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Chuck Smith's Anointed Jesus powers overcome the devil in an Idaho Court Room Death Match. The devil and his "greedy Lawyers" (according to a CC Pastor) got what was coming to them. Chuck Smith, CCCM/CCOF have "no responsibility" for what goes on in Calvary Chapels...and they don't want any responsibility and protecting kids System-wide just isn't a priority, but promoting the Brand, books, DVD's, Prophecy Conferences, Chuck Smith Farewell Tours etc are very much a priority. Meanwhile, "Facts" of the ruling confirm four kids were molested after being introduced to a pedophile through Calvary Chapel.

In a huge blow to the devil, an Idaho District Court Judge Benjamin R. Simpson (clearly a righteous man) agreed with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF (God’s Anointed) in a recent ruling in the Calvary Chapel Child Molestation lawsuit that sought to attach CCCM/CCOF and hold them partly responsible. We know this decision to be just and righteous…because judges never get it wrong.

The 21-page ruling references as “Facts” that four youths were introduced to pedophile Anthony Iglesias through Calvary Chapel and were subsequently molested by Iglesias who is now serving time in a Boise, Idaho jail.

According to voices within Calvary Chapel, the molestations are irrelevant as the perpetrator is in jail…the real issue is that Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa/CCOF and Chuck Smith are innocent of having “any responsibility” in the matters that go on at “100% independent Calvary Chapels” and according to one Calvary Chapel Pastor, Ron Arbaugh of CC San Antonio posting as “fyi” on the popular PhoenixPreacher.net blog-site, the lawsuit was a result of “greedy lawyers” wanting to get money from the “deep pockets”, it wasn’t about justice for the molestation victims and their families. It certainly isn’t about bringing common sense reforms to Calvary Chapel (System-wide) to help protect children…that can’t be done according to many “independent” CC pastors who I’ve dialogued with on numerous occasions.

Another Calvary Chapel Pastor, Steve Wright of CC Lake Elsinore, also weighed in numerous times on the same blog-site predicting that there was no legitimate “agency” connection between Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and CCOF to other “independent” Calvary Chapels. Wright, who claims to have a long career in the Insurance Industry which he believes gives him insight into Agency Law, spent many posts over the last year defending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s non-responsibility and was proven correct, at least according to this Idaho Judge’s ruling.

In a clear blow to the devil and his surrogates, the ruling vindicates Calvary Chapel’s “We are NOT a Denomination” Policy and shows their emphasis and priority of building the Brand, holding Chuck Smith Farewell Tours, distributing books, DVD’s and promoting Prophecy Conferences is on course and clearly righteous…what’s a handful of kid’s getting molested through meeting a pedophile at Calvary Chapels? No biggie. Doesn’t need to be a priority, according to Smith and others in CC as CCCM and CCOF simply are not responsible and don’t want any responsibility or control in these types of matters.

In a brief statement, the devil expressed disappointment in the Judge’s decision, but expressed a word of caution.

“Frankly, I’m not happy about it,” said the devil. “I was hoping my friends the evil greedy Lawyers would’ve taken millions from Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa so they could fund more attacks against these men of God. It’s a real setback, but maybe I’ll try to tempt them with sex and financial impropriety again…they seem to go for that.”

According to attorneys, the other Molestation Lawsuit which names North County Calvary Chapel and Calvary Chapel Rathdrum is still pending.

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  1. Alex, did you think something different was going to happen up here? In North Idaho? I also predict that North Country Chapel and CC Rathdrum will be “vindicated”.

  2. Ron, yes, probably about as favorable a court in this Nation that CCCM/CCOF could be in front of with regards to these types of issues.

    A future lawsuit in California…I don’t think CCCM/CCOF do as well in.

  3. It is interesting in that the Arizona judge declared that CCCM was the “parent” of the lesser Calvary Chapels (I think that was the outcome of Dwight’s case). But this judge, took a look at all the evidence and said – “Nah, I don’t think so”.

