rule #6 I will have your back as long as you protect me and don’t front me off. In turn, you will enjoy a comfortable stay here and think you have died and gone to heaven. In time you will grow to learn to be just like me and have your own little thing going on.

    Rule #7 Just remember, I am the King and I am the one who can break or make you.

    Yeah, I know this type of mindset would be considered to be immature and emotionally underdeveloped, but please understand this is precisely what the rules are that are subconsciously used and consciously executed in systems governed in this way.

    What more, the code of silence that is used: is just a form of control and manipulation. Rarely is anything put on paper and if questioned about certain activities or behavior, it’s an automatic reflex to distract, change the subject, and then go on counter attack, raising the voice, then projecting one’s own faults upon the other. That is, if they are cornered and do not have any of their thugs around to set up a wall up between them and the person attempting to get answers.

    Alex did an excellent job in keeping to the subject with Chuck Smith. In my opinion, God had prepared Alex to be able to speak the truth to a man who had become accustomed to being able to duck and dodge those issues that he knows damn well he was protecting and keeping one of his own from being held to an account for things that Alex had presented and provided evidence of such.

    Personally, when I listened to this discussion between Alex and Chuck Smith, I had the greatest urge to vomit at the things Chuck was saying and the way he was behaving. Just review the following and then think or listen again to this discussion, keeping in mind the following. At the same time, these tactics are not used only by Chuck, but also by the men he keeps close at hand to do his bidding. For Chuck and BG, it was never about 3 boys and a mother being abused, molested, beaten, and silenced. It was never about the flock that they manage to gather unto them. By all that I can discern with the information that I have listened to, reviewed, and personally experienced myself; it certainly is not about accountability or even caring about the rampant leaven that is frequently found or discovered or reported, throughout the course of Calvary Chapel being in “operation” and that is also be found within CC leadership. It is and will always be about them, their pride, ego, and grandisose sense of entitlements, unless they truly repent and get rid of the Mose’s model.

    Here’s an article, I thought might be helpful in considering why it is that we are not able to hold those those to an account without being made out to be the villain instead:

    The Five Best Friends of the Abusive Man, (men).

    Truly abusive men are out for themselves. These are the narcissists and sociopaths who walk among us in plain clothes. Abusive men rely on these five strategies to gratify their needs ahead of or at the expense of their partner:

    1. Denial
    Even with fingers caught in the cookie jar, abusive men are apt to outright deny wrongdoing. I didn’t do that. That’s not what you saw! This is quite crazy making for the women who live with them. These women are left questioning their own perceptions, seeking to resolve the cognitive dissonance between their experience and their partner’s description of what appears as an alternate reality. Bottom line: If you experience something with your own senses, don’t question yourself and don’t take your partner’s bunk.

    2. Distortion
    Distortion differs from denial in that while some truths are admitted to, they are manipulated to suite the abuser’s point of view. With distortion, they can turn a lie into a plausible truth: I may have done such and so, but I was just joking around. Because they rely on a half lie, the abusive man can be more difficult to hold accountable. The partner who is subject to this form of manipulation is apt to give the abuser multiple chances, feeling the need to have absolute certainty before they can really catch the abuser at this game. Bottom line: Don’t let him play games with your mind. If it smells bad, it is bad.

    3. Deflection
    The abuser that uses deflection never addresses any issue put to him. Rather, he is apt to barrage you with a host of other issues to throw you off his scent. He will make anything other than himself the issue and will be on it like a junk yard dog on a bone. What are you blaming me for? You know your mother doesn’t like me. Quit listening to her and we would be all right. She’s the problem between us! Don’t let yourself be misguided. Stick with the facts and continue to hold the abuser accountable. Don’t let him throw others under the bus to save himself.

    4. Deception
    Abusive men like to get away with whatever they can. The tactics include sneaking, stealing and lying. These are the guys who will tell you they are out bowling when having a sexual meet-up or say they are working late when out with the boys. As long as they don’t get caught, they continue to lie. Catch them in a lie and they are apt to deny, distort or deflect. How many lies do you have to catch your partner in before you get the message; this is an abusive man. No solid relationship can be built on lies.

