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  10 Responses to “Visitor Map”

  1. What a massive waist of time. Everyone was right about you Alex! How does i feel to betray EVERYONE you have ever known?

  2. I count myself among the many that have found this site and are extremely grateful for the help we received through it. Though Alex and the participants could not control the outcome, they did all they could to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.

  3. Turncoat you sound like satan himself. The acuser of the brethern. Alex has been a strong voice in this ugly situation and he has exposed the ugly truth of several CC. You can say what you want but I for one don’t feel like he betrayed me or anyone for that matter. And this wasn’t a massive waste of time, he opened plenty of eyes and ministered to broken hearts in the process.

  4. Calvary chapels “Moses model” only breeds narcissistic pastors, and with the illusion of accountability, that man will be tempted to become god…. Casting judgement upon all.

  5. Yes, Malone, this was what I observed personally, at 3 CC’s.

  6. Not all Calvary Chapel Pastors are Narcisisistic. But consider this, it only takes one to bring the whole house down. Everyone one has some degree of narcissism. It they did not, they would not get up in the morning and go to work. That is not abnormal narcisissm. But a person whose personality is ingrained, that is, Narcissist Personality Disordered or a Sociopath and with psycopathic features or full blown, it only takes one to destory a family, a community , a church, a country, and the world. All you need to do to identify these is to look at the chararacter description of Satan. They come as an angel of light to do what? To rob, to steal, and to destroy while lifting themselves up and silencing those who would question what they might be doing.

    Be careful that we don’t lump all Pastors together. As many have pointed out, there are good Pastors in Calvary Chapel, but the system is such that locks them in. So pray and speak the truth and fight for the body of Christ in His name and to His glory, honor, and praise. Put on the whole armor and pick up your swrod to speak forth that which you know to be true and do not waver, no matter what.

  7. Grateful

    I think you hit on a key point. Many are under the impression that we did not do this. I know it took me awhile to wake up to this fact. That is, until my own situation came about. Until this took place I put my trust in CC to support and to protect me. You would think that if one had attenfed and participated in the body for over 30 years, you would be able to at least get an hour in private with your Pastor, for saftey sake to discuss betrayal and abuse issues.

    So the response you gave went to the core of the issue that sets the premise and direction for what we do now while remaining in prayer and faithful to Christ and the body. Even though, we may be called traitors and so forth. The truth and the love of the Lord still reigns in our hearts and that is the witness we have of the Spirit that lives within us.

    According to Scripture, we are justified to do what we can to expose the truth, even if we are cast out and persecuted by those we dearly love and miss.

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  9. I often look at the ‘map of visitors’ link.

    I am astounded by the amount of interest around Australia bering in mind we have a relatively small population for our size and only a few CC’s.

    Recently I noticed a user in a place called ‘Deception Bay’, a suburb north of Brisbane, Queensland.

    What if the CC Mob planted a church there?

    what would it be known as?

    Calvary Chapel Deception

    Any comments?

  10. LOL! Liberated, that’s classic!

    There is one CC in Australia that has had quite a few people very upset. You will find them on this site and their stories in the Calvary Chapel International side bar to the right. Seems some corruption has infiltrated and ripped some people apart.

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