  4. Months ago(or maybe years ago) you had that thread where we found all the affiliates..and in their own website they stated being an affiliate of CCCM.
    Are they deceived?

  5. Alex, you mentioned somewhere that Bob has been asked to “provide documentation to authorities”. Can you comment? I recall there was mention of possible FBI and IRS involvement — are they finally acting? Also, are there any national media contacts or stories in the works?

  6. “Alex, did you think something different was going to happen up here? In North Idaho? I also predict that North Country Chapel and CC Rathdrum will be “vindicated”.”

    Yes, I expected justice for these boys/men. I expected CC to finally be held accountable for their evil choices.

    The victims need better attorneys and more plablicity.

  7. The only good I can take away from this article is the fact that God alone is righteous and just. He will repay!
    As much as I want to see the rod of accountability and responsibility shoved up the CC system, I much relinquish my personal desires to the will of God. However, I do pray…”how long o’ Lord? How long?”

  8. i’m sorry to say, but there is and probably should be a limit to the ‘responsibility’ or ‘accountability’ of a church or even an ‘affiliation’ of churches for the actions and crimes of individual ‘volunteers’ who serve.
    maybe the drive to tie the criminal to the church or churches we want to see punished or judged has more to do with past personal offenses or crimes that have nothing to do with the present scandal.
    i think it’s a fair, objective question to ask and consider.
    -michael in chandler

  9. #7 Pjay

    I would agree with you.

    I pray for the victims in this case and hope they can overcome the tragedy.

  10. MIC, fair question. I would respond by pointing to the fact of what is Priority in the Calvary Chapel System…and one of the Priorities is not to do the most to protect Children from pedophiles and abusers…as it is not addressed in the Distinctives, nor is it addressed in the Affiliation Agreement to be an “official” Calvary Chapel, etc.

    The emphasis I hear from some of the CC pastors I interact with often at PhxP is why they can’t implement things to protect Children System-wide…yet somehow they can get a bunch of other stuff done.

    I went directly to Chuck Smith about the child abuse in our home by one of his CC Pastors in good standing, reported the allegations of molestation by BG’s son, presented enough testimony to choke a horse. Didn’t matter. Not a priority.

    That’s life, that’s the reality. It shattered the mythology I once held.

    There’s still a criminal investigation, we’ll see if the devil is successful in attacking Calvary Chapel in that manner.

  11. alex
    thank you for the response and the civility with which you have treated me. i have not always been as fortunate in the past when i attempted to participate on the PP site.
    may the truth and God’s justice ultimately be served in all these sick and twisted situations.

  12. I was stupid on two occasions, when I left my kids with a church youth group; both times they came back with bad attitudes. I want someone to answer the question, why do we need youth groups? Christians seem to be able to bring children into this world; they just don’t seem to be able to raise them.

  13. MIC,
    I would disagree with you. Kindly, of course.
    I have served as a CC Sr. Pastor. The following details highlight a CC standard that I was monitored and expected to uphold. To me, the following were an order of priority:
    1. Teach a pre-tribulational and pre-millenial view of end times events. Should a radio broadcast or podcast support another view, or even, to emphasize this position enough, I would receive an email from a higher up CC Leader notifying me of a possible offense.
    2. Support and agree in their entirety the ‘Distinctives’ of CC. I was known for disagreeing with a couple and I received phone calls and emails with notification that I was not ‘in-line,’ with the movement.
    3. Should a new CC individual or family move to our town from another CC, I was notified 85-90% of the time from the previous CC Pastor. I was told either positive details or I was given ‘Warning signs.’
    4. During regional and annual CC SP conferences, the general consensus and perception of myself and the ministry I led was also a topic of conversation with fellow CC SP’s and higher up’s within CC.
    5. I was also expected to allow RW from CCCM/CCOF the opportunity to discuss any issues of oversight and responsibility with me in order to ensure I was maintaining the CCOF standards.
    6. In order to affiliate with CCCM. it was required that I maintain contact with other regional CC’s, in addition to attending CC SP events. In fact, CS shared in 2005 that CC’s had lost their affiliation due to a lack of relationship and CC Conference attendance. the statement, “but we never hear from you.” was used as evidence to support the CC was not in fellowship with CCCM.
    Based upon these items, I strongly admit that I was already party of system that provided accountability and responsibility. However, the areas of oversight were only emphasized with respect to the ‘BRAND IMAGE.’
    In fact, I know of several CC SP friends that received phone calls and/or letters from CS himself, expressing his disagreement with matters that were brought to his attention. Again, these areas of acceptability and oversight have a direct result upon the image of CC as a movement, and therefore, are the only areas of interest.
    It’s BRAND over proper ‘ethos!’
    I do believe CCCM/CCOF provides accountability and responsibility as it pertains to the CC Distinctives. This alone shows the ability to maintain influence upon others.