    5. Denigration
    Denigration is a verbally violent tactic of the abusive men. These are put-downs that are meant to cause their partner to feel bad. To the degree they can make their partner feel bad, they elevate their own status. These men will demean and/or blame you for any issue originating with them. This kind of abuse is particularly dangerous to a women’s self-esteem. Once you accept that you are a lowly dog, he’s got full control of you and will use you up and spit you out when finished.

    Sadly, abusive men live among us and what’s worse; they can hide like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They can appear charming and they will try to work their way into your heart. They seek to ingratiate themselves to you. However, once in, they’re out to exploit. Try and thwart them and they rely on their five best friends to hold power so they can continue to win their way for their own gratification.

    It is particularly important for these to make friends with outsiders who can also enable them to continue to grow while keeping the competition out and viewing them as the watchdog who are not only looking out for the welfare and greater good of the public, but also viewed as pillars of the community who look after their own. This means you find scapegoats to distract and to project your corrupt and ungodly characteristic upon. Then play the victim in order to garner support and reinforce loyalty among the ranks and their constituents. Yeah, I know politics do this alot, but this is not politics, this has to do with what belongs to the Lord and ought not to be found in our churches and particularly practiced by those who call themselves “annointed” men of the Lord.

    6 key weapons used:

    1. Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde
    2. Gaslighting
    3. Projection
    4. Avoid a paper trail as much as possible
    5. Mose’s Model and Nepotism
    6. Never admit wrong doing.

  13. Alex:

    Isaiah 41:10 AMP

    Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious} right hand of rightness and justice.

    When listeing to the discussion with Chuck Smith, I lost whatever respect I once held for this man, as a person and as a pastor. Whatever concessions I made within me, giving the benefit of leaving a shadow of doubt towards the negative criticisms heard about him in all the years I had attended CC, was dispelled. It is most difficult to even refer to him as “Pastor.” I am so grateful to the Lord, first and then to you, Alex for staying the course and being obedient in exposing these things in the manner that you have done. it certainly helps me to understand why my own situations were handled and are being handled in the manner that they are. It has been a bittersweet relationship that we have all had with Calvary Chapel to say it gently. It is amazing to me how God used it to make us better and stronger people in the process of being able to detach from that which was not of Him, yet hold onto those things which are.

    So again, Alex —thank you for holding fast to the Lord as he prepared you to fight the prince and principalites of darkness and the minions he used to try to shred our very souls.

    Thank you, Alex for standing in the gap, standing in obedience, and going beyond yourself to warn and to provide a place where others are now able to take comfort in knowing they are not alone and that what happened to them is not an isolated incident (s), particular to them.

    Thank God for bringing these thing to our attention to expose, to warn, and to above all, seek reconciliation upon the fruits of repentance by those whom have harmed us.

    Please donate to Alex’s Legal Fund. This case is not just for Alex, it is for you as a church who are called to expose that which is evil and to not to participate in it by being silent or being silenced.

    Ephesians 5:11

  14. Thanks Uriah and AMEN

  15. Alex I come on here time to time to see what is going on…..sounds like things are heating up.
    I have to say though and will not go into full detail, but there is something way more sinister with just Calvary Chapel and it is hitting all churches. It is infiltration by wolves to destroy the Bride of Christ and I believe that Chuck Smith is one of these wolves- there are a lot of ties with the RCC intertwined. I believe Satan is in full force to dismantle Christianity here in America. We, however, are waking up because the Lord is opening our eyes to this deception and we must stay vigilant and not give up the fight or hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

  16. As I listened to the conversation I realized that an attempt was made to bypass any of the points that I believe that Alex and many other people who have made complaints about CC over the years have essentially been trying to make . The points as I see them are as follows:

