About Us

Calvary Chapel Abuse is a leading organization committed to shedding light on the issues of abuse within the Calvary Chapel movement. Founded by Diane Neal, an experienced advocate and survivor of Calvary Chapel abuse, our mission is to provide a compassionate platform for victims to share their stories, seeking justice and healing.

The Mission and Vision

At Calvary Chapel Abuse, our mission is singular: to bring awareness, accountability, and change to the Calvary Chapel movement, promoting the welfare and safety of its members. We envision a future in which survivors receive the support they need, abusers are held accountable, and the Calvary Chapel community becomes a haven of trust and spiritual growth.

Our History

Calvary Chapel Abuse was established in About Us. Diane Neal, herself a survivor of abuse within the Calvary Chapel, identified an urgent need to expose this darkness that tarnished the reputation of a well-known Christian organization. Recognizing the strength in numbers, Diane courageously set out to create a platform where survivors could share their experiences, find support, and advocate for change collectively.

Meet Our Founder: Diane Neal

Diane Neal, founder of Calvary Chapel Abuse, is a devoted activist, genuinely empathetic advocate, and survivor. Instilled with a deep belief in the power of telling her story, she embarked on a mission to amplify the voices of countless survivors afflicted by abuse within the Calvary Chapel movement. With immense courage and determination, she strides forward, empowering the victims and creating a catalyst for transformation.

Why We Created This Website

The creation of the Calvary Chapel Abuse website was triggered by an urgent need for awareness and justice. Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods for navigating the pain and seeking redress, we decided to leverage the power of digital platforms to disseminate critical information, expose human rights abuses, and inspire change. This website is an authoritative space where survivors can break the silence, find validation, access valuable resources, and connect with others on the journey of healing.

Our Objective

The primary objective of the Calvary Chapel Abuse website is to raise awareness about the issue of abuse within the Calvary Chapel movement. We aim to provide a safe space for survivors to share their stories, lend support to fellow victims, and help unite them in their pursuit of justice and healing. By shedding light on these abuses, we seek to hold perpetrators accountable and promote change within the Calvary Chapel community.

Our Target Audience

The Calvary Chapel Abuse website is dedicated to survivors of abuse within the Calvary Chapel movement, their allies, and those seeking information and understanding about the issue. We aim to provide a resource hub that offers validation and support to survivors, guidance to those navigating the complexities of abuse within religious contexts, and education to church leaders and members who are committed to effectively preventing and addressing abuse.

The Unique Value We Bring

Calvary Chapel Abuse distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive platform where victims can connect and harness collective strength to effect change. Our website provides a comprehensive collection of survivor stories, expert interviews, articles, resources, and legal information, empowering survivors to share their experiences, access support services, and advocate against abuse in the church. With dedicated and highly skilled editors and team members, we ensure the accuracy, empathy, and safety of the content we publish.

Together, let us stand against abuse, work for accountability, and strive for a future where the Calvary Chapel movement can be acknowledged as a place of healing, authenticity, and spiritual growth.

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