    This is terrible, sad, and morally reprehensible.

    Would you have any thoughts on this?


  14. pjay,

    thanks to you also for the kind response. i can’t disagree with what you have said, but having experience within the ‘system’ as well, i know there is a limit to how much ‘control’ over and responsibility for the individuals who come to volunteer to serve. this degree reduces almost propotionally and exponentially the larger a church body becomes. it seems like it should not be and it seems like it ‘should’ be the other way around, but that is my experience in calvarys and other more ‘formally’ denominational churches small or large.
    my point to alex was mainly that the desire to tie CS and CCCM to the Iglesias pediphilia may be more about the ‘general’ desire for justice and vindication in other previous and non-related situations than about responsibility, knowledge of and coverup of the specific case Iglesias.
    does CC need to be honest about ‘affilation’ and ‘functionally’ denominational activities? sure, i will agree. but i’m not sure CS and the SPs of the churches mentioned in connection with this case somehow conspired in a backroom/conference room deal to move him around and knowinglly put other kids in danger. there is and should be a limit to charging pastors and churches, even those we disagree or have other ‘legitimate’ beefs with, with the deeds and personal predilections of everyone who volunteers to serve. backround checks? due diligence? character evaluations? sure and all agreed. but after the fact, hindsight insinuations of ‘sinister plots to coverup’ and ‘they knew, but moved him around to CYA’ kind of charges…have too much tendancy to be colored with previous unrelated and irrelevant situations.
    i really don’t want this to turn into a back and forth. i respect yours and alex’s position and experiences. i was just trying to ‘temper’ the fire abit with a different POV. thx again for allowing me to and for the gracious response.

  15. MIC,
    I can understand your point and will not turn this into a pointless thread of banter. I appreciate your points as well.


    PS. I we were still in the CC system, I would make sure you couldn’t serve until you agreed with me. : – )
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

  16. Hey guys,

    This weeks event in Idaho are disappointing but reveling. Sometimes we need to look at the facts over time and come to some hard conclusions. The following is part 1 of a process I have had to work through when I continued to see evil win over righteousness:

    There are two answers:

    1. They are not doing evil, therefore their acts are righteous. God is defending them.

    a. If this is true then we must say, “Knowing that a pediphile is transferred/moved to a new CC and not doing anything about it is righteous

    In the case of AZ, “Falsely accusing a man of being a danger to children, a thief, and adultery is righteous. Also, falsely accusing him of these things is consistent with Matt 18.

    In Alex’s case, being told by the leader of CCCM that he believed Alex and his brothers were abused, but refused to act. And then this leader choosing to attack Alex from the pulpit is righteous.

    b. The problem with this line of thought is:

    i. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isa 5:20

    ii. He that justifies the evil and condemns the righteous is defiled in front of Lord Jehovah. Prov 17:15

    c. Therefore the local pastor that knowingly does evil and claims this ability to do evil is from his anointing of God; and the corporate brand name, that claims it has a unique calling from God, knowingly allows evil to be performed under its corporate name and claims they cannot address this evil have something in common: both are defiled in front of God. They may not be His.

    Part 2 to come. For now chew on the above.