    CC nationwide, with its Moses Model leadership and its lack of true accountability, is the type of national organization that breeds, encourages or validates wicked actions among the leadership of each individual arm of the organization. These wicked actions take place during the time frame during which those leaders are functioning in a CC ministry capacity and have led to the damage of children, employees and attendees all of whom have had no true biblical recourse for resolution either locally or nationally. Additionally CC nationwide has a pattern of forming key relationships with law enforcement in their local areas. These key relationships include everything from relationships with highly influential judges to positions within sheriff’s offices. This seems to be a recurring pattern nationwide and seems also to have played a role in how allegations made against individual CCs were addressed by law enforcement in the particular regions. The number of leaders within CC nationwide who have come out of admitted lives of crime could very well be the reason why they understand nationwide that having the law in your pocket is a beneficial thing. The attempt to make it look as if CC is not one giant organization with different arms that are connected nationwide is ludicrous. Each arm follows the same CC Distinctives and is acknowledged into the CC family through affiliation and leaders from the multiple arms gather in joint conferences and speak at each other’s “churches”. They all know who their ultimate leader is. It would be nice if that ultimate leader was Jesus Christ but in Alex’ case if Jesus Christ was the leader at any of the arms of CC nationwide, then at least one leader would have stepped in by now to try to address the allegations made by Alex and his brothers because the things they alleged may no longer meet the statute of limitations legally but would have occurred while their father was a leader within the CC movement. Is there no one within the organization nationwide that has the wisdom to address those allegations or even to see that essentially what the allegations point to supports the many other allegations of a complete lack of accountability in CC nationwide? Just in case the point of was missed by all the words I have used: The CC way of doing things is a recipe that has led to known and alleged atrocities nationwide and that needs to be addressed.

    Many people have tried over the course of several years to point that out(Alex is not the first person) and to warn the public and let them know the things that they can expect from CC if anything negative happens to them while they are in any way involved with the CC system nationwide. These warnings have fallen on deaf ears because the dark side of CC does not get revealed in all of its scary fullness until some abuse is witnessed directly and the failure to deal with that abuse is seen and the damage to the parties involved is known. But there are very clear signs that true biblical Christianity is not being practiced and those include: the Moses Model of leadership, past false prophecies documented within books written by CC leadership, an overall lack of victorious Christian living among attendees and staff and a host of other signs that deceived people miss because they do not know any better.

    I truly believe that Alex and many other people who have said that there is something rotten at the core of CC over many, many years, have expressed themselves clearly. The problem for any attendee reading this, who cannot see that they should investigate CC fully before they continue to attend or pour their funds into it, is that the deceived do not know they are deceived. For CC leaders reading and refusing to admit that there is a problem the dilemma is understandable as well. I believe they are fear-motivated because many CC leaders may not have any other means of making an income so they would go on with things that they know are wrong. For leaders in other organizations reading this any hesitation to investigate the truth of any thing said here would probably also be motivated by fear because if CC gets shaken up and changed, a nationwide call for accountability in all organizations calling them Christian will go out and that call will impact many.

    The problem with all of the hesitations and fears is that we all have to answer to God one day. What many fail to realize fully but what the Bible clearly addresses is that it is very possible for people to honor God with their lips but have hearts that are far from Him and those who truly call Jesus Lord are those who do the will of the Father and one day many will come before Him and point out all that they did in His name and if He does not know them He will tell them to depart. We are allowed to turn away from those who have a form of godliness but lack the power thereof and we know these people by their fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. I have said it before but coming out of CC I actually did what Paul told the Corinthians that they should do: I examined myself to see whether or not I was in the faith and whether Jesus Christ was truly in me. I found that He was because the Holy Spirit and the Word of God bore witness to that truth and the Word helped me to understand my self-deception and deception while within the CC system. But even with what the Word revealed I came to God in sincere repentance for my blindness and the fact that my eyes were focused more on man than on Him and He forgave my sin. I had rendered myself a slave to a system that did not truly have Christ as the center. Saying with your lips that you have Christ as the center and showing it when conflict arises and sin gets revealed is a whole different thing. CC covers up sin, burying it in the deep, dark recesses of its nationwide tent and then it tries to get rid of anyone who wants to address it. Christ’s way is to confess and address the sin and accept the covering of grace that He gives…a vast difference. Regardless of what CC nationwide believes, God still knows the difference and His Word still addresses every aspect of the difference. None of us can fool God.

  17. Faith @ 15 – Welcome to the war, brother/sister. We battle not against flesh & blood.

    My whole life I was raised with a ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality. Church vs the world. Oh to my surprise as I aged, dug deeper in scripture, and realized the enemy was doing more damage within man’s church than outside it.

    We are witnessing the evolution of men calling evil good, and good evil. But this seems to be happening more frequently within the church. So much so that THE WORLD is telling the church to have better morals.

    The church is in no place to judge the angels, if we need the world to tell us how to live moral lives…or if change only occurs when mammon shifts hands. Calvary holds plenty of people to account…when its in their financial interests (mammon) or society tells them too (the world).

    The descending dove is now higher than God. ‘Image’ will be preserved at all costs (idolatry). Fraternal oaths have replaced righteousness.

  18. Overlyconcerned.

    I always appreciate your posts. You really have a talent in writing. You are right on about the nationwide problems within the CC system. My concerns are becoming more global and I am concerned now about abuses in other countries. If CC finds ways to abuse the sheep in a democracy such as in the United States, I can only imagine what can take place oversees in a less free society. I saw that Alex put up the link to the overseas/international Good Bad and Ugly. I can only see this thing getting worse when nobody in the system will say anything about this lawsuit.

  19. Wow. Just listened to the radio broadcast. (Alex: you’ve got a great speaking voice. You’re must more persuasive on radio, FYI).

    Here’s my take: I feel sorry for Pastor Chuck. I’ve personally been ministered by Chuck during a tough stretch in my life and I’ll always have a nagging loyalty to him, come what may, I do not think he’s this evil monster this site paints him to be. That being said, he just sounds… old. He sounds like he’s not as mentally sharp as he once was. I think we’re aiming our guns at the wrong people. Yes, Chuck can still make people jump, and take away that Calvary Chapel dove away from Visalia, and I guarantee you’ll cut the congregation by half. But I feel like you’re bullying a sick old man, albeit very stubborn, and he’s already made up his mind that he will protect Bob Grenier to the death (which may not be long) for whatever reasons may be. Who knows? Loyalties run deep, and you’ve mentioned your family has been in the Calvary system for decades.

    But as for the other issues, completely spot on… I couldn’t agree with Alex more, and Alex sounds so coherent and likeable on the radio, not like a raving mad lunatic.

    FWIW: I think this site and Alex should aim their guns at whoever is taking over CC Movement (is it Broderson?) and whoever is their latest watchdog, and to keep spreading literature about the corruption that goes on the CC System. In the end, I think it’ll be the congregation turning their backs on the CC Leadership that will bring about change. I don’t think change will start from the top.

    And I wish you’d make a post about Raul Ries’ corruption at CCGS, I’m very curious, as I’ve attended and donated there for years. Any proven acts of corruption against Ries and I can run with it, as I grew up around CCGS. I’m absolutely disgusted that he did nothing about the child abuse confession while he sat on the Visalia board. He is proving to be an absolute fraud, and the people who attend there should be aware of it.

  20. “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

  21. Alex – Don’t stop talking. What you are doing is so important. You speak for those who have no voice. Too many lives are shattered because of these spiritual bullies. Isn’t it pretty amazing how God has used your educational training for blogging, interviews, communications, etc? You are a great speaker/writer and your words need to be heard. It is also amazing how God used your tumultuous background so that you are not afraid to challenge bullies. Press on, brother!

  22. Julie Anne and Alex

    Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Overly Concerned

    As usual your gift in writing enables us to benefit from understanding the heart of God while also summarizng CC heretical and corruptive practices so that we can communicate these things to others, as well as, to keep a check on our own standing with the Lord. From me to you, I wish I could take your comments and make a book out of them for they truly minister to me in my own struggle with CC and my desire to support Alex in his quest for the sake of the church and all who are being abused, betrayed, and victimized.

    You are one person I look forward to meeting one day. You mentioned, ” I believe they are fear-motivated because many CC leaders may not have any other means of making an income so they would go on with things that they know are wrong.”

    Funny you should bring this to our attention, because I had thought about that on a number occasions and here is why. In the world, when a person has a record that has to do with alcohol and or drug use, or other types of offenses, it is very hard to secure a job that will support one’s family. Most of the jobs they get is telemarketing, working in thrift stores, some construction jobs, and jobs that involves, moving, loading, transports, warehousing and other types of things that pay minimum hourly wages. Other than this, unless they are able to be partners with someone in some type of company or be in business for themselves, their future places them at the low end of the economy. Many who have been addicted become alcohol and drug counselors. It use to be all they needed was to complete 30-36 hours of community college coursework, but this has changed in the last year, where they are now required to have a bachelors degree. The fallout of this is most do not want to take classes that are not drug related, because that requires them to learn about things that are outside of what they already know. Most are not able to fake their way and some even have others write their papers for them. In turn, because of these new requirmennts, many certiied alcohol and drug counselors have chosen not to continue their education and therefore are no longer able to secure a position in the labor market. At the same time, there is a high rate of relaspe among those who were addicts. I have personal knowledge of many who may have stopped using, but the addictive (narcissistic) mindset remains in place.