  17. Do any of you still keep in touch with people who still attend CC? I do. Here is what I was told that are being taught in their youth group.
    “To serve the pastor is to serve God. Just as God chose kings to lead His people, God choose pastors to lead His people. So pastors are to be treated as kings. Since God rules His people through His kings and pastors, no one is allowed to question the pastor. Kings and pastors answer to no one except God”.
    Good luck in holding any CC pastor accountable. All you can do is inform and equip the flock with the truth. Sadly too many within CC already know the problems among their leaders but have chosen to remain silent about it because they are not the ones suffering from it.

  18. A sad day indeed.

    The Lord knows the truth and vengeance will be His.

    I think Alex posted previously that some leaders in CC where this pedophile attended DID know about his past…

    Sometimes justice seems a long time in coming. Reminds me of another CC where improper behavior was reported in a child’s classroom by a couple in ministry, who were then told by the Senior Pastor to step down from ministry and never discuss the incident again. They don’t go to that church anymore.

    To the victims: Do not forget for one moment that God likes what has happened and will not bring those responsible to justice. It just may take time. He loves you and will never leave nor forsake you! Please don’t let this ruling discourage you too much. Jesus loves you so much and knows exactly what you are going through. He was lied about, beaten, and the rulers of the world when He was here slandered and put Him to death, but He won in the end. So will you if you keep following Him. I am so sorry for what happened to you.

    I struggled with this too after abuse in a church I attended. It was not the same type of abuse, but now after 5 years (sigh), I see the person and the people who supported that person’s lives slowly unraveling. They are unrepentant and are their own worst enemy. One has lost his business, his home and declared bankruptcy. He still rules in the little church he wanted to become king over, but many have left that church and the truth is coming out although it has taken 5 years. God still is merciful to him and is slow to wrath, wishing that all would come to repentance…but there will be a time of reckoning if he never repents and how I would shudder to be in his shoes when that happens.

    #12 – BobW

    I don’t think we need youth groups especially run by youth who just graduated from high school or college. The youth leaders where I went to CC all had big earrings (males) and the highest priority seemed to be to fit in and be relevant and cool to the youth. It just made me gag. I think the CC’s pick their youth leaders probably the same way they pick the other leaders: nepotism, or those who will obey and not cause trouble.

    I think we as parents need to take the responsibility for our children’s training. It is we who the LORD put in charge over our children and just hoping that some 20 year old leader will teach your child like you do is just naive. Been there, done that myself.

  19. “Good luck in holding any CC pastor accountable.”

    That’s really the case in any church where the pastor owns everything.

    “All you can do is inform and equip the flock with the truth.”

    And that is what I and many others have done with CC, and I have watched many leave CC’s in droves, and heard of many other instances of people leaving CC’s in locations.

  20. Part 2 the continuation of my process to understand why CCOM/CCOF and local Calvary Chapel pastors get away with harming others and/or get away with not interceding for those being harmed.

    2. If evil cannot be called righteousness as seen above; then why does evil appear to prevail in Calvary Chapel in the name of the Lord? One only needs to look at scripture for answers.

    a. 4 Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.5 And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?10 For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.
    (Heb 12:4-11 KJ)

    3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. (2 Pet 3:3,4, KJ)

    i. A protest from CC pastors may be made about this verse being used in judgment against them. But are you not scoffing at the Lord? You continue to harm HIS sheep and think He condones your actions. You may teach about His return, but you act like He will not come in your lifetime to Judge your actions. You “walk after you own lusts” and call it righteous. You do not feed His sheep you eat his sheep for your own gluttonous pleasure.

    b. Hebrews 12 makes it clear that God punishes those that are His. Conversely then those that sin (do evil or stand by when evil is done) without God punishing them may not belong to Him.

    i. When I see a child that is not mine do wrong in front of his parent I do not correct him. He is not mine. I do not love him like a love my children. I correct my children. Children that do wrong in my site are not my children. Hebrews 12 is saying the same thing. God sees all things. So if you see someone in sin not being corrected you need to question if they belong to God.

    c. In conclusion, if a pastor or religious organization allows evil or does evil/harm to God’s people and get away with it, one must question if they are His. This group cannot be reformed.