    When I look at the leadership within CC, the Mose’s model, and CC Bible College, knowing what I know about addiction and the addictive mindset, it is a perfect environment that caters to and draws those who have not, in reality, really gone into recovery (using clinical and 12 step terms) or in biblical terms, been saved. Then when I considered all the things that have been affirmed to me by such as yourself, as well as, Alex and so many others, including my own experience, then confirmed by God’s Word, there is no doubt in my mind that we are looking at a system that has used God’s word to scam the population by playing off the vulnerablities, brokeness, and sins of others to accomplish and to build their own kingdom instead.

    And this breaks my heart to no end. For I too was taken in and played for a fool as well as led others to believe this was a safe and balanced Bible believing church. For that, I have repented and my eyes are wide open. Now, I speak boldly the truth of what I know and what I have seen. At the same time, I take caution for I also know they can and will hurt me further, if given the opportunity to do so.

  24. Kathy @ 19

    “Any proven acts of corruption against Ries and I can run with it, as I grew up around CCGS. I’m absolutely disgusted that he did nothing about the child abuse confession while he sat on the Visalia board. He is proving to be an absolute fraud, and the people who attend there should be aware of it.

    Who do you think was behind all of this? Chuck Smith. He might be old, but he is not senile and he is very much still a part of CC. What he attempt to do is to skirt the issues and distract, then played “victim,” discounting all the allegations Alex one again brought to his attention. Chuck knew exactly what he was saying and why he was responding in the manner that he was. Alex was not bullying him, but instead was not permitting Chuck to tap dance around or away from the main issue. Chuck kept wanting to change the subject and turn the table back on Alex and when this did not work, he then went into the “victim” role again while saying it was not his responsiblilty and that he had no say so in the matter. Which is dogging doo to the max.

    Not to take away from Chuck helping you at one time. and you being ingratiated because of this. But at the same time try to put yourself in Alex place and having brought this to Chuck’s attention because believe it or not, as a Senior Pastor, not even the board can oust a Pastor out of a company that he owns—-it is the Dove that has to be removed and that can only happen if Chuck consents to this. So, as you put it, “the guns” are aimed at the right person. When you understand better how the Mose’s model works, I think this will become clearer to you.

    It’s hard to not want to protect someone who have done you a kindness. You think, well, they can’t be all that bad and then you look for reasons to excuse their wrong doings. this is what is referred to as cognitive dissonance. And it enables us not feel “crazy” inside. Just know, it’s not you Kathy—it is what people who are corrupted do to cancel out any criticism they have invoked in others. They are totally able to do good deeds and will do them at times for many reasons. Most of the time, it is to win votes or to sell papers or to win recruits. They have an inate sense of whom they can and cannot manipulate in order to also get something back from them. It can be admiration, attention, adulation, adoration, money, power, control, sex, esteem, entertainment, fun, and so many other things. What Chuck stated to Alex had absolutely nothing to do Alex and his family, God or His Word. It had to do with Chuck covering his Assets–period.

  25. “I feel like you’re bullying a sick old man”

    I was told that way back in 1996 yet Smith continues to deceive…

  26. PAL said, “Those who are Loving, clap your hands;
    Those who are humble, stomp your feet;
    Those who are righteous, shut your mouth!

    Just sayin,”

    Ephesians 5:11 “expose the deeds of darkness”

    Matthew 18 “tell it to the church” (local and universal)

    1 Timothy 5:19-21 “rebuke them publicly”

    “Warn, rebuke, expose, etc” –The Bible

    ….just sayin

    I’ve got no problem with CC having exposed stuff…but the hypocrisy when the shoe is on the other foot is astonishingly bad. Some of the their stuff was true, the important thing is it appears it led to some confession and repentance with Aguilar, which is the goal of that sort of thing. It certainly provided some accountability.

    Now, in CC’s case, they are stone walling the same accountability they called for and are suing instead of doing what they asked Aguilar to do.

  27. Well, I read Doug’s blog many years ago on Calvary Chapel that was the first that I heard of bad things about Calvary. i have not attended a Calvary in 5 years but appears that Chuck and company will not do much when it comes to child sexual abuse. Its a shame when I was 15 years old I attended Calvary in the tent and was referred to a young woman in her early 20’s that work at Melodyland Hotline during with kids that had some drug problems or thought of killing themselves which I did at 15 years old since I came from an agnostic background.

  28. Most of the protestant churches of the late 1960s in Orange County didn’t paid much attention to their young people, so Calvary attracted them in hugh numbers by having Saturday night concerts and so forth. Calvary probably would have not grown so much if Protestant and Catholic churches paid greater attention to their young people in the lat 1960’s when a lot of babyboomers were confused over religion because of their parents and culture at the time. This is probably a warning to churches out there that behave right but are boring young people, they could end up with something worst.

  29. Evidence that dirty dealers get their due in due time…

    What goes around comes around, John McClure…

  30. May we all live to see the day that people like Bob take their rightful places in society in roles such as insurance salesmen (no offense intended to honest insurance salesmen).

  31. Is McClure’s story public? If so, where might I find it if its written?

  32. I found myself listening to some people from our former CC, who drank the KoolAid, and continue to support the fallen unrepentant former CC pastor. What was so astonishing was not their continued support of this man in the face of damning facts, rather it was their condemning stories of those who worked for the pastor.

    No, the workers were not innocent by a long shot, but the accusations I heard were parroting the fallen Pastor’s false accusations. My reason for dismissing several things they said were because I was there and their rendition of the facts was a far cry from what actually happened.

    Basically, when the then pastor was accused of immoral conduct, he accosted his assistant pastor and worship leader of immoral conduct. When the then pastor was accused of stealing $260,000, he accused the other two of stealing food cards (something like $500 to $800.).

    The pastor then spent time with those who were on the outside of the inner circle (people he appeared to have dismissed for being uncool or lacking in some way,) which made them feel important for receiving his special attention. This seems to have strengthened their loyalty to him, so now they continue repeating the accusations he made against the men who outed him. The sad part is how obvious a ploy this is. It’s pathetic at how insecure people are willing to do his bidding without thinking.

    I hear this type of story from so many from all over the CC world. Would to God that such immature juvenile antics be seen for what they are by all, including the unwitting pawns who just want some acceptance and attention.

  33. Correction: “accosted” should read “accused”

  34. LOL, I think a lot of Pastors would make great insurance salesmen. They’d be a lot better at that than being a Godly pastor, that’s for sure.

    Motions are filed in the BG Lawsuit. I hope to be able to publish the suit eventually. It tells the story pretty darn well and about as concisely as possible, with supporting documentation, names names etc. Judge rules Jan. 15th.

    I need to update the CC vs. Phil Aguilar article again. I have another source who has direct knowledge of the situation who says that Bill Alnor was quite a part of the Phil Aguilar thing, though that is kind of covered already in the articles I re-reported from the CC wiki pages.

  35. 19 days and counting down …

  36. Alex

    Once SDSU lost to BYU, my life clearly needed change.

    1. I have returned to the staff of CCCM
    2. This will be my last post on this negative, puss infected website
    3. Richard Gere in Chicago is my new role model fr integrity in the practice of law
    4. All my spiritual efforts will now be directed to causing you, Grateful and Gilliland to repent of your insubordination and disrespect to all things Calvary, with an emphasis on converting to Judaism

  37. “19 days and counting down …”

    and in 2 days it will be 17 days and counting down… Lol!

    C’mon guys, the 7-count lawsuit filed on October 17, 212 in Department 7 against a couple who “was married in 1977” for a “hate campaign” “as described in paragraph 17” is a sham suit in a kangaroo court, a ruse if you will, and the outcome was pre-determined, and no amount of motion practice will change that. Simple as that. Lol!

    Sure hope no one wasted their hard-earned $ contributing to this nonsense suit.

  38. Well, that’s true about Chuck if he likes you he will defintely protect you. Believe me I never knew pastor Smith that will. But the few times I met him in the 1970’s and early 1080’s and what I read from some of his writings would point to Chuck sticking with his buddies.