    This concludes part 2 of my journey of understanding why CC gets away with evil. For some of us this can be hard to except, others agree with the conclusion. Next is part 3, another option.

  21. Bill #19
    What you said reminded me of a friend of mine who left CC completely after being burned at too many CCs. The last one he said was a little humorous because when the pastor told the congregation “there’s the door” if any of them has a problem with anything he has to stay. The only people who showed up the next sunday was his own family. They didn’t have to vote him out. They simply voted with their feet. No more congregation no more CC church.

  22. Re: Willy @ 21

    Wow, a church actually pulled that one off?

    What I’ve witnessed is that when the thinking Christians vote with their feet, then the socially insecure, those with selfish ambition, stay to try and move in closer to the inner circle and elbow their way into some position. And more innocents walk in from off the street and give the benefit of doubt to the leadership … and the church grows and calls itself “blessed by God” purely off the numbers.


  23. It seems to me that when a movement becomes an institution and the emphasis seems to be focused on preserving the institution while trying to go back to what God did initially or coming up with man made methods to continue growth, then the movement is finished and God has gone on to a new work.

    I remember hearing a message by Ron Wilkins way back in the late 80’s shortly after I was saved. In the message, Ron stated that the [ then] current lineup of denominations were the result of people trying to preserve something that was no longer a work of the Spirit. I will never forget what came next (paraphrase):

    “If Jesus does not return for a long time, Calvary Chapel will become just another denomination like these”.

    Very prophetic. CC does not deal with the issues presented in this thread and other issues because preserving the institution, and its leaders, seems to have become more important than seeking the Truth. Follow the money.

    I do not rejoice in what has befallen CC . I do not wish or pray that God smite them out of existence. My prayer is for repentance from these acts that lead to death in order for Christ to be placed back at the Head where He belongs. But it seems the lamp stand is slowly being moved out of the room.

  24. @22 Grateful – Many churches are “blessed by God” until the tithe stops coming in. If tithe stops, it is then an “attack of the devil”.

    Never once is the correlation made that mammon is not the barometer God uses for blessings/success.

  25. I went to CCHS Costa Mesa and saw first hand all of the weird shit that goes on in the “ministry”. Girls that were two years younger than me immediately married the youth pastors and school teachers upon graduating high school. These guys were in their mid to late 20’s while these girls were 15-17. Disgusting. Which means they were dating these girls while they were underage. But as we all know CCCM condones anything that the next generation of Calvary CEO’s do.

  26. Jake Long, that is disgusting. I’ll have to ask Dave Rolph (former principal) about this. Terrible if true.

  27. @Jake Long – I can back up your statements myself. My alma mater was CCHS too. I had to be careful as a student though…from a poor family, if I got in trouble I was toast. My parents didn’t have the money to cut a check to reverse an expulsion or suspension.

    Several individuals in my graduating class had that happen to them. Expulsions suddenly disappeared once the checks cleared.

  28. Yup. Dave Rolph was a great Principal but he left during my freshman year. Charlo Broderson dated a few girls in my grade. He was 27 at the time haha the PK’s get away with pretty much murder there.

    Steve knows what’s up! That’s how it works at CCHS, if your dads Greg Laurie or your parents are rich enough to buy away your suspensions, you’re gold. From what I’ve heard and seen (my brother is 7 years younger than me and went to Calvary as well) its only gotten worse there. The newest High School pastor actually had the graciousness of spreading rumors that certain kids who stepped up to his disgusting behavior were drug dealers and got them permanently banned from calvary’s campus. Pretty sad that you would prohibit a CHILD from going to church because of your self-righteous and false ideologies

  29. RIT,

    I remember Chuck used to say that it took about 40 years for a work of God to be destroyed by man. I then heard him say how blessed CC was because God was still doing such a mighty work through it.

  30. Re: Steve B. @ 24 said,

    “Never once is the correlation made that mammon is not the barometer God uses for blessings/success.”