  39. Well, if you want the Calvary Chapel type Religon then you can go to Saddleback or Mars Hill and so forth. As far as i know they don’t have the corruption issues as much.

  40. reiterating 37: “and no amount of motion practice will change that”

    that is to say: good or bad motion practice, crappy or excellent and that may be a good thing for Alex…or bad…or whatever… 😉

  41. Aww, Jeff… Your number 4 … It’s so kind of you to think of me! Let me know how the Judaism thing works out!

  42. Sheck said, “Alex

    Once SDSU lost to BYU, my life clearly needed change.

    1. I have returned to the staff of CCCM
    2. This will be my last post on this negative, puss infected website
    3. Richard Gere in Chicago is my new role model fr integrity in the practice of law
    4. All my spiritual efforts will now be directed to causing you, Grateful and Gilliland to repent of your insubordination and disrespect to all things Calvary, with an emphasis on converting to Judaism”

    Looks like the Mormons were more anointed in that one. Tough loss.

    1. I hope they’re paying you better this time around 🙂
    2. “puss infected”…nice visual, thanks.
    3. LOL
    4. LOL. You should pick something more attainable, like a National Championship for SDSU football 😉

  43. CF, I agree the lawsuit seems fake and suspect and sounds in Coy what with and the numbers do seem silly which is something he picked up in the last couple years.

    Last election cycle his 27 assistant pastors were to help him deliver FL’s 27 electoral votes to McCain and this cycle he added 2 more assistants to bring the total to 29 since Florida picked up 2 more electoral votes this run. It didn’t work in 2008 or 2012 Bob and Broward county where you pastor is the bluest county in the entire state. We should have ran Chris Christie like Ann Coulter said or “…Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose”. He was a lousy candidate, and all the money in the world didn’t matter one iota. More money was spent to get Romney elected than any other candidate in the history of the US. I am ashamed to be a republican.

    Now recently my cousin told me Bob made a point to announce he’s giving away 27,000 bibles bought with funds from a wealthy donor? Why not 29,000? Didn’t you learn anything Bob? The stuff that Moses-pastors can pull off is simply unbelievable.

    Mr. Bob this stuff is not Christian and people wrongly assume that because you pastor a large church you must be walking right.

  44. Believe it or not, there are some out there that like Paul Aguilar because his church has gang members and homeless, he is reaching out to those that society doesn’t like as much. Not that I agree with that view but Anaheim isn’t the place like it was when Steve Mays graduated around 1970 or so.

  45. Praying peace and strength and wisdom and justice for you tomorrow.

  46. Praying today!

  47. Hoping no news yet means good news later.

  48. Website still up, hoping that means a favorable outcome yesterday. Safe travels.

  49. Tap…tap…tap….

  50. Please tell me the judge didn’t say “I love you but I have no power but be quiet for two weeks and I’ll arrange a visit with your mother”….

  51. Is Alex under a gag order? Can anyone comment?

  52. I wish I knew. The silence is deafening. Can anyone tell us?

  53. Sheck, he’s been posting on PP. nothing was said but I didn’t pick up any sense of good news.

  54. At 3 AM nonetheless. Hmmmm, sleepless nights, maybe they had another baby? 🙂

  55. Millstones of Justice turn exceedingly slow, but grind exceedingly fine.”
    ~John Bannister Gibson (1780-1853), American jurist, Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

    “Mills of the Gods,
    Grind exceedingly slow,
    But grind exceedingly fine…”
    ~Euripides (485-406 BC)

    “Never doubt a judge’s ability to continue a matter or freely grant an extension.”
    Cheif Justice Sheckstein

  56. Looks like the prospects are positive, but delays have occurred according to PP. no Gag order.

  57. Hey guys! Just posted an update on the blog.

    I’m not under a gag order, just being prudent, plus have been a little burned out with the stuff lately, but am working on some new articles about a lawsuit going on vs. SGM for similar issues as well as an exciting Trend and Movement in the area of dealing with abuse and corruption in our secular and church Institutions…plus some more CC stuff.

  58. Some say that TBN’s Paul Crouch was bi-sexual and that Phil Aguilar is also the same.

    There is a back story of homosexual men in Christianity that never really comes to the surface.

    Every now and then “allegations” pop up but get quickly suppressed.

    Powerful men and their money.

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