    I find it interesting that the prosperity gospel is rejected for the people, but not for the CC churches themselves. Ok, that was a huge brush stroke, but there’s still truth in that statement.

  31. Raymond D,

    Sounds exactly like something he would say. I’ll repeat….follow the money. CC, I believe (at least as an institution and at the larger affiliates), has reached a point of being “too big to fail”. Too many people count on the institution for their provision and will do anything, including believing what Chuck believes, to keep their lifestyle intact. The comments about the high school reinforce this for me.

    But it is the natural progression of any movement of God. Should Christ not return soon, I would not be surprised to see CC adopting many of the un- biblical stances (as an institution) that so many of the old “mainline” denominations have in the past several years. However, like these denominations, there will be a remnant that will hold to the Truth even though they may still fly the dove on their building.

  32. Yeah lets face it guys, Chuck Smith is a grevious wolf. He is the Church’s version of Joe Paterno.

  33. Chuck claims he has no control over what goes on in the more than 2,000 CC’s but if any of the CC pastors even make a hint of being a Calvinist, they are booted out in a heart beat. It’s because he has control over what goes on in all the CC’s. He just picks and chooses what he wants to control. He would rather have a sexual predator on the pulpit than a Calvinist. He doesn’t mind if the pastor abuse his flock as long he doesn’t teach Calvinism. He will take away the dove though if they go to prison for it. But as long as they are not getting caught, convicted and serve time for it, they can do as they please.

  34. I can not say that I am a Calvinist. I most definitely am not Armenian either. But being that a grievous wolf has such a hard line issues against Calvinist, BUT NOT CHILD PREDATORS, challenges me to understand why? How could this be?

    Why would someone believe that a Calvinist is not saved, and of the devil? Then this same person will do what he can to protect child molesters, and child abusers of a physical and spiritual natures.

    Is there a connection to those who utterly loath Calvinist and yet protect child predators?

  35. Because judges are never wrong ?! Ha !

  36. I happen to know for a fact that the Judge got it right. What happened to these boys is a tragedy, but finding the deepest pocket to go after is NOT the solution. If you think this case was about anything other than a search for deep pockets, you are hugely mistaken. Anyone who knows the true facts of this case knows that the parents had a duty to protect their minor children more so than corporations who have never even heard of the perp.

  37. Reality, So you are blaming it on the parents for this tragedy? Are you sure the parents were informed of Iglesias predatory behavior?

    From Tim Kosnoff’s web site:
    “Calvary Chapel pastors removed Iglesias from youth ministry there for a period of months to keep children safe from his predatory behavior. However, Calvary Chapel ministers reinstated Iglesias’s contact with children after about six months, exposing children to potential harm.”

  38. your website looks sketchy and outdated.

  39. what kind of a name is “CalvaryChapelAbuse” anyway? are you saying that Calvary Fellowship as the whole church abused you and everyone?

    or is it just to shed light on abuse that can happen anywhere?
    like hello?? it can happen anywhere…. anytime..

    look if its about causing churches to beef up and get updated.. wake up and feel God’s wrath against injustice and abuse. well then great… but how are you going to do that?
    just by asking questions? just by ranting on this odd site?

    look people.. what are you doing to protect children besides of what I see on this website?

    and please define PROTECT. not RANT.

  40. what kind of a name is “CalvaryChapelAbuse” anyway? are you saying that Calvary Fellowship as the whole church abused you and everyone?

    or is it just to shed light on abuse that can happen anywhere?
    like hello?? it can happen anywhere…. anytime..

    look if its about causing churches to beef up and get updated.. wake up and feel God’s wrath against injustice and abuse. well then great… but how are you going to do that?
    just by asking questions? just by ranting on this odd site?

    look people.. what are you doing to protect children besides of what I see on this website?

  41. Jidh

    Doesn’t sound like you reviewed the site for any length of time as your remarks are terribly short on wisdom and brotherly concern. Just a drive-by, maybe?

  42. I agree with the judge’s ruling.

  43. American, please explain.

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